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Chapter 02

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Big Tits

She finally learned his name that second night. It surprised her, it was hard to believe that a man that sexy had such a common name. It certainly rolled off her lips while she was moaning with raptourous delight, and even she had to admit it sounded so sexy when she said “Fuck me harder Thomas.” That act alone seemed to increase his hunger for her. So, she made certain, to talk dirty to him when they were alone and fucking like that act alone was what they were born to do to each other.

It had been four amazingly hot weeks since they first met. The had fucked every night since, and once they started spending the nights together, they would find each other again in the mornings.

She had a wonderful sex life by all comparisons, before Thomas came into her life. However, since his unexpected arrival, she had to admit, she had no idea how intense a burning passion could be. Until Thomas.


Sara. He heard her name echoing in his mind. He was having one hell of a time concentrating at work, and it was her fault. All he could see in his addled brain was the image of her, in her black baby doll nightie she had worn yesterday afternoon as they set at her dining room table playing cards.

She had to have known, the entire act of sitting there innocently playing cards, while she was so erotically dressed (if that is what you could call it he thought laughing to himself) was an immense turn on for him. She would laugh and god that drove him mad. He knew, because he had experienced the very act, that all she would have to do is smile at him from across a room, and his cock would become rigid, standing at attention for his goddess.

He looked at his watch, thirty more minutes, that’s all he had left today. Then he could hop in his truck and drive straight to her house. It had been four weeks, and that meant this was more than just a passing affair in his opinion. Thoughts of his wife a state away popped into his mind.

Oh Rebecca. Yea she was aware he had his affairs when working on the road. But Becky always knew he would be coming home to her, leaving all the other quick pieces of ass behind. He had never strayed from their agreement. Becky didn’t like him fucking around on her, but, she conceded. Especially since she could have the occasional fling that he would turn a knowing eye from. He never threw her actions in her face, because really what was the point.

They had married young, Thomas and Becky. He knew it was a mistake by the time they had been married six months. Despite that fact, he honestly felt , that as long as their arrangement worked, and he in turn kept his actions quiet and discreet, that he could make the loveless marriage work.

That was until he had laid eyes on Sara. God what was he going to do? He had never fucked a woman other than his wife more than a couple times. His job kept him on the road, and he never gave the women any information other than a name. They had all been ok with it he had supposed, and in reality he didn’t really care if they had been or not. He knew he was a cad by the worse definition.

He knew, the way thoughts of his Goddess tore through his mind all day, distracting him from his work, causing him to make stupid mistakes he had never made before , that this was a woman he was not going to be able to walk away from.

The most impressive thing about her and his affair? Yes the sex was fucking hot. The best he had ever experienced in his forty years on this earth; but that wasn’t the thing that surprised him the most. Sara and he had so many things in common. They entertained each other, and seemed to be growing Travesti only closer together.

He had never told Sara about Becky, and Sara had never asked if he was married or single. He had let her assume, he was available, ripe for her picking. That made him feel guilty.

Tonight, he would tell her. He would tell Sara, he had not expected to feel this way. He would tell her he could not deny his hunger for her, his need to feel her soft body beside him every night. He would explain his marriage to Becky, hopefully in a way she would understand. One of the things he loved about her, was her ability to be so compassionate and non judgmental.


She was preparing supper for them, as she had done almost four days a week since they met a month ago. She had showered earlier in the afternoon, and had went to great lengths to make her sex appeal scream at the top of its lungs when Thomas walked through the door.

Her usually straight hair was curled and bouncy, silky soft and smelled of her shampoo. She had purposely wore the perfume he had bought her a few days ago, knowing that he absolutely loved the scent on her.

She had went early that morning and had gotten a French manicure. He had told her himself, that her fingers were beautiful; and by the way he would kiss her fingertips and had to always be holding and caressing her hands, the attention paid to her manicure today would drive him half wild.

