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The Cherry Poppers Ch. 27

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Chapter 27 – The contest soon ends.

Jason made it to class just in time for the exam. He had little time to contemplate what Mark had told him until after the test was over. As he walked back to the frat, his thoughts lingered on what to do now. Anything he came up with seemed implausible at best. He was really in a jam and most likely had to settle for a tie at nineteen cherries.

‘Damn, must be a way,’ he told himself as he walked along.

Time was not on his side. December 10th, the contest conclusion dinner, was just three weeks away. Besides that he only had two potentials left and both sucked. More pointedly, one hated his guts and the other was the roommate of his girlfriend.

‘Of all the two women on campus, I have to have these two as my only prospects,’ he lamented.

The contest rules were clear that the card files from the infirmary would be the only verification of the girl’s virginity accepted towards the total count. Without any other verification method allowed, Jason was screwed. Even if he found several virgins to chase after, without the cards to show proof, they wouldn’t count towards his total. The more he dwelled on it the more hopeless his situation seemed.

As he entered Theta Chi he decided, ‘Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to settle for tied with Mark and a couple of the others. Hell, $1.6 million is unbelievable anyway.’

Even as he tried to clear his mind and forget about it, the competitive side of him that made him such a phenomenal swimmer couldn’t quite let go of the challenge. He finally managed to forget about it temporarily over dinner with Chad, Kyle, and some of the brothers.

Jason finished the rest of his exams the next two days. On Thursday, he called Beth like they had planned. The college was closing for a week including Thanksgiving break. He wanted to spend as much time with Beth as he could and forget about the contest. His thoughts never quite let go of the need for one more, but as each day passed, his interest in worrying about the dead-end he faced waned. He had all but accepted his fate.

“Hello,” Beth said.

“It’s me,” Jason voiced over his cell.

“Hi, handsome,” Beth replied.

“What’s up, gorgeous?”

“Just waiting for my man to call?”

“And who’s that?”

“Just this handsome guy on the other end of the phone.”

“Oh, me. I get it,” Jason said jokingly.

“Can you come out and play?” Beth mused.

“Yes, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t care.”

“How about dinner and a movie?”

“Sounds good to me,” Beth said.

“I’ll be by at six to pick you up,” Jason informed.

“Great. See you then, stud,” Beth stated before hanging up.

Jason searched online for a movie. He found one called “Hangover” that other guys had told him was funny. He checked the times before going to shower.

“Where’re you going?” Jason asked Chad as he walked back into the room from the showers.

“Ah, Connie and Sophie are doubling with Kyle and me,” Chad confessed.

“Oh, moving in quick on my friends,” Jason queried with a frown as if mad.

“Well, I didn’t think you’d mind and Connie and I are getting…”

“Chad…it’s okay…I’m only kidding you…I don’t care at all. I’m going out with Beth tonight and actually you’re doing me a favor by taking over for me,” Jason proposed.

“Yeah…what’s with this fuck’em and leave’em deal anyway, roomie?” Chad asked.

“I’m done with that,” Jason professed. “I’m a one woman guy from now on.”

“Really…you’re finally hanging up that big dick so as not to lose Beth?”

“Well, I won’t say I’m hanging up my dick,” Jason declared laughing, “but I’m out of the fucking other women pool.”

“I’m glad…I’d hate to see you lose Beth,” Chad stated.

“Me too, roomie. Me too.”

Chad left before Jason when Kyle came to the room to get him. Jason left soon after to get Beth. He got to her room about ten to six. Haden answered the door for him.

“Hi, Jason,” Haden said.

“Hey, Haden,” Jason responded even as his thoughts drifted back to the contest upon seeing her.

Haden let him in. Beth kissed him and said she’d just be a minute and left to go to the bathroom leaving Jason alone with Haden. His mind and eyes mischievously checked her out as she offered him a drink of water.

Pretty and slender, Jason couldn’t figure out why Haden wasn’t beating the guys off. She did act shy but her brunette hair and blue eyes were a striking combination. Maybe it was the slightly nerdy nature that Haden exuded. Beth had told him often what a brain in math Haden was. Jason knew Math was her major too.

“How were exams?” Jason asked Haden as she handed him bottled water. “Thanks.”

“Fine,” Haden said. “And you?”

“Good. I think I did well on all of them,” Jason proposed.

“Me too,” Haden agreed.

“How do you handle that math stuff?” Jason said joking. “I’m glad I only have one more math class next year.”

“Comes easy to me I guess,” Haden said with a smile.

