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Pantyhose fitting room fun

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Pantyhose fitting room funI’m a 22 year old male that loves pantyhose. Just the sight of a woman in pantyhose can give me a hard on. I often go out with friends on the weekend and I’m always targeting the girls that are wearing them. Now I’m not bragging, but ever since jr. high I was aware of the fact that girls were attracted to me. I’ve never really had much of a problem picking up women but I do have a problem telling them about my fetish. They were probably able to tell anyway by the way I would caressed their legs and tried to keep them in them as long as I could during foreplay. I always love the surprise of bringing a girl to my apartment from a night of clubing to discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her Pantyhose.

I graduated from college about 5 months ago and got an office job soon after. The girls that I work with have to wear pantyhose if they’re in a skirt and I’m sure you know how happy that can make a guy like me. This morning as I got ready for work I decided to slip into a pair of black sheer to waist. I had never worn them to work before but thought I’d give it a try today. I arrived to work to find that the computers were down. After a couple of hours the boss asked for any volunteers that wanted to go home for the day. I quickly jumped out of my seat and headed to the door. I thought I’d go to the gym for an early workout. I had been lifting pretty intensly for the past year and I was very happy with the results I was seeing in my chest, arms, back, and shoulders. Before the gym though, I thought I’d stop by the mall on the way.
I only recently started buying pantyhose from department stores myself. If the sales clerk was cute, I’d often ask for help in choosing a pair. About a month ago I had stopped into a JC Pennys in this particular mall. There was a really pretty and pettite clerk that saw me checking out the pantyhose and asked if I needed any help. She was wearing a red silk button down shirt, a black pleated skirt (which I thought might be too short for work) , black pantyhose and pumps. I guessed her to be about 19 or 20. We began talking about pantyhose and she told me how she hated wearing them but had to for work. I mentioned the girls at my job and how nice I thought they made their legs look and how they caught me starring sometimes. “I’m sure they don’t mind you checking them out.” she said. I told her that I thought she looked really nice in them as I starred a little. “Maybe I should wear them more often.” she said with a smile. “Let me show you the brand I’m wearing.” as soon as she turned around to lead me to the opposit side of the display I noticed that she had well defined calves. She handed me the brand she was wearing and I asked, “Are they soft?” She hiked up her skirt a little and extended her leg. As she rubbed her hand on her inner and outer thigh I thought I’d explode. “I think so,” she said “What do you think?” she motioned for me to feel. I rubbed my hand over her knee and thigh for about a second or two. You know, didn’t want to freak her out. “They are soft. I’ll take them.” She proceeded to ring me up and said that now she can see how sexy pantyhose could be. “Hope to see you again” she said. I paid and left.
I thought I’d be nice if she was working again and could help me pick out another pair. Maybe even let me rub on her leg again. I entered the mall from a different deparment store and was surprised by how empty and quiet the mall seemed. Granted it was 10:00 am on a Monday, but still. As I made my way to J.C. Pennys, I passed a young womens store that was pretty popular with the girls at my college. It’s also popular with the OOTD girls on youtube. As I walked by I noticed two girls standing at a display table folding clothes and talking. What caught my attention was that they were both in pantyhose. I walked in for a closer look. One was a tall brunette wearing a boyfriend blazer, white oxford, really short grey wool shorts and sheer jet black pantyhose with shinny strappy shoes that had a thick heel. This girl was all legs! The other girl was a short haired blonde with a thin black cotton high-cut button down sweater, tight white shirt (I figured it was a tanktop) and a purple super tight fitting high waisted skirt. Gracing those long sweet legs was a pair of sheer white pantyhose and black Doc Martin boots. As I walked in, the blonde looked up at me and did a double take. She wasn’t shy about checking me out. lol. They introduced themselves, Madalline (black pantyhose) and Emily (white pantyhose) and told me to let them know if I needed any help. Wow, they were both gorgeous. I walked towards the back of the store and pretended to be interested in the merchandise. I passes by them again and caught a whiff of their sweet perfume. I began to exit the store when Madaline approached me.
“Are you looking for something for your girlfriend?” She asked. I was kind of speechless. This girl was dropdead gorgeous AND wearing pantyhose! She had perfect brown eyes and a killer smile. I guessed her to be about 22 years old. “Uhh, yeah.” I said.
