12 Ağustos 2022

Fluffer in Training Ch. 06

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Ch. 6

Alan directed Rachel to the big ensuite bathroom while he took a shower in the other bathroom. He’d handed her some clean towels and left out a variety of items he said might be suitable for her to wear to bed. He’d explained that he often had women stay over, a number of who had left various garments at his place. He told her to take her time, and then to join him in the bedroom when she was done.

Peeling off the wet singlet, Rachel lavished in the unexpected pleasure of using his huge walk-in shower. The glass and gray marble structure was like nothing she’d been in before. She turned on the dual shower heads and luxuriated in the feeling of the hot stinging pellets raining down on her. The big fluffy towels he gave her felt incredibly soft and warm as she dried herself. A hair dryer on the vanity helped get her lustrous black locks in shape. She opened her purse and touched up her makeup, taking extra care with her eye shadow and lipstick. She hoped she looked more grown up and glamorous than usual—she wanted to look good for Alan, especially after all the trouble he was going through for her.

Satisfied with her face and hair, she looked through the various items he’d set out for her to choose from. It was all sexy lingerie, in a variety of colors and styles. She checked the sizes, smiling as she noticed the things Alan had set out for her were mostly bigger sizes that would fit her buxom form. She finally selected a sapphire blue chemise of glistening satin, edged with delicate white lace. The slip-like garment fit her nicely, if just a little too snug. Thin white spaghetti straps went over her shoulders, the satin cups barely able to contain her girls. The bodice fit snugly around her waist, and then flowed out enticingly over her wide hips. The lace-trimmed hem ended high on her thighs, a teasing vertical slit rising high on her hip on the front of the left side. She liked the look of that slit as she surveyed herself in the mirror, the smooth skin of her upper thigh coming provocatively into view as she moved. She adjusted her girls one more time, the cool satin feeling wickedly delicious against her breasts. Almost forgetting, she reached into her purse and pulled out another hairband, tying her inky tresses back in a nice tight ponytail. If she was going to be sucking the porn star’s cock all night long, she wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of her duties. With a final look in the mirror, she turned on her heel and entered the bedroom. The only light in the room was from a lamp on his bedside table, the light giving off a soft golden glow that gave the whole room a sensual warmth.

“Oh my,” Alan said as he watched her approach. He was sitting up against a stack of pillows piled against the headboard in the king-size bed, the sheets pulled up to his waist. He gave an exaggerated wolf whistle as he took in her voluptuous curvy form, gorgeously displayed in the sexy chemise. “Rachel, you look fabulous. Blue is definitely your color.”

“I’m glad you like it,” the young girl said, doing a little pirouette. “Are you sure the woman it belongs to won’t mind me wearing it?”

Alan gave a light laugh. “Oh, I don’t think the woman that belongs to will be coming back anytime soon. Not with the political office her husband has these days. Let’s just say she’s in the news a lot—and I mean a lot. No, that slip is yours from now on, if you want it.”

“Really, I can really have it?” Rachel asked, her fingers tracing along the lace-trimmed edges of the overflowing bra cups.

“Yes, it’s all yours. It looks a lot better on you anyways. I love the way you fill it out. And that slit at the top of your thigh, well, let’s just say it looks pretty hot.”

“Thank you, Alan. I love it.”

“All right then,” he said, picking up the remote from his bedside table. He turned on the wall-mounted TV opposite the front of the bed. “I’m going to watch the news for a while, and then I need to get some sleep after that. I’ve got an appointment at nine with my personal trainer at the gym. No rest for the wicked, as they say. So like we talked about, you can suck on my cock all night if you want. If you want to lie up beside me and go to sleep, that’s fine too. I’ll leave that up to you. Okay?”

“Yes. I appreciate that you said I can just sleep if I want to, but I’d really like to suck on it as long as you’ll let me.”

“It’s yours for as long as you want. Okay, there’s the channel I was looking for,” he said, setting the remote down on the table beside him. He drew back the covers from his naked body, drawing up his legs and letting his thighs roll open to each side. “Okay, you can get started.”

He reached down and lifted his limber dick, the immense cylinder of flesh making Rachel’s mouth water as she looked at. Like a bear to honey, she was drawn in instinctively, getting to her knees on the big bed and crawling up between his widely-spread thighs. She lay down on the cool sheets and made herself comfortable, planning on being there for a long time—a very long time. He’d showered in the other bathroom escort izmit and his body smelled of citrusy soap and his own clean masculine scent. It filtered into her senses erotically, the pure manly fragrance making her blood rush already.

Rachel flicked her eyes up, seeing him concentrating on the TV, the newscaster’s voice coming to her from the background. She didn’t care about that—all she cared about was servicing his enormous cock. He let go of his dong as she wrapped her own fingers around the trunk-like shaft. She lifted the mushroom-shaped crown to her mouth, pursing her lipstick-covered lips forward and kissing the tip lovingly. She started to make love to the sensitive knob, rubbing it all over her face and licking it, watching it as it started to puff up and grow. She took her fingernails and scratched teasingly around the base of his rising prick, feeling more blood pulsing into the steely shaft, the huge cock swelling and extending right before her eyes.

