19 Nisan 2024

Weekend Getaway Pt. 02

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Part 2 -The Slow Tease

Doc was no sooner home than he was at his computer and back at the toy store site. He was now ordering some very special items to add to his collection for their weekend getaway – but items Christina would know nothing about, that is until he surprised her with them. He was determined; this was going to be THE weekend that she begged him to take fuck her ass. But he also knew he would have to continue the tease and continue the build up to get her to that moment in time – that very special erotic moment for them both.

First he selected some very special anal toys and some really high quality anal lube. The toys ranged from rather small jelly anal beads to get her little rosebud to begin opening for him, to then a medium sized cock shaped vibrating dildo to tease her and get her to open to that next stage, to then a more almost realistic sized vibrating dildo that rotated that would tease her nerve endings as well as opening her even more, and finally to a dildo the size of his own 8″ cock to get her accustomed to the length and girth so she would be truly ready for the real thing. Of course, he just had to get the anal plug that he planned to slip into her ass after he had fucked it the first time, just to keep her open and ready for the next round – trapping his cum deep inside her. As well, he found some light bondage wrist and ankle cuffs he noticed she really liked while she was sitting in his lap earlier as they shopped. Of course, he also just had to get the leather blindfold that went with the restraints to complete her “new outfit”. After checking the Express Delivery option, he finished the check out process and shut down his computer.

Damn! He was hard again just thinking of the events that would unfold. Slowly he made his way to the shower. As the warm stream of water hit his body, his hand immediately went down to stroke his cock. With visions of his sexy goddess’ ass in his head, he felt his orgasm fast approaching. Rope after rope of his cum splattered against the wall of the shower as his release cascaded over his entire body. Gaining his wits about him, he quickly finished his shower, dried off and was off to bed. He was asleep as soon as his naked body was between the sheets.

Christina had struggled getting to sleep as she was thinking of what Doc had said. Would she beg him to fuck her ass? Would she allow herself to get that turned on, to become that wanton? All she knew for sure was Doc excited her like no one ever has. He had awakened feelings and erotic thoughts that even surprised her. Her thoughts were also on the images he had injected in her mind – images of 5 men cumming in her and all over her. She had tried a 3-some before, but did not enjoy it. But the way Doc teased her and made it sound so erotic, she couldn’t help but think of such debauchery. Her thoughts also turned to how Doc responded to her when she played with his ass while she sucked his cock. Early on she found out if she wanted Doc to get hard again quickly, all she had to do was play with his ass, sliding her fingers in to erotically massage his prostate, while she sucked his cock. All these mental images and erotic thoughts were keeping her from her sleep.

In a flash, Christina was up and at her laptop. While the start up routine slowly scrolled across the screen, her hand trailed down to play with her clit. Her pussy was soaked due to the erotic images and thoughts that had kept her awake. Thinking of how Doc liked mutual anal play, she made a decision. If she was going to offer him her ass, it was only fair that he give his ass to her. A grin slid across her face – not just any grin – but a very wicked and devious grin. She Googled some sites to learn more about how a woman could take her man’s ass – the process, the warm up, the tease, what toys to use, and most importantly, how to fuck a man’s ass with a strap-on. Christina was almost embarrassed at thinking such thoughts. But Doc had unleashed all sorts of new feelings and desires in her.

At first these were a bit uncomfortable to her as they were so new and so erotic. But that eroticism is what excited her. Now here she was contemplating just how to take her lover’s ass, the same way he would be taking hers. With a smile, she again thought to herself, “It’s only fair.”

After an hour at the “how to” web site doing her “homework” while also slowly teasing her clit, she went to the same toy site that she and Doc had visited earlier. Christina could barely contain her building excitement. First she went through the anal toy section and selected several toys that looked similar in size and shape as the ones that were suggested at the previous “how to” site. Eagerly she then looked at all the strap-on harnesses; finally selecting one that left her pussy exposed but also had a vibrating clit stimulator. It too was similar to one of the descriptions she had just read. She wanted to feel the excitement just as much while she fucked her lover’s ass, which was another bursa escort highly recommended suggestion from the “how to” site.

