23 Eylül 2023

Teacher conference

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Teacher conference
My name for this 100% true story is Sandy and I’m finally telling someone about something that I won’t dare tell anyone in real life. I’m a 38 year old wife and mom of 3 k**s. I’m 5’10”, brunette, with small/medium sized 34C breasts. I’m in pretty good shape for my age but about 20-30 lbs heavier than high school/university. I like to think I could rock a bikini back then but I’m a bit more selective of swim attire now. My husband adores me still and is very horny for sex all the time even though I’m fine with once a month. He’s always begging for me to wear short dresses and no underwear like I did when we first met. We usually have sex a couple times a month. He has purchased lots of sex toys in an attempt to “spice” up the bedroom. I like them as they help me cum as he is usually done before I can finish. He has bought quite a few large black vibes. And I do mean large. After 3 k**s I’m not surprised I can handle them but when I seen them for the first time I was shocked. We used to do anal but now I don’t care for it and we haven’t done it since before k**s. I’m also a teacher at a small rural high school in Canada. I teach the grade 10-12 coed phys ed classes as well as 1 science class. Last weekend I attended a 2 day teachers conference in the province capital city which is 2 hours away.

I arrived Friday night after work, checked into the hotel, changed into some jeans and a nice sweater and headed to the conference room that had a buffet and bar. I met up with some old university friends and sat together at a table. We listened to the boring speakers and at 10 it was over but the bar and buffet went till 11. I stayed for a couple drinks with my old pals and by 11 I was asleep. Saturday nights were the party night if you call it a party as we don’t have any speakers on Sunday. Lots go home after Saturday’s speakers but lots stay as it’s usually not over until 9. My friends and I headed back to our rooms to change into something for the evening “party”. I had brought a modest black dress, that hid my cleavage but it was form fitting that it outlined my bust fairly well. I wore a bra and some thong underwear. I’m sure my husband would’ve been begging me to go commando. I met my 2 old girlfriends and 2 guys that I went to university with and found a table. There was some music playing and a dance floor that nobody was using of course. Most teachers just want a weekend off to have drinks and no k**s to deal with. We sat at a round table with 8 seats. Not long after we got there the place actually started to fill up. 2 black guys walked up and asked if they could sit at our table. I won’t use their real names but I’ll call them Steve and Tim. We all chatted, complained about certain k**s in our classes that we can’t stand, our principals and of course some of the crazy parents. We all got along well with Steve and Tim and soon we were all fairly buzzed from all the drinks. Steve and Tim I’m guessing were about 10 years younger than us at likely 28-30. One of my old friends Sarah was talking about some of the hot guys in her classes and how she would love to keep them after school to teach them a thing or 2. She’s been like this since we first met at 18. By 1130 pm the crowd was thinning but Steve had just bought another round of drinks. I wasn’t really drunk by then but figured 11 am checkout was a long ways away. Finally Sarah said she had had enough and we all agreed to head to bed, headed for the elevators and climbed in. 2 of us were on the main floor so we said good night and the other 5 jumped in.

