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The Dark Delights of Cathy

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The multi-chapter story of Cathy contains adult material, including spanking, pain and humiliation, anal sex and ass-to mouth. If this offends you, do not read this story and do not rate it. This chapter is the continuation of ‘The Passionate Pleasures of Cathy’.

When Melanie told her mother she was determined to lose her virginity during her weekend with Tony in Seattle, Cathy immediately panicked. Raising her daughter as a single mother Cathy had always been very close to Melanie, sharing her dreams from early age. She was very open about her own life, telling her daughter about her modest start as a commercial model and her breakthrough when she posed as a nude centerfold. Giggling like two teen-agers they had thumbed through her Centerfold of the Year pictorial and together they had experienced the excitement when it became evident Melanie gradually adopted similar physical characteristics as her mother.

Then Cathy realized the moment had come to bring Melanie’s sexual education to another level. With a mixture of pride and concern she noticed Melanie was developing into a beautiful young woman. She already had long, shapely legs but now her breasts were blossoming at alarming speed. Lacking the time and the background to read through all kind of ‘how to’ books Cathy chose for a common sense approach. Over the Internet she rented six porn movies covering almost the whole gamut of sexual techniques and preferences. Mother and daughter then spent most of a weekend watching the movies together and discussing them at length. Cathy kept the movies for the rest of the week so Melanie could watch them in private.

After that crash course in sexual education mother and daughter seemed to be closer than ever. They already used to shop for dresses together but now Cathy started sharing her beauty secrets with Melanie. She taught her daughter to take care of her skin and how to shave her legs and other places growing unwanted hair. Briefly, she told of the ways she used, as a model, to make herself attractive and sexy for men in minute detail. When the subject of how to handle members of the other sex was reached, under Melanie’s insistence Cathy even felt obliged to confide in some of her intimate encounters. Most of the men considered Cathy out of their league and although she exposed quite a lot of her body in her pictorials and her smile and body language often looked quite promising, men infrequently mustered up courage enough to ask her for a date. So paradoxically, as result of her beauty Cathy rarely had the opportunity to have intimate encounters with lovers. When that situation came up, she always chose to do so outside their home in consideration of Melanie. However, when this level of confidentiality was reached, her daughter was too smart and observant to keep these contacts secret from her and Cathy was forced to kiss and tell. Especially when her conquest was a local or national celebrity, her activities were intensely scrutinized.

‘Darn, Melanie, allow your mom some privacy, please!’

‘Not if her date is so dark and handsome. Now tell me more, did he go down on you…?’

Despite her protests Cathy had to surrender some risqué details of her dates for good measure. Mother and daughter laughed a lot together, relieving some of the sexual tension. Although Cathy had been quite open about her sex-life she never discussed her encounters with Mel. To her relief Melanie never asked about the sexual side of her father. Cathy knew she never would be able to confide how the man had unraveled and exploited her submissive nature. When Melanie started talking about losing her virginity Cathy tried not to be an overprotective mother, never emphasizing she considered it a big deal. Although Cathy was worried about the almost casual way Melanie had announced her decision to lose her virginity she felt undue pressure risked alienating her daughter. As a result Cathy kept her advice light and equally casual.

‘You don’t have to cling on to your virginity, but please don’t waste it away to some loser just because you’re drunk or high. Choose someone special, someone you can trust, and enjoy your fling with him!’

Melanie seemed impressed by her words and just smiled gratefully.

‘I will, thank you mom!’

That seemed to be the end of it, so Cathy was caught off guard when Melanie excitedly told her she had decided to give up her cherry to Tony during their weekend in Seattle.

‘Mom, he is really a great guy and a marvelous kisser! By the way, did you have a look at his body?’

Although Cathy was dumbfounded she managed to keep her composure, her words of apprehension dying down in her mouth before they came out. What could she say? Wait somewhat longer and save yourself for someone better? Knowing Melanie and considering the talks they had over the subject, she probably would get the giggles when she heard such obvious mother talk. Melanie was very independent and she definitely seemed to have made up her mind. Are you sure he escort bursa is not sleeping with someone else? Cathy would look paranoid and what might happen if Melanie really would confront Tony with that question? The guy is no good, I know because he slept with me? Absolute impossible!! Cathy almost blushed at the thought. She figured out she had to tackle the problem from the other angle. Resolutely she called Tony. Confronting him would carry some risks but Cathy told herself she had to be brave since the future of her daughter was at stake.

