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Dave and Leroy Ch. 10

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Bouncing Ass

Chapter 10 – Peace Talks Between Leroy and Sue, Maybe?


“Yes Sue.”

“Take me to Leroy’s house.” Allison head snapped up on that, she was holding Tiffany and helping her with her new sippy cup.


“I want to see my son, please take me.” Sue again pleaded with Lee. “Allison can you come too?”

“Yeah Mom, I would love to.” She looked over at her husband Jason. “Can you take Tiff, please Babe?” He didn’t say a word and took the toddler from her. Allison stood up, as did Lee, and they walked with Sue out to the car.

Lee drove them over to the house, it was after dark, and he parked out front of the house. “Can we just sit here for a bit, I don’t have my nerves completely ready for this?” They could see Leroy in the front window he was taking down his Christmas tree, he always tends to take it down a day or two after Christmas, he doesn’t follow tradition and wait until New Year’s Day to take it down. Sue was just watching him through the window, she was smiling. “What’s he doing?”

“Leroy is just like you Mom, he puts the tree up in the same way and takes it down the same. He keeps every box to every ornament and if he doesn’t have the box he wraps it in tissue paper to put it away. You two are so similar, if a stranger would come and watch the two of you, they would know you two were Mother and Son.” Allison smiled. Sue just continued to watch Leroy, it was getting later and later, they had been sitting in the car for an hour, Lee had to keep turning on the car to keep everyone warm. “Mom, why don’t we go in?”

“Please not yet, I like watching him, just give me a little more time.” Leroy was done taking the tree down, he was dancing around in the front room cleaning up the mess and listening to music. Dave pulls up to the house and notices Lee car idling at the curb. He parks and walks over to it, he was home for his dinner break, he could see Leroy in the front room but he knew Leroy didn’t see him pull in, he always kills his lights before he pulls in. Lee rolls his window down as Dave approaches.

“Good evening Lee, oh Sue, Allison, how is everyone tonight?” Dave was shocked to see Sue in the car.

“We are good Dave, Sue asked me to bring her here, but she hasn’t gotten the nerve to get out of the car yet.”

“Leroy doesn’t know you are here?”

“No, I don’t think he can see out of the house.”

“How long have you been here?” Dave asked.

“About an hour.”

“Sue come on, come inside.” Dave asked her.

“I can’t yet David.” She paused for a moment. “David, I’m sorry I was so mean to you. But I don’t know if my Leroy will accept my apology.”

“Sue, why don’t you come inside and see for yourself. He still loves you Sue, he has never stopped.”

“I know he can tolerate me in a room, he has been doing that for every occasion that we’ve been together, but the last time we spoke I was so mean to him, and he snapped back, he was so bitter to me.”

Dave crouched down on his heels next to the car. “And it killed him Sue, it took both Aaron and Allison to bring him out of his shutdown that night, it took everything I had to get him in the house and then called Aaron to come over, he had to call Allison and finally they were able to break through to him. Sue he loves you, he hated himself for the longest time for saying what he said.”

“Are you home for your dinner?”

“Yes Sue, I am.”

“Go in David, but please don’t tell him we are out here, I will get my nerve up, I just need some time. Please.”

“Yes Sue, I will not tell him, please come in when you can.” Dave nodded his head at both Lee and Allison and got up and went into the house.


Dave walked into the house and the music was blaring, he saw a glimpse of Leroy as he was taking the Christmas boxes down to the basement. He walked over to the MP3 player and turned the music down, when Leroy came back upstairs he grabbed Dave in a dance and danced him through to the kitchen, Dave was laughing at Leroy.

“I love you, Dave.”

“I’m glad you are in a great mood today, Leroy. I love you too.”

“You dinner is in the microwave, it just beeped as I was taking the last of the boxes down.”

“Did you see me pull up?”

“Yeah, Babe, I did.” Leroy looked at Dave, he was taking his dinner out of the microwave. “Yes I know they are out there. I think Dad forgets that his running lights come on every time he starts the car.”

“Do you know who is in the car?”

“My Dad and I’m assuming Sue, or Dad would have come in by now.”

“Yeah, she is out there Leroy, are you going to be nice when she gets her nerve up to come in.”

“Depends on how she approaches me.” Leroy knew he would be nice but he was still not sure on if he would or could instantly forgive Sue for how she has been towards Dave and him. “Dr. Watts and I have been talking a little about Sue, in my sessions but as you know we been dealing more with my wanting to run away and feeling like a burden.”

