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swathi– wife whored in train-1

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swathi– wife whored in train-1

It was a Monday & Mohit (my hubby) & I had gone to attend a wedding. Hindi sex stories. I was dressed in a silver colored sari & a matching sleeveless blouse. My silky brown hair was tied up in French knot & only the narrow back of my low cut blouse covered my back. The front was also equally low cut but my pallu was covering my cleavage (at least at that time.) Hindi Sex Stories

At the wedding I had started to flirt with a couple of young studs & had let them come very close to me. I was looking hot & sexy & they got carried away a bit. They took me to a corner & one of them began caressing my bum while the other was stroking my breast when my hubby came searching for me. The boys moved away quickly but my expressions were enough to tell my hubby what I had been up to. He didn’t react as I expected him to. He just grabbed my arm & took me away from there without a word.

It was around 5:00 in the evening when we left the function.

Our car was parked in the parking lot but he took me towards the railway station.

“Mohit, where are we going? The car is…!” I started to ask but his angry look made me keep my mouth shut. It was the peak of rush hour when we reached the railway station. The crowd in the station was being doubled with every passing minute. Mohit left me standing in the centre of the ticketing hall & went to buy tickets. He was gone for almost 15 minutes & during that time I felt unseen hands brush my body & I was pushed & prodded by the jostling crowd.

“Come fast, don’t just stand there like a whore!” Scolded Mohit as he came towards me. I blushed as many heads turned when he said that.

Again he held my arm & we climbed up the pedestrian bridge. We waited in the centre of the bridge as he watched the trains coming & going.

Then without warning he pulled me & almost dragged me down the stairs.

A train was inching its way out of the station. People hung onto the doors. Many turned & stared at my heaving boobs as Mohit was pulling me with him. We ran as fast as my heels would permit me to without stumbling.

The train was picking up speed slowly as we were running alongside. I saw the green stripes marking out the ladies compartment & said “Mohit, I will get into the ladies compartment you take the gents!” He looked at me in disdain & said “Rinku you bitch! If I let you go there you will get into a clinch with some lesbian or get off at the next station & slut around with some college k**s again! No! You bitch you are coming with me!”& he pointed towards the general men’s compartment. I was stunned. Men were crammed into the compartment; many were hanging almost out of the doors. Some were clinging to the rods of the windows. “Mohit! Do you know what they will do to me?” I asked. He turned towards me & said “you like to get close to men don’t you? You like them touching your bums & boobs, don’t you? I think you will enjoy it?”

Suddenly he pushed me towards a group of men hanging in a door of the train.

“Isko andhar le lo please!” (Take her inside) he shouted at them. Two of them gleefully reached out & pulled me in. I was passed along inside the throng of men.

As I was passed inside, men started to turn around to face me. I could feel their bodies touch my body.

The smell of their sweat was overpowering.

I kept looking back to see if Mohit was there behind but couldn’t see him so I called out “Mohit! Kahan ho? (where are you?)” Almost all the men surrounding me answered. “Jaaneman! Usko chod, main hoon na! (Darling! Forget him, I am here!).

I was scared & in panic. I tried to push out from the crowd but my way was blocked by 2 tall men. I couldn’t see where I was going.

“Please let me go!” I pleaded with them.

They laughed & I felt hands crawl up my body. Some were groping around my bums; others were caressing my bare waist & flat tummy while most were crushing my breasts.

“Noo…oo!” I cried as the men got bolder & bolder. Someone pulled my pallu from my boobs & shoved his palm inside my blouse. Another man was trying to pull out my tucked in sari & another hand was pushing inside towards my crotch. I was helpless. It was so cramped I could barely move & both of my hands were busy trying to push away the faces that were leaning towards me, trying to kiss me. As my hands were busy my body was being squeezed & probed.

“Kya maal hai!” “Randi saali!” I kept hearing such things as I yelped & moaned in agony.

