30 Kasım 2022

White First BBC Blacken

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White First BBC Blacken
“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” I screamed as he rammed his cock into me. His thick, dark meat filled me with each hard thrust. My wet pussy engulfed him each time he drove it in.

Jeremy is a tall, well muscled black guy with his head shaved. We had met earlier that night at the party. We had been dancing close all night. He loved my nice round bubble butt. He said that he had always wanted to fuck a white girl, and I was glad to make that wish come true. He ripped my cloths off as soon as we were in the room. I kicked the door shut while he stripped off his cloths.

As soon as I saw his cock I was down on my knees. I slid my tongue up and down its length till it was hard as a rock. It had to be nine inches long and was so thick I did not know if I could get my mouth around it. That was not going to stop me from trying.

“Mmm, that is a nice cock,” I told him before slipping my lips over the head. My lips formed a tight suction around his cock as I slid one hand down to my pussy. I was already soaked. As I sucked him with my full lips, my tongue swirled around the head. I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. I licked along the thick veins that ran along the shaft.

“Fuck, you are good at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that,” he told me as he wrapped his hands in my luscious, blonde hair. He pressed his cock deeper into my mouth. I let it slide in, swallowing it down. I took it all the way into my throat till my lips were pressed to the base of his cock. I then gave him my specialty. I let my tongue slide out of my mouth while I still had his cock in my throat. I slipped out and licked his balls.

“Oh FUCK! You are good at this slut,” he groaned as I slid my mouth back up his cock.

I let his cock plop out of my mouth as I looked up at him and smiled. I held up my hand that was slick with my pussy juice as I said, “Now let’s get that cock in me.”

He picked me up with a grin and threw me on the bed. I spread my legs wide and leaned back. He wasted no time putting the head of his cock at my slick entrance. He thrust it in with a single hard slam of his hips. We both let out a moan as he slid his thick cock in to my wet, hot pussy. His massive black tool was the biggest I had ever had in me.

He started fucking me hard. His dark chocolate skin was a contrast to my white tan skin as we fucked like wild a****ls. tipobet güvenilir mi I know everyone down at the party had to hear my obscene screams. He kept drilling into me as I opened my legs wider. He grabbed my full, firm tits roughly with his big, dark hands. I arched them into his grasp as I tried to draw his cock deeper into me.

“You white girls really do get fucking wet,” he told me as he rapidly slammed his black cock into my hot white pussy.

“And you black guys really do have fuck huge cocks,” I moaned in response. “Now fuck me hard.”

Then without warning he pulled out of me and flipped me over so I was bent over the bed. I was shocked for a second then gave aloud moan as I felt his cock enter me from behind. I wrapped my fingers in the sheets as he drove into me wildly. He reached down and grabbed my hair. He yanked it with each thrust and I screamed even louder.

“Yes, yes, yes, ooohh fucking YESSSS!” I yelled as he rammed his hard, dark meat in and out of my burning pussy. He gave my round ass a hard slap that made me scream at the top of my lungs for him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

I could feel myself building towards the edge. By the sound of his groans, he was perabet close too. I slammed back to meet his thrusts as he drilled away. The fire inside of me was white hot as I neared my peak. With a final hard thrust he sent me spiraling over the edge.

“OOOOHHH FUUUUCCKKK YESSSSS!” I screamed as my hold body went into a spasm. It was one of them most intense orgasms I had ever had. The fire in my belly went spreading through me as my pussy clenched around his cock like a vice. I arched my back as I squirted a flood of juice out.

He kept pounding me as my whole body was wracked with pleasure. As the waves of intense ecstasy slowed down he pulled his cock out of my burning whole. I turned around and got on my knees. He was stroking his long, black shaft. My pussy juices were making it nice and slick for him. I turned my face up to him as one hand reached down to finger my still horny pussy and the other squeezed my tits.

“FUCK!” he groaned as he blew his load. Thick strands of milky white cum hit my face and chest. They splattered against my skin as he panted. I licked his salty cream from my lips then brought one of my tits up to suck it off.

“What did you think of your first black cock?” he asked.

I reached up and grabbed his cock then said, “Fucking wonderful. What did you think of your first White girl?”

“All I had hopped for,” he said with a grin as I licked his cock clean, it started to get hard again. Keep sucking and don’t forget the balls guess you can also be my second white girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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