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As my car pulled into the driveway I began to shake. This was not something I would usually do and because of that I had not told anyone I was doing it. Today was the day that I would meet the girl of my dreams, technically that day happened a few months ago when we met online, but this was the first time I would be able to look at her face to face. I ran a hand over my freshly buzzed head and took a deep breath. Opening the car door I stepped out and walked to the front door.

I saw that my hand was trembling slightly as I pushed the doorbell. Almost the moment the chimes sounded the door opened up. She was just what I was expecting. Considering we traded pictures for quite a while there were few surprises. Mainly I did not expect her to take my breath away wearing a simple t-shirt and lounge pants.

“Hi,” she said with a cute little smile.

“Hi,” I held out my hand. “Eric.”

“Faith,” she shook my offered hand. “Now that we have been properly introduced, would you like to come in?”

Following her in, I noticed that things were impeccably clean. I smiled at her and she shrugged. We walked to the living room where I joined her on the couch. Sitting there we looked at each other and smiled.

“I didn’t realize how much three inches was,” I said with a crooked grin.

“Are you calling me short?” she asked with mock anger. “Five-six isn’t exactly tall.”

I chuckled and scooted slightly otele gelen escort closer to her. “I didn’t think this would ever actually happen. I thought about it a lot.”

“Really?” she said moving closer to me.

“There is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.” I reached over and lightly traced her jaw line with my finger.

Quickly I leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss. I was pulling away when I felt her hands on my neck pulling me closer. Her lips were against mine and then our tongues touched. In that touch a course of fire ran through my nerves. My arms wrapped around her and I pulled her onto my lap. As we kissed our hands roamed over each others bodies, my hands slipping under her shirt and finding her breasts. Unhooking her bra I felt her gasp, for a moment our oral assault paused and I lifted her shirt off of her. She took the time to pull off my shirt as well. We admired each other for a moment, taking time to explore the newly exposed skin.

I groaned as she ran her hands over my chest.

“You need a shower,” she said scratching my shoulder, leaving four red streaks on my skin.

I groaned again. “That sounds like a good idea.”

Pulling me up by the hand she led me to the bathroom. She closed the door and pushed me against the wall, kissing me hard on the mouth before stepping out of her lounge pants. I grinned as mecidiyeköy escort I saw the she was not wearing anything under them.

“Get undressed,” she ordered.

“Yes, my mistress.”

I quickly stripped off my remaining clothing and we stood there completely nude. She grabbed me by my cock and led me into the shower. Turning on the water with one hand she still held my cock and positioned me in the small stall. Straddling my cock she pressed herself against me, forcing me against the wall and kissed me hard again. My hands began to explore her back but she grabbed them and held them behind my back.

“No,” she said looking me in the eyes.

She kissed and bit my chest and neck before sliding down my body and began to explore my aching cock. Trailing a finger along its length, she wrapped one hand around my shaft and with the other she began to play with the head with her fingers. As her tongue flicked the head I let out a groan. She stood and looked at me.


“Yes, Mistress,” I said forcing my mouth shut.

She knelt again licking up the side of my cock. I clenched my jaw not letting the sounds escape. She stood up and grasped my cock again. Instead of straddling my cock she let it slip inside of her and began to ride me, pushing my back against the wall. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders as she pinned one of my arms behind me and putting the other across türkmen escort her waist.

“Hold me up,” and with that she took control. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she began to bounce and grind against me.

“Fuck me hard,” she commanded.

I complied using the wall as leverage I thrust into her with her down strokes. As we pounded into each other I felt her fingernails dig into my skin. A moment later she bit down on my shoulder and began to grind hard against me. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock and I was so close to coming.

She slid off my throbbing cock before I could cum and leaned against me for a moment. As she straightened she looked at my cock and then in my eyes.

“You were very good and deserve a reward.” She pushed me into the stream of water. “You get a bath.”

She reached for the soap and began to pour some into her hands. She spread the soap on my chest and shoulders. I was amazed at how good it felt. As she reached my crotch she began to soap up my cock and my balls, stroking me slowly. I was so worked up that I didn’t last but three strokes. She watched me as I came, smiling wryly as pumped into her hand like she had ridden me moments ago.

“Did I say you get to come?” She asked as she washed me off. “To make it up to me you will give me one of those massages you like to talk so much about.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I said with a grunt as I sprayed all over her leg.

“Get out and wait for me on the bed.” She commanded and I complied.

I did walked to her bedroom and sat on the bed waiting. The bed was queen sized with bars for the headboards and foot boards, with a little stretch of imagination I could see Faith tied up to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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