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The New Slave Ch. 03

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Billy struggled to keep his balance, holding tightly onto Vanessa’s hips as he plunged his cock deeply into her ass. He was on his knees behind her, fucking her hard. Usually this position would hold no challenge for him, however, this time, Master was behind him, his cock buried deeply in his ass. As Billy thrust in and out of Vanessa, he was also fucking his Master’s cock with his ass.

She lay beneath him, crying out with pleasure as her body was wracked with orgasms. He, unfortunately, was not allowed to cum and it was taking every ounce of his self control to obey that order. Master’s cock was large and was stretching Billy’s ass in the most exquisite way. It had been a long time since Billy had been properly fucked, and even though this wasn’t quite the same, it was a real cock and that was enough for now.

Billy grunted loudly every time he pushed back onto Master’s cock, burying it deeply in his ass. Not only was Master thick, he was long as well and Billy was reveling in the fullness he was feeling. He wanted to push back hard and then slide forward slowly but he also had to fuck Vanessa so he could only keep up a steady rhythm of thrusts in each direction.

Finally, Master gripped Billy’s hips and rammed his cock in deep, crying out loudly as he filled his Slave’s ass with cum. He pulled out and watched with satisfaction as his cum oozed out of the young man’s stretched hole.

“Keep fucking her,” he ordered, pushing himself up to the head of the bed, watching the pair. “And don’t you dare cum!” he added. “Tell him what to do, what you want, Pet,” he told her.

“Fuck me, Slave. Fuck my ass good and hard! Ram it in deep!” she gasped as yet another orgasm roared through her. She wished Master would let Billy cum, she didn’t know how much more of this she would be able to take.

Now that Master was done, Billy spread his thighs and really began to fuck her. Being able to fully enjoy her, to fully use her, to abuse her. She began to grunt and cry out from his renewed assault on her ass and he couldn’t help but grin. “You want it hard? Here’s hard,” he growled, slamming his cock into her. Raising his hand, he rained down a flurry of slaps, reddening her butt cheeks.

Her orgasms tore through her, tumbling over each other, causing her to cry out incoherently. Finally, she managed to gasp, pleading, “Please Master, no more, please. Have mercy, I can’t take any more…please…”

Master could see she truly was exhausted and allowed her her release. “You may cum, Slave,” he reluctantly sighed.

With a loud roar, Billy gripped her hips and plowed his cock in, spewing his cum deep inside her. He remained behind her, buried in her ass, his thighs trembling but wanting to enjoy every last glimmer of his mind shattering orgasm before flopping back onto the bed.

“You are dismissed, Slave,” Master ordered gruffly and on still shaky legs, Billy rose and stumbled back to his own room. He just managed to crawl into his bed as oblivion swept over him.

When he awoke, dawn was just breaking. The first thing he was aware of was the soreness in his ass. The second was that he wasn’t alone. His arms were wrapped around a body in front of him, one hand cupping a lush, full breast. Opening his eyes, he found his nose buried in a mass of auburn hair. Why was Vanessa in his bed?

He felt his cock stirring and managed to reach behind him to his nightstand and grab a bottle of lube. He squirted some onto his cock and managed to part her ass cheeks without waking her. Pointing his throbbing cock at her ass hole, he thrust in hard, pushing in halfway.

She awakened with a cry, her ass instinctively clenching hard around the intrusion. Billy pushed again and managed to bury himself a little deeper.

She lay gasping on the bed, trying to figure out what was happening as Billy drove into her one last time, to the hilt, the full length of his cock deep in her ass. He pushed her down onto her stomach and not allowing her time to get her bearings, rose above her and straddling her hips, began to fuck her ass hard, driving in deep, his hips slapping against her ass.

“Oh God,” she cried out, her senses finally focusing on what was happening. “Oh, that feels good!” Her hips lifted from the bed, accepting the cock fucking her.

“Yeah, you like that?” Billy grunted. “You like being woken by my cock?”

“Oh yes, it’s a hell of a way to start the day,” she gasped.

Half an hour later, after the cries from their orgasms had faded from the room and Vanessa had left, Billy sat in his bath tub, soaking his still sore ass. Master had fucked him hard last night and he was still feeling it.

