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Ginny and Mrs. Bright

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My first real job out of school was not the greatest, but the ladies in my department made it tolerable for a couple of years until I found something better. It’s amazing how a measly two years in a standard office job made my resume improve. I even had training and professional references to add.

Naturally my boss at Widgets Inc. (not the real name) was a guy and naturally he was clueless … just a paper pusher putting in his time before he moved up the management ranks. Unlike a lot of paper pushers I met later, Mr. Timothy was just smart enough to realize that “his” department was running like a well oiled machine when he arrived. So instead of making a bunch of pointless changes and screwing things up … he sat in his office and did little besides reading reports, surfing the web during conference calls, and schmoozing his boss.

Our real manager — without the title or salary — was Mrs. Miriam Bright and she was a peach. We called her Mrs. Bright in front of managers, Miriam to her face and “Mama Bear” behind her back. She had been in the job nearly 10 years and had gradually taken on more responsibility and tasks until she knew EVERYTHING backwards and forwards. The only time she bothered Mr. Timothy was when she needed something signed by a manager or wanted one of us to get a raise. Mr. Timothy was supposed to do the hiring and firing, and write our annual reviews, but Mrs. Bright did that for him. All he had to do was sit with us for a five minute chat once a year, then sign the paperwork. He had even less to do with the comings and goings.

Mrs. Bright taught me my job and a lot else besides and of course I got to know her along with the other women in the office. She was in her late 30s, divorced with two kids in junior high. She was big, standing 5-foot-10, before she put on her 1-inch heels, with big, full breasts and a big, solid ass.

But she wasn’t fat. I could see that even in the conservative clothes she wore to the office. She just had big tits and a big ass, and a sharply indented waist with maybe a barely noticeable bulge below her navel. Who wouldn’t after two kids?

After her size, the next thing you noticed was her sweep of long, blonde hair, her welcoming smile and her intense blue eyes.

Of her personal life, all we ever heard about was her kids — a boy and a girl — and occasional a rueful laugh over some unexpected home or car repair. There was speculation about her love life — or lack thereof — around the office. Some of my co-workers couldn’t imagine getting along without a man in their lives and she never mentioned one, except rarely, her ex.

I came in for some prying questions myself, along with unwelcome suggestions that I go on dates with various nephews and cousins of my co-workers. I know how some women like to speculate about the preferences of visibly single women, so I would show a little interest, then come up with creative excuses when somebody tried to arrange an actual date.

I thought my tactics worked until some time later when I learned of rumors that I was gay. But in fact, after graduation my long-time boyfriend had broken up with me. He got a job in a distant city and announced his intention to go there as a bachelor.

I was sort of heart-broken, but after a few days, sort of not. He was only a C+ boyfriend and if he’d asked me to go with him I would probably have given it some thought and said ‘No.’ We had a lot of history together, but he tended to be self-centered — especially in bed.

So my single status had been noted and the wrong conclusions drawn. It probably didn’t help that my work wardrobe consisted mainly of black jeans, Doc Martens and tops varying from feminine and flowing to plain black and snug. Thrift stores YAY! You can wear about anything in an office where you never meet any clients or, in fact, hardly anybody from the rest of the company. When I felt dressy I pulled a skirt over tights or yoga pants — both forbidden by themselves.

The rest of this story should start, “So there I was … minding my own business,” because it’s just that simple. A misunderstanding, loneliness, a deep need for a gentle touch and an intimate caress. And a woman always giving and giving to her children, her job, her co-workers … never acknowledging her own needs. And don’t forget lowered inhibitions.

Mr. Timothy got his promotion and decided to throw himself a going-away party at the close of business Friday. And naturally Miriam organized the whole thing including the cake and the going-away present … a bottle of premium bourbon paid for out of the little fund we collected so everybody would get flowers on her birthday.

In an excess of good feeling, Mr. Timothy opened the bottle and insisted we all take a shot with him. A few declined, but I thought “Why not?” and saw Miriam gamely downing her slug of bourbon. Then Mr. Timothy had the idea of toasting Miriam realizing … because he wasn’t a complete idiot … that his success was mostly due to her efficiency. So Miriam porno indir and Mr. Timothy each had a second shot.

