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House Call Ch. 01

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Note: The sex toy is described in more detail in the story ” Special Delivery”

A gentle touch on the cheek woke Fiona from a deep slumber. She glanced at the clock, it read five thirty am. She slowly turned her head, Jade’s face came into view. Fiona blinked. As the sleep left her head, the details slowly returned. She remembered Victor telling her the next meeting would be at her place. She remembered the outfit that arrived the previous evening.

Jade smiled at her seductively. ” I need you sideways on the bed.” Fiona lazily stretched across the width of the king sized bed. She felt Jade’s fingers drag along her arm, finally seizing her wrist. A supple leather cuff wrapped around Fiona’s forearm. Fiona’s mind recalled the previous night. The package contained a black silk pajama top. She had slipped it on and buttoned it up. As she fastened the top button the material stretched over her breasts. If Frank had been there, he would have approved. The next item from the box was the most scandalous. It was a G string. Flat nylon straps that all converged on a silver ring in front. The material did not stretch, instead there were flat ring buckles on each hip to adjust the tension. Fiona examined it, trying to determine why Victor had selected such an odd garment. Unable to guess his intentions, she pulled it over her hips. The silver ring rested right above her vagina. The straps were joined in the back by a triangular patch of leather. The last item of clothing was a silk skirt.

Fiona was brought back to the present by a firm tug on her arm. Now both her arms were solidly attached to the bed directly above her head, and Jade was moving down to Fiona’s leg. As Jade cinched the first restraint around Fiona’s ankle, her mind drifted back to the box. The last item was a note instructing her to go to bed with her hair in a single braid using two black hair ties. At the time Fiona thought it was just Victor testing her. She expected to be quizzed about it like all her other homework assignments. A tug on her leg brought Fiona’s attention back to her current situation.

“It looks like I finished early, Victor’s not here yet, ” Jade said from out of Fiona’s sight. “What ever shall we do until he arrives?”

Fiona felt something touch her ribs. It was soft and cool. It move slowly down to her hip, the lifted away. It returned with a biting sting, and traced across her body to her other hip. Fiona realized Jade had the riding crop. The leather tip tapped against her skin, raising goosebumps as it got closer and closer to her breasts. Jade traced a circle around each one of Fiona’s erect nipples with . The leather moved easily over the smooth silk of the pajama top.

“For me, I’m flattered. I’d show you mine, but Victor said you are not a fan of women,” Jade teased. Fiona felt the leather tip slip between her tits, tracing a path back down her body. Jade went down the outside of her leg. She smacked the inside of Fiona’s thigh before sliding it back up between her legs, pushing the flimsy skirt out of way. Fiona involuntarily rolled her hips up, pressing her clit against the riding crop. Jade responded by tapping it against the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair just above the G string.

Fiona raised her head and looked at Jade. She was still fully dressed. Jade had one hand inside her blouse, caressing her own breast. Her nipples were poking through the material. Fiona’s eyes followed the movement of Jade’s hand under her clothing. The blouse was unbuttoned enough to show an intriguing amount of cleavage. Fiona thought about her one experience with another woman’s breasts, Jade’s were much larger than Bobbie’s petite A cup breasts. Fiona wondered how different it would feel to have her lips on firm round D cups. The tip of the riding crop pressed against Fiona’s cheek as Jade met her stare.

“Do you have the ribbon Victor gave you the first night?” Jade asked.

“Yes, in the top drawer of the nightstand.”

“Good, hold this,” Jade said as she placed the riding crop in Fiona’s mouth. Fiona bit down on the middle of the shaft, the taste and smell of leather was almost overwhelming.

Fiona heard Jade open the drawer and fumble through it. The drawer closed and Jade’s face entered Fiona’s field of view. Jade placed the ribbon on Fiona’s forehead, then secured it to the bed so that Fiona could not raise her head.

“I found a few other items of interest,” Jade whispered to Fiona, ” and since I finished my work early, I have some time to play.” Jade held something in her fingers. In the dim light it took Fiona a few seconds to realize Jade had the brass nipple clamps. The clamps and Jade’s hands disappeared from view. Something smooth and hard rubbed against Fiona’s cheek. It was not Jade’s hand this time. It was the Dildo that Victor had sent over. It felt so lifelike. The texture of the skin was a perfect copy. It was warm, just like the real thing. The only thing not real was the color, and Fiona could not see it.

“You have no idea how happy I am to find this,” Jade cooed in Fiona’s ear. Fiona thought of the other woman from the first night with cihangir escort Victor. What had Jade been doing with her behind the curtain that made her moan. Was Jade going to do this same thing now? Fiona’ body did not seem as concerned. The muscles in her belly began to clinch with anticipation.