Without warning a tall man in front of me reached forward & placed his huge hands on either side of my face. I tugged at his hands & scratched at them but he was too strong & tough. His right hand grabbed my tied up hair & his other hand moved over my cheek & his fingers dug through my hair & into my scalp. My face was held in his vice like grip & I watched his grinning lips come towards my lips. “ummmmfff!” I groaned as his slimy mouth engulfed my lips. His teeth bit into my soft lips & his tongue probed deep inside my mouth. I recoiled in shame & tears ran down my face. He continued kissing me all over my face while the rest of the men around me were squeezing whatever part of my body they could lay their hands on.

Suddenly I felt the train slow down. I realized we were close to a station. I had to take this chance & get out before anything else happened. I stopped hitting at the man smooching me & instead reciprocated by pushing my tongue inside his mouth. I put my hands into his hair caressed his cheeks. He froze for an instant & then our tongues met in a wet sloppy kiss.

“Arre, kutiya garam ho gayi!” Some shouted & the others cheered.

The train was slowing & the man kissing me was relaxing as I nibbled his lips & caressed his cheeks. I felt many hands relax as they watched my slutty performance.

The train was coming gently to a stop & many people were getting out. Suddenly with as much strength I could muster I pushed at the man kissing me & ran straight towards the door.

He was too surprised to react. Someone shouted “Roko randi ko!” I ran as fast as I could & had almost reached the door when a large group of men rushed in pushing me back. “Ohhh noooooo…!” I cried as I saw my escape route blocked. Then a hand fell on my hair & I was jerked backwards into the arms of a man. As soon as I came within his reach, he clasped his palms on to my breasts & began kneading them. I bit his hands & freed myself from his clutches & ran towards the door. The train was moving again as the men closed around me. Suddenly a voice called out from behind “Saali kuttiya phir se bhag rahi hai! Pakdo usko aur kapade phad daalo uske! Nangi kaise canlı bahis siteleri bhagegi dekte hai?” All of them laughed & three or four pairs of hands went around my naked waist & dragged me back to the centre. Immediately my blouse was grabbed from both sides & I heard the fabric rip. I felt fingers being shoved inside the crack between my bums & get hold of my petticoat & panties. I screamed “Nahi….iiii! Please jaane do mujhe! Main tumhare behen jaise hoon!” (No! Please let me go! I am like your sister!”) I was begging them to let me go.Somebody said “tu behen to hum sab behenchod!” (if you are our sister then we all are sister fuckers!”)

Their lust filled eyes bored into my body & their eager hands pressed onto my body. I heard my blouse tear & screamed “Stop it! Stop! Mere kapde mat phado!”

Somebody grabbed my hair & led me further inside the compartment. I was pushed to the farthest corner of the compartment.

Now the door was impossible to reach.

Men were pushing & shoving to get a better view & everyone was trying to come further ahead in the crowd which was forming to fuck me.

There were almost 500 men in that compartment & I knew that even if less than half of them ****d me I would be almost dead.

Many of the men had their mobile phone cameras aimed at me. Tears were flowing down my cheeks.

I had my back towards the barred window, the seats around me had emptied & the crowd of men was closing in. Hindi sex stories. I clasped one hand to my breasts trying to hold on to my flimsy blouse & bra. The other hand I placed on my crotch & tried to pull up my almost un-tucked & disheveled sari.

For a few minutes the men watched my feeble attempts to protect myself from their assault. Then a man directly opposite me sneered & asked “Ho gaya sajna savarna, randi?” I didn’t even look up. My knees were shaking & sweat poured from every pore of my body.

Suddenly a voice called out “Randi ka naam to puchho? Chodne me maja ayega!” Laughter spread through the crowd.

“Bol kutti! Teri hi baat ho rahi hai. Tu akeli randi hai yahan!” The man opposite guffawed as he said it.

I didn’t utter a word & looked down at my feet.

‘Slaaaaap!’ a hard slap almost pushed me down onto the seat. I looked around at the crowd of men hoping someone would step in to help me. But I was on my own.

The man who had slapped me leaned forward & grabbed the shoulder straps of my blouse & pulled me to my feet.

As soon as I was on my feet he pulled the blouse straps down my shoulders.

I flung my head backwards & screamed “Nahiiiii! No please don’t do it!”

