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Alex and Mary Jane

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Alex scrambled out of class as soon as Zack told him, “Did you hear that the new cheerleaders are being hazed today in the cafeteria? They are a cute new batch.” Zach said.

He knew that MJ was new to the squad, which means she is one of the initiates. Having grown up together, she was an old friend. They even went to grade school together and she was also best friends with his older sister.

For both of them, Alex and MJ, this was their first year of college, at the local area college. He worried about his friend, his mind spinning, filled with images of mean girls belittling his friend. Having heard stories of frat and sorority hazing from movies and tv. The worst images sprung to mind. Not even recalling how he got there, Alex burst into the cafeteria.

He was not prepared.

Before Alex was four cheerleaders prancing and doing a routine. Pompoms in hand, short pleated skirts, tight spandex tops. A mixture of red and white, moving to the music and in sync. All of that was expected. What was not expected was the diapers. Each of them had on puffy, colorful diapers.

Stunned, and shocked, Alex just stood there watching. Time went away and Alex just stood there, engrossed.

MJ appeared before him, throwing her arms around his neck, breaking the spell. The music had stopped, the routine over.

“Alex! So good to see you. Come to my ordeal? To gawk at me and my damned cohorts?”

“Um,” mumbled.

“Silly boy, what has gotten into you,” MJ needled.


“Hey, come sit with me.”

“Um,” as Alex walked with her to a table.

“Hey everyone, this is my friend Alex. He came to wish us well,” followed by random greetings.

Breaking out of the haze, Alex sat down, tossing his backpack onto the table, sitting astride the bench next to Mary Jane.

“I was not expecting, err, this is a pleasant surprise,” she said.

“Hi, I heard they were hazing you.”

MJ jumped up and pulled up her skirt and said, “You like my nappy?” she chuckled and then danced around and shimmied her hips.

Alex knew MJ was a free spirit and that was one of the things he loved and feared about her.

He was again mesmerized as her taunt 5 foot 8 in body moved and danced about, unable to take his eyes off of her. Suddenly she thrust her butt in his face, gyrating the diaper right up next to his face.

“MARY! No twerking, we are cheerleaders, NOT strippers.”

MJ laughing, sat down next to Alex, tossing her arms again around his neck.

“Sorry, Kris.”

“So anyway, Kris and Bee are the two monitoring us. That is their boyfriends from the football team. They will have us doing random drills and making sure this goes smoothly.”

“Goes smoothly?”

“They warned us that there are some creeps that might take advantage of our frail nature.”

“They do not know you, MJ.”

“But I am as pure as the driven snow. Plus you are here to protect me, now,” and they laughed as she poked Alex on the nose, ever so lightly.

“Thanks for coming Alex. I had not seen you since the semester began. I’ve missed you.”

Alex was rocked, she has been missing him?

“Um, I’ve missed you too.”

She pulled him in and kissed him. A short peck but it was so much more.

“Girls, up, set 12b,” and in moments after the four formed up and the music began. They ran through a set.

He took the time to look over the four. A gal named Ginger was the first left. She was shorter at 5 feet but was quite limber and kicked high with strong legs. She had dark red hair, short and straight.

Next was MJ, the tallest, and she was smiling, looking back at Alex. Her long auburn hair was tight in a bun.

Next came Teegan. She was between 5ft 4in and 5 ft 5in, with black hair also in a ponytail. She seemed to be the shyest and did not look around very much.

Lastly on the right was Oniya. At 5ft 7in, she was near in height to MJ and her brown hair danced freely.

After the three sets were over and MJ came bounding over, sitting on Alex’s lap, they kissed. She was warm and entrancing.

“You are so sexy MJ.”

“Are you just now saying that because of my little nappy?” she jabbed.

“Um, err, no, of course not.”

“Fibber, you answered way too fast. I’m on to you my little pervert,” she whispered in his ear in a sultry voice.

Alex blushed so hard he could feel his ears getting warm.

“They make us wear the diapers to help us lose our self-consonance, they say. I think someone who started this was a pervert and just wanted to get young girls in diapers but who am I to judge,” she continued to whisper, “I like it.”

They kissed again.

“Teegan seems a tad shy.”