Jade straddled Fiona and leaned forward, looking at her hungrily. Fiona met her stare. Jade removed the riding crop from Fiona’s mouth and placed it on the bed.

“You don’t know it yet, but you are really going to enjoy this,” Jade said with a seductive grin. Fiona felt Jade’s fingers unbuttoning her pajama top. As the silky material slipped down her breast, Jade’s fingers lightly touched Fiona. The metal on metal sound of the nipple clamps opening and closing reached Fiona’s ears.

“I think you are ready for these.”

One at a time the clamps closed on Fiona erect nipples. The metal was cold against her skin. Jade’s fingertips caressed Fiona’s breasts. Fiona contemplated stopping this. She tried to recall the safe word, but her mind went blank. As Jade’s hands slid across her ribs, Fiona struggled to remember the safe word. Her body was not helping her concentrate. Seemingly on their own, Fiona’s hips began to move up and down. Jade’s touch was electric, causing Fiona to writhe and strain against the straps holding her down. One of Jade’s fingers touched the steel ring, pressing it against Fiona warm, wet flesh. All hope and desire of remembering the safe word was gone.

Jade had picked up the sex toy and was rubbing it between Fiona’s breasts. It was warm and smooth and hard, almost indistinguishable from a real cock. Fiona felt her nipples swell under the brass clamps. The silk ribbon on her forehead prevented her from seeing what Jade was doing, but her other senses were fully aware. Fiona froze as Jade slid a finger between her legs. It easily penetrated the wet, slick skin. After caressing her briefly, Jade’s attention turned to the G string. She gently tugged on it.

“I think you are ready for this,” Jade said as she drug the dildo down Fiona’s mostly naked body.

“I bet you wondered about the G string. It’s also a harness for the toy. I found out it is difficult to control the didlo when things get, uh, athletic,” Jade said as she loosened the buckles.

The next thing Fiona felt was the handle end of the dildo sliding into her pussy. Her muscles instantly clinched around it, delighting in the feeling of fullness. She felt Jade pull the straps tight again, pushing the toy deeper inside. The shaft of the plastic cock pressed against her clit and a moan escaped her lips.

“Victor told me you were not a fan of getting fucked by another woman. He also said you tied a man up and made him suck on your toy cock. If you liked getting a blow job with a toy, you are going to really enjoy fucking with it.” Jade whispered in Fiona’s ear.

Fiona was lay still in stunned silence. Her mind was whirlpool of thoughts. Jade was taking her somewhere she had never even thought about. She was simultaneously shocked and intrigued. Fiona knew it was very unlikely Jade was bluffing. Suddenly Jade was straddling her, still fully dressed. She leaned forward so that her breasts were pressed against Fiona’ naked body. Only Jade’s blouse separated them.

“Someday you will beg me to do this again,” Jade said, ” I set it to natural, I want to feel it when you come” Then she strapped the didlo remote around Fiona’s bicep and tapped it a few times, bringing the toy to life.

Fiona looked up at Jade, who was only visible from the waist up. Jade’s shirt was soaked with sweat, clinging to her breasts. The wet material had turned opaque, and the quarter sized dark spots of Jade’s nipples were clearly visible.

Fiona felt Jade grab the dildo, pulling it into a vertical position. The muscles in her belly contracted around the device as Jade moved it. The handle was rubbing against Fiona’s G spot. Jade raised herself up and Fiona braced herself. Fiona refused to back down from this game of chicken, even though she knew Jade had every intention of going through with it. The dildo slid into Jade almost effortlessly. Fiona felt Jade’s weight on her own hips. The sound of Jade’s moans reached Fiona’s ears. Both Jade’s hands were inside her blouse, squeezing her own tits and tugging on her nipples.

Fiona wanted to avert her eyes, but her body refuse to comply with her mind’s instructions. The gently rocking motion of Jade riding up and down caused the clamps on Fiona’s nipples to tug back and forth. Each time Jade went down, the dildo pressed on Fiona’s G spot. Each time Jade went up, the bionic cock rubbed on Fiona’s clitoris. Fiona watched as Jade’s movements became faster and rougher. Her moans grew louder. It was pretty clear she was about to come, and Fiona’s body wanted to follow along. Fiona felt her hips slowly thrust upward to meet Jade. She thought of all the times she had ridden a man the way Jade was riding her, and she thrust her hips up again. Fiona could feel the heat and wetness of Jade’s orgasm. It was contagious. Jade mecidiyeköy escort almost fell forward, pulling her hands off her tits to catch herself. She was leaning over Fiona, hands beside Fiona’s head, gasping for breath.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned.