It was a 10 story hotel and I was on 9 and Steve and Tim on 7 while the others were getting off along the way. Once it was just myself, Tim and Steve they asked if I was up for a nightcap. I don’t know what I was thinking but I thought it’s not that late yet so I said sure. We went to Steve’s room, sat on the bed and he poured a rye and coke for the 3 of us. I asked about where they worked and what classes they taught. They asked about my family so I told them about my husband and k**s. Steve then asked “What would he think about you hanging out with 2 male teachers alone?” The booze clouded my judgment and my filter. I stupidly replied “He might like it because of his BBC fetish!” Did I really just say that out loud. I was mortified. I apologized immediately for my racist comment. They both laughed and said not to worry. Tim of course raised an eyebrow and asked “What’s his fetish about?” I once again had no filter and told him about the big black vibrators he had bought to use in the bedroom. I went on and on about how big they were and described how the one was 12” long and about 2.5” thick and as hard as he tried he couldn’t get more than 3/4 into my vagina. I even used my hands to show how long they were and how if I tried to put my hand around it that it wouldn’t reach. I was rambling on like a stupid blonde. By now we were all laughing about it and then I said “I’m sure the the whole big dick thing is only for porn and Milf fantasies, right guys?” I walked right into that one. Steve said “well if you want I could show you so the next time he tries it on you can say that they aren’t that big in real life!” I said “I can only imagine he’d love to know his wife was an expert on the subject!” Somehow between the booze and the easy mannerism of Steve and Tim I felt totally relaxed and comfortable. I figured this might be a great story for Sarah as she’d loved to see some black guys. Steve pressed the subject again and said “Wanna look?” Once again I blurted out with out thinking and said “Whip em out guys, Let’s see how much bigger “Mr Marcus” is than you.” With some hesitation they both stood up and undid their jeans and slid them off completely. Tim then slipped his shirt off, followed by Steve. Both were in pretty darn good shape. No six packs but flat stomachs and pretty good muscle definition. I hadn’t seen someone in this good of shape in awhile as my husband has a bit of a dad bod. I joked and said “Where’s the stripper music?” We all laughed again and then the line was completely crossed when Steve pulled his briefs clean off and stood before me. I was looking straight at my first real black cock. It looked very very big hanging there in front of me and although I could tell he was somewhat hard this was no full blown erection. I whistled and turned to Tim and said “Don’t be shy Tim, I’m sure it’s not that small”. With a smirk and a grin he began to slowly push down the waistband of his briefs. I finally saw the base of his quite thick shaft come into view. I’m sure I mouthed a “holy shit” when he was about half way down. Finally his mushroom head appeared and it snapped up in the air like a diving board. I couldn’t believe the sight of this man’s penis. It was probably as big as the vibrator I had at home. Likely not as long but easily as thick or thicker. I looked up at Tim with my mouth open like a k** on Christmas morning. I looked over at Steve now who had been stroking his cock to full mast. Although not as big as Tim he was a very big boy. Steve was almost as long but he was a fair bit thinner in girth. Although he would make my husband jealous even though he is pretty big for a “white” guy. I was shocked and finally said something to break the ice “I have to admit guys, I had no idea they could get this big!” Both of them laughed and Steve responded with “Thanks, we grow em big for the white girls to lust over!” I said “no shit. I’m honestly dumbfounded. “. What I said next was likely the most foolish thing I could’ve said. “Can I touch them?” With that both Steve and Tim stepped towards me as I uncrossed my legs tipobet which were up on the bed so ladylike just a few minutes before and placed them on the ground near the edge of the bed. The guys were right up to bed by now on either side of my legs with their cocks likely 2 feet from me. I reached out with one hand to grab Steve first. I squeezed and examined it like I checking a piece of fruit for ripeness. Steve swelled in my hand and I looked up and said “You ok with this? I’m quite curious?” My god, of course he’s ok with this. He’s single, and some married white woman is squeezing his cock like a professional inspector. They must think I’m stupid. He just smiled. With my hand still squeezing Steve I turned my attention to Tim and his tool. I grabbed it with my hand and as I suspected I couldn’t reach my hand all the way around it. My guess was he was definitely thicker than my black vibe. I kept squeezing and alternating looking at both cocks like I was deciding on which dessert to eat.

By now all my moral senses were gone. I was transfixed on these two big cocks in my hands. I started stroking both of them, to my surprise they started to harden even more. Tim reached out with his hand and placed it on the side of my face gently. That gesture seemed to heighten the mood in the room. With that I leaned in and started to lick the tip of his huge head. He groaned and that seemed to encourage me start to suck on it. I tried my best to actually take him in my mouth but there was no way more than the head would fit. So there I was sucking the tip while jerking his huge shaft as I continued to hold onto his friends cock. Steve cleared his throat and said “Hey Sandy, don’t forget about little ol me?” I looked up and said sarcastically “Fine, I’ll suck you too”. So I did but I was able to get a few inches in my mouth compared to his partner in crime. I still was mesmerized by both their sizes and I finally had to ask “Seriously, how big are you guys?” They both burst out laughing. “You really are curious aren’t you?” Tim said. “Well ya, I’m a teacher, I need an answer to the question. Anybody got a meter stick?” I chuckled.