He tipped his head back and contemplated his new home. He certainly liked being used, instead of ignored, as was the case in his last home. His previous Master had never punished him as harshly as his new Master and Mistress had. After the brutal sodomizing he had received at Vanessa’s hands, he was quick to obey their every command escort bursa and he soon learned his place in the house.

He loved his relationship with Vanessa, his Mistress. He liked that he could fuck her of his own initiative, that she would submit to him as she had this morning. That was when he truly enjoyed her, when he was in control. Not when Master ordered it, but when she simply accepted it.

He closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like to be the Master of this house. To have a slave like Vanessa at his beck and call. Ah, the things he would do to her.

Gently stroking his cock in the warm water, he imagined her naked, a large butt plug in her ass, scurrying across the floor on her hands and knees as he swatted her ass with a paddle, urging her to go faster. Once her ass was red and she was sprawled across the floor, unable to take the punishment any more, he would pull the plug from her and fuck her ass, rough and hard, until she begged for mercy. Then he would shoot his cum onto her pretty face, watching it drip down her chin onto her beautiful breasts.

His fantasies of abusing her always made him cum and this scenario was no different, as his groans of pleasure erupted from his throat, his cum mingling with the water in the tub.

They were going to a party that evening, a BDSM party. Other than the one where he was auctioned off, he had never attended one and was looking forward to it.

The sound of heels clicking on the floor reached his ears and he looked up as Vanessa appeared in the doorway of his bathroom. She was wearing a white terry cloth robe and fluffy high heeled mules on her feet. In her arms was a bundle of clothes. “When you’re finished come down to the spa to be prepared for the party this evening. These are your clothes for tonight, I’ll leave them on your bed. Don’t be too long,” she said with a smile before turning to leave.

Billy took a quick shower to rinse the cum soaked water from his body and wash his hair before donning a white robe of his own. He ignored the clothing she had left for him, eager to participate in the preparations for the party. Arriving at the small spa that Master kept on the premises he was ushered into a private room by a herd of scantily clad, pretty Asian women. He was gently but efficiently bent over to receive a thorough enema, his body was scrubbed and buffed, he received a manicure and pedicure where the nails of both hands and feet were painted a blackish red and they even trimmed his pubic hair. At the end he enjoyed a relaxing steam followed by a deep massage.

Thoroughly rejuvenated he wandered back to his room to get dressed. His restful feelings evaporated when he saw the clothing that had been chosen for him. He sorted through the garments and groaned with frustration wondering if it was Master or Vanessa who had envisioned this outfit for him. Picking up the black lace corselet he wrapped it around his waist, cinching it tightly. The knee high, black patent leather, lace up boots were fine but he didn’t particularly like the black fishnet stay-ups he was to wear with them. He wrapped the black leather slave collar around his throat and tugged on the vinyl bicep-high fingerless gloves before turning and staring at himself in the mirror. With his body mostly covered except for his cock, ass, and upper torso he grudgingly had to admit that he did create quite a vision.

Turning to the sound of high heels clicking across the floor, he watched as Vanessa approached. She was wearing a skin tight latex gown in candy-apple red with a neckline so wide that her nipples were bare and was so short that her shaved pussy was fully exposed and was cut higher in the back to reveal her beautiful ass. On her feet were snug, thigh high boots with a dangerously high 7 inch heel. A regular butt plug was peeking out from between her cheeks. A leather pouch swung from one hand and she was exuding a sexually excited vibe. “How do you like your outfit?” she asked, a playful gleam dancing in her brilliant green eyes.

“It’s different,” Billy commented dryly. “Did you pick it out, Mistress?” he asked.

“I think you look incredibly hot,” she purred, stepping closer to him. Pulling a butt plug and lube from her leather pouch she ordered, “Bend over.”

Obeying, he sighed happily as the plug slid into his ass.

Producing an eyeliner, she instructed him to look in various directions as she lined his eyes for him. “Perfect,” she announced, examining her handiwork as Billy gazed again at himself in the mirror.

“I barely recognize myself,” he whispered.

“How does the plug feel?” she asked, giving it wiggle.

“It feels fine,” he answered casually. He was getting accustomed to being sodomized on a regular basis and the plug he was currently fitted with only produced a mildly pleasant sense of arousal.

