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her New Dom

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This story is pure fiction, written at the request of a friend of mine. i hope Y/you all enjoy it. i do occasionally write things on request 😉

* * * * *

Jon walks into the motel to find catie kneeling nude in the middle of the big bed. Hands are on the back of her neck, head up eyes down. His eyes wandre down her form to see if she has done what she was told. The heavy breathing, panting He can hear is a good indication that she’s done something. Sure enough she has done what she was told. Soft white rope is wrapped tightly around each large breast. The rope is wound tightly, pushing each tit out from her body in a big round ball.

She is biting her lip to keep from whimpering a little with every breath. The skin is turning slightly purple. He is, in spite of Himself, somewhat impressed that she managed it by herself. Her nipples are clamped with clothespins. The pins stick straight out, sort of a merciless gesture, instead of hanging down. They are pulling on her nipples and jiggling slightly with every breath. She glances up at Him, quickly, to see His reaction.

“Come here,” He says.

Slowly she climbs off the bed, the clamps moving more as her breasts bounce in the confines of the rope. As quickly as she can she steps around the bed and stops iin front of Him. Her hands are still on the back of her neck, head up, eyes down.

She wishes He was naked but doesn’t dare ask. He begins to ask questions about tasks she was given. Each unsatisfactory answer earns her a slap on her tits. When He is done He pulls the clamps off, she gasps in pain. He leans over slightly and takes one into His mouth, sucking and biting the swollen flesh, drawing blood back into it quicker. Catie struggles not to squirm with the assault of pain and pleasure. Soon her nipples are throbbing and Jon can almost feel her pulse in them, satisfied, he lets go. He tosses the pins on the bed and smiles at her.

“Strip Me.”

Smiling hugely with delight she quickly complies. “Thank You, Sir!” she slipped her hands under His shirt, caressing Him while she pushed His tee up over His chest. When she reached His armpits she murmured, “Please Sir” and He lifted His arms. She pulled the shirt up over His arms, stretching to her toes and brushing her breasts across His chest as she did so. Once the sleeves cleared His arms she flipped the shirt right side out and folded it. she set it in a nearby chair.

she turned back to Jon and slid her hands down His abs in search of His belt. She quickly undoes the belt and pulls it free of the jeans. She lays it on the bed. Sliding her fingers into His pants she opens the button and pulls the zipper apart, her fingers brushing against His hardening cock. she slides the jeans down, kneeling as she does so, holding them as He steps out of each leg. She folds the jeans and, walking on her knees, sets them on the chair with the tee. She moves back to kneel at His feet again, eye to ummm, eye with His cock. No underwear today, so His cock was swaying slightly in front of her.

Jon looks down at catie just in time to see her lick her lips. He clears His throat and she snaps to attention, resuming her former position – hands behind her head, eyes down, back straight. He grins. Despite her talk, she truly is a subbie. Maybe she has Dominant qualities but One can definitely tell she practically breathes to serve and lives to please.

Grabbing His cock He runs the tip over her lips. Taking a deep breath she opens up and flicks her tongue over the head. She dips into the slit, making Jon moa, then swirls her tongue over the head. He shoves 5 inches into her mouth, making her gag a bit. He grabs her hair and fucks her face, allowing her time to become adjusted to His girth and length.

He groans again as her hot tongue slides all over Him. “Oh there’s kuşadası escort a good cock sucker, take it! Take it deeper. All the way, you can do it.” A few more strokes and He changed His mind. “On the bed, on your back, head at the edge.”

Catie scrambles to obey, whimpering when her bound breasts try to adjust to the new position and don’t quite manage it. The skin stretches, pulling against the rope, feeling like it’s tightening. Finally she is settled in position and He leans over her, driving His cock back into her throat. He leans on one hand and uses the other to roam over her body. He sweeps His hand down her body, feeling the soft skin, before slipping into her cunt. He discovers that she’s soaked and slides two fingers into her tight snatch. She moans, vibrating on His cock. While He teases and tortures her body, smacking her pussy, twisting nipples, she was sucking on His cock for all she was worth. In this position His cock slid deeper into her throat. She struggled not to choke as the head slipped past her tonsils. She swallowed convulsively, dragging a moan from His throat.

She got her hands involved, scraping her fingernails up the insides of His thighs. She slid her hands around His ass, stroking the skin and exploring the crack. With one hand she massaged His balls, rolling them in her palm. She dragged her mouth from His cock long enough to soak her index finger. She massaged the puckered opening in His as and pushed the finger inside. Up to the second knuckle and she sucked harder on His cock.