Fiona thrust up again. Her body did not want to stop, no matter what she thought.

“Harder.” Jade whispered

Fiona complied,and felt a spasm of pleasure between her legs.

“Faster, please, faster,” Jade pleaded.

Fiona rocked her hips back and forth. She understood now what Jade had said about things getting athletic. Her muscles clenched around the toy and it went in and out of Jade. The straps of the harness bit into her skin. Fiona felt Jade’s breasts pressing against her. She could feel Jade’s breath on her neck.

“You’re going to make me come Fiona, Fuck me till I come!”

Hearing her own name pushed Fiona over the edge. The orgasm rolled over her. Every sensation was magnified. The feeling of Jade’s nipples pressing into her own breasts. The pressure of the clamps on her own nipples. The heat from between Jade’s legs. Fiona felt the device begin to pulse wildly as it detected her orgasm.

“That’s it Fiona, come inside me, fuck me hard!!”

With that outburst Jade collapsed beside Fiona. The toy slipped out of her, and rested on Fiona’s hip.

“You are a great fuck. I knew you would be, ” Jade whispered in her ear.

Fiona lay in stunned silence, not sure how she felt about what had just happened. It had been an incredible orgasm. Despite her mind’s resistance, her body had won out.

Fiona felt some someone touch her leg. She opened her eyes and saw Victors shadowy form on the edge of the bed. His arm was extended down, and his fingers were running up her leg.

“I see Jade has you ready, and then some,” he commented. She imagined he was grinning at the sight of her naked, tied up and with a fake cock strapped to her. She felt Jade climb off the bed. Victor’s hand was resting on the inside of her thigh. She strained to raise her head and see what he was doing, but the silk band on her forehead held her back. Victor stepped away from her, and stood at her feet. He wrapped his hands around her foot, gently squeezing it. Fiona relaxed for a moment, enjoying the calm before the storm. She knew Victor was not here just to give her a foot massage.

Jade’s face appeared above Fiona, framed by tendrils of her hair. She was smiling, occasionally glancing at Victor. Fiona felt Victor climb onto the bed between her legs. Jade’s hands pressed against Fiona’s ribs, just below her breasts.

“You should know,” Victor said, ” I am here for my pleasure, not yours.”

Fiona was not sure what to think. She wasn’t sure what was pleasing to him, other than taunting her, and pushing her limits. Jade’s hands cupped the outside of Fiona’s breasts. She felt Victor straddled her waist. The thought of Victor doing what Jade had just done invaded her mind. Fiona went stiff, barely breathing.

“I know what you are thinking,” Victor chuckled, ” and I am thrilled that you have expanded your horizons, but that’s not going to happen.”

Fiona resumed breathing, still wondering what Victor’s pleasure would be. Jade’s fingers slid up the sides of Fiona’s tits. Victor tugged on the clamps, pulling them off. Fiona’s nipples were now free to swell up even more. Jade’s fingers soon brushed against them.

Fiona felt Victor’s cock press against her belly. It slid easily on her sweat soaked skin. It felt so smooth. His throbbing penis pushed into her firm breasts. Her nipples were squeezed against Jade’s fingers. Fiona looked up and saw Jade intently watching Victor tit fucking her. Fiona strained against the headband again. She wanted to watch Victor too, but all she could see was Jade’s face. Victor was beginning to thrust faster. HIs pre-cum was mixing with Fiona’s sweat, making her breasts even slicker. His thrusting became faster and rougher. His cock felt so smooth against her wet skin.

Just as the head of his cock slipped between her breasts, Victor’s orgasm exploded. Fiona felt the hot fluid squirt between her tits and start flowing towards her throat. Victor stopped thrusting. She could feel his dick quivering as his orgasm finished. Victor leaned back. Fiona was sure he was gloating over his conquest of her.

Jade leaned forward, lapping at Fiona’s breasts, cleaning her up. Fiona found herself aching to feel Jade’s tongue swirl around her nipples, but Jade was focused on the task at hand. Jade crawled onto Fiona, pursuing every drop. As she did, her own breasts brushed against Fiona’s face Jade was still fully dressed, but her top was so sweat soaked it was almost transparent. Jade’s tongue was now below Fiona’s tits, and her hands were fumbling with the harness for the dildo.