“What ever happened to that guy we Side escort double dated with?” Jason asked.

“I guess he lost interest,” Haden replied with a weak smile.

“What!” Jason exclaimed. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks, Jason… but I’m not sure others feel that way,” Haden espoused.

“They’re nuts,” Jason claimed.

“Thanks,” Haden said, just as Beth returned.

“Thanks for what?” Beth queried them both.

“I was just telling Haden that I can’t believe the guys aren’t beating her door down.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah…she’s definitely cute enough,” Jason added.

“You hot for my roommate, big boy?” Beth questioned but with a smile.

“I’m just saying that I think she should have more guys after her.”

“Maybe so,” Beth agreed, but not with as much conviction as Jason would have expected.

Jason looked a little puzzled at Beth but she didn’t seem to notice. When he turned to Haden, she just smiled weakly at him and moved to her desk.

“Ready,” Beth said.


“We’ll be back later,” Beth informed Haden.

“Okay,” Haden answered.

“Bye, Haden,” Jason said as they walked to the door.

“Later, Jason,” Haden replied.

Beth and Jason hurried to his car. The movie started at 7:45, so they needed to eat dinner fairly quick. They decided on the diner which was close to the theater anyway. Within ten minutes, Jason was wheeling the Camry out of campus and down the road.

They talked about school and swimming mostly over dinner. Jason mentioned Haden again, trying to draw Beth into a conversation about her but she seemed reluctant to discuss much about Haden so Jason dropped it.

The movie was hilarious and they both were still laughing about it as they exited the movie around ten. By 10:25 they were back in the parking lot at the dorm. As they walked into the dorm, two other people approached from another direction in the dark. They arrived at the entrance and into the light there at the same time.

“Oh my, look who it is,” one of the two women said.

“Hi, Sierra,” Jason responded.

“You still up to your old tricks, Jason?” Sierra asked amused.

“No,” Jason stated.

“What’s she talking about, Jason?” Beth asked.

“Yeah, Jason. Why don’t you tell her,” Sierra said laughing. “Bye.”

Jason held the door as the two women quickly passed by Beth and him. Sierra gave him a big smirk and the other girl looked at him curiously as they entered. He could imagine the smile on Sierra’s face as she walked away down the hall as Beth spoke loud enough for her to hear.

“What is she talking about? Isn’t that the woman I saw you getting into your car with?”



“I gave her a ride, remember?”

“Yes, you told me that.”

“Well, turns out she hates my big brother, Mark for something he did to her. She’s basically painting me with the same brush because of what happened to her with Mark.”

Jason left out the whole part about the orgy going on in his room.

“She just jumped down your throat over your association with Mark?”

“Something like that,” Jason contended.

“Screw her,” Beth said as they proceeded up the stairs.

Jason was glad Beth dropped it so quickly. It wouldn’t have taken much probing to discover the weakness of his excuse. It wasn’t a lie but it was only a part of the truth which involved him wanting to sleep with Sierra and taking her to his room to witness the orgy going on there.

After climbing the stairs, Beth and Jason entered her room. In the dark, Haden was nowhere to be found. He guessed that she was somewhere down the hall, sleeping with a friend for the night, to give Beth and he privacy.

As soon as the door was closed, Beth turned and pushed him against it. Her lips found his in the dim light through the window and they kissed. They kissed very passionately until Beth’s fingers began unbuttoning his shirt. He picked her up and carried her to her bed. She squealed with delight when he partly dropped her onto the bed. They pulled at each other’s clothes until both were naked. The slight chill of the room drove them beneath the covers in a hurry.

Their kisses resumed with Beth’s active tongue and hot, aroused breath, bathing all over Jason’s mouth and face. He couldn’t recall Beth being so hot for it before. ‘Maybe, I got lucky and this is why she dropped the Sierra comment so quickly. Maybe, Beth has really hot pants tonight,’ Jason wondered appreciatively. He smiled to himself as he watched Beth move swiftly into the position she wanted between his parting legs.

Jason continued smiling as he watched Beth stare at his already hard cock. He noticed with amusement the desirous look on her face for his big cock. Her blue eyes feasted on Jason’s eight inch dick. He watched with intensity as the redhead’s tongue flicked out of her mouth serpent-like and tickled around the little hole in the tip. Beth’s tongue danced across the soft and sensitive flesh and wet the bulbous head.

“Oh, baby,” Jason groaned.

Beth Side escort bayan finally looked up and her eyes twinkled with a smile as she kept licking. She teased him a bit more before stopping momentarily.