I think Mr. Timothy would have emptied the bottle toasting everybody, but Miriam got him organized and down the elevator to the garage. After the lights above the elevator showed Mr. Timothy had gone down a few floors we all burst into spontaneous laughter. Goodbye Mr. Tim!

The office cleared quickly after that, but I stayed behind to help. My friend Shirley was on cleanup duty, but she asked me to switch with her because she had to get home to her family. Yo-ho for the single life!

Miriam and I chatted a bit while cleaning up, then fell silent concentrating on getting things right. Nobody wants to come back from the weekend to a break room full of party trash.

Finally we were done, the lights were out and we were chatting again as we walked side by side to the elevator. But then Miriam tripped, instinctively grabbed my arm and we tumbled to the floor with Miriam on top.

For a long, long moment Miriam lay on me, our legs tangled, her big breasts pressing against my small ones and her face inches above me. I smelled her light, flowery perfume mixed with the scent of bourbon. Her eyes bore into mine with a question. I smiled.

Then she kissed me. And it was no peck on the lips! She crushed her mouth on mine and before I could react her tongue was in my mouth, searching eagerly for mine and finding it. I was too shocked to react, but Miriam kissed me and kissed me, deeply and desperately.

It was … okay. After the first shock of being kissed by a woman I realized it was much like being kissed by a man, minus the whiskers. But softer. Sensual.

And I liked it!

And then, I guess, passion begets passion. It felt good to be kissed so eagerly, with lips and a tongue that told me with every sensation that Miriam wanted me. All of me. Suddenly her hands were holding my head and she was kissing my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, showering me with light, eager kisses. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close.

But then she pulled away, wrenching herself upright.

“I’m sorry! I’m sooo sorry! I shouldn’t have done this, I … it just came over me … like … I’m sooo sorry!”

My heart filled when I saw the anguish on Miriam’s handsome face, so lovable and sincere, with her real fear that she’d crossed a line and couldn’t be forgiven. I put my hand over her mouth.

“Shhh, it’s all right,” I said. “I’m not angry, just surprised. Is this what I think it is?”

She stared down into my eyes.

“I … I have watched you, wanted you, knew I could never have you because it’s not right. I … I’m your boss. I should be fired!”

“No, Miriam, you should NOT be fired and you won’t be fired.”

And I kissed her.

Why? Because the passion of her kisses and the weight of her body on mine had awakened desire. She was a woman, and I’d never wanted a women. But after months of celibacy, now I was SO … FUCKING … HORNY for this woman! I could feel my damp panties clinging to my puss.

I didn’t know how it would work … if it would work … but I wanted her to FUCK ME! … to feel her weight pinning me down … those wonderful tits bare and heavy against my face.

I rolled her off me, stood up and reached down to help her stand. My heart thudded when I saw the hope spread over her face.

“Yes?” she asked. “We’re okay?

“We’re definitely okay,” I said, “now come with me.”

I led Miriam to Mr. Timothy’s darkened office, which boasted a long leather couch off-limits to all but important guests.

I pulled Miriam close, crushing myself against her breasts and thrusting my hips against hers.

“Kiss me again!” And she did.

We kissed and kissed, tongues exploring first her mouth then mine, our breath hissing through our noses. Then she tilted my head back with a hand and started kissing my neck. Oh my god! Neck kisses make me shiver, second only to ear kisses! Then she kissed my ear! The tip of her tongue languidly explored my ear and her teeth nipped gently. I couldn’t stand any more and turned my head. Then she made love to the other side of my neck and my other ear, whispering, “Sweetheart. Oh my darling.” I felt weak in the knees and my whole body was flushed.

She had shed her sweater somewhere and her breasts were there, just below my eye level. I’m so short, her chin was even with the top of my head. And there were those magnificent breasts. I wondered if her nipples were as hard and sensitive as mine.

I unbuttoned her blouse and spread it open, my hands shaking. Her bra was some light color in the darkness and my hands slid along her warm, smooth skin to her back and found the four hooks that kept me from her twin treasures. I dealt with the hooks and pulled her loosened bra cups up and off her two moons, hanging slightly and topped by thick nipples and dark areolae.

I had a nipple in my mouth a second rokettube later, sucking hard, and heard Miriam groan. At first she instinctively pulled away from my eagerly sucking mouth, but then she pressed her breast against my face, whispering, “Yessss, suck me, my little baby, suck me hard!” and she sighed with pleasure as I followed her instructions, my tongue sweeping eagerly back and forth.

