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His Chair

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He stood at attention, his eyes staring straight ahead, as she circled him. Every few seconds she would slap the tip of her crop against her palm with a light “whap.” A nervous twitch shook his body a bit. His naked body, completely exposed to her hazel eyes. One of the crop’s blows struck the slave in his rear instead and a yelp escaped from his lips. The lady smiled.

She wore a lovely purple corset, tied not so tight as to make her uncomfortable, with matching panties and heels with black silk stockings. She knew his fetishes well, and they would definitely have an affect on him. She traced a line from his groin all the way up to his chin with the tip of her crop and softly said to him “Remove my panties.”

This slave has such a soft touch, she thought, as he hooked his fingers around her bottoms. His knuckles brushed against her stockings as he fell to his knees at a slow pace. The Lady was happy that he chose to perform this carefully and didn’t resort to tugging them off like an animal. He was face to face with her pussy for a brief moment before rising back into place.

She took a glance around at his room. A rather normal looking room with a sofa, a television, a coffee table, and just like most men he had “his” chair. A spot for the master of the domain to plant himself after a hard day at work. This one was a leather easy chair, quite large, and rested just a few feet from a fireplace. Some of these thrones looked as if they had been passed down from one generation to the next. Rips kuşadası escort and tears were patched with duct tape while broken legs were fixed by putting a phone book underneath. William’s had none of these signs. It was rather new as he had just moved to this city two years ago. It felt… strange to the young man as he watched the Lady sit herself down in “his” chair. Neither of the two women he had dated since moving here had done what this woman had just done. If he was feeling possessive about it Melissa couldn’t tell, though, as he didn’t utter a single word in objection.

The leather squeaked as she wiggled her behind to get herself comfortable, which wasn’t very hard. The cushions were particularly soft and just seemed to mold themselves to her figure. She let herself go limp and just relax for a moment while staring at the fire. “Get down on your knees and remove my heels,” she said. It was a very soft voice, William thought. She never raised her voice at all. The words were spoken as a simple command as her eyes watched the fire the whole time. He knelt down and placed a soft kiss on each shoe right before slipping it off her foot and setting it aside. He stayed there, motionless, staring down and waiting for Her to speak to him again.

Her hand drifted to an end table by the chair that had a half-dozen magazines scattered on it. Time. National Geographic. The usual. She picked up Time and started to idly flip through the pages. She closed it for a moment and stared kuşadası escort bayan at him. He was trying not to show it, but the boy was nervous. He was pretty good at remaining still, but his breathing was quicker than normal. His eyes stayed down, looking upon her feet. She spread her knees and leaned towards him. She placed her hand on the back of his head and drew him in slowly. Pulled his face forward, closer and closer. Stopping and resting his head with his nose no more than an inch from her pussy. She lifted her left leg and draped it over his shoulder, leaned back into the chair, and flipped through the magazine. Occasionally she’d find an interesting article, but usually pretended to read while she closed her eyes and listened to the fire.

William wasn’t able to stare at that pussy very long before his imagination got the better of him. He wouldn’t dare to let his tongue out for a lick without being told, but he could taste it in his mind all the same. Staring at that lovely slit. Taking in its scent with every breath. Wondering what it might feel like wrapped around him. His cock had stiffened considerably. It was aching. Wanting. His breathing was more rapid. He closed his eyes, trying desperately to get his mind of it just a little. The scent still struck him square in his face, but it was helping a little. It was helping. Until he felt a sharp smack on the top of his head. He peered up at her and the scowl on her face. Her voice wasn’t raised but disappointed.

“Don’t escort kuşadası turn away. I want your eyes on it. Keep them open, and looking straight ahead. Am I clear?”

William nodded his head and set his gaze back on the Lady’s pussy. She shifted her right foot to rest against his cock and lightly rubbed the silk against it. She set the magazine down and turned her head towards the fire, looking into it. Her hand slid down to her lips and her fingers slid up and down her slit very slowly. The scent was overpowering. The pussy was starting to glisten just a bit. William’s cock was stiff against the side of her foot. It turned her on. Not just that he desired her, no, but how well-behaved the boy was. It had been a whole hour since she placed his head down on the chair. It was just about time for her to go. She took her fingers from her pussy and spread some of her juices on his upper lip. She pushed at his shoulder lightly with her left foot, pushing him back to a position where he was kneeling straight up. And finally she started to rub her pussy on the seat of his chair, coating it with her scent. Claiming it. Marking it as hers.

The Lady stood up and began to put her clothes back on. “I’m afraid I have to go home for the night, William. I do have some instructions for you, though. First of all, if you have any desire at all to serve me I strongly suggest you resist the urge to “relieve” yourself. And second,” she began to smile to herself, “you are not to sit in that chair. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Lady,” he responded. And with that she walked out the door, the click clack of her heels outside getting quieter and quieter until only the crackling of the fireplace was left. He stayed there, kneeling, for quite some time before getting himself to bed.


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