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Hey Professor! Ch. 07

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“Uhhh, what the fuck, Larry?” It was late. I just wanted to turn off the light. “What do you mean, ‘DefCon 4?'”

I waited through a few heartbeats of silence.


“Shit, Jim, I’m not sure what happened. Angel went off script.” But the way he said it wasn’t all that contrite. “Check out the chat room.”

I logged in and saw Tee’s face, smashed against the floor, moaning until she climaxed violently.

I pursed my lips. Fuck. I can’t afford this shit. “Larry. Seriously dude. I know you like to raise the stakes, but this is fucking insane.”

“Don’t worry, Dr. J. I’ve got it covered. Just do your thing. You can’t imagine how fucking great it’s going to be. Angel is…well…an angel. You’re going to owe me drinks for a year.” I could tell he was grinning.

I shook my head. “Whatever. Drinks for a year when I’m unemployed, or worse, in prison. Try and collect.”

I heard Larry grunt.

“Shit! Larry! Is she clean?”


“What the fuck, Larry! Angel! Is she clean!?”

“Oh, yeah. I got the papers before she took Car. And your trainee too.”


“Report came in an hour ago. She’s clean.”

“Thanks…For nothing.”

He grunted again before he hung up.

I texted Tee to tell me what the fuck she was up to. When she responded she was heading over I cursed silently. All I had wanted to do was go to sleep. Fucking Larry!

* – * – * – *

She hadn’t spent any time in this neighborhood. It seemed too high end for a college professor, even one as tenured as the Professor at a private school like Harleston. She drove slowly along his street, trying to find a house number. It was challenging as the street curved along the ridge. She slowed down and pulled over so she could see a number painted on the curb or posted on a column of the house she was in front of. Nothing. Her eyes scanned across the living room window and stopped, her hand unconsciously covering her mouth. A woman, obviously naked, was standing in the full bright light of her living room, her hands tied above her head. A man, her husband?, stood in front of her slowly slapping her breasts and saying something to her. Her eyes never left his, but Tee could imagine her cries of pain as she watched the woman’s face.

She looked down as her pussy moistened and she closed her eyes. Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is going on? She pulled forward slowly until she could read a number, and then a second to see if they were going up or down. Her phone was useless. No signal, and now no battery. How could she be so stupid!? But it wasn’t like she’d had a lot of time to get out of there, and she couldn’t really stop to dig into her backpacks. She just wanted to crawl into her bed and die. She was in way over her head. No Car. Dr. Thatcher’s examination. She slumped at the memory. Was that just today? The Professor about to punish her and this Angel. Who the fuck did Car get mixed up with?

Her face was as wet as her thighs, tears leaking down her cheeks, her nose running. There! A number. 1505. And the next one: 1523. She breathed out. Two blocks away. Past an intersection, the corner house must have been one of the first on the block: a three-story Victorian, and the numbers changed more quickly than she had expected. She parked the car in front of a small ranch one story, a few houses in and gripped the wheel, taking stock. I’m fucked. No matter what. If I exit, I go back to that hell-hound, but if I keep going I don’t know what will happen. She knew she didn’t have a choice. The Professor would make good on his promise and both she and Car would be ruined, not that she was giving much of a shit about Car at the moment. The thought sparked another sob and she sat a few minutes longer trying to get herself under control.

12:12. The dashboard clock burned the double number into her eyes. Make a wish. She pressed her lips together and wished he would treat her okay. Then she pulled the keys, pressed herself out onto the street, grabbed her bags and walked up to the door.

* -*-*-*

“C’min.” I opened the door wider and stepped aside to let her and her three backpacks traipse into the front hall. She started to say something, probably an apology, but it was too late and I was too tired to deal with any of it. “Just save it until we’re both more awake. What the hell have you been doing?” The smell coming off her was intense. “Shit. I’ve seen some amazing pearl diving in my time, but you must have gone all the way into that women’s twat.”

She blushed and tried to explain, but I shut her down with a wave.

“Set your stuff anywhere, I haven’t got your room ready so you’ll be sleeping on a bed without any sheets tonight.” I motioned for her to follow me to the trainee room. I’m not sure what it had been originally, an office or workroom off the kitchen maybe, but it served my purposes perfectly as sleeping quarters for the cunts.