‘I have to talk to you urgently!’

‘Same place 2.00 pm’

When Cathy arrived at the MetroLux hotel she soon found out it flooded with conventioneers. She could barely wade her way through the crammed lobby when she saw Tony at the bar.

‘I took the honeymoon suite, it’s the only place where we can speak in privacy!’

Cathy disliked the venue but she didn’t have any choice. She went in attacking mode the minute they entered the suite.

‘You promised me you wouldn’t take Melanie with you!’

‘Are you kidding? I never promised you anything like that. I just said you were beautiful and I would like to make out with you. And we did! I loved it and you seemed to love it too. No big deal!’

‘You deceived me deliberately! Now you are after my Melanie…!’

‘Look, dear mama, you should have a serious talk with your daughter. Melanie is a cute chick but I am not after her. When we talked about next weekend she just told me she wanted to sleep with me! She almost begged me to take her cherry. Did she tell you that…? Of course she didn’t! Hey… what could I say? Sorry, girl. I’m already fucking your mother but I can get you a vibrator?’

Cathy was so flabbergasted she couldn’t utter a word. She resented the crudeness of his words. At least he could say they made love together.

‘Look, I won’t hurt Melanie.’ Tony continued ‘I will be gentle with her and I will make sure she will enjoy it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to show you how, but when we’re back you might watch when I pop her anal cherry!’

At that moment Cathy saw the smiling sneer on his face and knew she was fooled.

‘You jerk…!’

Cathy was fuming. In her rage she raised her arm to slap him. It was a serious mistake and by the time she recognized her imprudence, it was too late. Before she knew she was tackled to the carpet, her skirt flapping high, showing her long legs and her creamy thighs. Suddenly the delicate panties, her standard choice of underwear this morning, seemed terribly vulnerable and inadequate to withstand the upcoming attack. Desperately Cathy struggled to escape but the vise of his hands was so strong it made her twist in agony.

‘No, please, no!’

‘You started this fight; I’ll decide when it’s over so don’t imagine you can call it off just like that.’

Sitting down heavily in one of the armchairs Tony forced her struggling hips over his knees. He finally took complete control when he twisted her arms painfully into the small of her back and despite her furious resistance he was far too powerful for her. Her struggles subsided as she realized it was futile to resist further. It was also evident that Tony found the sight of her legs kicking helplessly, clad as they were in black stockings, an added temptation. The sound of tearing fabric announced her panty was ripped apart, the cool air striking her buttocks signified her bare bottom was totally exposed to his gaze. She felt devastated and humiliated but the worse sensation was the excitement creeping up in her underbelly, the familiar feeling of a special sexual need. It wouldn’t be right to succumb again, not to him, not to the man who was to deflower her daughter. Desperate she felt his hand grasping her pliable flesh. With her head down, her body bent over his knees, Cathy found herself helpless, bare and about to be spanked.

His hand came down on the fattest part of her bottom, delivered with the full weight of his arm. She squealed in a mixture of shock, humiliation, pain and panic. He will get control of me and I will be unable to resist. Each of his following strokes jammed her insides up high and she soon was panting for air. As a true quarterback he methodically unraveled her tender spots, hitting them with his powerful, firm hands, slowly ripping her defense apart. The beautiful suite reverberated to the sound of his palm cracking down to her squirming bottom while she squealed in pain and increasing excitement.

Abruptly the spanking stopped and she felt him fingering her inner folds to explore her damp, slippery depths. Her swollen outer lips encompassed his fingers, her copious juices overflowing her tightening sheath, trickling down his hand. When he reached her scarlet little treasure he shifted to subtle strokes, barely touching her. It made her whine and wriggle in urgent desire. She felt an overwhelming need to be filled, to feel his powerful penis deep inside her, throbbing in the confinement bursa otele gelen escort of her cunt. She felt dirty, perverted and obscene, rapidly transforming from an enlightened career woman into a slut, just craving to satisfy her sexual need.

