25 Mayıs 2024

I Know My Place

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I knew my job as you stood yourself in front of me. I stripped you down and kissed everywhere from your lips down your neck, across your chest kissing and licking and smelling your scent. Kissing all the way down to your waiting cock. I licked him and kissed him – before putting my lips right around him and feeling him get harder and harder in my mouth. His waiting warmth against my tongue as I hear you groan at my wet touch. I take it nice and slow – exploring the caressing the treat in front of me. I gently grab your balls until you couldn’t help but push him right the way in and thrust deeper and deeper into my mouth so hard. Listening to my moans and suckles over your beastly grunts. Spit covering your cock and running down my lips.

You pull me up and lay me down and have your revenge. I’m not allowed to be so teasing when you want it so badly. Kissing my huge breasts and gently squeezing each one before kissing down to my pussy and making me squirm as you tongued and sucked on me. Sliding your fingers into me – so moist and wanting you. Holding me in position as I orgasmed over your devious acts, but all without your permission… I knew from this point I would be servicing you for a while.

You drag me on top of you so you could have a delicious view of my bouncing levent escort assets. You lower me onto you wet slippery cock really slowly – so I could feel you fill me up bit by bit, inch by inch, and you could feel the wet heat of my pussy gradually wrapping around your cock. You grab my hips and thrust yours up pushing your cock all the way into me until you have my whole pussy stretched around you. Holding it there and letting me adjust to the hard feeling of pure passion as you spank one breast and then the other, spank after spank my breasts bounce around and slowing become sore. I thank you for reminding me of my place and administering grateful punishment. You kiss me hard and hungrily and moan as I began to slowly fuck you with your hand guiding me up and down and the other exploring the treasure on top of you. The pace would haste but not too fast. Still slow enough to enjoy the feeling of every hard thrust.

You force me close to you and flip me underneath you. Laying there at your mercy – like a tasty menu unfolding before you. Having the freedom to do as you please. And I would be hungrily enjoying your teases. Seeing that devilish look in your eyes glaring back at my destroyed innocence. Without warning pushing yourself deep inside of mecidiyeköy escort me and pausing inside for a moment before sliding back out and diving in again. I’m in heaven – biting my lips to stop from screaming at the painful ecstasy of pleasure shooting through me every damn time. Every time you look at your cock sliding out of me you see your cock getting wetter and wetter every time you fucked yourself inside me.

Every time you moan out loud I feel myself sinking further into the embrace. Loving every sound of your pleasure and enjoyment. Running my fingers down your back and fueling the desire. Stroking your neck and kissing your beautiful lips – stroking my tongue against yours.

After a few hard pounds to bring me to the end but not quite over you bend me over in front of you. Stroking my back with one hand as you take you cock in your other. Stroking the wetness of my pussy all around him before you enter me again. The head slowly then pushing your massive length inside using my hips to push yourself in deeper.

You run your hand up my back and across my neck before twirling my hair around your fist and pulling my head back as you fucked the hell out of me. Harder and harder as you feel me orgasm again and again over your huge powerful cock. kağıthane escort My arse pert and in your face – you spank me hard, harder than usual, layers of red hand prints start appearing across my cheeks. I know better than to resist, I am grateful for the treat of your attention. You moan loud and take your stresses out on my body. Ravishing every part of me fiercely. Pounding and pounding as I please you with my passionate moans and telling you how much pleasure you and your cock is giving me. Thanking you and begging you for more.

You dive your cock into me harder ad harder until the point you allow me mercy and let me breathe for a few moments. Pushing my body away from you and letting me lick my cum and the taste of my pussy off of your cock one tongue stroke at a time. Gently caressing letting you calm down before taking me below you for a final time and unleashing the beast inside you. Fucking me slow to hard to slow until I cum over you cock a second time and have my sensitive pussy at your mercy.

You only stopping momentarily and I knew what was about to happen, you do to release yourself right across my sore groped breasts. You keep me there looking at me, I look down at the hot cum flowing over my body and then up at your cum dripping cock – wanting to lick him clean. Lastly I look up at you then down again as your eyes catch mine. You reach out your hand and rub your cum gently across them, feeding me your delicious cum off your fingers.

You have a haunting grin on your face as you get up and open the trunk at the bottom of the bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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