I used both hands to lift her other breast and switched my mouth to that nipple, already thick and hard, and she inhaled with a sharp hiss.

“Ohmygod, that feels good,” she whispered. “Don’t stop. Suck it!”

I alternated licking, sucking and nibbling at her big nipples while my hands squeezed her firm breasts, and then her hands were tugging at my top. Stepping back for a moment I whipped off my top and bra and went back to teasing her nipples.

Miriam’s hands found my small breasts then discovered my unexpectedly large nipples. Dark, often swollen and sensitive, they were long a source of embarrassment. But not tonight. Her fingers rolled my nipples back and forth sending bolts of pleasure racing through my body … stirring a tingle in my pussy. I groaned with pleasure.

“I can’t wait any more!” Miriam said suddenly and she knelt in front of me, tugging at the waistband of my jeans. Once she had pulled my jeans down to mid-thigh she pushed me backwards onto the couch and then struggled to untie my boots. “Damn these things!” she growled and I started giggling, then reached down to help. Soon I was wearing only panties and she stood to pull off her own clothes while I watched, rolling my nipples back and forth with one hand while the other hand teased the swollen lips of my pussy.

“My god you’re sexy,” she said, looking down at me. “I can’t explain what you make me feel.”

“Lie on top of me,” whispered. “I want to feel all of you.”

Miriam laid on me until her weight pressed me into the couch and gave me a feeling of warmth and security and arousal.

“Take me!” I whispered in her ear, and she groaned. She sat up and her eyes swept from my face to my panties and slowly back to my face, her expression awed.

“I’m new at this,” she said. “Not sure what to do,” and I chuckled.

“Haven’t you ever watched porn? You learn a lot.”

“Are you kidding! With two nosy teens in the house?”

“Well I DO watch porn! At least I do when my boyfriend gets me halfway to heaven and leaves me hanging.”

“You have a boyfriend?” she asked, her eyes going wide.

“I HAD a boyfriend, who is now long gone.”

“Oh,” she said hesitantly. “I’m sorry Ginny. I thought you were gay.”

“Maybe not gay, but definitely interested!” Then, “Are YOU gay?”

Miriam blushed and whispered, “I … I don’t know. I never thought about it until the last couple of years. Dating at 36, with teenage kids … well, guys aren’t really interested. I have needs, but no way to … you know!

“Girls … well … there was a girl years ago I met at our neighborhood pool. She looked a little like you, slender and strong like a dancer, with these dark eyes and big, full lips. Her name was Tessa.

“Tessa was a nanny, at the pool every day with the little boy she watched. And she used to, I swear, tease me! She flirted and talked dirty, but in such a subtle way I could never accuse her of anything. But she made me blush so bad! And I could tell she was laughing at me! She’d stare at my … my … breasts and my puss and ohmygod lick her lips! She made me feel so strange! So hot!

“Tessa just sooo casually mentioned one day that she shaved her pubes. I’d never met anybody who did that … nobody who admitted it. For some reason that made me blush worse than ever … knowing her puss was bare. I’m sure my voice was shaking when I asked why she shaved.

‘I love having my pussy licked and I don’t want anything in the way!’ “That’s what she said and I just sat there with my mouth hanging open like an idiot, feeling the tickle between my legs!”

“I thought of doing something, you know, to tease her back. Like pulling my top tight so she could see my nipples … but I was scared … scared of going too far and backing out. I would have been so ashamed! Nothing ever happened between us, but for years I’ve been thinking about Tessa when I touch myself, imagining doing all kinds of dirty things with her. She’s my fantasy life.”

While Miriam talked I had been playing with her breasts, lifting and fondling them and brushing my fingers over her stiff nubs. My breasts aren’t even a handful, but each of hers filled both my hands. I was fascinated by their weight, their softness, the way they swayed when she moved.

I took her hand, pulled it to my mouth and began licking her first two fingers. She watched intently. I sucked her fingers and ran my tongue down their length getting them wet.

I took those fingers and brought then to my small breast and used them to wipe wetness around my nipple. That’s all it took to make porno my nub harden and stand at attention. Then I put her fingers on my other nipple. She got the idea and started lightly pinching and stroking my nipple. Soon it was just as hard as the other.