More than half of my sweating boobs & my bra were exposed to the men.

“Tera naam puchha tha, randi?” He grimaced.

“Rinku!” I said with helplessness.

“Rinku”…”rinku” my name was repeated around the compartment.

“Hmmm! Rinku! Naam bhi kuttiya jaisa hai!” Said the man who was still holding my blouse.

“Arre! Kitna pasina aa raha hai Rinku ko!” He said mockingly & squeezed my naked shoulders.

Oohs & Aaahs were heard as he touched my bare skin.

He squeezed my naked flesh till I closed my eyes in shame.

As soon as I closed my eyes he grabbed my bra straps. In one motion he pulled down my bra & blouse revealing my firm boobs & dark brown nipples.

“No…no! I screamed in vain.

I covered my nipples with my hands as he reached below my breasts & tore away my blouse. He reached behind me & unhooked my bra & tossed it away. I saw it being caught by someone who immediately began sucking & biting on one of the cups. I was horrified at the sight.

As I stood covering my boobs with my hands, the man caught hold of my sari & began pulling it off. I was forced to turn round & round as he stripped off my sari. I closed my eyes unable to bear the shame of being stripped naked in front of so many.

He grabbed my petticoat & ripped it off in strips.

“Nahi…nahi nahi!” I was sobbing, crying & screaming all at once.

Men were whistling & yelling as he put his palms behind on my bums & caressed them. Suddenly he pressed my bums harder & pulled me towards him. His lips clasped on to my mouth smothering my screams. His tongue probed my mouth & his teeth bit on my lips.

The man kissing me had moved his hands on to my bare naked back & was squeezing it. Suddenly another man pushed his way to my side & groped my breast. He pulled down my panties & began kissing my neck & cheeks form behind.

I was writhing in shame & pain as these unknown men groped & felt me all over. The worst part was there almost another 500 men waiting to do the same.

But the real horror was about to begin as my panties were torn away at my knees. Hindi sex stories. I was stark naked except for the ornaments that I had worn for the wedding.

“Puri nangi karo Rinku ko!” Someone screamed & both the men fondling my naked body stopped & roughly pulled away all of my ornaments. My bangles, necklaces & earrings were plucked out & flung into the yelling throng of men. My waistband was stuck so they turned me around so that I was facing the window. Somebody began spanking my naked butt as the two struggled to unhook the band. I yelped at every hit. One of the men was caressing my thigh as he fidgeted with the waistband.

The train was slowing at another station. I had lost track of where we had reached.

The train stopped. For a while there was chaos as people shoved & pushed & ran around to board. Then suddenly a face looked right in the window which I was facing. The person stared at me in shock & peered even closer to the window. I also bent forward & said “please help me! Bachao mujhe! Meri izzat loot rahe hai ye log. Mujh pe balatkar ho raha hai! I am being ****d!”

The face stared intently. I followed his gaze & realized that he was staring at my naked dangling breasts. I lost all hope as he excitedly told his friends “Andhar nangi ladki chudwa rahi hai! Chaal isi compartment me ghus ja!” He & his friends ran towards the door to my compartment.

I was still being spanked on my butt when all of a sudden one of the men exclaimed “Ho gaya!” I turned to see & saw him pocket my costly gold waistband. The other man bent lower down & pulled at my ankles trying to remove my heels.

Suddenly he froze. My eyes locked into his & I saw the look of naked lust in his eyes. I realized what had happened. I was bent forward towards the window with my hands on the grills. My butt was facing the men. My legs were spread out as he was trying to remove my heels. I was in the classical doggy pose & he was bent slightly over my back reaching for my ankle.

He grinned at me & grabbed my thighs & pushed inwards towards perabet me. My face was pressed against the bars of the window.

“No…No…nooo!” I began screaming in fear of impending disaster.

He pulled out his erect cock & without wasting a second hammered it into my bone dry asshole.

“aaaaaaaaaaaa…hhhhhhhhhhh!” My scream must have echoed throughout the train. He withdrew & plunged in again.

“aaaaaaahh! Aaaaaaoowwww! Aaaaaahhh!” I was screaming continuously as he pounded my ass with his cock.