“There’s a half-bathroom there, shower is in the main bathroom, kuşadası escort there,” pointing down the hall to an open door. Entering the kitchen, I turned, pushed aside a curtain and flipped on the light to the trainee room. It was barren. A single bed, a small chest of drawers, a floor lamp and a wall mirror. No closet. A single window looked over the side yard, which I always found strange, given the long wall across from the doorway faced the street. Strange but very convenient. No prying eyes, and no easy way to escape. Not that any of them had ever tried escaping. They knew the rules. They all admitted to thinking about it when shit got tough, but none of them had ever tried anything.

She looked around, looked at me, then at the doorway. “K. Well. I guess…ummm…thank you?”

I grunted. The room suddenly smelled like the inside of her vagina. “You came.”

She looked down, cringing.

“We’ll deal with that tomorrow. You probably want to shower, get cleaned up?”

She looked grateful, nodding.

“Well, forget about it. Not tonight. You sleep with that on you tonight. I want you thinking about breaking rules and the consequences. Good night.” I turned as she squeaked out something or other and headed back to my room. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This is the last time I expect to see you with any clothes on in this house. Understand?”

“I understand,” she repeated, “I’m supposed to be naked whenever I’m in this house, Professor.”

I half-smiled, not that she could see my face in the darkened hallway and shut the door to my room.

Fucking Angel. I was pissed, but I wasn’t sure with whom. Angel? For fucking sure. But she was only there because of Larry. Motherfucker. What the hell was his game? I shook my head. Car? Maybe, but I wasn’t sure what she had to do with anything, other than spurring Tee on to start this thing in the first place. Tee. I was pretty teed-off at her for putting herself in that position.

I had a really long day tomorrow, and I needed to stop worrying the thing. I was probably most angry with myself. I should never have gotten involved with women so young. Something else was nagging at me. The image of Tee climaxing, her protests, fear. The memory of the video kept haunting me. She wasn’t asking for it. Just the opposite. She was begging Angel to stop. I had looked at it three or four times, each time something tugged at me; each time my cock tugged at my waistband. She made me hard. I shook my head slowly, wondering where this might lead. I needed to keep my head in the game, but Tee was resonating with something in me I hadn’t felt before. Whatever. I couldn’t seem to get her face and naked body, those incredible tits!, out of my mind. I focused on falling asleep, reciting the key events, by century, of the last 500 years of European history.


“Up,” I jostled her naked back. “I’ve got a class at 8:30.”

She moaned and turned, exposing her breasts and bush. I felt myself harden. Every time. I’m such a slut. Those small breasts and that neatly trimmed bush. I licked my lips. Her aroma wafted off of her. Cunt, but six hours later.

I returned to the kitchen to prep coffee, turning to stare at her as she shuffled out of the trainee room, rubbing her eyes. She looked up at me, and then down, self-conscious about her nudity? No. Not possible. Worried about fucking with me? Definitely. I was mildly curious what was going on in her head; she was the first I’d had brought on who had some previous training.

“Nope,” I called out to her as she was closing the bathroom door. “Open. Everything about your life in this house will be exposed and opened.” I couldn’t see her from where I was standing, but I knew from where she was sitting, she couldn’t predict what or when I would come into view. The sounds were always a little distracting as I prepared a meal, but I’d gotten used to them.


She had come out and was looking around. She nodded.

“There’s cereal in there, and that cupboard is for whatever you brought.”

She must have forgotten about the food she’d brought, rushing into the living room to get it.

“Fuck,” she muttered from the other room. “I’ll need to get to the grocery store. I totally left the refrigerated stuff out all night.”

She returned with a bag, pulling out its contents onto the counter.

“Garbage is there,” I pointed and returned to my coffee making. “You take milk?”

She nodded. “I prefer non-dairy, Professor,” pointing her head to the soy milk box she had staged to throw away, “but I prefer something over nothing.” She paused, and as if I gave a shit, continued. “I’m not allergic or anything.”

On second thought, maybe I did give a shit. I didn’t want her swelling up or spending the night farting. I nodded. “Grab a cup and we’ll get started.” The coffee was a thick brew, somewhere between Turkish and espresso. She looked longingly.

I pulled a couple of pieces of training equipment kuşadası escort bayan out of the closet. She followed my every move.