“Well don’t leave silly. What’s her style?” ” she asked, taking me by the wrist and leading me back into the store. I told her that I didn’t know. “Kind’a what like you’re wearing I guess.” I said. “Ahh, she has good taste” said Emily as she continued to fold clothes at the display table. I looked at her with a smile and her eyes slowly went up and down me. This Emily girl was a serious flirt. “She’d like that” I said pointing at Emily’s purple skirt. “This?” Giggled Emily. I had a side view of her and she turned so that I could see it from the front. My gosh, It was so tight that I could clearly see the front seam of her pantyhose through the purple fabric. “This is actually a tube top that I’m wearing as a skirt” I told her that either way I thought it looked good on her.
Madaline continued showing me different outfits that she liked. After the third outfit she asked me if I thought my girlfriend would look good in anything she pointed out. I shrugged and she grabbed my face. “You’re adorable,” she said “But I gotta ask, are you shopping for her or you?”
The question kinda blew me away. What was that bakırköy escort suppose to mean? I was hypnotized by those brown eyes. I blinked and looked away. “You don’t have a girlfriend do you?” she asked with her hands on her hips and animatedly tapped her foot.
“I knew it,” Interupted Emily “He’s too cute to be straight.” Madaline tilted her head and tisked. “Well, look around and if you want to try on anything let us know. The malls super dead at this time so you don’t have to worry about anyone coming in.” As she passed me to continue helping Emily fold she placed her hand on my chest. “Whoa,” she said, now putting both hands on me. “Emily, this guy is super hard.” Emily quickly ran over to me dragging her feet across the floor and put her hands on my chest too. She was a little on the skinny side but still had a nice feminine form to her. She had perky tits that I like to call punk rocker girl boobs. “Niiice,” she said as she squeezed my chest and ran her hand over my abbs, “I would’a never guessed through the shirt and tie.” I figured Emily to be about 20 years old. I pulled away from her and shook my head smiling. They went back to folding and I continued looking around. Now besides pantyhose, I’m not really into wearing girls clothes, but how could I pass this up. No girl had ever seen me in pantyhose before and here was a chance. I grabbed a skirt and button down shirt.
“Do you want to try that on?” asked Madaline. I nodded. As she lead me to the fitting room my eyes scanned those legs. How awesome that she was wearing pantyhose. The thought of running my hands up and down them sent shivers through my spine. The fitting rooms were private and in a hallway opposite the rear wall. She unlocked the door and adjusted her high ponytail. I wanted to bite that slender neck of hers. “I’ll check on you in a few minutes to see how everything fits. K, Cutie?” she said leaning her head against the door. I nodded. I don’t know if she was intentionally trying to be sexy in her movements but everything she did was so arousing to me. I’ve learned that the best way to get a girl interested in you is to pretend not to be interested in her. I think I was doing a good job of containing myself.
I took off my pants and shoes and adjusted my pantyhose. These were super sheer ones that left nothing to the imagination. I took off my tie and shirt tried on the skirt. At 5’11” 180 pounds I have a size 32 waist but knew the skirt wasn’t going to fit. It had buttons in the front that were not about to be closed. I looked in the mirror and saw that the skirt covered my shaft and balls but my pubes were clearly visible. I’m glad I trimmed them the other day. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Madaline.
“How’s it fit?”
“It’s too small” I answered.
“Mind if I see?” She asked. I could see her strappy thick heeled shoes and pantyhose covered ankles from the space under the fitting room door. I was silent. “Hello.” she giggled.
“Uhh sure” I said and opened the door.” There was no expression of surprise at all on her face. It was as if she saw exactly what she expected to see.
“Yeah, that skirt’s too small.” She was starring at my waist. “I’ll check if we have a larger size.” A good 15-20 seconds must have passed with her starring at my waist. “Pantyhose?” she asked still looking at them. “Do you not wear underwear with them?”
I told her that I never wear underwear when I put on pantyhose. “Hmm, I bet that’d be something to see… How’d the shirt fit?” She asked. I told her that I hadn’t tried it on yet.
“Well try it on and I’ll check on the skirt.” She started to close the door but stopped to look at me one more time. “Uhh, there’s a three way mirror out here in the hallway if you want to get a better view.”