He grabbed my hair & pulled my head back towards him. He kissed my cheek & growled “Aur chilla Rinku kuttiya! Jor se chilla!

He kept holding on to my hair as he butt fucked me.

“Bhadvi! Kya tight gand hai! He screamed as he fucked my ass harder.

I was clinging tightly to the window grill with my thighs wrapped around his waist.

Every time he thrust in, my silky hair slipped from his grasp. Then He would clutch another hand full of my hair & drag my head back till the next thrust.

Then after what seemed an eternity he started fucking me in short hard thrusts. I knew he was reaching climax.

I hated the thought of his sperm inside my body. But I knew even worse was to come when so many would breed me with their sperm in my pussy.

He had stopped thrusting & was arching backwards when I felt his cock roughly pop out of my ravaged asshole. Hindi sex stories. I felt his warm sperm splash onto my bums & on my naked thighs. I turned to see why he had been so considerate as not to have ejaculated inside me & was shocked to see that two men had pulled him & thrown him on a seat to get at me.

“Ab hamari baari hai!” One of them screamed. I had collapsed on to my knees & looked at the men who had by now removed their cocks from inside their trousers.

All the faces seemed to blur into one another. Then I saw a familiar face staring back at me.

But before I could say a word I was lifted & flung onto a seat on my back.

One man mounted me from the top & pushed my knees towards my boobs. The other man put his bent knee next to the backrest & sat almost on my neck. I choked & spluttered but he pulled my hair so hard that I had to open my mouth with a pain filled moan. Instantly his cock was thrust into my open mouth. I looked at him. His eyes were half closed, his head was tossed backwards & he seemed to be living his fantasy. At my cost. I decided to fight back & tired to viciously bite his cock. But just as I was about to clamp onto his cock the man who had mounted on top of me banged in his cock in my tight pussy.

Instead of closing my mouth I was forced to open it wider in a shriek of unbearable pain. The man fucking my mouth seemed to love it & he pulled harder on my hair & began slapping me. I screamed. The more I screamed the more he hit me. Meanwhile I felt my pussy being fucked in long hard strokes. Whoever was fucking me was very strong. His cock was penetrating deep inside me making me raise my back in agony. This actually served to give more pleasure to the man fucking my mouth. As every deep thrust in my pussy forced a muffled scream from me. My tongue would move upwards & wrap around the penis in my mouth.As I stared ashamedly at the look of utter satisfaction on the face of the man with his cock in my mouth. I felt a harder thrust in my pussy & felt the hotness of sperm spread inside me. I felt him hold & then spray his second load. The first man amongst the crowd had bred me; surely there were more.

As soon as the man ejaculated he pulled out his cock & said “Kya tight chut hai teri, Rinku! Maja aa gaya! Tuhje bhi maja aay hoga na?” As he was saying it he sat on the opposite seat & kept looking at me being fucked in the mouth.

Other men had by then rushed towards my naked pussy & were fighting to mount me.

Suddenly the cock in my mouth stiffened & shuddered. I tried to remove it from my mouth but he held onto my hair & thrust in deeper almost reaching my throat & making me gag. He half removed his cock & dumped his sperms inside my mouth. He just kept cumming. It flooded my mouth & dripped out from the corners of my lips. He slipped backwards & rested his dangling cock in between my cleavage. He held my mouth shut & said “Swallow it, Rinku! Swallow it, darling!” I struggled but to no avail. He watched me closely until I gulped his warm fluid. Tears trickled down my cheeks as he tugged at my hair & wiped his cock clean with it. He pushed my cum covered hair in my mouth & said “Chaat saali, saaf kar isko! Auro ko bhi maja lena hai!” I spat at him & he laughed as most of my spit landed on my own boobs.

He got off my breast & three other rushed in fighting amongst themselves.

I was fucked in my pussy my two more men in quick succession. Both dumped their loads inside my twat. While my mouth was ravaged by just one man who took a long time tit fucking me & then made me suck his cock. He sprayed his sperms in my mouth & all over my face.

As the two men got off my body others jostled to replace them.