“That,” I pointed to the wheeled platform, “is the trolley. And this,” holding up the belt, “is going to be your new best friend.” I watched her studying the black belt I was holding. It was obvious what the bulbous thing was, but she probably couldn’t tell which hole it was going in. The rest looked like a wide cravat with a few extrusions. She had no idea.

“When you are in this house, you will be wearing this. I’ll show you how to put it on this morning and expect you to take it from there. It will be the first thing you put on after you strip at the door, and the last thing you remove before dressing to leave. Do you understand, cunt?”

She pressed her lips, swallowing the coffee she’d just sipped. “Yes, Professor. I will wear the belt whenever I’m in the house, taking it off only when I leave and putting it on as soon as I arrive, Professor.”

I nodded, finishing my coffee in one final swig. “Turn around and grab your ankles.”

In a moment, she was presenting her open cheeks to me, her buttonhole convulsing. I spread some lube on the plug and worked it into her. She moaned as it spread her apart.


I stopped after seating it and patted her back to let her know she could stand up straight. “Yes?”

“What about taking a shit?” Her tone was only slightly non-plussed.

I shrugged as if the answer was obvious. “It’s your new best friend. You work with it as you need to. Turn around.”

I strapped the belt around her, making sure the electrodes were tight against her naked waist. “You’ll want it as tight as possible, to reduce the pain.”

Her eyes widened and she looked down. No doubt the bulge in my boxers caught her attention. I picked up the remote and turned it to the first setting. She should have jumped, but there wasn’t a reaction. I flicked it to 2 and back again. Nothing.

“Turn around again.” I jiggled the butt plug, moving it against her as best I could given how tight the belt was. She jumped. I looked at the remote and watched her spasm again in synch with the light.


I slapped her cheek. “Nope. Silence. This is level 1.” She interrupted me with a moan. I swatted her again. “Nope. Keep quiet. Level 1. You’ll get used to this soon enough. Kneel down.” I motioned to the trolley.

The top surface was fabric. Originally it had been wool, but Cassandra was allergic, so I had it switched for something synthetic. Since the trainees would be kneeling on it most of the time, I wanted to minimize their discomfort from that part of their body. The focus was always on their holes. For this one, her asshole for the next week.

She jerked each time the insert pulsed in her rectum, looking up at me from her kneeling position on the trolley.

“The only way to make that stop is to keep your mouth firmly on my cock.” Her eyes widened and with the next pulse, grabbed my boxers to pull my dick out. In two seconds she had it between her lips, sucking on it like it was her source of oxygen. I pulled my feet out of my boxers and kicked them aside.

I laughed. “You’ll get tired if you work that hard, cunt. It’s going to be hard enough without you trying to make me cum.”

She stopped sucking and realized the pulsing still hadn’t returned. Her tongue stroked me gently, her lips pressed more lightly. I could feel her breath rustling my pubic hair exhaling from her nostrils.

“Let’s give it a whirl.” I started walking away and my cock slipped out of her mouth.

“Fuck!” The pulse hit her and she reached her hands up to my ass to pull me back into her.

I kept walking, the trolley slipping along, her hands pulling on me, her mouth planted on my root. I gave her a tour of the house, making her twist around to roll backwards through doorways. Her abs would be sore for the next few days, but she’d get over it. I liked flat abs on the trainees.

My cock was pretty stiff by now. Not this week, this week was for her asshole, but by next week I’d expect her have it down her throat; she’d achieve that naturally.

“You’re probably wondering what you’ll do when I’m not here.” She wasn’t. They never thought about that at first. “Take a look.”

Without taking her mouth off my cock, she strained to turn her head where I was pointing. On the wall was a black nylon sling attached to a long black phallus. “These are placed throughout the house at various heights and where you’ll need them. Let’s introduce you to how they work.”

I placed the remote in the sling and felt her stiffen and moan against my cock. “You’ll need to get your mouth around that fucker to make the pulses stop.”

She pushed off of me and jumped to her feet, racing to put her mouth on the cock mounted on the wall. It wasn’t so high that she had to reach for it. There were plenty of those elsewhere. She stood, facing escort kuşadası the wall, her eyes on the remote, her mouth hooked to the dildo.