“Nah, normally she is highly outgoing. She might be liking the nappy, as well, and trying too şişli escort hard not to show it.”

Alex was shocked at the blunt summation but that has always been MJ’s style, a matter-of-fact and to-the-point person.

“I gotta run and go potty.”

“Ha, you are carrying your bathroom with you,” jibed Alex.

“Will you take me as your girlfriend?” she said solemnly to Alex.

“Yes, I do.”

“Great, cause A, I did not bring a change of nappy and do not have a fresh one with me to replace it.

“And B, it would likely go flying off on the next set. It would be so very heavy with all of this big girl’s peepee. Imagine my poor widdle nappy all full and me flipping or doing handstands. Oh, the poor thing could end up in someone’s face. All full and wet. My wee kitty is all wet and exposed as I am upside down doing the splits. Then Kris and/or Bre would likely kick me off the squad out of the purity of all cheerleaders worldwide.

“And lastly C, the learning perverts that are surreptitiously watching us might become more brazen if I give them too much of a show.”

And with that, she jumped up. “Bathroom break, be right back,” and she was gone.

Suddenly vision filled Alex’s head. Primarily and bottomless MJ doing the splits in front of him while he is holding a full diaper in his hands.

‘Wait, she asked me to date her and I said yes,’ Alex suddenly thought and was so happy. Shifting to be less obvious, he was also very erect.

Bounding back into the cafeteria, MJ headed straight to Alex. Putting her legs outside of his, she bent over and whispered again into his ear.

“I’m going to squat on your lap. Reach for my kitty. I did not fully make it to the bathroom, for you, my new lover.”

As she sat on his lap, he did feel a warmth and a weight in her nappy.

“Oh my, you always blush so cutely. You must have really, really liked that. Kiss me.”

Both of them, their arms going around each other to kiss long and passionately. Lips to lips, mouths open, and tongues battling, exploring each other.

“Hey, not so much you too. You’re still on duty Mary!” Bre yelled over and the two stopped and went into giggling at being busted.

“In seriousness, I do need to tell you I am in another relationship.”

A cold fear stabbed Alex in the hearth.

“It is with another woman and I cannot tell you who. She is not out of the closet and we have been playmates since early high school.”

“Does my sister know her?”

“Yes, both of you know her. We are not a couple like I want to be with you. We play together and enjoy playing and getting each other off. It is mostly about sex but we do care for each other deeply and we will be continuing, not breaking up. She knows I have wanted you for years and says it was okay with her.

“Is it okay that I am bisexual, in a relationship with someone else, and dating you?”

Before either could say another word, Bre ordered them into the next set of routines.

Alex thought about it and watched MJ intently. More than once the earlier visions came back making him shift around in his seat. MJ Looked so happy performing. While she did look about and she was required, Alex felt she was dancing just for him, his girlfriend.

“Sorry for the interruption, Alex. Do you need more time to think about this?” She stood in front of him looking compassionate and concerned. Her eyes were wide and passionate.

“This changes nothing about how I feel for you MJ. I want you the way you are, my friend.”

She pounced on his lap in glee. Hissing she said “I want to fuck you. Fuck you all night.”

“Deal, MJ.

“Now what did you mean about ‘the perverts’ watching you?”

“Ha, watch around during the next set. Try not to be too obvious but look at how some of the teachers and others watch us. Try reading their faces, their body language, and their posture. Some are just watching and enjoying the show and some are different. You’ll see, I think. If not we need to get you into Psych 101 next semester,” she added with a giggle.

“I’m not saying perverts are bad. I’m a pervert. You might be a pervert too. I love perverts. Everyone should let their freak fly and have fun. Repression is for the Catholic Church. SINNERS!” after the fact, she realized she said the last part too loud. Everyone was looking at her with her fist still raised. Now it was her turn to blush and Alex got to tease her too.

During the next set, Alex looked around and told her what he saw.

“I think I saw what you meant. Some people just seemed to be watching, smiling, and enjoying the performance. Others seemed to try to be less obvious they were watching. Like they did not want it known that they were enjoying it.

“Like the guy with the brown coat. taksim escort He was trying to look like he was continuing to eat but was watching, never taking his eyes off you.”

