4 Aralık 2022

The Poker Game – Part Three

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The Poker Game – Part Three
The Poker Game…. Part Three

Mark motioned to John to bring Kathy up onto the
slightly raised platform that was in the middle of the
room. There the leashes were removed and our masters
ordered us to remove our clothes, all but our high heels.
At this point we were standing on the platform, naked and
then we were positioned standing, facing each other while
the group of men watched like wolves watching a flock of
sheep. I’ve been in this position more times then I can
count but I looked into Kathy’s eyes and I could see she
was nervous but excited too. She had no idea what all
these guys would do to her. Fear and Excitement was
a powerful set of emotions and watching her face was
turning me on like, no doubt, it was turning on these men.
Then Mark told the group to grab chairs and sit down all
around the platform which is like a stage but only raised
about two feet above the level of the floor. At this point
Mark asked John if he would like to cuff the slaves wrists
and pull their arms up over their heads and hook their
wrists to a hook dangling on a cable hanging down from
the ceiling.
John nodded yes and in a minute we were standing, canlı kaçak iddaa facing
each other and our arms were secured above our heads.
Then mark handed John the remote control for the winch
that the cable was hanging from.
John took the control and the winch started winding in
cable until we were hanging, with our tip toes of our high
heels just touching the floor beneath us and our naked
bodies were now pressed up against each other. Both of
us are about the same height, 5’2″ so now our tits were
firmly pressed together and we were up on tip toes, faces
just inches away from each other.
Mark looked us over while John was using both of his
hands on us. Sliding his hands up and down our backs and
butts and just enjoying his power over us. We were totally
helpless now. Naked, bound, and vulnerable. I started
movin just a little. Rubbing my tits against her tits. Yeah,
this situation was making me horny. She looked at me
when she realized what I was doing and smiled at me.
Not only did she like it, I think it reassured her that I was
not really worried about the situation. Then again, I knew
what was probably going to happen and she didn’t.
Mark canlı kaçak bahis said, “This is all about submission and obedience.
All you have to do is exactly what you are told to do. No
discussion, No hesitation only eager to please obedience.”
To start with I want you both to lick the dried cum off each
others face. DO IT NOW,”
Without hesitation we both leaned closer and started to
lick each others face.
The men watched and were strangely quite, as we licked
the dried cum on each others face and then around each
others mouth and then the wet kissing started. We were
both hungry for each other and the kisses were deep and
very wet.
Mark interuppted our passion as he firmly said, “Enough!”
We stopped kissing but were still making lusty eye contact.
Mark spoke again saying, “Kathy, since you are new to all
of this I want to explain how the rules work. All the men
that are here tonight are members of our BDSM club out
at Robert’s large estate. The normal rules of this society
say that we must all treat other members property with
respect and never do anything to dishonor this society
or risk being ejected. You need to know that when a
Male member bahis siteleri canlı gives permission for access to his property
he says what can and can’t be done at the begining of an
agreed time, or an agreed upon event such as tonight. So
although YOU do not know what permissions these men
have where you are concerned there is an agreement in
place and anything they do to you tonight will be with
John’s permission. With that in mind you may be surprised
at what John has allowed for you, or then again, maybe
not? We have finished the card game except to cut the
cards to see who goes first now that we have come to the
BDSM part of this evening. Remember, Your role here is as
a slave. You must accept ‘that’ and respond accordingly to
whatever situations arise. OBEDIENCE is the most single
important thing you must accept to be a part of this
Kathy turned her head and looked at her husband and
they smiled at each other. I looked over at Mark and
winked and licked my lips and he smiled too.
John spoke up and said, “Mark and I have decided to sit
out and watch. You boys can pull a card out the the deck
I’m holding and the two high cards can have control over
these sluts for 30 minutes then after a 5 minute break, the
other two men will have their 30 minutes.
The men all pulled a card and Robert and Mike ended up
with the two high cards.
John said, “Ok, gentlemen, use them as you will.”

Continued in Part Four

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