Steve walked over to his bag that was on the table while I continued to jerk Tim and suck on him while eagerly watching Steve look through his bag. He pulled out a coiled notebook and brought it over. He opened it up to the inside cover and on the outer edge was a ruler along with all kinds of volume conversions. “Will this work to quench your curiosity?” I said perfect, grabbed the notebook and stood up. I started on Steve first, he gave it a few strokes to make sure it was fully hard. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Just under 10 inches and for good fun I winked at him and said “ 9.5” and then went over to Tim who was gently stroking his monster. I eagerly placed the notebook beside his penis or for better description, his BBC. Tim was a whopping 10 and 3/4 inches and like I said before, thick, very thick. I threw the book back over onto the table and said “well, I never thought that this late in life I’d have a 9 and 10 incher in my hands.” With that I began stroking them both again at the same time. Tim decided to change the pace and sat beside me on the bed. Once seated I continued my stroking action and began giving Steve a blowjob. It was a lot easier to suck Steve’s girth. I decided to indulge a little and lift his shaft up so I could suck his balls. It wasn’t until just then did I notice the size of his balls. I don’t know what had come over me in that room but it must’ve been the science teacher in me as I continued to make observations and dumb ones at that. “Wow, you have great big balls too, do you cum big too?” What is wrong with me? I was practically asking this guy to cum for me so I can measure the amount for an experiment. I was talking like a k** who’s never been in a Candy store but now was and had to ask a 100 questions. Steve replied “I dunno, I cum as much as I cum. I’ll let you be the judge.” And once again I replied idiotically “Sounds good, can’t wait”. Can’t wait? Was I gonna make them cum? I finally decided if I had a cock or balls in my mouth, the less stupid things I’d say and not look so foolish. I was in a strange hotel room sucking a man and jerking another, neither of whom was my loving husband. They must think I’m a huge slut who cheats all the time and who could blame them. I was acting slutty and cheating.

While I was doing all this thinking I never noticed Tim’s hands on my thighs. Since I was on the edge of the bed he had good access to the inner part and was now inching his way up to my crotch. I’ll admit it now, I was fucken horny as hell. Tim kneeled before me and reached up under my dress and hooked his fingers into my thong and began to pull down. I lifted myself up a bit and allowed the thong to shimmy down my legs. Once he had them at my ankles he pulled my shoes and panties off and sat beside me again. He grabbed my right hand and placed it on his cock. I continued stroking while sucking Steve the whole time. Tim then placed his fingers in my crotch and begin to play with my clit. I had to be soaked by now and once again I blurted out “How wet am I?” I heard Tim slightly chuckle and then felt him dip his fingers into my pussy. “Pretty wet to me”. Can you guess what stupid comment I made next? “Good, I’ll need to be when I make an attempt on yours”. Had I really just said that out loud? Why not just write on a piece of paper saying slut wants big cocks in her pussy. Enter at will.

Tim was no dummy as he took my comment to heart and then pulled my dress up and over my head so I was now only wearing my black bra. I reached around and undid the clasp and threw it on the ground with my black dress and thong. I figure since I was blurting out dumb comments anyways I might as well keep in top form. I pointed at my clothes and said “Black dress, black thong, black bra” and then alternated pointing at both Steve and Tim’s cocks “black cock, black cock! Looks like there’s a theme here!”