Wow, my heart was pounding. This was the very first time a girl had ever seen me in pantyhose. I removed the skirt and took off my white tee. I took the button down blouse off it’s hanger and stepped out into the hallway. Suddenly I could hear Emily burst into laughter. “Oh my God are you serious?” They were both giggling. There I was standing in front of the three way mirror in nothing but a pair of pantyhose. Should I go through with this. I mean Madaline did hint that she’d like to see. I put on the white button down blouse. The sleeves were way too short, it couldn’t reach around to close in front, and the tail did nothing to cover my ass. I could hear the girls talking in hushed giggling whispers. I saw Madaline’s reflection as she step into the hall and froze in her tracks. Her mouth practically dropped to the floor. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. After a few seconds she gained her composure and a huge smile spread across her face. “That shirt doesn’t fit.” she said through a giggle. “I know.” I said as I turned around, giving her a full frontal. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed placeing a hand over her mouth to hush her excited laughter. She was staring right at my cock. It felt like a full minute passed. “Can, Uhh, I mean, Is it, is, is, is it okay if Emily sees?” she asked with a nod. I said it was fine if she wanted to see. Emily was standing right at the entrance and stepped in. Her eyes doubled in size when she saw me and her jaw also practically dropped to the ground. She smilled and said, “Nice cock.”
“I told you he wasn’t wearing underware.” giggled Madaline.
“Yeah, You don’t need underwear with pantyhose Madaline. That’s why the call them pantyhose.”
“What?” Madaline’s hand covered her mouth in again in surprise. “So your not wearing panties right now?”
“Nope.” answered Emily as she approached me and began removing my shirt. Once it was off she walked back to Madaline and they both stood there giggling and looking at me. There I was, standing in front of two super hot girls in nothing but a pair of pantyhose. I could feel the erection coming. Emily asked me to turn around and I did. They were both looking at my ass when Emily grabbed Madalines arm and whispered something to her. Madaline’s mouth opened wide as if she was recieving some quality gossip. Emily straightened beşiktaş escort up and walked back to me. I could see her reaching for my ass through the reflection. She was softly running her hands over my ass and thighs. I had a full erection by the time she reached around me.
“Interesting.” She said as she turned me around, “Are you sure you’re gay?” She asked, as she gently grabbed a hold of my cock and stroked it.
“I never said I was gay Emily.”
“Good.” She said tapping my chest and removing the gum from her mouth. She turned to Madaline. “Keep watch in case anyone walks in.” Madaline giggled and nodded, “Are you really going to do it?” Emily didn’t answer but turned her attention back to me. “Hold on to this.” She said, placing her gum in my mouth and knealt down in front of me and began inspecting my dick. She was handling it through the pantyhose turning it every which way.
She glanced up at me. “It really is a nice cock.” She began running her tongue over my balls and shaft before finally taking me in her mouth. She was a noisy cocksucker, slurping loudly and moaning. With one hand she reached down and began rubbing her clit. Madaline positioned herself so that she could keep an eye on the stores entrance and still enjoy the show. I looked up at her and we maintained eye contact for a minute. She licked her lips and nervously glanced at the entrance. She was nervous but at the same time kept moving to get a better view of Emily’s cock sucking skills. I had to see wether or not it was true that Emily wasn’t wearing panties. I stood her up, pressed her against the wall and started making out with her. My hand slowly reached above the tube top she was using as a skirt. The feel of her pantyhose was a rush to me. I rubbed her soaking clit and was happy to feel that her pantyhose didn’t have a cotton panel. I got down on my knees and slid her skirt off of her. She had a nicely trimmed landing strip that looked like artwork through her white pantyhose. I started licking her and she leaned me on my back allowing her to get into a 69. She positioned herself so that her sweet ass was facing Madaline and she began slurping and moaning again. I was licking that sweet pussy while making eye contact with Madaline. I was happy to see her loosen up a little as she rubbed her hands over her tits. After about 15 minutes in a 69, I tore a small hole in her pantyhose. We stood up and Emily spread her legs and bent forward at the waist. I stood behind her and pulled my pantyhose down. I slid my cock into her tight little pussy and she howled in pleasure. “Fuck that Pussy” she said. She turned and wrapped her legs around my waist. I was holding her up with my hands under her ass as I ramed her. After a few minutes I had her get down on all fours so that I could fuck her doggy style. As I was ramming her she was moaning and watching Madaline. I started to slow down because I didn’t want to cum. I pulled out of Emily and she said, “I know someone who really needs to get laid.” She walked up to Madaline.
“Your turn.” She said.