‘You don’t have to beg for it… yet…!’ he said coolly, announcing what lay ahead for her.

He resumed spanking her bottom and she took it because she couldn’t escape, because now she didn’t want to escape. On the contrary, she was enjoying his thrashing more and more, an animal need building up within her pelvis. Her buttocks burning, her clitoris throbbing, her cunt was squeezing out her juices as his strokes continued to come down on her. She was dazed, intoxicated with lust, giddy with the sensations emanating from her buttocks, from between her legs. Her mind seemed to drift, to float away from her as the pain turned into incredible pleasure. He only stopped when he had reduced her buttocks to quivering, scarlet mounds of desire.

‘You forgot you’re just a slut but now you remember who owns you, don’t you?’

Sobbing she crouched on elbows and knees over the carpet till she could roll over on the mattress. With her ankles held high, her thighs wide open, her sex salivating in desire, her supine body was an open invitation to be entered and used for his pleasure. He didn’t hurry when he knelt between her legs and sank his throbbing member down into her. Thoroughly enjoying how the soft lips of her sex opened easily for him, he slid into her. She groaned in passion as she felt his pulsing rod slide into her depths. The full contact with his lean muscular body made her skin burn in flames and she was gasping and panting with the onset of orgasm.

‘I’ll do your tight ass next’ Tony said matter-of-factly. ‘You’d like that, won’t you?

‘Yes,’ she murmured, her head rolling from side to side. ‘Fuck my cunt, my mouth, my ass fuck all my holes.’

Cathy shivered in guilty pleasure at her own words, knowing she was just a squirming body in heat, an instrument to satisfy the needs of his penetrating rod.

‘You have the sequence wrong. Only after I’ve drilled your ass all open with my dick, I will shove it in your sweet centerfold mouth!’

His rude, cruel words almost make her come. He rammed into her cunt time after time, tormenting her burning buttocks, not caring for anything but the frantic bucking of her body under his. She was wailing and yammering in agony. When she felt his member swell and tense before it began the final pumping, she practically screamed at him to fill her with his spend. His cum started boiling in his balls, working itself up to the burning head of his joystick. Shaking violently she exploded in orgasm as his seed overflowed her vagina.

He let the storm abate but she felt barely rested when he resumed their coupling and pushed her head down to his sex, pungent and sticky with their mingled juices. The smell revived her and she sucked eagerly at the semi-erect member, cherishing it with her lips, till she had it restored to its full original glory. She experienced a sense of pride when she felt the throbbing slime-covered penis fill her mouth, forcing her jaws wide apart to contain it. Carefully her agile tongue and lips removed the remnants of their first copulation from the proud pole. Her tongue slithered across the slit in the engorged helm while she was waiting for the nasty part of her private afternoon. He ran through her hair approvingly and then grabbed the blonde locks firmly, almost painfully, to turn her face towards him.

‘Now we will start the real fun part, won’t we?’

A finger traced her lips and pushed demanding her confirmation.

‘Migod, your lips are beautiful…’

Obediently she sucked and licked his phalanx as a puppy, happy at the approving words of her master. Slowly, as if it was part of a ritual he moved his hand over her lower back and slipped his fingers into the dampness of her cunt, then spread the slime of their last mating over her anus. He pushed his finger into the tight aperture, creating a river of sensations through her body. She moaned, pushing her body down so he could penetrate her further.

‘You want my cock there, do you?’

‘Yes, yesss…’

An intense heat recaptured her body, enveloping her in a lust that blocked all other thoughts. He lifted her off his lap and guided her to the bed. Excited beyond reason Cathy waited for her next ordeal. She knew it would be a hard fuck of her ass with all its perverted ramifications and positioned herself accordingly. With her face and shoulders pressed on the bed cover, her knees pushed apart, her well-spanked bottom folded over the edge of the bed, her body made for quite a picture of decadent obedience, emphasized by her dress, still loosely wrapped around her waist and her stockings showing the way to her corrupted paradise. She felt his saliva-covered cock sliding between her bottom cheeks, bursa sınırsız escort wetting her brown eye. For a while he stayed like that, rubbing his salivated cock between her creamy orbs, his balls slapping against her pussy, making her clit twinge in response.