“I didn’t know you were talking with him about türkçe altyazılı porno Sue, I figured you would work on it eventually but I didn’t know you started talking about her.”

“We haven’t talked on the subject much but as I said a little. Dave, I need to be honest here, I don’t know if I can forgive her.”

“You don’t have to do it today Leroy, forgiveness comes in time, along with being able to trust someone again.”

“Yeah, I know.” Leroy knew because he knew that Dave was still working on trusting and forgiving Leroy for running out on him this last time. They have been talking about it in the few sessions that they have had with Dr. Watts, and they will be working on it for a while. “Dave eat before you run out of time.”

Dave was standing up at the counter eating and Leroy came up behind him, held and kissed on his neck. Dave relaxed back against Leroy, it felt good to be held by him, since Christmas which has only been two days ago, they have made love at least two times a day, before work and when Dave had come home. Dave realized that Leroy has been paying more attention to his orgasm or pleasure than Leroy’s own. Dave wants to please Leroy but Leroy keeps telling him that he is okay, that he doesn’t need to get off right then. Dave knows he is feeling guilty for leaving and will bring it up in the sessions if it continues, because it makes Dave feel guilty for only receiving and not being able to give.

Leroy continued to hold Dave as he finished up his dinner. “I love this Leroy, it’s like when we first started living together when you finally were stationed here. Only difference is that, I’m eating dinner with you instead of breakfast, I thank God every day I’m not on third shift anymore.”

“Me too Babe, I did like getting to hold you for a bit before I left for work, but because I was working six to three thirty, you would be still sleeping when I come home and I hated waking you by accident.”

The music was still playing so neither Dave nor Leroy, heard Lee, Sue and Allison enter, Leroy was still holding Dave, but Dave had turned around and they were swaying to the music. Dave had his head resting on Leroy’s shoulder when he saw them enter the kitchen. “Babe, we have company.” Leroy stiffen a bit but kissed Dave’s neck before he straighten up and released Dave.

Allison was smiling she was happy that Dave and Leroy were able to get help and stay together, Lee was thinking the same thing. Sue stiffen when she entered the kitchen she is still not ready to see her son loving on another man, but she wants Leroy back in her life if he will let her.

Dave went over to turn off the music, Leroy stared at everyone for a second. “Dad, Allison, Sue, how is everything tonight?” Leroy knew he should have called his mother, Mom but couldn’t bring himself to doing it to her face. When he is talking about her to his siblings and his Dad he will call her Mom but standing there in front of her, all he could think about was all the hurtful things she last said to him.

“Good Son.” Lee responded and Allison agreed, but Sue just stood there not saying anything. “Do you mind if we sit down in the living room Leroy.”

“No, not at all. Give me a minute, I would like to say goodbye to Dave before he leaves back to work.” Lee nodded at him as he pushed Sue to follow Allison back into the living room.

Leroy turned to Dave and Dave hugged him. “Honey, let her talk, okay.”

Leroy nodded his head and kissed Dave. “I love you, I wish you could sit beside me.”

“I wish I could too, you will be okay. I love you, just don’t blow up, and stay calm.” Leroy nodded again, they kissed and walked into the living room. “Lee, Sue, Allison it was nice seeing you, have a good night.” Then he turned to Leroy. “I will see you a little after midnight, Hon.” He squeezed his hand before leaving.

“Would anyone like some coffee?”

“I will get it Leroy, you have a seat.” Allison said as she got up from the chair, Lee and Sue were sitting on the loveseat, so Leroy sat down on the couch.

They sat there in silence for a bit, Allison brought the coffee pot with four cups, and the fixing on a tray and sat it on the coffee table. Leroy filled himself a cup of black coffee and sat back, he didn’t offer anyone else anything but they all took turns pouring themselves a cup and adding either sugar and or milk to it. Allison and Lee both knew not to push Sue or Leroy, they would start talking eventually, it took a while but finally Sue cleared her throat.

“Leroy.” Leroy looked at Sue. “Leroy, I know what I have done is unforgivable. You felt you could never tell me truly who you were because you knew I wouldn’t love you the same.” Sue looked down at the floor. “Leroy, I still am not sure about this… this love that you have for David, I don’t understand it and in my eyes it’s still not right. But, I want my son back, I miss you Leroy.” Tears were falling from her eyes as she was talking. “Leroy, I don’t expect you to forgive me, I was truly horrible to you and xnxx David.”