“I could suck this beautiful cock everyday at least once,” Beth said amusedly. “Just bring him by.”

“Gladly,” Jason replied with a smile too.

Beth worked Jason’s dick like a cocksucking pro for a good fifteen minutes. He came close to cumming several times but she smartly cut off her attack on his cock at the near last moment. Jason growled with his need for release each time she did it. The pleasure was too intense to complain though. His cock felt like a steel bar and Beth eventually climbed over it.

“Time to give him another home,” Beth declared.

“Great… but go slow,” Jason pleaded.

“Why…is that beautiful big cock ready to explode after Beth’s treatment?” she joked.

“God, yes,” Jason burst out.

Beth settled over Jason’s cock and it took a little doing to get the large head into her tight pussy. Her slow descent gave Jason time to recover and enjoy the delicious squeeze of her small little cunt. He loved the little wiggle Beth gave with her ass when she finally reached the pinnacle of her descent.

“Oh, god!” Beth howled. “I love the way he feels bury inside me.”

“You’re beautiful,” Jason claimed, looking up at her pert breasts and her cute face.

“Thanks, handsome,” Beth responded.

They fucked for a lot longer than Jason would have believed he could last. Beth again repeatedly teased him by fucking him hard and fast, only to back down and go slow for a while. She even managed to give herself two nice small mini-orgasms before he could get off. Jason finally couldn’t take it any longer and flipped her over on the bed. His cock never left her pussy as he probed her depths again.

Beth had squealed when he flipped her, but soon moaned her delight as the different feeling of his cock in this position pleased her. She didn’t have long to just relax though as Jason when quickly to pumping his cock faster into her.

“Ah…ah…Mmm,” she groaned.

In no time, Jason’s cock was a blur as he hammered Beth’s soaked gash. Wet, squishy noises filled the air as he fucked her hard.

“Oh, god!” Beth exclaimed as Jason fucked her hasty.

“Here it comes, girl,” Jason growled.

“Do it! Shoot off inside me,” Beth entreated. “I want to feel it.”

“Argh,” Jason grumbled as his climax peaked.

The length of their lovemaking had Jason’s sperm built up to the point of overload. He felt like his body was firing off cannon shots of cum into Beth’s clenching pussy.

“Oh, god, I feel you,” Beth howled as her orgasm peaked too. “Ah…”

Jason continued firing volleys of cum into Beth as she rode out her orgasm on his huge spurting cock. The extra heat of his cum inside her ignited her insides like a flamethrower. She too had built to a massive crescendo on his cock and the bliss coursed through her like a wildfire.

Finally, Jason stopped cumming and briefly hung up on his elbows over Beth before slumping to one side. Her leg was still underneath him, against his raised chest, which was held up by his elbow under him. Jason glanced down her beautifully pale white skin to the redness around her pink shaved pussy. He could see the first of his cum oozing from her open slit. He watched with amazement at the unbelievable sight.

Beth finally opened her eyes and saw where he was looking. “I’m probably a mess with your stuff, huh,” Beth concluded.

“A bit…but it looks incredibly sexy,” Jason stated with a smile.



“I could use some tissues,” Beth suggested.

“Not yet,” Jason said with a smile. Still watching as more oozed out and ran down over her crinkled pink anal hole and the smooth cheeks of her ass. “Why do you shave everything off?”

“What do you mean? I thought guys liked a girl shaved?” Beth questioned.

“Yes, usually, but with a pussy as sweet as you, and your red hair, you should advertise that red hair with a strip up here,” Jason said running his fingers just above her clit.

“Would you like that?”

“Yes, definitely,” Jason claimed.

“Okay,” Beth said.

Jason stayed the night with Beth in her bed. He was just barely asleep, around three in the morning, when the door opened and Haden came in. He opened one eye to see her enter. She had on pajamas and looked like she had been sleeping elsewhere for a while but decided to return for some unknown reason now.

The light from the hall corridor splayed inside the room and illuminated the lower part of Beth’s bed. Jason followed Haden’s eyes as she looked at them before moving to close the door. Her gaze lingered on Beth for some reason. Jason realized after Haden had shut the door and walked by to her bed that the sheets were off Beth’s breasts.

He thought about covering Beth but she seemed perfectly content. He also didn’t want to move and give away to Haden that Escort side he was awake. Haden just crawled into her own bed as if she had indeed been sleeping before.