He had an agonizing way to let her wait, moaning and shuddering in a mixture of misery and excitement. During these endless minutes Cathy learned she craved for this ultimate penetration. Nevertheless she couldn’t hold back a grunt as her anal ring stretched, gave and filled with cock. Slowly but ruthlessly he forced his way up her back passage. Out of a sense of obligation she protested at this perverse use of her rear entrance, whining and groaning as he filled her rectum with hard cock-meat. He sodomized her slowly, easing his erection in and out, turning her muscular ring inside out wickedly and then pushing it back in, over and over again. It made her crazy, moaning and groaning in lust, utterly engulfed by the sensation of his prick, obscenely playing with her helpless anus. She was unable to hide the rapture of another defeat. When he was ramming himself home deep in her bowels, Cathy found herself yelling in carnal delight, begging for more and deeper penetrations. She thought he would come up her bottom, enjoying the view and the warm, sticky embrace of her back passage but when he pulled back she knew he had another degradation in store for her.

He pulled her arms forcing to lift her upper body from the bed. At the same moment his cock popped out of her anus. She felt the wet, sticky sensation of fluid running down from her bottom hole as it closed with a lewd bubbling sound while she dropped on her knees with her head up. Five quiet steps brought him around her, holding his erection out. Cathy swallowed when she realized he was to live up to his lewd announcement. She was going to take his cock in her mouth, the same cock that had just stirred up her ass and she would be unable to stop herself. When she opened her mouth, he moved his penis forward, not forcing her but making her take the decision herself. His erection was as formidable as ever, wetly gleaming in the soft light of the honeymoon suite. It would have been a beautiful romantic sight if it wasn’t so utterly perverted.

Cathy tried to hold back but her sense of dignity was completely erased and with a last, miserable whimper she closed her mouth over his erection and began to suck it. She could taste herself, rich and female, against the male taste of his cock. Kneeling with her anus and cunt dribbling goo, she shamelessly sucked, carousing the cock that just had pained her ass. The thought of being used and abused for his dominating pleasure sent her arousal to frightening heights. When pulled back from her sucking lips she turned around without any command, raising her bottom high to allow him the deepest access to the very core of her body.

‘You like to be fucked in the ass again, do you? You beautiful slut!’

‘Yes, yes. Fuck me in the ass, fuck me senseless.’

The brown tissue around her anus stretched to capacity as he impaled her again, the elastic ring gripping the root of his massive cock. Between her thighs she watched his swinging balls as he fucked her narrow rectal channel. She felt him pulsing and expanding even more, distending her sphincter to the very limit. Then he cried out loud, his sperm jetting from his throbbing knob and lubricating her anal cylinder. She could feel his cream filling her, flooding and cooling her hot bowels as he drained his heavy balls. Reaching her own orgasm shock waves of pleasure rocked her glowing body. Her skin seemed to be hit by electric discharges and convulsing over her whole body she let out screams of ultimate delight.

When she felt him relax in the aftermath of his orgasm Cathy shuddered in excitement as she remembered their first night, how she had expressed her total capitulation. She felt his cock, still firmly embedded in her ass, gradually shrinking. A gulp of sperm escaped her sphincter, gushing along his softening shaft. She gasped when she turned around towards him and saw the enshrined cylinder, so neatly packaged in its sheath of flesh. In the light of the room for the first time she could observe the vile remnants of their perverted copulation in explicit detail. The grayish gobs defiling the plump sausage indicated their obvious origin.

Cathy remembered her statement of submissiveness the other night. Then it was just an act on impulse, conveniently performed in the darkish light of dawn. Now, with the warm glow of so many lights the act would be clearly visible in all its obscene debauchery. Not again, I won’t do it again. Nevertheless she felt an irresistible urge, a visceral need to debase herself another time. It would be a reaffirmation of her subservience, an acknowledgement of her second defeat. When she looked up Cathy saw him looking down at her. She kept eye contact when she started licking the gooey from his shaft like a pussycat licking the cream from his finger. Tears welled up in her eyes when she realized she was committing herself to pleasure him in the future and that no holes would be barred. With his lukewarm juiced sausage fattening in the cavern of her mouth her world exploded until she faded in comforting darkness.

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