Her skin was bronzed from the sun, and the white lacey nighty was a stark contrast. Her makeup, she had to admit was flawless. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and was convinced tonight was going to top the list of all the nights they had spent wrapped up in each other literally and figuratively.

As she lit the last of about twenty candles scattered around her home, her thoughts drifted. She thought about Thomas and how his touch scorched her skin, and instantly set off thoughts about fucking him. Hell, thoughts about thoughts of fucking him made her sweet nipples erect and firm under her sexy outfit.

She glanced at the clock, six thirty. He would have left his jobsite an hour ago. He should have been there by now, odd she thought he was usually so prompt.

He drove to the nearest florist, the radio wailing in the background, but he didn’t hear it. His thoughts were consumed, with a fiery passion that he was scared to death he was going to lose this very night.

Love, yea that word had occurred to him. He had never thought it was going to be something that happened to him, but he was convinced if he was not there already, that was right where he was headed.

He had already picked up a bottle of her favorite bourbon and the soda to go with. Now some flowers. He had ideas of teasing her with a red rose, that would have made some people blush. A devious grin spread across his face and he felt his dick stiffen slightly.

He pulled in her driveway about an hour late. Hopefully she wasn’t pissed. God he couldn’t stand it when she was upset, sad or angry it didn’t matter. He wanted her to always be happy. He felt as if her smile was a gift, and she should always have a smile on her face.

Becky. A faint voice in his mind plagued him. He slumped his shoulders over the steering wheel for moment before he climbed down out of his truck.

As he climbed the steps to her front door, he could smell the aroma of the meal she had cooked. His stomach grumbled in response. Sara was a great cook. Something Becky did not enjoy. In fact he pondered, Becky didn’t enjoy much except spending his hard earned cash.

He Antalya Travesti had been here so many times in the last month, that he didn’t even bother to knock anymore. She had given him a dresser drawer for his clothes and he had moved out of the motel that work provided for him. His toothbrush hung in the bathroom beside hers, and he considered her house home. Now for the hard part he thought as he stepped inside.

The house was dark except the erotic glow of A LOT of candles. He didn’t see her, but he knew she was there. He also knew she had worked very hard to prepare this scene set for seduction.

He sat down on the big comfy chair, he had sort of claimed as his own, and started to disrobe. He was sitting there in nothing but his jeans a short moment later when he heard her sexy voice calling from the bathroom.

She sat on the side of the tub, that was also surrounded by candles. She smiled up at him, and wow it was like an electrical shock hit him. He knew what she had in mind.

He walked over to her and she tugged at his zipper. Finishing the job of undressing him, his half hard cock leapt out at her. She had no control of her actions now, she just had to have a taste of her man.

Slowly she slid her tongue down the length of his stiff dick, and his head fell back a low sexy moan escaping from his throat. She knew if she kept this up, he wouldn’t last long; she definitely did not want to rush this.

Letting his fully erect cock free from her mouth, she told him ” I have you a very relaxing bath run, and dinner is almost ready. After your bath, you’re getting a sexy massage.”

He stepped into the hot bath, and set down. Grabbing her wrist he let her know he didn’t want her to leave him yet. She set back down on the side of the tub and started washing his back. He relaxed and let the stress of his day at work dissipate.

He watched her then. The passion burning in her eyes. The devious smile she had when she knew she was driving him mad with desire. He was going to fuck this woman, slow hard and deep the way she liked it, and he was going to do it now.

Standing up buck naked in the tub, he stepped out, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up to his hot hungry mouth. Tongues tangled around each other in a furious crescendo, his hard cock pressing firmly against her stomach. His mouth left hers to let his tongue trail down her neck in such a hot way that her knees buckled. He held her tight against him, and whispered hotly, “Bed. NOW.”

She smiled wantonly then, and half ran to her bedroom. She had let him into her inner domain more than she had any man since her last divorce, and this thought scared the shit out of her. But Thomas was like an addiction. She could not get enough, and could not wait for her next opportunity to imbibe.