“No I can’t.” Madaline nervously said.
“Dude you broke up with Brian two months ago. Have some fun.”
Madaline whispered something in Emily’s ear. It was so hot seeing Emily standing there in her white tank top, white pantyhose, and Doc Martins.
Emily stepped back at whatever Madaline had said “What? Brian is the only guy you’ve ever been with?” Madaline motioned for her to be quiet.
“So this is only the second cock you’ve ever seen?” asked Emily. Madaline glanced at the entrance and embarrasingly nodded. “Yes.” she said.
“Well there’s some great dick waiting for you right there.” Emily said as she started rubbing her clit again. “I’ll watch the door.” she said.
I stood up and Madaline slowly walked to me. I pressed her up against the wall and started making out with her. Slowly, I started to feel her rub her hips against mine. I ran my hands over her tits and started unbuttoning her shirt. She began breathing heavier and rubbing her hips harder and harder against mine. I unbuttoned her shorts and they slid to the floor. I got back down on my knees with this sweet smelling pussy in front of me. I recognized her pantyhose right away. They were jet black NoNonsense Sheer to Waist. She was wearing black lace boy short panties underneath. I reached around, grabbing her ass with both hands and burried my face in her crotch. I mean it when I say this was a sweet smelling pussy. I loved that I was still able to see her bush through the pantyhose and lace panties.
Meanwhile, Emily was really going to town on herself. She had her had down her pantyhose and I noticed that she had taken off her boots. She was moaning and fingering herself when the phone rang, startling the three of us. Without hesitating, Emily ran out onto the floor to answer it.
“Oh my God, she’s not wearing her skirt!” Madaline giggled. I didn’t want to lose our momentum so I continued licking her pussy. She quickly got back into it. I just had to see her tits. I got up off my knees and began making out with her again. She must have loved the taste of her pussy too because as we were making out she grabbed a handfull of my hair and pressed her mouth harder against mine. We could hear Emily speaking to whoever was on the phone. She was really grinding against me in rhythm now. I loved how she moaned as she became more and more excited. I had already unbuttoned her blouse and slid it, along with the boyfriend blazer, over her shoulders. She dropped her arms, letting it slide off to the ground. She grabbed a hand full of my hair again and pressed her lips against mine. I began reaching behind her to unfasten her bra when suddenly she said, “No.” Aww Jeez, I thought. but just as suddenly, she reached for the front of her bra to undo it. Whew! That was a close one. She quickly attacked me again making out and grinding against me. I felt her slipping out of her shoes. Emily returned and upon seeing Madaline in nothing but pantyhose simply said, “Fuck Yeah!”
I made my way to her tits. Finally, her tits. They were firm and her nipples beylikdüzü escort were small and pink. As soon as I put my lips on her nipples she squeeled with pleasure. I began pulling her pantyhose down and as soon as they were below her ass i slid my hand down the front of her boy short lace panties, my knuckles rubbing against her bush as i grabbed a fistfull of panty.
“You know you’re not suppose to wear panties with pantyhose.” I said.
“So I’ve heard.” was her reply.
I pressed her up against the wall for stability and with three hard, strong, and almost violent pulls, ripped her panties completly off.
“Oh fuuuck. I’ve always wanted someone to do that to me.” Her voice, revealing her pleasure.I slid the pantyhose back up over her waist and burried my face in her sweet crotch again. I was slidding my tongue into her cunt through the cotton panel of her pantyhose as she moaned with pleasure. I took a small bite of the cotton crotch and ripped a hole just big enough for my dick to fit. We slowly slid to the floor and she straddled me pressing her tits against my chest and making out. I could feel the juice from her pussy sliding down my balls. She made her way down to my shaft and began licking and sucking me through my pantyhose. Judging by her enthusiasm, she must have really liked what she was doing. After a while she slid my pantyhose completely off. She straddled me once more taking my cock in her hand and sliding it into her pussy. “Awww” she moaned. She started off slow, but was soon riding me like a bronco. I glanced over at Emily and saw that she had stripped down to her pantyhose, still fingering herself while she maintained vigil. I rolled Madaline onto her back and got on top of her. I started sliding my cock in and out of the hole that I tore in her pantyhose. The cotton was completely soaked. I loved the noises she was making.
“Wrap your legs around me.” I whispered.