“Did you see the gal in the yellow dress?”

“The one with the flowers? Yea, she was ‘reading’ but facing so she could watch but only glanced at her book when she saw me looking at her. In hind site, it seems obvious what you mean about those two and a couple of others. Oh and Teegan.”


“Yeah. This psych stuff is neet. I might have to take that class.”

“I just learned it watching people. Mostly at the mall. I’d sit there with a good book, not reading like that teacher in the yellow dress. Then I noticed someone else doing it. Our eyes met and we both looked away. Since then I looked for who was looking. Then I tried to see who or what they were looking at.

“This is kinda embarrassing but that is when I started flashing people.”

“You flash strangers?” Alex gasped quietly.

“Hee, hee, yes. I flashed you but you never noticed. I was always a little disappointed you never caught me. Also had to be careful no one else noticed me trying to flash you since that might spoil the game. I did not want someone spilling the beans on me. What is the fun of that?

“Here, watch this. I am going to toy with one of the watchers.”

Getting up, she asked if Alex wanted anything to drink and headed over to the cafeteria to get something to drink. She stopped at the table with the yellow dress woman.

“Hi there. I think I was looking at taking a class you teach. What classes do you teach?” MJ said with one foot on the seat, one on the ground, and adjusting her nappy right in front of the teacher.

“Oh hello. Congratulations on making the team,” she responded and set down the book, just like she was reading it. “I teach Chem 101 and a number of the more advanced Chemistry classes. You would be very welcome in any of my classes and thank you so remembering me. Have a great day,” with that she appeared to go back to her book.

Recapping with Alex, “She hardly took her eyes off my nappy right?”

“Gawd no. She only glanced up to see where you were looking. I thought her eyes were going to pop out when you hiked up your skirt and adjusted the diaper just a few feet away from her,” Alex whispered lightly into her ear to make sure no one overheard the conversation.

“You just stood there, looking around and since she noticed you not watching her as you talked, she just drank you in. You are so naughty.”

“I hope she masturbates to me tonight. Imagine her getting off with her fingers deep in her pussy and never knowing how wet my nappy really was. Maybe she could smell the baby powder I put on. Tee hee hee.”

“Oh, you do enjoy this. I like it. We will have to do more.”

“We? As in you want to watch or help or join in?”

“Um, well, I loved watching my first time. I am sure I could help you. Not so sure about joining in. This is all new to me but that is not a no.’

“That is perfectly far. Deal. I really, really want to fuck you, Alex.”

“During your next set. Think about me needing to shift to hide my erection and how much I will be getting off to you tonight. Long strokes on my cock.”

“Long strokes you say?” she responds with an eyebrow raised. “mMmmm, I like long strokes.”

The remaining time the cheerleaders worked out in the cafeteria went by very fast. Alex studied the crowds using a book ‘to read’. He talked with Teegan and joined in with flirting with her following MJ’s lead.

He waited outside the locker room. She came bounding out like a dork. Her auburn hair was now down her back, freed from the bun and still a bit wet from the shower.

They hugged and kiss passionately, without restriction for a long time. Others came out of the locker room but no one interrupted them, this time.

“I need to do back to the room, to drop some stuff off before we find dinner or whatever.”

“Um, okay.”

They talked hand-in-hand as they went back to her dorm. Her roommate was sitting at her computer, typing away. Without even looking up at the two, she just said to try not to be too loud.

Alex went to her window and looked out over the grounds below. Other students were scurrying around below.

“Where would you like to…” Alex said as he turned around.


Maryjane had dropped off everything in just a few seconds and was standing in a tight, lacy red bra and pantie set.

“I think we should eat on the bed and later discuss food options.”

MJ helped Alex out of his clothing, and once he was naked, they dove under the covers. Her bedding and arms embrace the poor virginal boy.

The kissing commenced as soon as both heads hit the pillow, beşiktaş escort arms intertwined.

With a bit of shakiness, Alex traces across MJ’s arm to her shoulder and down to her lace-covered breast. He traced the orchids and roses on the bra, feeling the nipple hardening as he passed over or around it.

“You can take it off me.”

“Not yet, I am enjoying taking it all in. I want to enjoy you to the fullest.”