I scooted my naked body back up the bed and arranged the pillows together so my head was propped up quite nicely and spread my legs. I dipped my own fingers into my pussy to make “sure” Tim was telling the truth. He was, I was soaked. Tim needed no encouraging and climbed onto the bed. Tim straddled my chest and thrust his cock towards my face. I used both hands to stroke him and licked all over his shaft to make him nice and slippery. I was really jerking him fast and licking him lots with my mouth. You could now hear the sloppy jerking sounds from my fast pace. I looked over at Steve to see what he was doing. I think me looking at him made him believe I was inviting him to join. I did want him to and he did join by diving head first into my pussy. He feverishly licked my clit. I shave my pussy bald, always have and he seemed to like it. “I love that you shave!” And continued eating me out. It wasn’t 30 seconds later and I was starting into my first orgasm. I moaned hard and clamped my legs around his head and my body shook. Once I recovered I began stroking Tim’s big cock, I felt movement in the bed and soon felt something rubbing my pussy lips. It wasn’t but a second later and I knew what it was. Steve was sliding his big black cock inside my very wet married pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head and although I couldn’t see it, I was envisioning the contrast between my white skin and his dark meat and how sexy it must look. The apparent new blonde in me asked “How’s it look?” I’m sure he knew what I meant but he didn’t answer. Tim had now began pinching my nipples which I love and told him so. Steve tipobet güvenilir mi for some reason stopped and pulled out, was I not good enough to fuck? I felt movement on the bed but instead of worrying I turned my attention back to Tim’s cock. Thankfully Steve was back inside me and was now thrusting slowly back and forth deep into me. He was easily the deepest any real penis had been inside me. His warmth felt so much better than a toy. Once again he stopped, and now I was a bit upset. He then said “Take a look for yourself “ and then he reached around Tim’s body and gave me a phone. I let go of Tim’s cock with both hands and grabbed the phone and quickly pressed play. There it was, a big black strange cock going in and out of my married pussy. The video stopped and I pressed play again and again. It was the sexiest thing I had seen in my life so far. “That is hot if I do say so myself” I exclaimed. He said “no k**ding” and began fucking me again but not hard and fast but slow and deep. I handed the phone to Tim to hold and began stroking with both hands again. He took my gesture of handing him the phone as a reason to ask his next question “Are you wanting me to record you and me now?” “You can with mine but not with yours” That was the smartest thing I had said all night. I surely didn’t need a video of me on the internet under the category- Slut white wife sucks monster cock”. Steve jumped off the bed and grabbed my phone off the dresser and tossed it at Tim. I turned into a seasoned porn star and attacked his cock with gusto. Sucking as much of it as I could and jerking with both hands all while Steve was pounding my white pussy. Tim then asked if he could cum as he was close. I said “Yes, but shoot my tits please, I wanna see how much black cums!” Soon he was grunting and I aimed at my tits. Then I felt him swell and he began to fire rope after rope onto my upper body. It was an awesome sight. “Monster cock, monster load! I bet there’s lots of babies in that.” I said. He laughed and shrugged. He got up and off me and sat beside me on the bed. He was now filming Steve fuck my pussy. Steve then asked “Should I be wearing a condom? Not sure you want a black baby!” “ It’s ok” I said “I’m fixed” to which he began to pick up the pace.

I stared at my tits covered in cum and had to see what black cum tasted like. I scooped some up with my fingers and swallowed and then dipped a few more times for good measure. It tasted much like my husbands white stuff. It’s all white when it hits your tits but you know what I mean. Steve then asked if we could change positions. Why not, what good married white slut doesn’t do multiple positions. He pulled out and seemed to let me decide. I flipped over on my hands and knees. He got behind me and for whatever reason I dropped my head into the mattress and reached to spread my ass cheeks like they do in porn for the big dicks. I knew he would fit, he was already fucking me but somehow it felt appropriate. He entered me and grabbed my hips and kept fucking me. I removed my one hand and placed it on my clit and rubbed. As good as his cock felt, a little stimulation never hurts. It must’ve been 10 minutes since Tim’s monster had erupted on me and I once again felt movement on the bed. I sat up on my elbows to see Tim scooting up to me face with his semi hard cock in hand. Was he ready for another round? Once under me I pushed his hand away and began sucking his tip and jerking with one hand while using my other to support me. It wasn’t hard to do and he was soon rock hard again. He started recording with my phone as I assumed he didn’t have a pink iPhone. After a few moments he handed the phone to Steve so he could be cameraman for a while. This was my shot I thought. I told Tim to push back and up onto the pillows.

I crawled up and straddled him while using my one hand to guide the tip to my vaginal lips. Like a “good” science teacher I wanted good info. I told Steve to get record of this. He got right in there close with my phone as I eased my way onto Tim’s BBC. The head went in ok but I started to feel resistance on the shaft. The vibe I had didn’t just slip in either but I could tell he was for sure bigger. I’m a competitive person. This was going to fit. I eased off a bit and then pushed down and continued this till I finally had what I thought was a lot of him in me. I proceeded to ride him and from the fucking Steve gave me, I was only minutes into it when my second orgasm hit. I had never had 2 in one night with my husband. It was incredible and it was the most intense one I’d ever had. I complimented them and said “You boys have no clue how good that felt”. “The fun is just beginning” Tim said as I was again riding his huge dick.