Leroy sat there and didn’t respond for a few minutes. “Sue, it will take a while before I forgive and trust you again. I’m trying to earn that back with Dave, and it’s a slow process, mind you what I did is completely, to lose trust was completely different than what you did to me. A parent’s job is to love their children unconditionally and you failed on that, you turned your back on me because I’m gay and you wanted everyone else to follow suit.”

“But maybe one day you will forgive me?”

“Yes, Sue, one day.” Leroy looked her in the eye. “But don’t expect it tomorrow, it has been over three years, and a lot has happened in these three years. I hope one day we can have a relationship again, I don’t know if it would ever be like it was before. But I hope when we do have one, that the reaction that I saw when I held Dave’s hand just a bit ago will not cross your face. I hope you will understand, Dave is who I love, like Jason is who Allison loves.”


Leroy took a few breaths before he responded sternly. “You came over unannounced into MY house, down MY hall, into MY bedroom.”

Before Sue could counter that response Lee put his hand over Sue’s wrist, to make her think. She took a few minutes before she responded a little calmer. “Yes, Leroy you are right, I came into your house unannounced, I wanted to see my son, I was glad to see that he was back from Afghanistan.”

“You were glad to see that your son was back from Afghanistan but you can’t call him, me?” Leroy looked at Allison and then at his father. “I think the pleasantries have worn off, before one of us gets mad, you might want to take Sue and we can try again another day.”

Lee and Allison agreed, they could see, Leroy was trying to stay calm. “But wait a minute.” Sue was trying to stop everyone from getting up. “Leroy.”

Leroy left the room, he was trying his hardest not to counter what she just said. Then Lee spoke to Sue, “Sue, you don’t even know what you just said to your own son. He is not ended this forever, just for tonight, so it can still be a possibility for you two to rekindle something.”

“What did I say?” Sue asked.

“Sue, you said you wanted to see your son because you were glad he was home from Afghanistan. You didn’t say to Leroy just now, I wanted to see YOU because YOU were back from Afghanistan.” Lee emphasized, the you part. “Sue, you have disconnected Leroy from being your son, so much that you don’t realize what you are saying.”


“Sue, it’s enough for tonight, we can invite Leroy over or I can bring you back here when you two can agree on another day to talk. I’m proud of the two of you, you started to talk, which is a start.”

“But, I want to talk to Leroy, I want to tell him I love him, that I want him back in our lives.”

“You just did.” Leroy was standing in the doorway. “But Sue, you need to leave before one of us says something that we will regret, please let Dad and Allison take you home.”

“I AM YOUR MOTHER, DON’T CALL ME SUE.” She screamed, she was getting angry.

“You became Sue to me the moment you said Aaron was your oldest son.” Leroy said calmly, Sue just looked at Leroy, she didn’t say anything to counter it and Lee looked at Leroy and nodded and they ushered Sue out.

Leroy took a few breaths to calm down, he was happy with himself that he didn’t blow up, but Sue did piss him off some. He looked over at the time and it was just a little after ten, he was amazed that it was that late, he can’t wait to see Dave. He needs some stress release and he just knows how to get it.


When Dave came in after midnight, Leroy was waiting for him on the couch. “So how did it go?”

“I had to ask them to leave just after ten.”


“So I didn’t blow up, you asked me to stay calm, Dad knew to get her out of here.”

“Well I’m proud of you, you were able to talk that long.” Dave sat on the couch next to Leroy and put his arm around him and hugged him. “I love you Leroy.” He leaned in for a kiss.

“I love you too, Dave. Would you like to go to the bedroom with me?” He smiled.

Dave laughed. “Not right now Leroy.” Leroy stuck his lip out in a fake pout. “Oh, damn it Leroy, I love you, but let me rest for a bit before we think about doing that, if you need a stress reliever I will be happy to suck you off.” He knows Leroy will decline that offer, because of the fact that Leroy is feeling guilty and still denying himself pleasure in a way.

“No, I want to make you feel good, if you don’t want me to make love to you, than I will not make love to you.” But he did get down on his knees and take his shoes off and massage his feet for a bit. “Would you like something to eat or drink?”

“I can get it Leroy, you don’t have to wait on me hand and foot.”

“Dave, I have nothing else to do.”

“Okay, we need to get you a hobby or something. I love you, Honey, but you are not porno izle going to feel guilty for leaving and feel like you have to please me.”

“It isn’t that I’m feeling guilty all the time, I just really have nothing else to do, I’m stuck in this house day after day, I can’t drive anywhere and how far could I get on foot. I don’t like running anymore, it makes my head hurt.” Leroy looked at Dave, he saw something in his eye. “What are you thinking?”