Jon felt His need to cum step up considerably when she started sliding that finger in and out, deeper with every thrust, in time to His motions in her mouth. He fucked her face harder, faster, making it a challenge for her to keep up, but she did well. He lowered his mouth to her cunt and sucked her clit into His mouth, hard. Her back arched off the bed and she screamed around His cock as she came hard. He made a brief note of that fact just before He emptied His balls down her throat.

Like a good girl she swallowed every drop, pulling off a little to let it fill her mouth. she sucked Him dry and licked Him clean, retaining the last bit of cum in her mouth. He pulled away from her and gave her tits a brief smack. She rolled to her knees, the cum still in her mouth. Assuming the position again she opened her mouth, trying not to grimace as the cum started to cool a little.

“Good girl. Now swallow it, W/we have something to attend to now.” He closed her mouth with a fingertip and waited until she swallowed.

Inspecting her, He found her breasts were now turning blue. He found the knot on the ropes and started to undo it. He slowly unwound the ropes, admiring the rope marks left behind. Blue skin turned pink, then pale as she writhed in pain, trying to stay in position. He massaged them, helping the blood flow back, watching her face as He did. “you slut, you’re enjoying this!”

Catie gasped, “No Sir! It hurts like hell!”

He smacked the tit He had His hands on, “Don’t lie!”

She shuddered, “No Sir! I mean, yes Sir…I am enjoying Your hands on me Sir, but the rope hurt!” she closed her eyes as a wave of pain flowed over her.

He grinned, oh man, she fucks up constantly, this is going to be fun. “Alright,” a pinch to her nipples and He pushed her over, “time for punishment.”

Her eyes flew to His in dismay. Sprawled on the bed as she was there wasn’t much she could do when He came around the side of the bed. she was scrambling back to her knees when He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her towards Him. He pulled her close to Him, her face at His chest and pulled back so her head was craned back to look at Him as He spoke.

“Did I give you permission to cum?”

When she tried to shake her head His mouth kuşadası escort bayan thinned in annoyance. She spoke up fast, “No Sir!”

“And did you cum?”

“Yes Sir! it’s just that…” A quick, sharp tug on her hair shut her up.

“I’m disappointed in you. I thought you were a good sub. Not only did you break that rule, you lied to Me about your tits, then you just tried to shake your head at Me!” He paced along the side of the bed, His grip on her hair not loosening, she crawled, trying to keep up. “Yes, you need to be punished.” He pulled her off the bed and she stumbled, nearly falling to her knees, her hands flying to His to keep her hair in her head. He let go and gave her a small push, “Get My clothes off that chair. Move it to the middle of the room. Stand behind it, bend over and rest your head in the seat, spread your legs wide.”

Tears came to her eyes when she turned her back to Him. she hated being punished. She did as she was told, as quickly as she could. In less than two minutes she was in position. Her forehead rested on her arms, her eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply while she waited. He was sitting on the bed, toying with His belt, drawing it out. A minute or so later she wriggled. He smiled, impatient was she? Well, we’ll see. He folded the belt in two and snapped it. Five minutes He sat there. In those five minutes she had wiggled twice more, twitched, scratched her ear and sighed heavily. That was five more smacks right there.

He rose silently and walked behind her. He raised His hand and brought it down in a hard, stinging smack on her ass. She yelped in surprise. Four more just like that turned one cheek bright pink. He moved to the other side and landed five blows there.

“That is just the beginning!”

she whimpered as He stroked her back with the tip of His belt. He wrapped the buckle end, and several inches, around His hand and started flicking her ass with the tip. Each blow stung more than the last, surprising her. He changed His stance a little and let it fly. Six inches of belt landed on her back side with every stroke. Her legs trembled and she struggled not to move away. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as her breathing got heavier.

He stopped, viewing the bright red ass in front of Him, “Are you going to break the rules again?”

Her voiced cracked with her answer, “No Sir.”

“Are you sure?”

“No Sir.” her voice was very quiet and He almost missed the answer.

“I think W/we’d better make sure you don’t forget, hadn’t W/we?”

“Yes Sir.” The answer was whispered. He swung again, catching her just on the curve of the cheek.

‘I didn’t hear you, slut.”

“Yes Sir!” she almost yelled it this time.

