19 Nisan 2024

A Friend by the Door

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You get off the phone with me after saying that you would be over in just a few minutes. It’s been several days since I have seen you and your lovely body will feel wonderful to touch. I know you can’t stand not having sex each and every day so I am aware that you will want to jump on me as soon as your through the door.

Even though I told you to come over so we could watch a movie I have the same idea also, and am already thinking about how good your pussy is going to taste. I can never get enough of you moaning while my fingers in your pussy and my tongue flicking your clit gets you off. My mind is wondering about this very thought for several more minutes when I hear you open my back door.

It’s cold so you have on a winter coat and I smile as you take it off because as usual your already smiling back at me. “Hi sexy” I whisper as my hands grip your tiny waist pulling your body closer to mine. Once again you make me hard by just being in the same vicinity and I part your lips with mine; probing your suculent mouth letting our tongues mingle for a while.

I start to slip my hands underneath your shirt but you stop me, which disappoints me greatly since your wearing the usual tight jeans and a top that shows off your firm breast. “Trish is going to join us to watch the movie, she’ll be here in a bit so we’ll have to keep our clothes on for now” as you paw my hands away from you.

We kuşadası escort go into the living room sitting on the couch, and I turn on the tv while my arm wraps around your waist. I lean over half pleading ” we can have a quickie before she gets here, I know you want to you haven’t seen me in days.” I lean over and start to lick your next moving up to your ear where I linger and nibble. You respond well turning towards me plunging your tongue back into my mouth. Second later your climb onto me straddling my waist as I stop our kiss to take of your shirt and your bra.

“Ooh I like” is all I say before I start to suck and nibble on your right nipple and then your left. Your fingers run through my hair and pull my head closer and I such harder getting both pink buttons to harden against my tongue. Your reach down undoing my pants and I have you stand up so I can slip out of them. Your tight pants soon follow with your trimmed pussy already exposed due to your lack of panties.

I lay you on your back facing towards the corner of my couch, your legs instantly spreading wide for me. My tongue wastes no time tracing a path from your stomach down to your moist lips which I daydreamed about earlier. You close your eyes as I suck on both lips together and then individually getting an initial tasting of your juices. My tongue continues to explore probing into your pussy and back out tasting you as much as I can.

We don’t here the back door open and Trish walk into the house, but she hears you. Your moaning immediately peaks her interest and at first she thinks it much be a porno we are watching. She walks through the doors to my living room but instantly stops when she sees the continuation of the expoloration above. She ponders walking out and making noise to alert us but insteads stares at your heaving breasts and I continue to lick your pussy. She watches my head move with you as you buck off the couch and my back flex as I try not to let you get away. She finds herself getting turned on from the scene before her and realizes her panties are becoming moist as she watches.

Making sure neither of us has noticed us yet she slides her hand down her pants underneath her panties. Her lips part in a silent moan as her fingers part her labia searching for her already hardening clit. She rubs her clit as her other hand moves under her shirt gently caressing her breasts. She doesn’t stop watching our naked bodies except when she can’t help rolling her eyes back into her head from pleasure. This is when you look look up for a second in between climaxes and notice Trish standing by the door. Your first thought is to push me away except you notice here hand down her pants and instead of pushing my head away you push it harder into your pussy. I continue to flick your clit in circles making you rise off the couch again into my face covering my face with juices.

“Fuck Me now” is all I need to hear from you and I move up letting you taste your pussy as we kiss. My cock slides into you easily since your juices are already flowing down across your ass. Your so tight and wet I know I can’t last for long and don’t want to as I immediately start to fuck you hard holding myself above you. You stare off to the right as I listen you moan making me go faster. I lean down and suck on your neck not knowing that your staring and Trish who is now frantically rubbing her pussy. Almost at a scream you ask me to “fuck me with your cock” as your hips grind into me and you pull my hair yanking my head back. This sends me over the edge as I pound into your tight pussy harder and I start to cum. I pull out and rip off the condom wanting to shoot all over your sweaty body. You grab my cock as stroke me making me shoot all over your stomach and up to your breasts the whole while looking over at Trish. She has gone past the point of no return and is biting her lips to not make any noises as her body quivers with an explosive orgasm as she watches my cum shoot onto your tits.

I smile down at your wanting to continue but know “I better run and get you a towel since Trish could be here at any moment.” When I turn around naked she is already sneaking back outside waiting for her chance to come in like nothing ever happened. I never notice how flushed her face is when she comes in to sit down on the couch. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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