4 Aralık 2022

More about me

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More about me
I am married and my husband works away from home for weeks at a time. When he does come home it’s usually for one or two weeks. Of course he has my attention when he’s home but he also loves other surprises as we are both bi (and he is also a beautiful tranny!) I can have visitors for days to weeks at a time when he’s not home and even longer when he is. If I have a lesbian girlfriend over and he’s home he gives us space.

We moved here from Mass and my special pleasures took a serious dive-bomb. Although I have 2 married men that spend time with me it isn’t as frequent or as long as I’d like and neither of them or bi or want to do MFM…as for getting photos with them forget it. Maybe I should go after their wives.

I am not interested in short-term relationships, over-night, or “wham-bam”. I am only interested in long güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri term relationships that may be infrequent but frequent is of course preferred.

I am college educated and I’m not a blond – I’m a fading redhead – so don’t treat me as a blond. I don’t have a webcam and I will not respond to simple one-liners like “How are you doing”…show some intelligence and more important desire – I love things graphic. Being demeaning excites me!

Many of you may recognize many of my photos – my husband had them posted here and we’ve both had them posted elsewhere. My full-format photos showing my face has been on Flickr as badgranny423 and my actual name. I will be making a private folder with my face soon and will let everyone know (but ideally the link will be provided to those close to me or perabet güvenilir mi I take interest in wanting to really come visit me).

I am not on here just so you guys have something to “cum” to…I’d rather be the real “receptionist” of your interest. Although I’ll add and expose myself to a lot of people I’m looking for in-person dates both in my home and other places.

I will travel to a Dom/Master with a fully equipped dungeon (more my blog “Travelers”)

I’m certainly not a “spring chicken” and frankly wasn’t a “swinger” until I met my husband (and at that time there was very little internet.) My husband (then fiancé) began my wild journey and although we still love sex together we share and have our own paths to pleasures. We have been very careful of the actual contacts we’ve been involved with and tipobet all I can say is I’ve totally enjoyed my adventures and look forward to more – and I do have a “bucket list”.

In short (if there really is anything short about my relating my fun) I I love:
To suck cock but I’m not interested in just getting one “off”. I want as much “pre-cum” as I can get. I want that cock to explode hard, and I want it down my throat (even though some Doms and Masters certainly have their own idea of when I get the “prize”!) My husband taught me how to keep a cock from cumming until I wanted it.
What I like:
My pussy filled and having a mans cum deep in me!;
Taking anal (and yes I’ve screamed a lot!);
All vanilla fun;
Being helplessly bound yet having my breasts, pussy and rear available!;
Being submissive;
Being dominated; and more.
So am I prim and proper in public? Mostly yes. I could easily be a prostitute but I don’t want money. Hummm I would consider adult movies even at my age.
In short I’m a passionate woman in vanilla and I don’t mind being called a slut or whore as those words towards me now excite me.

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