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Sir comes home today, I’m vibrating between nervousness and excitement as I wait for him to walk through the front door. I fiddle with my collar as I squirm in my seat on the couch, grinding my ponytail deeper inside me. It’s been two weeks that he’s been gone, both of us edging and denying every day, waiting for his home coming for our release. It’s been pure torture thinking of him saving his cum for me, knowing where it will end up.

I am struggling to pay attention to the show I’ve been trying to watch for the last half hour when I hear the door finally open making me jump slightly with guilt as I should have been waiting naked for him, kneeling in the middle of the living room. Not still in my pyjamas sitting on the couch watching tv. I blush as I watch him walking into the living room, wondering if he can tell how nervous I am.

I startle slightly as he sits beside me in the couch, pulling me into him. He pets my hair until I relax against him. I look up at him shyly, waiting for his first command. He smiles and tells me to stand and strip. I know I’m beat red as I stand and remove my shirt and pants, baring myself for his inspection, turning so he can see the pony tail.

I moan softly as he tells me to bend over, tugging softly on my tail as Betist he waits for me to move into position. I place my hands on my thighs to help keep my balance as he starts to pull the plug out more, never letting it come fully out, loosening my ass for his hard cock. Over and over, slowly teasing my asshole with the warm steel plug.

I’m dizzy with the pleasure firing through me that I can only shudder as he grabs me and tosses me onto the oversized easy chair beside the couch, keeping my hips raise as he scissor straddles me, making me watch as he slips his hard cock slowly into my ass. We are both groaning with pleasure as his balls come to rest against my cheeks.

He holds still, enjoying the needy look in my eyes as I struggle not to beg him to start moving. He smiles and waits a moment longer before he pulls back out, keeping just the head of his cock inside my asshole. I shudder as he pushes back in, letting my eyes close as I enjoy being used so. I whimper as I wait for him to move again, blinking up at him as he demands I keep my eyes on his as he uses my asshole for his pleasure.

Once he’s certain I won’t close my eyes again he starts to fuck me hard and fast. I keep glancing at his cock moving smoothly in and out of my asshole, Betist Giriş loving how my tight hole looks stretched around him. I can see how pleased he is with me as I look back into his eyes, taking his cock in my tight asshole after being plugged all day. I moan as I shift my position, causing my collar to dig into my neck slightly, making it harder to suck air in.

I stare up at him, seeing nothing as he moves faster inside me. The sensations consuming me in a haze of pleasure his use of me brings. I can feel my face turning red as it gets harder to breath as he gets more forceful with his thrusts into me. I blink as I realize he’s asked me more than once in a row if I need to switch positions, I can only nod slightly as he pulls out of my ass.

I can only squeak as he pulls me onto the armrest of the chair, pinning my legs back as he thrusts back into my asshole. In and out harder and faster as he works us both towards orgasm. Groaning he slams into me, his cock twitching as he releases his cum inside my ass. Holding me in position he slips his cock out, only to push my pony plug back into my cum filled hole, whispering in my ear that he just wants to make sure it stays where he put it.

I shudder as he helps me to stand beside the chair, wondering what he has planned for me next. He stands before me, enjoying my shivers as the after shocks of my orgasm run through me, slipping two fingers into my dripping pussy he works his hand in and out hard and fast. I struggle to keep the plug inside my used asshole as he forces me to squirt for him, moaning as gravity wins and it falls to the rug with a thud.

He slowly pulls his fingers out as he reaches down to pick it up and wipe it clean quickly, keeping his eyes on mine, he pushes it back in, letting me know as he does that I am to keep it in even if it means using my hands to hold it in. I blush softly as I reach back with both hands to press it in tightly, widening my stance as he pushes his fingers back into my pussy.

I nod as he asks me if I’m ready, clenching my ass as tight as I can to help keep the plug from slipping even the slightest bit. I can feel the pull in the walls of my pussy as he starts to pull them out. Quickly as he pulled them out he slams them back in over and over, my body fighting my need to relax and cum against his order of keeping the plug in my ass. I can feel the heat off his body as he works my pussy to another orgasm before he’s finally satisfied.

He sits in the chair, pulling me into his lap as he offers me his pussy juice soaked fingers to clean off. I lick my cum off slowly as I relax against him, moaning softly as his free hand gently rubs my over sensitive body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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