“Why?” She asked in such a naughty voice as she did it. “Do you like feeling my pantyhose rub against you?” I didn’t answer as she wrapped her legs around my waist putting me in a scissor hold.
“Do you love my pantyhose? Huh, Pantyhose Boy?” I started pumping harder.
“Ah yeah. He likes that Madaline.” Giggled Emily.
“Fuck me Pantyhose Boy! Fuck me my little Pantyhose Boy!” I started raming her harder.
“Aww gawwwd! Fuck me in my pantyhose! You tore a hole in my pantyhose so you could fuck me! Well fuck me in my pantyhose! Harder Pantyhose Boy! Gawwwwd Yes!” She was getting louder and holding on tightly with her legs and arms wrapped around me “I want you to fuck me in my pantyhose! Make me cum Pantyhose Boy!”
I felt Emily’s hand on my shoulder, “When you’re about to cum I want you to pull out and cum into my mouth.” she said. “Okay Pantyhose Boy?”
Madaline was in a trance. She was being so loud but obviously didn’t care. “AWW, YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM PANTYHOSE BOY! I’M GONNA CUM! YOUR MAKING ME CUM IN MY PANTYHOSE!! YOU FUCKING TORE A HOLE IN THEM JUST TO FUCK ME! FUCK ME IN MY PANTYHOSE! MAKE ME CUM IN MY PANTYHOSE MY PANTYHOSE BOY! My pantyhose, my pantyhooose, my pantyhoose” I felt her goosebumps and her body shivering as she came. She became quieter as she came. “Aww you’re fucking me Pantyhose Boy! You’re fucking me in my pantyhoooose, You’re fucking me in pantyhoooooose, Awwww, My pantyhoooose. I’m gonna cum again! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! FUCK PANTYHOSE BOY! KEEP FUCKING ME IN MY PANTYHOSE. KEEP FUCKING ME HARD IN MY PANTYHOSE!” Once again I felt her shivering as she came and moaned on and on about her pantyhose. “That’s some good ass fucking Pantyhose Boy!” She squeeled.
“I’m about to cum!” I said. Madaline released me and I rolled on my back. Emily moved quickly to get into a 69. She pressed her pantyhosed ass against my face as she took my cock deep in her mouth. I also felt Madaline’s mouth on my balls just as I erupted into Emily’s mouth. It felt Like I came for a full minute. Emily got up and cleaned any cum around her lips with her finger and licked it clean. she quickly looked out onto the floor. “Damn! Were you trying to drown me in cum pantyhose boy? That’s the most cum I’ve ever had to swallow.” She started putting on her boots and got dressed while watching Madaline slurp up any cum, saliva, or pussy juice still on or around my dick. “I’m so proud of her.” she said as she stepped out into the store.
Madaline now got up and stood in front of the three way mirror. She began pulling her hair back into a high pony tail again. Have I mentioned how hot this girl was? Seeing her standing there like that, fixing her hair in nothing but pantyhose, started bringing my erection back.
She began gathering her clothes and stood there thinking for a moment. She turned back and looked at me. “You tore a hole in my pantyhose and fucked me.” She said with a big smile. “I can’t wear these so I’m stealing yours.” She put her clothes back down and removed her pantyhose and slid into mine. She inspected herself in the mirror for any runs or snags. Once satisfied, she slid back into her shorts and outfit. I was still laying on the floor watching her as she finished. “I’ll see you later” she said to my dick as she took in in her mouth again for a moment and kissed it bye. I laid there a few moments longer before getting up and putting my suit back on.
When I stepped back out onto the floor I saw that Emily was assisting two girls that had walked in and Madaline was behind the register reapplying makeup. I walked by Emily on my way out and she mouthed the word “Pantyhose” and pointed to one of the girls that had come in. The girl was wearing a pleated jean skirt and blue sheer footless tights. I smiled and shook my head. I passed by Madaline and said, “So long.”
“Hey wait a minute you.” she said smiling as she came around the register. “I’ve got something for you.” She handed me the pantyhose that I had just fucked her in and stappled to the waistband was her store assistant manager card. “I wrote down my cell number too. I hope you call me.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Bye Pantyhose Boy.” I watched her walk away wearing the pantyhose that she had just sucked my dick through.
I started walking out when I heard Emily say, “Come back and see us again real soon Pantyhose Boy!” Those two customers gave me a curious look. I stepped out into the mall and heard one girl ask, “Pantyhose Boy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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