Now as to the dildos for the strap-on harness. Remembering that the “how to” site suggested starting small and working up, she ordered three cock shaped dildos – one 6″ long, one almost 8″ long and her favorite one that was over 10″ long and almost 3″ in diameter. This last one was what she really wanted to give her lover in a big way. As she “clicked” on the last one, her devious smile again returned to spread across her face.

Finally, she quickly sought out three recommended instructional DVDs and found them in no time. The first was “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Strap-on Sex” and the other two were “Bend Over Boyfriend” and “Bend Over Boyfriend Part 2”. Just as before, she chose Express Delivery, as she wanted to be sure she had time to watch the DVDs and do her “homework”. As she watched the laptop power down, her fingers immediately returned to her clit. While her fingers worked her clit, her eyes slowly rolled back and her thoughts were of Doc and the pending weekend together. She saw herself on her hands and knees and could almost feel Doc’s cock in her ass. As her orgasm continued to build, those mental images quickly reversed where her hands were now griping Doc’s hips as she was sliding that last 10+” dildo into Doc’s ass. A low, almost an animalistic, moan escaped her parted lips. Then her orgasm hit her. She began cumming hard, so hard in fact she almost feel off the barstool. Laughing at herself, she savored her sweet nectar that covered her fingers as her thoughts alternated through all her erotic mental images. Finally, she made her way back to her bed. This time, she fell asleep almost immediately.

The workweek went by slowly for both Christina and Doc. However, Doc made it worse with his incessant teasing. Every morning as Christina arrived for work, there was a very erotic E-card waiting in her email inbox. As well, Doc would call her about mid morning, around lunchtime, mid afternoon and just before she was due to close her office. During each call Doc would ask her things like: if she was ready for their getaway, if she got her card that morning, if the card made her wet (which he knew each one did), had she read the short story he sent her the previous night, if she was horny, if she could almost feel him eating her pussy and playing with her ass, on and on. Christina, being in her office, could only answer yes to his teasing questions. His voice made her even more excited and made her pussy nectar flow like a river. Her panties were soaked all day long. What’s worse, Doc knew this and would again tease her about her wet panties once she was driving home each evening. Each night after the constant teasing, Christina would lie in bed trying to go to sleep, but found her fingers buried in her pussy. It was only after cumming at least once, and on some evenings several times, that she could finally go to sleep.

Finally about the end of the week, Doc had a knocking at the front door. Opening the door, he saw the FedEx delivery person standing there. Doc hurriedly signed for the delivery, took it inside and began opening the two packages. All the toys he had ordered on the two orders had been combined into in one large box. There was a small padded, shipping envelope that he opened next. Inside were the two micro bikinis he and Christina had ordered. His devious smile spread from ear to ear. And his cock began to throb as he slowly went through each toy in the large box.

One by one, he opened the individual wrapping, examined each toy for smoothness (keeping some emery paper close by in case he had to smooth off any rough mold lines), checking to see if the batteries were OK and the vibrators worked properly. One by one he went through the same meticulous process until all the toys were laid out on his bed. Next he unwrapped the bondage restraints and the leather blindfold. The aroma of new leather filled the room. It was almost intoxicating. After discarding all the wrapping and packaging materials, he took the toys to the bathroom where he could wash them with sterilizing toy cleaner and lay them out to dry.

As they dried, he went to his closet and pulled out his black leather doctor’s bag. Taking it in hand, he was back in the bathroom. After he finished drying each toy, he placed them, one by one, neatly into his “little black bag”. He then returned to his bedroom so he could pack the restraints, blindfold and anal lube. He looked again in the bag, and his devious smile broadened. After closing the bag, he returned it to his closet shelf. Looking at his watch, he saw it was almost 5:00pm. Picking up the phone, he called his favorite number. Doc once again began his tease.

“Hey sexxxy, how’s my goddess doing? Are you still wet for me?”

With a sigh, Christina answered in a hushed voice.

“Hi sweetie. And YES damn you. I am so horny. And your teasing isn’t helping me bursa escort bayan any.”

Doc grinned and almost snickered as he continued.

“Poor baby. Well just to let you know so you will become even hornier, our order arrived today. What are you doing later as we need to make sure your new bikinis fit.”

