30 Kasım 2023

Fun on South Beach Ch. 01

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What you are about to read contains sexual content and is not suited for all readers. If you are a minor or if you are offended by fiction containing sexual content, please use your back button before proceeding further. This story is a pure work of fiction. The situation described and the characters included are totally a fabrication of my imagination.

I am open to writing stories at your request. Please send me an email so that we can discuss your story ideas.


The cab pulled up to the small apartment building on South Beach. The passenger started to open the door but stopped as the driver put her hand out.

“Hey Angel, you’ve been promising me something for weeks now and I think today is the day that you settle up,” the driver said. “I ain’t been giving you all these discount rides for nothing.”

The driver was a rather haggard looking woman who’s name is Betty. She was nothing to look at, driving a cab for 30 years and smoking for 35 had left her dried up and old.

Angel smiled, “Well, I guess it has been quite awhile since we made our deal. Okay, why don’t you pull around the corner behind the Gomez Building. Then you can join me back here.”

The driver wasted no time pulling the cab around the corner into the empty parking lot. After all her dreams were about to come true. The beautiful passenger was none other than Angel Enriguez, the stunning 20 year old model who was the current hot bikini model. Angel has been burning up the newsstands due to cover shots of her on no less than 3 bikini catalogs and her 2 new posters.

And she is burning up for good reason. Angel is the kind of girl that simply takes your breath away when you see her. The only daughter of her Cuban father, Jael, and her blonde northern Italian mother Monica, herself a well known model in her day, Angel is the perfect blend of 2 countries known for their exotic women.

There was a side to Angel that few people knew about. She was a sexual adventurer and she was about to add another adventure to her list.

The cab driver was reveling in her good fortune as she thought about what she was about to get her hands on. The honey blonde model, a shade over 115 pounds on her 5’6″ frame, had a body that was near perfect. Her skin was a gorgeous light olive, her hair fell in cascades to just over her incredible ass. Her face was flawless and glowed with Angel’s always present smile. But her best feature, and lots of people agree on this, were her breasts. They were perfection on a girl. In her modeling shots, they always seemed to be bursting out of her top.

Now the deal between the driver and Angel was simple. She gave her discounts on the cab fares and every so often, Angel would give her something in return — whatever she wanted. She had made it pretty plain over the last türkçe altyazılı porno couple weeks what she wanted. And it was the girl’s incredible breasts. Angel had agreed to let the older woman feel her up, knowing all along the cabbie wanted so much more. But Angel was going to play this game her way.

Her “way” was to play out her little fantasies that she frequently had. She had been setting up the cabbie for weeks. Giving her some sneak peeks of her body. Letting the cabbie cop a quick feel as she helped her in and out of the cab. She was playing the part of a tease that might be biting off more than she can chew.

As the driver climbed into the backseat, she saw that Angel was ready for her. Angel had pulled off her shirt and now had only her small lacey bra covering her luscious breasts. Angel’s excitement over this little encounter was obvious, her breasts were swollen and flushed. The driver closed the door and took a quick look around to make sure there was no one nearby.

Finally, she cast her eyes on the incredible young woman before her. Angel was leaning back against the door, her smooth tanned legs stretched out so that the driver had to lift them and slide underneath. Although Angel was trying to look calm, she was anything but. Her breathes came quickly causing her breasts to rise and fall in the most exquisite fashion.

“Is this what you wanted?” Angel asked as the cab driver stared at her in awe.

“You know it is. I’ve been dreaming of this day for a couple weeks now.”

“Okay, just remember that we’re just going to do a little kissing.”

The driver reached over to the girl and pulled her close. She wrapped one arm around Angel’s shoulders and the other hand dropped onto the girl’s smooth stomach. She tilted Angel’s head back and placed her mouth over the succulent lips. The kiss was deep and sensual. Angel loved to kiss and she loved to be kissed. The driver seemed to sense this as she began to shower the girl with kisses. She moved down the lovely neck, over the bare shoulders, and down further to the incredible chest.

“Oh my god Betty, I’m not sure about this. What are you doing to me?”

Betty just smiled to herself as she delicately cupped Angel’s breasts in her hands. The tiny bra gave way quickly and was easily removed leaving the luscious girl’s breasts ready for the taking. Betty wasted no time as she lowered her mouth over a perfect nipple. She teased it momentarily before she sucked it deep into her mouth. A small gasp escaped Angel’s soft lips as her nipple was pulled into the driver’s mouth. Almost instantly Angel was taken to a place that few ever reach. The girl’s breasts were just as sensitive as they were stunning to look at. Realizing this, the driver wrapped one arm around Angel’s back so she could literally press the xnxx girl into her.

Angel’s back arched as the driver moved from one breast to the other, sucking, licking, biting — all of it driving the young model to a higher and higher spot.