Both her hands were teasing my nipples now and I watched her face intent on my little breasts.

“Your sweet breasts,” she whispered. “I’ve fantasized about seeing them, kissing them, sucking them. They’re so pale, so beautifully shaped!”

“So small?” I teased, but she laughed and said, “Believe me they’re perfect.”

So I rose, straddled her lap and pulled her face to my chest. She quickly found a nipple and began sucking, gently at first with occasional long licks, then gradually harder. My whole being was focused on that hard little nub while her suction created pleasure that made my whole body flush.

She switched to my other breast and soon that nipple was hard and slick, answering her insistent sucking and licking.

“Bite it!” I whispered, “just a nibble.”

So she did, her teeth lightly grazing against the sensitive tissue of my nip.

I threw my head back and groaned, feeling crazy with lust.

“God I can’t stand it!” I moaned and stood up to slide my panties down and off. That was all the encouragement Miriam needed. She grabbed my ass with both hands and planted her face against my ‘V.’ I could feel her slick tongue searching and seeking, trying to reach my pussy. I was standing and put one foot on the back of the couch opening myself. But that wasn’t enough so I half turned and sat on the back of the couch, my back against the wall, and spread my legs wide.

Miriam leaned in and drove her tongue into my bush, searching for my treasure. I have a rather thick bush when I don’t trim, but much less hair on my actual pussy lips so Miriam soon found the top of my slit and started licking.

Her tongue slid over my clit hood and I gasped.

“That’s it!” I murmured. “That’s my clit.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed and her tongue circled my clit once before she drew back.

“I want to taste you,” she whispered. “Is that okay? I’ve been so, so curious to know what a woman tastes like.”

I held her head with both hands and looked down into her eyes, just a glint in the darkened room.

“You can taste me if I can taste you, my love. All you want.”

And then her tongue was in me, not so deep at first then sinking deeper and she pushed her face hard against my pussy. Her tongue stroked my inner walls, making me sigh, then traced my lips before she drew back licking her lips.

“You taste, well, fresh, if that’s a thing, maybe a little tart like some kind of warm fruit.”

I sighed and her tongue delved inside me again, I could feel how wet I was, how swollen, as my inner lips responded to her tongue’s caress.

“Please, Miriam, a finger?” and without a word I felt her finger probe for my opening and slide slowly up inside. I groaned.

“That feels soooo good!” I whispered, “Ohmygod!”

She continued to lick lightly around my pussy lips while her finger moved in and out of me, trying different angles, now deep inside, now stroking my inner walls.

“Two fingers now,” I said, and she complied and my breath started coming short, almost panting. Two of her fingers felt wonderful and I thrust my hips against their hard length.

“Now,” I whispered breathlessly, “my clit!” and soon her lips cradled my swollen bump and her tongue slid slowly across it. My hips jerked uncontrollably.

“Oh, more, darling, more, more MORE!”

And then she was shoving her fingers inside me hard, withdrawing and plunging deep again, while her lips sucked lightly and her tongue flicked across my swollen clit again and again. I knew it couldn’t last.

My whole body tensed and my climax swept over me like a wave, my head pressed back against the wall and my legs trembling.

“Aaah! Aaaaaah! AAAAAGH!” I cried, my hands pulling her face into my crotch and my hips thrusting against her mouth and fingers.

I thrust my hips against her delicious tongue and spearing fingers again and again.


Miriam kept fucking me with her fingers and licking me with her insistent tongue while my juices ran down my legs and wetted her face until finally I couldn’t take any more. I pushed her head away from my pussy and held her there as our eyes locked.

“So sensitive now!” I whispered. “I can’t take any more!” and she smiled in the dim light.

“I understand darling,” Miriam said, “But I’m going to want more later.”

“Oh yes, you can have more, a whole night more,” I said. “But now I want you!”

I stood and guided Miriam onto her back on the couch then laid full length on her. I kissed her and kissed her, driving my tongue deep into her mouth, licking her neck and tonguing her ears while she sighed and squirmed beneath me. Everywhere I felt the wonderful warmth of her smooth skin and smelled her faint perfume. Finally my kisses trailed down her neck to her breasts and I took my time making her nipples hard again.

Then I kissed my way down her stomach drawing a quick giggle when my wet tongue dove into her belly button. She lifted her head to watch me.

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