Christina’s attention perked up another level and her excitement was evident in her voice as she continued.

“Really? Everything came today. Oh yeah, those micro bikinis. Ugh! You sure I should wear something like that.”

Doc again began reassuring his sexy lady.

“Baby, it is just going to be the both of us. So tell you what, after you try them on tonight, if you do not look absolutely fantastic in them, then you can choose not to wear them. But I’m telling you right now baby, you are going to look abso-fucking-lutely fantastic.”

With a bit of hesitation in her voice, Christina answered.

“Well, OK. I’ll try them on tonight. And then make my final decision. I won’t be home until after 6:00pm or so, so say about 7:00pm. I know you though, you just want to get me naked.”

Doc smiled as he knew once she tried them on, she would agree o wear them during their weekend at the beach.

“Well hell yeah! I’m no dummy. And I know you as well. You just want me to eat your pussy for hours on end. In fact, just thinking about it has probably made you even more wet.”

They both laughed, as each one knew the other was correct. After hanging up, Doc went to take a long shower. He wanted to be squeaky clean for Christina.

Christina rushed out to her SUV so she could race home. Her anxiety was two fold. First, she was horny and Doc had just made her even more wet. Secondly, if Doc received his order today, then perhaps FedEx left her a package as well. Driving through traffic, Christina could smell the rich, musky aroma of her pussy nectar. The fragrance was filling the interior of her SUV. And she could also feel the nectar pooling on the seat just between her thighs. “Damn him!” she thought to her self and then laughed. It was all she could do to resist sliding her fingers between her thighs and rub her clit while driving through traffic. Finally she pulled into her subdivision and drove as if the vehicle were on autopilot. As she pulled into her driveway, she noticed her front storm door was slightly ajar. As quickly as possible, Christina gathered her things and slid out of the car. As she turned to lock the car, she could see a very definite wet spot on the leather driver’s seat. Again she smiled as she turned and walked toward her front door.

Opening the storm door, she saw it was clearly her order that FedEx had delivered. As she unlocked the front door and threw it open, her foot kicked the package inside the house so she could run to turn off the alarm. After locking the storm door and front door, she quickly went about her evening routine … let the dogs out – put out fresh food and water for the dogs – glance through her mail – go get out of her work clothes – pour herself a cool beverage – let the dogs back in – and finally relax on the couch. But this time, her routine had a definite “extra”. Her hand almost trembled as she reached for the FedEx package. Had she REALLY ordered those items? Was she becoming as devious as Doc? Was Doc turning her into that wanton woman he said was inside her? Christina smiled, as she knew the answer to all those questions was a resounding YES!

After relaxing just a bit and collecting her thoughts, she slowly opened the package. Her hand was almost trembling as she folded back the box flaps. The DVDs were on top. Quickly she took the cellophane wrapper of each one and read the back cover of each DVD case. Once she opened them, each case had scene photos on the inside cover. The imagery made her quiver slightly and caused her pulse to race. Next she pulled out what seemed like a ton of packaging peanuts and found the toys she had ordered. Digging deeper she found the leather harness. She took the plastic packaging off the harness first. The aroma of new leather wafted about her. It was a heady scent that caused her to smile. Playfully, she unfolded the harness and held it down across her lap trying to get a mental image of how it would look when she wore it – when she surprised her lover. When she took her lover’s ass.

Anxiously she proceeded to dig out the three dildos. One by one she took the hard clear plastic packaging material off each one. Closely she examined each one, looking at the life like styling. She held up the largest one and her devious smile once again spread across her face.

“Oh yes, Doc is going to get this one but good. He wants my ass, so he’ll end up giving me his.”

Before getting too wrapped up in her erotic thoughts, she knew she had to hurry. After dumping the remaining packaging peanuts in the trash, she placed all the goodies back in the box. Quickly she carried the box to the bathroom görükle escort with her, slid it into the vanity cabinet, and then stripped down for a quick shower. The warm stream felt wonderful after a long day. She took the hand held shower massage and angled it to her yearning clit. In no time, she had a mini orgasm … nothing major, but just enough to relieve some of the edginess that had been pent up all week. After toweling off, she slipped on her fluffy robe knowing Doc would be arriving very soon. No sooner had she sat back down on her couch than she heard Doc pulling up in her driveway.