They fondled and groped at each other down the hall and as they came through the door, he shoved her gently down on the bed. He looked down at her and his breath caught in his throat. Take her all in he thought. Her hair was spread across the bed her tits rose high and her nipples were hard and teasing against the thin fabric of her nightie. She was simply gorgeous and ready to be devoured.

She was having one hell of a time lying still, and then she realized, why should she? He loved it when she squirmed, beneath him on top of him it really didn’t matter. For only having known Thomas for a short time, she knew him all to well in the most intimate of ways.

She grabbed his cock and pulled him forward placing his beautiful prick right between her full firm tits. Her tongue flicked out licking the head, making him shudder. Bursa Travesti She pressed her milky white tits around his ever growing dick, and he began to ride her, gently and seductively.

Her clit was hard, her hot tight pussy longing for him to fill her. Her body began to buck gently beneath him. Her tongue was working masterfully as he gently pinched her nipples.

He rolled off of her then pulling her right on top of him. His cock slid into her naturally, like they had been living out this same moment their entire lives. The feel of there union was superb. It was like they were meant for each other.

His cock slammed into the very end of her hot pussy, pushing a very erotic moan from between her glistening full lips. He grabbed her hips then, thrusting upwards as she slid down his entire length. Her head was bent slightly forward, her long luxurious hair forming a tent around them. He kissed her then, deep, long, passionately. His hands gripping her harder, roaming all over her soft back, moving around the front of her body to cradle her tits.

He raised her hard little nipples to his mouth. To Thomas they looked like little exquisite buds tempting his mouth. He knew that simple act could make her cum, and that was all that was on his mind at that moment. She became louder then, moaning, groaning, telling him to fuck her, hard and deep. She told him his cock was so huge, and felt so good. All the right words to urge his undeniable craving into ravenous need.

She rode that cock hard. Never seeming to have enough of it, always wanting it deeper, harder. He flicked his tongue across her rock hard nipples, and she felt herself being pushed over the edge for the first time. She knew the second one was not far behind. She looked down into his face and saw the sexiest most self satisfied grin ever.

She turned around then, her sexy nails stroking his inner thighs as she lowered herself onto his throbbing prick once again. He heard his moan as she enveloped him. His hands tangled in her long hair, pulling her back, arching her spine. She KNEW she was sexy in that moment. So sexy in fact she slowed her pace, not wanting this moment to end.

She lowered her hand to cradle his balls, a gentle rub, and his entire body shivered then, and his pace quickened. Her own body betrayed her, as she came all over him a third time in a few short minutes.

He rolled her onto her stomach then, not able to stand much more of her without some relief of his own. He pulled her soft full ass up to his own hips and shoved himself deep inside of her. He hesitated for just a moment savoring the perfection of the moment.

Then he was fucking her without abandon. He felt her warm cum surround his cock again, and so he slowed, it almost brought him to his just end. He slowed his pace, but the temptation was just too much, he began fucking her again, this time a frenzy of intense desire.

She was still moaning those dirty sexy words that drove him wild. He had never had a woman that could speak to him like that and add to the passion they were already experiencing. Hell usually he wanted the dumb bitches to shut up. But Sara was not dumb, she was pure sensuality. She was his weakness.

Then in three deep hard well pointed thrusts of his enraged cock, He knew he was going to cum. She knew it too, and told him, “…cum deep inside of me…ill cum with you baby. Fuck me hard!”

The moment came, and he exploded. It really felt like an explosion. He could almost feel his hot wad splash against the walls of her tight cunt. She shivered all the way down her spine, her toes curled, her fists clenching the sheets into a ball.

Exhausted they stayed in that position for a moment, savoring the intensity, and catching their breath. After a few moments of labored breathing and sweet words, they separated, him pulling her into his arms kissing her gently on the forehead.

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