Jason thought for a while about the virgin Haden sleeping so close by to Beth and him. His dreams turned to getting out of bed with Beth and going to her. Taking Haden’s cherry as she slept with unnatural peacefulness throughout the whole thing. The dream was so real. He woke again afterward from the uncomfortable pressure of his hardon against the covers over him.

Jason lifted himself on one elbow to look around. The first light of day was starting to penetrate the curtains on the window. He looked over at the sleeping Haden but she wasn’t sleeping. She faced them with her eyes open. Their eyes met and Jason smiled with a slight nod hello. Haden smiled and nodded back. It was then it dawned on him he needed to pee and his clothes were not near the bed.

‘What the hell am I going to do now,’ Jason thought.

He looked over the still sleeping Beth to Haden again. She appeared wide awake and still watching him. He pointed to his clothes on the floor by the door. Without needing to speak, the smart Haden realized what he wanted. He watched as she took the clue and got up.

Jason observed Haden as she walked to his clothes. Her pajamas were of a heavy silk appearance, yet smooth. Her breasts were small for her size but Jason could see the points of her nipples as they surprisingly poked out her shirt. Haden was slender, with pretty brunette hair. Jason remembered she had the nicest blue eyes to go with her darker hair. He liked that combination, almost as much as his redheaded girlfriend.

He continued to watch as Haden bent at the waist to pick up his clothes. She had a very nice ass Jason noticed as she bent. He nearly laughed as she hesitated before picking up his underwear.

“It won’t bite,” Jason whispered.

Haden smiled as she turned to him, “I know. I’ve washed my dad’s.”

Jason held out his hand for the clothes but Haden stayed just out of reach. Come here, she teasingly indicated to him with a big smile. Her nipples were still poking at her shirt. Jason tried to plead without making too much noise to wake Beth. Beth started stirring anyway. Seeing that, Haden handed him his clothes and retreated to her own bed.

He tried to don his clothes without further waking Beth but she was awake now. She turned to face him. They had been spooning half the night before Haden got there. Beth pushed her beautiful red hair out of her face as she rose up on an elbow.

“Where’re you going?”

“Bathroom,” Jason exclaimed.

“I’ll go with you,” Beth offered.

Jason nodded and was a little shocked when Beth just rolled out of bed naked. She walked to her closet and grabbed a robe. As she took her time covering up, Jason looked to Haden for her reaction to seeing Beth nude. Haden was watching Beth but offered no surprise or special concern as she noticed Jason watching her too. She just smiled weakly back.

“Oh, Haden…I wasn’t aware you were here,” Beth stated when she turned and saw her. She showed no alarm or concerns either.

“That Bonnie snores,” Haden explained. “I couldn’t sleep with her.”

“Oh,” Beth responded.

Jason got his boxers and pants on under the covers. He sat up naked from the waist up to put his shirt on. He was facing away from Haden but was sure she could see him. When he was done he joined Beth at the door.

“Want to shower too?” Beth asked him.

“Okay,” Jason said, glancing to Haden for her reaction. Seeing none, he exited with Beth when she grabbed towels and her toiletries bag.

Jason noticed Haden was getting up too as they left. He followed Beth into the bathroom and into the stall showers. He pulled the curtain closed as they dumped everything on the wooden bench in each stall. Jason stripped as Beth took off her robe and turned on the water. Soon they were hugging under the warm spray of water.

“You enjoy last night?” Beth asked as the water wet her hair and ran down her back.

“You know it,” Jason professed.

“Me too,” Beth said and kissed him.

The kissed for only a few moments before Beth felt Jason’s cock poking her just below the belly button.

“Someone wants to play some more,” Beth said amused.

“I forgot to pee before we got in,” Jason fretted. “Shit, my bladder’s about to explode.”

“Here,” Beth said, stepping aside and aiming him at the floor drain. “Go ahead.”

“Go in here?”

“Well, you could try to sneak out,” Beth said with a giggle.

“No thanks,” Jason admitted. “Not sure I can go with you holding me though.”


“Let’s try though,” Jason claimed.

It took a second for him to be able to go but eventually he did. Beth held his dick and aimed the stream at the drain. She watched as he emptied his bladder down the drain. When Jason was finished, Beth let him go and kissed him again.

“I have to go now after seeing you,” Beth lamented.

“Go ahead.”

“Okay,” Beth agreed and stood over the drain herself.

Jason watched with interest as Beth spread her legs and peed. He observed with fascination as she went. She glanced up from going to smile at him. Their familiarity with each other had taken another step forward.

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