“Good, you’re ready for the next one,” she announced, pulling a larger one from the leather pouch. “Bend over.”

Billy bursa escort stared for a moment at the larger plug, a smile tugging at his lips. He bent over and gasped loudly as the larger toy spread his hole wide. Standing slowly, he waited a moment until his ass adjusted to the invasion. “Oh, that feels good,” he moaned with a smile.

“Come on, Master wishes to fit us with our final plugs for the evening,” she said, taking his hand and pulling him from the room.

“You’re not going to do mine?” he asked, following her through the house, enjoying the view of her ass.

“No, not tonight. Master specifically stated that he wanted to do it,” she replied as they arrived before the ornate wooden door of their Master’s bedroom suite. Vanessa knocked on the door and they entered at his summons.

“Well, don’t you two look dangerous!” he smiled as he took in their appearance. Approaching Vanessa he gathered her in his arms, his large hands squeezing her ass. “Bend over Pet,” he ordered, retrieving her plug from a silver tray sitting on a nearby table. She happily obeyed and cried out loudly as she was penetrated with the large plug. Master jiggled the ornately carved handle and she gasped loudly.

“How does that feel?” he murmured in her ear.

“Wonderful, Master,” she replied, smiling at him.

He gave her ass a playful slap and motioned Billy to come forward. “Are you looking forward to your first BDSM ball, Slave?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” he dutifully replied.

“Turn around, bend over,” Master instructed. He slowly pulled out Billy’s plug and holding up the final one, he motioned to Vanessa. “Pet, would you like to do the honors? After all, he is your slave.”

Vanessa took the plug from him and after lubing it, she pushed it into Billy’s spread hole. He cried out softly as the largest part of the plug spread him and sighed happily when it was fully inserted. His plug had a large bunch of six inch long leather straps attached to it and they swung and tickled the backs of this thighs as he walked.

Master’s gaze took in Slave’s appearance, and held out a small item to Vanessa. “One more accessory for him, Pet,” he smiled.

She took the leather straps from his hand and knelt before Billy, wrapping them tightly around his balls and cock. Stifling a groan he stared down at himself, knowing he would be unable to cum all night and that it was going to be one of exquisite torture.

A crystal studded leash was attached to Billy’s slave collar which Vanessa was to hold. This was her first party where she would not be wearing a collar and she wondered how Master wished to display that she was his. Her question was answered as he picked up the final objects on the silver platter, a pair of silver nipple clamps.

Tugging on her nipples, he twisted the clamps into place, screwing them down until she cried out from the sweet pain. Attached to the small devices were short lengths of chain attached to strips of leather that were joined to a leash by a silver ring. He gave them an experimental tug to which she gasped softly and stepped forward. “Very good, I see these will work quite well,” he smiled, tugging again, leading her from the room. Billy followed behind her, his constricted cock bobbing in front of him.

As they alighted from the car in front of the mansion hosting the party they gazed about. It was a warm evening and the party was meant to be held partly outdoors. There were benches and lounges scattered about beneath luxurious canopies, with leather clad servants carrying trays of drinks and food. There were other servants manning the usual assortment of containers for the guests to cum into while enjoying the slaves.

There was no auction at this event, but deals were common and everyone knew that more than a few slaves would change hands during the course of the evening. Master himself knew that he would receive many offers for Vanessa and was curious to see how much interest Billy would rouse.

As they slowly made their way through the house Master found their host and thanked him for the invitation.

“I see you have a new slave,” their host announced, eyeing Billy with interest. “Didn’t you purchase him at the auction? If I remember correctly he behaved very badly on the block.”

“Yes, this is the same one. He actually belongs to my Pet, but together we have managed to tame him. He behaves now for the most part,” he said smiling. “Would you care for a sample of either of them?” he asked.

“Yes, the young man looks most appealing,” he enthused, moving behind Billy. “Such a nice firm ass,” he murmured gripping his cheeks, squeezing them hard.

Billy sighed as the large plug was pulled from his ass. He felt lube being applied and then his cheeks spread before the host’s cock slid into him. The man wasn’t particularly well endowed but he could thrust hard and Billy grunted and gasped as he was fucked.

