25 Mayıs 2024

Hurts So Good

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The hotel room has a King size bed and a large rectangle table that I have placed against the wall. I am sitting in a wing back chair, that I have placed facing the table, as I wait for you to come out of your shower.

I am wearing a Black skinny suit, white spread collar shirt with a black and white stripe tie with a large Windsor knot, and Black wing tips. I hear the water stop and then the hair dryer run for a few minutes. I know it will be only another few minutes before you come out.

I am excited to teach you another side of yourself. Every new experience I have shown you bring more freedom and acceptance of who and what you really are. I have known from our first encounter what you are and what you need.

Everything I need is laid out on the bed. The bathroom door opens and I watch you walk out. You’re wearing Black thigh highs, Black stiletto heels, a Black choker collar, and Red lipstick. Your face is glowing and I can see a flush above your chest. I know you are excited. I stand up and take you in my arms.

“Are you ready my love?”

“Yes Sir I am bebek escort ready.”

I reach over and grab the two lengths of rope off the bed and lead you to the table. I have you face me with your ass against the edge of the table.

“Spread your legs for me, as wide as you can.”

“Yes Sir.”

Your nipples are rock hard and I can see your pussy lips are swollen and wet. I have to stop myself from taking you right then.

I take your left leg and tie it to the table leg. I then spread your legs even further and tie your right leg to the other table leg. Your legs are spread wide and the table edge forces your hips forward. This pushes your cunt forward and gives me greater access. I walk over to the bed and grab the leather cuffs and cuff your hands behind your back.

I stand back and admire my handy work. You’re breathing heavy and I can see your juices dripping down your thighs. I notice you are barely moving except you are pushing your hips forward. I am not even sure you’re aware of this.

“What do you want whore?”

The mecidiyeköy escort word whore hits you like a slap and I can see the change take place. You are no longer that proper lady. She is gone. You have instantly become what you have always known you were, that nasty slut you keep hidden away. The slut you show only to me. The slut that will do anything. The slut that will perform any act. The slut that needs to be hurt. The slut that needs to be degraded. The slut that love to talk dirty. The slut that needs to be humiliated. The slut that no act or situation is enough. This slut doesn’t show herself often but when she does there isn’t anything she won’t do.

“Ohhhh… fuk.”

“Tell me slut.”

“Use me Sir, use my tits, use my cunt, make me your fuck toy, hurt me.”

You are out of control. I get close to you and put my hands on your tits. At first I just squeeze them gently and then as I look into your eyes I squeeze and harder. You stare back at me daring me to be rougher. I take your nipples between my fingers and again begin to pull them florya escort gently and the deeper I look into your eyes the harder I pull.


I take one hand off your nipple and I reach up and grab your throat. I pull your nipple with one hand and begin to gently choke you with the other. Your eyes widen and I then place the other hand around your neck. I am gently choking you with both hands. Your shaking your head yes, yes yes.

I remove one hand and reach down and grab your pussy. You are soaked. I slide my two middle fingers in you and quicky move them up and down pushing against your G spot. The sound is like a gushing faucet and you are cumming and squirting over and over and over.

“Arrrgggggggg, fukfukfukfuk, OMOMGOMG, dontstopdon’t stop, dont you fukin dare stop.”

I am choking you and abusing your cunt with my hand and you just keep cumming. The floor under you is soaked. This goes on for another few minutes and I gradually stop.

You face is bright red, your chest is heaving and your eyes are on fire with lust. I kiss your lips and your mouth and you tongue attack me. I let you attack my mouth and then back away. I walk over and grab some cold water and bring it to you.

“Drink up cunt…the fun is over.”

I walk over to the bed and grab the flogger and the Hitachi…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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