Steve left to go into the bathroom which I assumed was to pee. I never paid much attention as I had this BBC to deal with in my pussy. As I rode, Tim mauled my tits and pinched my nipples some more. Then I felt something cool on my lower back. A liquid of some sort. Did Steve cum without my help? Then I felt a finger on my back and soon that same finger on my asshole. That liquid was lube. He was gonna finger my butt! The night was so crazy so far I never even flinched at the idea until his finger was replaced with what I assumed was the head of his penis. I had never ever considered anal with one of them especially with their size. I said “I’m not sure about this Steve.” He didn’t say a thing but began to put pressure on my sphincter until I felt the tip enter me. I had stopped riding Tim while Steve was making his attempt at my first DP. Steve pushed slightly as I accepted more of him and then he stopped for a few seconds, pulled out a bit and then pushed back in until he had a bit more of himself in my butt. He was gentle with me and was rubbing the sides of my hips as he proceeded deeper into my back door. That gentle touch on my hips made me feel calm as Steve continued to push deeper and deeper until he stopped and said “I’m all the way in, let me know when you are ready?” He’s all the way in? Ready? I wasn’t ready for any of this when I first stepped into this room. I wasn’t ready to suck 2 strange black guys, fuck 2 black guys, get videoed by 2 black guys and I certainly wasn’t ready to be fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time by 2 black guys, but it was obvious that my body was willing to do this. I said “ I’m ready if you guys go SLOW!” With that they both began to slowly penetrate my holes and eventually found a good rhythm of one going in while the other retracted. It hurt at first but Steve seemed to be adding more lube to the mix which definitely helped. Eventually slight pain and discomfort turned to pleasure and I was starting to enjoy it. The thought of being with 2 men at once was exciting when I was sucking and fucking but now having them both fuck me was another level of excitement. The slow movements picked up in pace and I was moaning and starting to get very worked up. These 2 seemed to know how to work together, and I was curious to know if they had done this before. “Have you 2 done this before?” “No” said Tim “First DP for me!” A DP? I’d heard BBC before but what’s a DP? I figured it out later Steve really picked up the pace and I thought he was finally gonna cum. We must be over an hour into our sexcapade and he had yet to cum. My guess was correct when he asked “Where do you want my cum?” My options were few but important. Either in my ass or on my body somewhere. Steve was now the only other man in my life to fuck my ass since my husband over a decade ago. For some reason I wasn’t worried about diseases at the time, I was tipobet giriş only concerned about pleasure. I wanted him to cum inside me. The thought of his jizz in my ass was so naughty I had to have it. “Inside me!” I announced. And with that I felt the heat in my colon as the first spurt erupted inside me. Once I felt the second and third my body sudden shook and my 3rd orgasm of the night hit me. Something was different though, this time it felt strange but wonderful. A warm but bizarre sensation came from within me. It was too intense, and I pulled up near the tip of Tim’s cock, I had to completely dismount to get him out of me. Then I realized I was squirting. There was liquid draining out of my pussy through any seam that wasn’t totally plugged by Tim’s cock. I had thought my second orgasm was intense. This was 4 times the intensity and 4 times the length. I was cumming non stop it seemed. Both guys had stopped fucking me while I was convulsing on their dicks. Likely due to their own wide eyed astonishment watching this married white slut squirt from them fucking her. The orgasm finally subsided and I finally caught my breath. “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! I’ve never ever done that!” I explained. “Really?” They said in unison. “Never, I had no idea what was happening to me!”

Steve was now beside Tim on the bed with his soft cum covered cock hanging between his legs. Even soft it looked impressive. I continued to ride Tim slowly as he was so big. Steve got up and went to the washroom as I heard the tap turn on an soon he returned with a washcloth and was cleaning his cock off after being in my ass. He once again found my phone and began recording. “Sandy, you are such a beautiful woman!” Steve commented “I can’t believe my luck”. I smiled at him as I do like compliments. I was starting to loosen up thanks to Tim’s dick and I was riding him harder. I was exhausted from all the sex and was really hoping he’d cum soon. I figured I’d egg him on by talking a bit dirty “I need your cum in my pussy, make that beautiful black cock cum for me!” I continued my vocal encouragement of him as I knew my legs were going to give out soon. After a good minute I could feel him swell and then he announced his eruption “Oh god Sandy, here it cums!” With that I rode him long and hard, milking every drop from his cock into my engorged pussy. Finally his moans subsided and I rested at the base of his now deflating cock.