I was left untouched as men fought between them to fuck me.

I was thankful for the respite when a familiar voice spoke “Kya chutiyagiri kar rahe ho! Itni mast maal ko main yahan free mein chudane lekar aaya aur tum chutiye apas me jhagad kar time waste kar rahe ho!”

Many of the men turned to look at who had spoken. I looked as Mohit stood up & walked over towards the seat where I lay naked.

“Abhi se ye free ki chudai khatam!” He said.

“Kaun rokega hame, tu? Akele?” Asked a swarthy man. He moved closer to me & laid his dark brown hand on my milky thigh.

I lay still feeling worse than the cheapest prostitute.

“Dekho yaar! Bahut se logon ne is rand ko chudte dekha hoga har station pe. Kisi ne bhi agar police ko bol diya to sabki waat lag jayegi. Is ke liye ye faltu ki ladai chodo aur asli kaam karo!” Said Mohit.

“Aur ek baat. Agar sabhi iski chut aur gaand phadenge to ye to saali mar jayegi. Iske liye ek rate fix karte hai aur usi hisaab se sab isko chodenge! Ok?” Mohit looked all around grinning.

“Rate bol?” The swarthy looking man asked.

I stared at Mohit with unconcealed hatred. He was selling me to this crowd. He was pimping for me!

“Rinku ki chut ka rate 500! Rinku ki gaand ka rate 300! Aur Rinku se lund chooswane ka rate sirf 1!” He laughed along with the rest of the crowd.

“3 lines me kahde ho jao!” He ordered.

I watched as lines formed as per the rates for fucking my body.

The swarthy man was stroking the inside of my thigh & wanted to kick him hard in his balls. But my body was responding after the pounding it had taken. I was watching how many were lining up perabet giriş to ravage my pussy & ass. I was shocked to see that even though most of the men were waving a 1 buck coin quite a few were lining up for my pussy & ass.

I counted almost 60 men lining up for my pussy while another 50 were in the line for my asshole. There were almost 400 men lining up for a blowjob.

Mohit was actually taking the money from the first in line when the man stroking my thigh said “Abe bhadve ye le 801 aur ye rakh le 200 tip! Pehle main Rinku ko baraber se chodunga phir teri line shuru hogi! Samjha?” Mohit nodded & the other men also seemed a bit scared of this arrogant man.

He removed his shirt & put it on rack above. He was dark & had a big pot belly & had a lot of body hair.

He was chewing paan which he spat out of the window.

He pushed me off the seat roughly. I fell on the floor. He towered over me grinning like a demon & dropped his pants & underpants. In spite of the condition I was in my eyes widened at the sight of his cock. It was almost 12 inches long & more than 5 inches thick. It looked like it had been transplanted from some horse rather than being a human penis.

I shuddered at the thought of getting ****d by such a cock.

He pulled out a couple of bottles of water from his bag & ordered me “Rinku, khadi ho ja chinal!”

I obeyed without a whimper.

He pinched my mouth open & poured water into it & said “Muh dho le!” I nodded rinsed my mouth & drank some. He took the bottle & poured water on my head & on my boobs. I wiped the traces of cum from my body as best as I could with such little water.

He poured some more water on my hair & then said “leet ja Rinku! Abhi tuhje samhajega mard se chudwane me kay maja hai!”

I obeyed just like a prostitute would have.

I pushed my wet hair behind & lay down on the floor.

He smiled at me & lay down heavily on top of me.

I gasped as his weight took away my breath. He ran his fingers through my wet hair & began kissing me all over. He was very gentle as he kissed & nibbled on my lips, nipples & around my crotch. He fingered my pussy & asshole. I moaned as I was being turned on by his gentle caressing. I was ashamed at being turned on by my r****t & that too in front of such a huge crowd. I quickly tried to locate Mohit but he was lost in the crowd which was watching me writhe & wriggle shamelessly.

The man cupped his hands around my boobs & fondled them. He was so gentle I never realized when he had lifted my legs & placed them above his huge shoulders. He was still teasing my lips with his tongue & his fingers were probing gently into my ass when I closed my eyes & moaned in an oncoming orgasm. I felt his move a bit above me but the pleasant sensations in my body had lulled me into relaxing my guard.