Doc only brought the two swimsuits. He had neatly folded them and placed them in his shirt pocket. He was amazed they both fit into his pocket. All the way over to Christina’s, he had mental images of her in her new micro bikinis – the sun radiating off her beautiful form, his hands teasing her as he spread sun tan oil all over her body, especially the way her beautiful ass cheeks would glisten and respond under his oily massage. His cock was throbbing by the time he pulled into her driveway. No sooner had he reached to ring the doorbell than Christina had the front door open. In her rush, the front of her robe had opened completely. This DID NOT do anything to help the ache in Doc’s cock. He smiled as he stared at her beautiful breasts, tan torso and her sweet pussy. Her pussy was once again glistening with its rich nectar.

Stepping inside, he closed and locked both doors. His arms immediately went around Christina, pulling her tightly against him, her breasts pressed firmly into his chest. Even through his shirt he could feel her hard nipples as if they were trying to borough into him. Her head tilted upward and their lips were instantaneously locked together in a passionate kiss. As their tongues intertwined, Doc slid his hands down her body. Grabbing her ass cheeks he pulled her even more tightly against him and began to strongly massage her cheeks. Christina could easily feel Doc’s cock pressed against her – pants or no pants, his cock was hard and pulsing against her. Slowly their lips parted.

Doc loved their heated kisses and was always one to comment on their effect.

“Damn you taste good baby. I missed your kisses this week.”

Now Christina saw her chance to be the tease, and she took it.

“Is that all you missed?”

Doc’s reply was what she expected to hear – what she wanted to hear.

“No way. I missed the sweet taste of my goddess’ pussy. Did you miss feeling my lips and tongue all over your clit, pussy and ass?”

With his statement Doc gripped each ass cheek a little tighter causing her to press forward against his cock.

Christina gasped slightly as the teasing had now turned.

“Damn you. You’re such a tease.”

With yet another squeeze of her cheeks, Doc continued.

“You didn’t answer my question babe.”

Christina knew he had her right where he wanted her. She was aching for him even more.

“Yes, you know I did. I’ve wanted you to eat my pussy all week.”

Not releasing his hands from her ass cheeks, Doc looked into her eyes as he replied.

“Good answer my sweet. So when do I get to sample that delicious morsel? Hmmmmm? Can you wait?”

Wait? Christina needed him now. And the tone of her reply expressed her pending urgency.

“Wait for what?”

Doc smiled as he again continued his tease.

“Silly girl. Don’t you want to see your new swimsuits?

Looking around for a package, Christina was a bit puzzled.

“Well yeah. Where are they? Didn’t you bring them in?”

Christina’s puzzled look caused Doc to smile broadly as he answered.

“Yes, I brought them in.”

Christina looked around. She didn’t seem him bring in any package. As she looked around, Doc reached into his shirt pocket and pulled them out, holding one in each hand to allow them to unfold.

Christina had a look of amazement on her face, which was also shown in her voice as she replied.

“That it? That’s all there is to them? Oh my God!”

Doc could tell he would have a little work to get her to finally agree to wear them on their weekend getaway, so he had to get her to look past the skimpiness of the new bikinis.

“Come on babe. I’m a man of my word. Let’s go try these on so you can model them for me. After we see how hot you look in them, you can then decide whether or not you have the courage to wear them at our private beach.”

Doc took Christina by the hand and led her to her master bedroom. Once there, he again kissed her deeply. While kissing her, he slid her robe from her body allowing it to fall to the floor. As their kiss broke, Doc sat back on her bed and just admired the beauty of his goddess as she stood before him.

Doc’s eyes traveled up and down the entire length of her form, and as he licked his lips he had to tell her how her beauty affected him.

“Baby, you look so damn good. Turn around for me, but slowly. Please baby.”

Christina slowly turned. As she did, she made sure to tease Doc playfully as her ass came into his view. She was really beginning to enjoy this back and forth teasing.

“Like what you see lover? Like that ass don’t you? I bet you want some of that don’t you?”

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