“It feels good doesn’t it Angel,” Betty said with a sneer in her voice.

She was loving the fact that this lovely young girl was giving herself over to a used up woman such as herself. She basked in her good fortune as she realized that the body that was desired by millions of horny men all over the country was now in her dried up clutches.

She moved one hand slowly down Angel’s smooth, flat waist until it found the waste band of the girl’s skirt. Drawing on her expertise as an aggressive lesbian, the skirt was off in a matter of seconds. Betty turned her head slightly as she worked over the girl’s breasts so she get a better look.

What she saw almost made the old lesbian’s heart skip a beat. Angel was wearing an incredibly hot little g-string that was a very bright electric blue. The contrast of the color against Angel’s light olive skin was a sight to behold.

Betty moved her hand quickly over the bright blue patch and massaged Angel’s heaven right through the cloth. The woman expertly danced her fingers over the girl’s sex which was covered by nothing more than the thin material of the g-string. Angel squirmed under Betty’s expert touch.

“Oh my dear Angel, I think it’s time for me to taste you,” the older woman whispered.

“Oh Betty, you were only supposed to kiss my breasts a little. What are you doing to me?”

The older woman sneered as her fingers slipped under the thin panties and lightly massaged the girls swollen lips. She paused for a moment before sliding a finger into the steaming model’s pussy. Angel had a moment of blindness as the sensational shock hit her. The older woman knew now that the girl was hers for the taking.

Betty worked the girls vulnerable pussy for several minutes as her mouth slavered over the luscious breasts. Angel was obviously building to something huge. Her breasts ached and her pussy was burning in need of relief. And the older woman intended to give the girl all the relief she needed.

She turned in the seat and slid down so that she could place herself between the girl’s smooth, tanned legs. As the sucking of her breasts and the slow finger fucking of her sweet pussy halted, the girl collected herself momentarily. She saw that the older woman was crouching between her legs. She saw that the woman’s hands were guiding her legs to each side of the woman’s head.

Angel continued to play the part of the young girl who was in over her head.

“What are you doing? Why are you pushing my legs apart? Oh my god!” exclaimed the girl.

With that, the cabbie stabbed her tongue into porno izle the pussy of one of the most beautiful girls in the world. The woman was an expert too. Angel reached down to push the woman’s head and mouth as tight as she could to her aching sex. But she needn’t have bothered. The woman had her arms tightly around the girl’s thighs and was ramming her face against the steaming pussy.

The tongue was relentless. It sank deep into the girl. It would withdraw to dance around the luscious lips. Then it would dive back in to electrify the girl once again. Angel was writhing and twisting as her body was swept away in shock after shock.

The older woman felt it. The slight stiffening of the girl’s body. The increasing intensity of her breathing. The woman’s tongue was deep into the girl as the first of 3 violent orgasms swept over Angel.

The beautiful model rolled from one side of the cab to the other as the woman continued to lick over her tender lips and continued her orgasmic ride. Angel was totally blinded as she rode one electric orgasm after another.

Finally, the cabbie began to ease off. She pulled back slightly so she could watch the beautiful model gather herself.

Angel tried to sit up, but her body was so overcome she could hardly find the strength. Her eyes cracked up to the leering face of the cabbie who was still kneeling between her legs. The cabbie’s hands clutched at each side of the girl’s waist and lifted her up into a sitting position. The faces of the 2 women were now almost level and Angel could see that the older woman’s face was covered in the model’s juicy cum.

“Do you see Angel? Do you see the juice from your pussy on my face? It’s all over my hands too. You’re quite the little cummer aren’t you,” the older woman laughed.

With that she began to wipe her face on Angel’s perfect breasts, smearing the juice over the deliciously sweet girl. She took great pleasure in indulging in this one little humiliation. Then, she eased herself out of the cab. The girl’s clothes fell out onto the ground as the cabbie stood.

“Come on Angel, I’m a working person here. You can take a nap on your own time.” complained the cabbie as she tried to roust Angel.

After a minute, Angel slid herself out the open door and stood naked next to the cab. The cabbie, again leering at the young, beautiful woman, gathered her into her arms and kissed her open mouth. Her fingers quickly found the girl’s tender pussy and pinched the aching lips. Angel gasped as the woman laughed.

“Oh Angel, you’re gonna have to get used to it. You’ve taken a lot of cab rides for free. Now I’m gonna be wanting some more payback. A lot more,” the old lesbian laughed as she dropped into the driver’s seat and sped off.

Angel leaned down to pick up her clothes as she watched the cab drive away.

“Did you see? Were you watching?” Angel said, seemingly to no one.

Out of a shadowy spot that was only 4 or 5 feet from where the cab had been parked, a man emerged. It was Jim, Angel’s boyfriend.

“Oh Yeah baby. I saw it all and it was incredible.”

End of Part One.

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