Jade’s knees were now below Fiona’s arms, putting the two of them into a 69 position. Fiona pressed her head back into the mattress. She could not imagine going down on Jade. One part of her mind tried to rationalize it. She certainly did not complain when any of her male kurtuluş escort sex partners performed oral sex. In fact, she frequently had her tongue in their mouths seconds after they finished licking her pussy. And she had no problem sucking on a cock that had just fucked her, or one of her friends. For some reason, the thought of 69ing Jade was a bit too much for tonight. As Jade’s skirt slipped over her face, Fiona saw Jade’s thong. Apparently she had just pulled it aside to fuck Fiona. It was stretched out and soaked, but still present. Slowly Jade withdrew the toy from Fiona, then disappeared into the darkness.

Victor’s finger ran along Fiona’s leg, stopping on her mid thigh.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

Fiona stared into the darkness, waiting to find out what else Victor had for her. She felt it on her ankle. A very light touch. The sensation followed the same path his finger had, but did not stop at her thigh. The feeling spread across her belly, then engulfed her breast. Then it was gone. Victor held up something. A black cylinder with leather tendrils.

“It’s called a flogger. But this one is special. You will find out how special some other time.”

Fiona resolved to kick his ass if he starting whipping her with his new toy. He must have sensed her disapproval.

“I think you will find this just as exciting as the riding crop. I know better than to cross you Fiona. Frank has not said much to me about you, but he made it clear that I would not like it if I made you angry. I know Frank, he is pretty fearless, and he certainly respects you. I trust you will tell me if my behaviour is unacceptable to you.”

Fiona relaxed just a bit. Maybe it would not be necessary to kick his ass after all. He seemed quite concerned about making her mad.

Victor drug the flogger across her skin, making lazy figure eights around her breasts. The leather gathered into her cleavage as he moved the toy between her breasts. Fiona’s hips raised off the bed, as if asking to be included. Victor raised the flogger up, then swung it down, lightly slapping her breasts with the cool leather strips. As it struck her swollen nipples Fiona moaned with pleasure.

“So you like that?” Victor asked rhetorically.

“Mmmm, yes.”

He swung the flogger again, this time a little harder. Fiona felt dozens of stings on her breast, and the sound of leather hitting her skin filled her ears. Her hips made another jealous lunge upwards. Victor moved so that he was above her head, leaning over her just as Jade hand. Fiona extended her fingers, trying to touch him. Victor’s erection slipped into her hands. As Victor slapped the flogger against her hips, Fiona explored his penis with her fingers. It was already hard again, and smooth. In fact, it was virtually hairless, just like she was. The soft skin covered what felt like a bar of iron. Fiona tried to imagine it between her legs. The flogger landed on her sex, with dozens of tendrils lapping at her pussy.

Fiona began to stroke his penis. As her hands reached the tip she rubbed her palm over the head. She could feel the drops of pre-cum leaking out. She increased her efforts. She wanted to see Victor lose control.

“That’s enough,” Victor said, gently brushing his hand against hers. Fiona pressed on, stroking even faster.

“Enough,” Victor said sternly, standing up. Fiona could not see him. He had withdrawn the flogger.

“You clearly still have compliance issues. You need to be punished so you will learn to do what I ask.”

“Are you going to whip me with that thing?”

“No. Hitting you would do no good, and I’m afraid you would kill me in my sleep if I tried anything like that right now. I’m not going to do anything to you. In fact, your punishment is what I am not going to do to you.”

Fiona lay still, trying to guess what her punishment would be.

“Jade, come over here. I want you to crawl up on the bed.”

Fiona heard Jade approach and climb onto the bed near her feet. . On her hands and knees she crawled up until and her face appeared directly above Fiona. She still had her blouse on. It struck Fiona as odd that Jade was still dressed when she and Victor were both naked.

“Move forward a bit more, ” Victor instructed. Fiona felt her shift forward. Jade’s hands were against Fiona’s upper rib cage, and her wrists pressed against the sides of Fiona’s breasts.

Fiona looked at Jade. She had an odd expression on her face, a combination of sympathy and anticipation. Jade rocked forward, and her expression changed to one of arousal.

Fiona realized Victor was fucking Jade. Right in front of her face.

Each time Victor thrust his cock into her, Jade’s arms rubbed against Fiona’s breasts. Each time Fiona watched Jade’s tits sway back and forth. Each time Jade let out a quiet moan. The smell of sex, which had permeated the room, became more powerful. Fiona could hear Victor’s hips slapping against Jade’s ass has he drove his cock into her. Fiona listened to the fucking. Victor thrusting over and over. Fiona tried to look up at Victor, but he head was still tied down by that damn silk strap. Fiona felt her pussy getting wetter and she watch Jade get closer and closer to an orgasm. She wanted to be mad at Victor, but he had made it clear he expected his requests to be complied with . She wanted to be mad at Jade, but instead was getting aroused watching her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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