“Do not take too long. I want to fuck,” MJ hissed out with a snarky smile.

“Purrrr,” Alex’s heart must have skipped a few beats at this revelation.

He unclasped the back and freed one of the medium-sized perky breasts to suckle on. The small nipple was hard and proud, surrounded by a faint areola. Timidly he started to suck. Flicking his tongue to and fro, he felt her react and move.

MJ was very expressive and not afraid to make her suggestions. Sucking harder or softer, sucking more or less, squeezing her breasts lightly to painful with nipping and biting for good measure.

“Other breast now, quickly,” MJ begged while squirming out of her panties.

She let him play with the other breast for a while but not as long before she said, “Fuck me. Get between my legs and fuck me now.”

Alex asked about a condom. She said something about an IUD.

MJ helped guide his cock to her pussy, it just slid in. Since this was his first time he was very timid.

“Ah yes, you feel right at home, stud.”

His cock filled her nicely. He had never felt such a warm embrace. Sliding in and out, he was slow but soon lost all fear and was entranced by the feeling, sped up. Feeling the need to climax building fast Alex stopped.

“Fuck! Don’t stop,” MJ said with fire in her eyes.

“But I am going to cum soon. I want to enjoy this longer,” he pleaded.

Shoving his cock back in, all the way til his balls slapped her ass. He held it in deeply.

“Ah, Jesus. Your cock is amazing. Please, don’t stop. I want your virginity.”

In and out, in and out, slowly. He felt the pressure die off a bit.

Inspired by some porn he saw, he grabs her legs and puts her ankles on his shoulders. Then drives his cock into her as deep as it could go.

“Fuck! Yes. So deep,” MJ moaned in hisses.

He pounded her hard and fast, exploding with cum into her pussy.

“Yes baby, yes. Give it all to me.”

Alex had never had such a great climax. It felt like he was cumming for minutes. He tried to catch his breath.

“A virgin no more, eh babe?” MJ seemed to taunt as she freed her legs.

“Not anymore. Thank you, my lover.”

“No rest for you, my wicked. My wicked boy,” she gave him a push on his back. MJ scrambled on top of Alex while he lay still, unsure of what was happening.

“Time to teach you to eat me out, babe,” she said as she placed her used pussy over his face, sitting over his mouth.

“First, lick me, stud.”

Alex was at first weirded out by the idea and taking his cum out of her pussy but it is not like he had not tasted it before. Lust overpowered timidness again.

“Ah yes, lick me, stick that tongue in me.”

Putting his hands on her hips helped better center her and let MJ know when Alex needed a breath or two. She tasted really good. Solf and silky folds. He could suck on her lips, and flick his tongue around. Exploring her so intimately.

“Yes, very good babe. Now to find the clitoris. I hear boys have a hard time with this but I am sure you will be a quick study.”

Shifting just a little, “Feel that bump at the top of my pussy?”

He shifted her hips as he explored her.

“Ah, that, that right there. Suck it, Suc….ahhh yes.”

Alex found it with ease and tried to inhale it through his lips. Flicking his tongue over the clit, she danced and writhed over him.

“Oh yes, good boy. Nip it. Ah yes. So good.”

Reaching back she feels he is rock hard again.

“Fuck! One sec.”

With that, she turned around on Alex’s head, plopping right back down.

“This is called 69. If you did not know that, I will let you figure it out.”

Leaning forward, MJ took Alex’s fat cock into her mouth, his balls in her free hand. Both partners shuttered and moaned in pleasure.

MJ is very orally fixated and soon has a climax all over Alex’s face. Her first of many climaxes that night.

They fucked and sucked into the evening and night.

“I need water. Can I get you some too?” Alex asked.

“Yes, here, put this on before you leave my room,” MJ tossed him a pink bathrobe.

“Um, sure?!?”

“It highlights your eyes.”

“Sure it does,” dressing and leaving the room, he walks to the kitchenette in the dorm room.

“Beth is still up, I’m sure.”

“Congrats,” said Beth, the roommate as Alex exited the room.

“For what?”

“Losing your virginity.”

“How did you know?

“She didn’t know. Beth just says that to everyone leaving my room. It makes it very awkward when the family stops by. At least this time, she guessed right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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