“If you need to move, you’ll need to take the remote with you. But it will be unpleasant. Bring it over to me.” She grabbed the remote and stiffened, the pulse pushing a moan from her. She leapt over to me extending the device. I took it and she jerked, involuntarily moaning again. She knelt back down on the trolley and grabbed my cock.

“Let me show you where the others are.” We rolled around the living room, down the hall, into the bathrooms, the kitchen, my bedroom, and finally back to the training room where she had slept. Her eyes scanned the walls looking for any sign of a trainer and looked up at me, panic beginning to emerge. Ironically, there weren’t any in the training room.

I smiled gently, trying to calm her. “When you are in the house, you will have your mouth on one of these cocks. That is unless you begin to like the pain pulsing up your ass. But of course, you’ll want to be able to do your homework, and then there’s sleeping.”

She nodded slightly, swallowing her drool and rubbing her tongue so sweetly along my shaft. I would cum eventually, and she’d be delighted, no doubt, but I hadn’t decided if I wanted that yet. I walked toward the closet, waiting for her to scramble her wheels in front of me to get back through the door into the kitchen.

“This,” I held up the gag, “will work just as fine.” It was a large black cock with a wide strap to go around her head. The nylon mesh remote holder substituted for its ball-sac. I put the remote in place and she quickly grabbed the thing, shoving it into her mouth before the next pulse. She put the strap around her and tried to tighten it.

“But as you’re figuring out,” she continued to try various ways to keep the thing tight inside her mouth, “you’re going to have get really good at deep throating, or you’re jaws are going to get very strong holding this up.”

She moaned quietly, realizing it was going to be exhausting.

I patted her head. “I know you’ll figure it out, cunt. You all do, eventually.” I walked away, my hard on waving like a flag. “I’ve got to get ready for school.” I continued toward my room and remembered a couple of things.

“Oh. You’re probably wondering how to switch from one to the other. As you’ve noticed, the remote has to be in the sling attached to the dick you’re going to suck on.” I pointed to one on the kitchen wall next to the training room door. “Give it a try.”

She reached for the remote to take it out and almost dropped it. The pulse was so much stronger. She cried out as the pulses continued while she crossed the room in a couple of steps, shoving it into the new sling and switching her mouth to its companion suckstick. She was whimpering.

“One more thing,” I continued, watching her breathing against the wall, her ass cheeks clenching involuntarily from the echoes of the pain. “When you arrive in the house, as you are stripping and exposing yourself, you will announce yourself with the following declaration: ‘I’m home, Professor. All of my holes are available to be used; my nipples to be abused.’ Do you understand, cunt?”

She mumbled something around the dick. I walked quickly up to her and slapped her cheeks.

“What, cunt?!”

She sobbed as she pulled herself away from the wall cock. “When I arrive…ouch!, I will strip all of my clothes and..fuck!..announce: I’m home, Professor. All of my holes are available to be used; my nipples to be abused…shit! Professor.” She shoved the cock back into her mouth and sobbed again, knowing she was likely to be spanked.

I complied, slapping those tiny cheeks over and over again until their natural carmel brown color was tinged bright rosy pink.

“Don’t think you’ve avoided your punishment, cunt. I’ll see you in class.”

As I opened the door, I realized I had forgotten something important. I turned to shout over my shoulder. “In case you just can’t take it anymore, I’ve given you instructions on how to turn it off. Just know that you only get an hour respite. If your mouth isn’t on that thing shortly afterward it gets bad.

“Oh, and every once in a while, if you’ve been a very good student, I’ll give you an hour or so reprieve so you can eat dinner or whatever.”

As I drove to school, I couldn’t focus on the road, my attention drifting to those beautiful breasts, those nipples, those incredibly small ass cheeks. I shook my head slightly, wiping at my eyes. The light turned green and I kept my mind on the road, my memory of Tee’s torment just at the edges of my consciousness. It wasn’t unusual for me to fixate on a new trainee. I’d learned to live with it, but something was different about this one.


She stood against the wall, focusing on the remote, the defects in the paint, dust. Her ass hurt, the cheeks and inside. The pain was like a fingernail when the thing came on; a fingernail scratching at the skin in her channel, or a needle. A bunch of needles. She shivered at the most recent pain: when she picked up the remote it was like her ass was on fire on the inside. Like the day after a chili pepper contest. She closed her eyes, letting her mouth relax against the cock.

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