“Ummmmm!” I was moaning one second & then “aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed as he shoved all of his 12 inches deep into my pussy in one thrust. My eyes blurred with intense pain & I screamed again as he removed his cock completely. He waited till I finished screaming & immediately thrust in his cock again. He did that for almost 10 minutes & I was feeling faint with pain. Once again he withdrew his shaft completely & I braced for the pain. I closed my eyes shut tight & waited. I felt his breath on my face & knew he was waiting as before. I felt his lips brush my lips & his tongue enter my mouth. I opened my eyes & saw his evil smile on his face & his eyes were locked onto mine.

I did not have time to prepare for the pain.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooo…aa….aa…aaa..a!” I screamed as he thrust. But his penis was not aimed at my pussy it was rammed into my already ravaged asshole. Deeper & deeper he thrust till I was twitching in agony. He removed his cock roughly & I whimpered again. Without pausing he banged his cock deep inside my ass. I don’t know whether I screamed or not but the last thing I remember is his dark face above mine his fat lips sucking my lips & unbearable pain in my ass & pussy.

I fainted. I don’t know for how long he fucked me nor do I know how many others fucked me in all my holes.

I kept regaining & losing consciousness. Every time I opened my eyes I saw a different man with his cock in my mouth & I felt cocks hammering away in my pussy & asshole.

In one of my conscious moments I found that I was sitting on top of a man with his cock shoved into my pussy. Another man had bent me forward & was fucking my ass while a third man was pulling my hair backwards & fucking me in my mouth.

I flitted in & out of consciousness.

The last few times I regained consciousness I was kneeling & two or three men were forcing their cocks in my mouth & then ejaculating all over my face, hair & boobs.

My whole body was covered in a sticky white paste. Around my knees the slime dripped down into a puddle which was dark pink because of the blood flowing from my pussy & ass.

My mouth was hurting & I had trouble closing it.

The last thing I remember is Mohit standing in front of me counting money & the dark swarthy man sitting in a seat & stroking his 12 inch long cock.I don’t know after how much time I came back to consciousness. My knees were folded against my body & I seemed to have fallen face first into the slimy mess on the floor. My sticky wet hair was covering my face & thus hiding it from view.

The train was at a standstill & everything was dark outside. I guessed we were in the yard.

I looked through my hair & saw Mohit & the dark man were still sitting in the row of seats opposite to where I lay.

“Saali Rinku bahut chudi aaj! Kam se kam challis laudon ne choda hoga iski chut ko! Gaand mari who alag aur milkshake pilaya aur nehlaya 400 – 500 bandon ne who alag! Guiness book walaon ko bolna chaiye tha!” Said Mohit.

“Chodne ke liye ya record likhne ke liye?” The man asked & they both laughed heartily.

“Rinku ka stamina bahut accha hai. Aur koi rand hoti to ab tak mar mara jaati thi!” The man said.

The man removed his wallet & handed a card to Mohit & said “ye le mera card, Rinku theek hone pe usko weekend ke liye mere pass bhej de! Don’t worry, rate dhang se fix kar lenge!”

I expected Mohit to refuse but I was shocked to hear him say “Ahbi leke jao chaiye toh!”

The man laughed & said “Nahin yaar! Aaj teen baar to le chuka usko. Aaj ke liye bus ho gaya! Uske bare mein bhi soch saale! Ek hafta rest de usko, phir nehla dhula kar bhej de mere paas! Ok?”

Mohit nodded & pocketed the card.

I moaned involuntarily & they both looked at me.

They both got up & the man said “Chalo, main chalta hoon! Rinku ko bol ke who top ki rand hai!”

He walked towards the door & stopped & asked “Mohit?”

“Kya hua?” Mohit said.

“Ek baat baata mujhe? Rink uteri lagti kya hai?” He asked Mohit.

“Ek chinal kisi ki kya lagegi? Who randi hai aur main uska bhadva!” Answered Mohit.

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