Vanessa stood watching, feeling somehow bursa merkez escort bayan left out. She was used to being the one fucked while Master looked on and found this new situation to be a bit unsettling. I should be the first one fucked tonight, she thought unhappily watching Billy’s face twist with pleasure as he was roughly taken.

“Ah, he’s splendid,” their host complimented him when he had finished and Billy’s plug was pushed back in. “Enjoy the party.”

The next acquaintance of Master’s they encountered preferred Vanessa and as he pulled his cock from his pants, she had to stifle a gasp, he was so large. He laughed wickedly as he moved behind her and parted her cheeks, lubing her quite well. Gripping her tits in his large hands he drove into her, penetrating her deeply. She tried to muffle a loud cry, causing a few heads to turn, as he continued to plunge in until he was finally in to the hilt, his balls pressed against her dripping pussy.

His large hands mauled her tits, tugging on her nipple clamps as he ground his hips against her. Gasping, she tried to adjust to his length and thickness, but he was giving her little chance to do that, as he slammed back in, hard and deep.

She was hoping Master might say something, asking his friend to go a little easier on her, but he was busy enjoying the anal pleasures of the other man’s slave. That slave’s dark eyes bored into hers, knowing exactly what she was going through. He was well hung himself she noted and even though Master had him bent over she could tell that he was tall and muscular. A very fine slave.

Vanessa squeezed her eyes shut, trying to ride out the pain, hoping it might turn into something more enjoyable. He gave her a small relief as his hands left her breasts to grip her hips, but that only gave him more leverage to drive even more ruthlessly into her. Finally, with a loud groan he pulled out and staggered the few steps to a container to shoot his cum.

She staggered herself and it was Billy who gripped her arm holding her up. “Can you take your plug, Mistress?” he whispered.

“I’ll barely feel it after that,” she replied.

Billy slid it into her as their Master gave a sigh of satisfaction as he shot his own load into the container. The slave that had pleasured him straightened and stared at Vanessa, his full lips curling into a smile. He only nodded to her as the two Masters parted ways.

The party continued with both of them being taken in various ways, Billy garnering quite a bit of attention, especially with those who knew his reputation. Vanessa particularly enjoyed the times they spent in the gardens, having always loved having sex outdoors. The night wore on until Master, having been invited to a club where the clothes his two slaves were wearing would be unsuitable, sent them home together in the car.

They were silent during the ride, both resting from the exertions of the evening. Master was always popular at these events and thus they were as well. Wearily they climbed out of the car and through the hallway connecting the garage to the house.

“So, how did you enjoy your first BDSM party?” she asked him as they began to climb the stairs.

“It was fun, I enjoyed the shows, the whippings and the candles. And I’ve never been fucked by so many different men in one night before. Also, I noticed that I got fucked more than you, Mistress,” he teased.

“Did you? I hadn’t noticed,” she replied with an air of indifference. In fact, she had noticed, had kept very close count and Billy had come out one fuck ahead.

“Yup, one more than you,” he boasted. His smile fell from his face as she slowly turned to him, her displeasure quite obvious. Dropping his eyes, he quickly apologized. “Please forgive my arrogance, Mistress. I forgot myself.”

“It was most likely only the novelty of a new slave that brought you so much interest,” she replied in a bored voice, turning from him and continuing up the stairs.

Billy stared hungrily at her plug, still sticking out of her luscious behind. His cock was still rock hard, having not been able to cum all night and he wanted to cum inside her ass.

She paused on the second floor landing, about to turn down the hall to her rooms when he stopped her. “I was hoping you would relieve me of this torture device, Mistress,” he said, indicating the straps on his cock and balls.

Turning to him, she gazed down at his tormented dick, a small smile curling her lips as she approached him. “Perhaps the punishment for your arrogance should be that you wear it all night,” she answered smugly, wrapping her fingers around him.

His breath became ragged and a low moan escaped his lips as she gently stroked him. “Please, I beg of you, Mistress,” he managed to gasp.

“This is how you beg?” she mocked, releasing his cock and gripping his hair, pulling him to his knees before her. “This is the proper position for begging,” she growled at him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he whispered, his eyes level with her lovely pussy. The aroma of her arousal hit his nose and he licked his lips, suddenly hungry for a taste of her. Vanessa saw the look in his eyes and with her hand still gripping his hair, she spread her legs and pushed his face between her leather clad thighs.

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