I got off him, walked to the bathroom with cum oozing out of me and poured myself a much needed glass of water and drank it in front of the mirror. I looked “well fucked”. Hair was wet from my sweat, cum globs on my tits and cum oozing from both my holes I suspected. I refilled my water and came back out to see both Steve and Tim laying on the bed. I jumped up and lied between them both with my water. As I drank I was deep in thought about all that had happened. I began to caress my breast ever so slightly while rubbing the cum into my skin to dry. I noticed the puddle forming beneath my crotch and said while now playing with my pussy “I think I’ve made a mess of your bed, you might get a cleaning charge!” Tim chuckled and said “It’ll be worth every penny!” We chatted for awhile while the guys both got their own waters. Steve decided to grab his own phone and asked for a picture while motioning towards my well fucked holes which were likely still wide open. He got real close for a closeup so I lifted me knees up and spread my legs for him. With that we all collapsed on the bed and grabbed our phones. I was desperate to see some of the footage. We watched all of the action together and I made lewd comments of how the contrast of white and black looked so good. It was so erotic to see it again, how I had fucked and got fucked by these 2 black men. I even said “I’m sure as hell not going to show him but I think my husband would get off to watching me take on these cocks!” I finally looked around the room for a clock and seen it was just past 2. We had been at it for close to 2 hours. I knew I couldn’t stay here so I got dressed, thanked them for the fun, made them swear to never tell anyone and left the room. Once in the elevator I realized I was missing my room card. I couldn’t go back as I’m sure they would think I was ready for more. I headed back down the elevator to the front desk in the ultimate walk of shame! When I got back to my room I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I awoke at 9 smiling and feeling satisfied, but then reality set in as I replayed the whole affair in my head. I cheated on my wonderful husband. I had never even considered it before last night. Not only had I cheated, I cheated with 2 young black men. I cheated and let them record me doing it. I came 3 times. They came 3 times, in my pussy, ass and on my tits. I now reached down and felt the evidence in my pussy. That was unmistakably cum in there. I needed to shower. I washed as best as I could as I tried to rinse the evidence from my body. Surely my husband wouldn’t be able to tell. Although my pussy lips were awfully swollen. Was my asshole stretched open? Likely not!

I headed down for breakfast and saw Sarah and the gang at a long table. They were almost done when I got there so it wasn’t long before they were saying goodbyes and headed to checkout. Tim showed up first and asked if he could sit and then Steve entered the room and spotted us. We all said our good mornings and waited for the waiter. Steve then pulled something from his pocket. My room card! I said thanks and shoved it in my purse. When the waiter showed up with coffees and took our order. Finally, I broke the ice and said “Thanks for last night, it was quite an experience but please remember I’m married! They both assured me they would never tell anyone.

Once I arrived at home the guilt was killing me as my husband greeted me at the door smiling. How could I do this to him? He adored me and I betrayed him. I made supper and once the k**s were in bed we watched some TV before heading to bed. While he was brushing his teeth I decided I needed to make it up to him somehow to ease my guilt. I grabbed the big vibe we had, squirted the lube on it and spread it all over. I hovered about it and placed the tip at my entrance and lowered myself onto it. This time it went in quite easily as I couldn’t help think that sex with Tim had loosened me considerably. Once it was inside I squirted lube on my fingers and spread it over my anus. When my husband walked in he loudly said “oh my god!” I was facing away from him so he could see my rear and me using my fingers around the entrance of my ass. I looked over my shoulder seductively and put my middle finger deep inside me. He scrambled onto the bed and pulled off his pants. “What’s got into you?” He asked. 2 BBC’s I thought! “Just wanting to spice things up and say thanks for watching the k**s all weekend”. He immediately placed his cock at my butthole and said “you sure about this”. All I could think about was Steve in my ass and Tim in my pussy. “I’m sure, go slow it’s been a while!” It didn’t take much and he was inside me balls deep. He announced “I never thought you’d do a DP!” That word again. He explained it and I smiled while He banged away back there while I desperately rubbed my clit in hopes I would cum with him fucking me. Sadly he grunted and shot his load inside me before I could cum myself. He then piled over onto his side of the bed exhausted. I too rolled over onto my side and said “goodnight honey!” He was soon asleep and I wide awake thinking about my BBC friends. I put the vibe back in and rubbed myself to orgasm. This happened a month ago and even though I feel terrible for cheating the pleasure I felt was incredible. I’ve tried to recreate it in our bedroom with toys and my husband but it’s never the same. I often watch the footage and masturbate when I’m alone. What has happened to me?

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