“Why don’t you sign up for night or even a day classes at the College or University?”

Leroy started laughing and leaned back away from Dave’s feet. “And do what with these classes; fail them, Dave I haven’t been in school since I was eighteen.”

“Leroy haven’t you ever wanted to be anything other than a Marine?”

“I have never really thought about it, yeah I knew I would have to do something one day after leaving the military but I just figured I would become a cop or something, but I can’t drive, so can’t do that.”

“Well there are other things that you can do, we can talk with admissions at the college, I’m sure they still have placement tests to tell you what jobs you are a fit for.”

“I will think about it.”

“Please do Babe, I think you would love to do something other than sitting around here, even if it’s just taking classes.” Leroy got up and retrieved a beer for each of them and sat back down and massaged Dave’s feet again. “God Babe, that feels good.”

“I could massage something else.” Leroy said with a grin, when Dave didn’t respond, Leroy got up on his knees between Dave’s legs, unbuckled and removed his gun belt and placed it on the floor next to him. Then he reached up and unbuckled his belt and uniform pants, he unzipped them. Dave was already hard, Leroy could see and feel him when he was undoing his pants, he was about to take Dave out when there was a knock on the door. Leroy dropped his head in Dave’s lap after he zipped him back up, while Dave told whom ever to come in.

Jeff and Aaron walked in. “Hope we weren’t interrupting anything.” They said with a smirk.

“Fuck you.” Leroy said.

“Dave don’t you get tired of having sex?” Jeff asked.

“It makes your brother happy.” He looked down at Leroy. “And it feels good.” He smirked and looked up.

“You two could have sex every day couldn’t you?” Aaron asked.

“Hell yeah and we do, at least once a day if not more; we are guys as long as I can get it up and Dave up, why not?” Leroy stated.

“Shit maybe I’m missing something, maybe I should have become gay instead of liking girls, shit.” Aaron responded.

“What? You don’t get to have sex every day, Aaron.”

“What do you think? I’m married to a woman, I just hope that I can get it once a month.”

“Me too.” Jeff agreed.

Leroy laughed, “Sucks to be you.”

Dave spoke up. “Leroy does have a little above average sex drive, but I have never complained about it.”

“Oh, shut up, both of you. Now I’m glad we interrupted.” Jeff responded and Aaron nodded.

They both plopped down in the chairs. “I heard Mom came over?”

“You heard correctly.”

“What did she say?” Aaron asked.

“I’m sure you know from Allison.”

“No, she didn’t say much, she was just so surprised Mom ask to come over, then it took her forever to actually come into the house. She also said you were actually staying calmer than she thought, instead of blowing up and you decided to end the conversation.”

“Yes, I tried my hardest to not blow up at her, when she yelled at me.”

“She yelled at you?” Dave interrupted.

“Yeah, cause I kept calling her Sue. She told me she was my Mother that I shouldn’t call her Sue. I took a moment before I responded to her.”

“What did you say?” Dave asked.

“I told her the moment she said that Aaron was her oldest was when she became Sue to me. She just looked at me and Dad knew to get her out of my house.”

“You didn’t yell at her?” Dave asked.

“I stayed calm, Dave, I really did.”

“He did, Dave, Allison did stress that she was amazed that he didn’t blow up at Mom. That some of Mom’s responses had gotten loud.”

“Hey, it just dawned on me, what the hell are you two doing out so late. Don’t you have families that require their fathers to be around?”

Both Aaron and Jeff grinned. “When Allison called me, I had to come see you and Jeff just happened to be coming home from the hospital and called me, so he picked me up to come over.”

“You guys are just too damn nosey for your own good, which is what it really is.”

“Plus when we looked through the window and saw what you were about to do, we decided it was a perfect time to come over.” Jeff laughed.

“Fuck you.” Leroy just shook his head. “Do you want a beer?”

They sat around for a bit, shooting the shit and drinking a few beers a piece, than Aaron got a text from Bridget wondering when he was coming home. So they decided to wrap it up for the night it was well after three in the morning. Dave and Leroy cleaned up the empty bottles and Dave picked his gun belt off of the floor when they headed to the bedroom to go to sleep.

Once in the bedroom, Leroy hugged Dave from behind when Dave was taking his clothes off to crawl into bed. “Leroy, I love you, but not this morning. Let’s go to bed, I’m tired Babe.”

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