“Good.” Quick blows covered her from hip to the tops of her thighs. A blow every other second left her almost no time to breathe in between. A full minute passed. (Might not seem like a long time but it wasn’t Y/your ass was it?) Finally Jon stopped. He saw a couple of places looking like they were going to bruise and He grinned, she wouldn’t forget for several days. His cock was hard again too, bobbing in front of Him, seeking the heat of her body. He could hear her sobbing softly into the chair when He stepped closer.

He grabbed His cock and thrust it deep into her cunt, driving her into the chair.

He slid a finger into her cunt along side His cock, getting it nice and wet . When He pulled it back out He drove it into her hot, red ass. She screamed as He thrust them both in and out of her. Another finger went into her, stretching her ass as He twisted them, pulling them apart to stretch the muscles. He pulled out of her cunt, lined up at her ass and pushed that big thick cock into her.

catie moaned and whimpered as He steadily pushed His escort kuşadası whole cock into her bowels. He gave her a moment to adjust then grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. The chair banged against the floor as it rocked with His thrusts. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up, her back against Him. He moved them to the bed and pushed her face back down. He fucked her hard until He felt the need to cum building up again. Then He pulled out, flipped her over and straddled her chest.

“Open up.” she grimaced. He grinned. “OPEN UP.” When she refused He reached back and twisted a nipple until she cried out, then He shoved his cock deep into her mouth. He leaned over, supporting Himself on His hands and fucked her face as hard as He fucked her ass. She gagged slightly but sucked as hard as she could. Within moments He blew His load down her throat again.

She sucked Him dry, swallowing every drop, then licked Him clean.

He moved off her and looked at her as she lay there, her eyes closed, her chest heaving. She had managed not to cum again while He was fucking her but it had been a hard job not to and now she was in desperate need. Her hands drifted to her body without her even realizing it. He watched as her fingers softly stroked the skin on her front, slipping closer and closer to her cunt.

He leaned over to whisper in her ear, “Did you bring your toys?”

She nodded and moaned softly, “Yes Sir, the dildos and vibe just like You said.”

He whispered again, “Where?”

She was still stroking herself, not penetrating past her outer labia and He didn’t’ want to interrupt the state she was in but He wanted to know, “In the bag in the closet…”her voice trailed off at the end.

He slipped off the bed and got the bag. He pulled out a large (although, He grinned, not as big as Him) blue dildo, a pink egg on a vibe and slim clear vibrating dildo. He frowned when He saw that one didn’t have a battery. He sighed quietly and brought the toys to her.

“Show Me, make yourself cum.” He set the toys on her and she eagerly grabbed the dildo. Lifting her knees she spread her legs wide and drove it deep into her. She fucked herself hard, struggling to keep a grip on the rapidly slippery dildo. Jon grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips. She grunted something He chose to take as “Thank You Sir.”

she moaned as the well textured dildo rubbed against her g-spot. One hand grabbed the slimmer dildo and shoved it into her ass. He could see her muscles clench to hold it in. Which had the added effect of making it harder to fuck herself. Her hips were starting to buck, her moans getting louder. He was almost surprised to find His cock growing again. She thrashed, panting and crying out wordlessly. He stood up and moved over to her. Just as she grabbed her egg and turned it on her clit He ripped the dildo out of her cunt and filled her with Himself. He was in time to feel that tight cunt grip down on Him. He gasped at the wet heat, the strength with which her cunt grabbed Him. She pulled Him in, wrapping her legs around His waist as her orgasm exploded over her. The walls milked Him, rippling over His cock.

Her cunt juices drowned His cock, enveloping it, bathing it. He grabbed her ankles and lifted them high, throwing them both over one shoulder as He drove into her hard and fast. He could feel the vibrator massaging His cock as she screamed and bucked her way through the orgasms. He pulled the vibe from her and slowly stroked His cock in her, bringing her down easy. Her cunt twitched around Him still and He felt His cum building again. Her hips rose to meet His strokes as He moved faster, driving into her, bouncing the bed against the wall. He pressed deep into her as He exploded once again, she came again at the feel of His cock pumping into her. Her body melted as all her muscles turned to goop. The slim vibe slid out of her, dropping softly to the floor.

Jon pulled out of her and climbed onto the bed, lying beside her. He pulled catie into His arms and kissed her mouth.

“You’re a good slut.”

she smiled softly and drifted away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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