Jesus Christ, how does she do that so fast?, Alan thought to himself as he looked down, the plump young girl rolling his stiffening pecker all over her face. The girl was amazing, her lips and hands like nothing he’d experienced before. She was so much more enthusiastic and better at sucking cock than any porn star he’d ever been with. The only one who’d even come close was Mrs. Stevens, the math teacher he’d had in his senior year of high school. He turned his gaze away, trying to concentrate on the news, his usual routine before shutting off the light and calling it a night.

Feeling the immense barrel of his prick getting harder and longer, Rachel couldn’t wait any longer—she had to have it in her mouth. She opened her bright red lips wide, sliding the growing head right into her hot wet mouth. “Mmm…” She couldn’t help but purr in satisfaction, feeling like everything was the way it should be, this gorgeous man’s huge cock filling her loving mouth. She rolled her tongue all around the pebbly glans, moaning softly in her throat as she felt it puff up even more.

“Oh fuck,” Alan said, giving up on the news as he looked down at the pretty girl sucking his cock. She was incredible, her mouth and hands taking him to heights he never thought imaginable. Her mouth was incredibly hot and wet, and velvety soft, and she seemed to know instinctively what to do from one minute to the next. He slid further down in the bed, getting more comfortable as she moved with him, now bobbing her head up and down over his thrusting erection.

“Oh my God,” he said as he lay back and threw his arm over his eyes, surrendering to the amazing sensations her mouth was bringing him. She was the perfect cocksucker, knowing just when to lick, and when to suck, not too hard, not too soft—she was like the baby bear in the children’s story—just right. She kept bobbing up and down, sucking his cock slavishly as he lay back and let her service him. He felt her hand move around the thick root of his cock again, those sharp fingernails scratching slowly, teasingly, at the skin circling the base. That was all it took to send him over the edge.

“OH FUCK, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS,” he said as he started to go off already. A thick rope of cum spewed from the tip of his cock, her head lifting up slightly as the powerful shot caught her full in the back of her mouth. The initial shot was quickly followed by more volleys of sperm-laden semen, her cheeks quickly becoming bloated under the deluge. Alan knew that was one of the reasons for his success in the porn business—no matter how many times he came, he always shot a lot. And under this girl’s considerable talents, he knew he’d be filling her belly once more.

“Ehmm…ehmm…” He lifted his head slightly and looked down as she started to squeal, seeing one of her hands busy down between her legs. His head dropped back onto the pillow as he continued coming, firing wad after wad into her eagerly-sucking mouth. His hips were bucking up into her mouth as she sucked him ravenously, pulling every creamy morsel out of him. After what seemed like a full minute, a final shudder tripped down his spine, the tingling sensations from another amazing climax flowing slowly out of his muscular body.

“Oh God, Rachel. You are incredible, girl. You can suck cock like nobody else, you know that?”

“Thank you, sir,” the pudgy girl said, slipping her lips off his spent prick and rubbing it lovingly all over her face.

He smiled down at her, blissfully content. “Okay,” he said, reaching over and using the remote to shut off the TV. “I’ll leave the light on so you can see if you want, but I really have to get some sleep now. Let’s arrange these sheets so that we’re both comfortable.” Alan pulled a couple of the stacked pillows out from beneath his head, and then rearranged the sheets, covering most of his body but leaving the area around his midsection open. Rachel did likewise, pulling the sheets around her, but making sure she could breathe freely while positioned between his spread legs.

“All right, are we all good?” he asked once she’d settled down izmit darıca escort between his thighs, her hand softly caressing his spent member.

“Yes. Thank you, Alan. Thank you for doing this for me.”

“That’s fine, Rachel. Like I said, feel free to do what you want. But right now, I need to get some sleep. Good night.”

“Good night,” Rachel replied softly, lying still between his legs, her fingers tracing lightly over the full length of his long heavy cock. Within just a few minutes, she heard him breathing deeply and regularly as sleep overtook him. She lifted her head slightly and looked at him, his handsome face looking peaceful and serene in the lamplight. Smiling to herself, she turned her attention to his incredible cock, knowing it was hers to suck on all night long.

“We’re going to be best friends tonight,” she whispered under her breath, bathing the head of his dick with her hot breath as she moved in close. She remembered what he’d said: “I know my cock, and it will probably stay hard for as long as you suck it.” She wanted to see if that was true. She gently slipped her lips back over the heavy knob, pushing a big gob of spit forward in her mouth to bathe the sensitive glans. She started working it, rolling her tongue all over the pebbly surface as she sucked at the same time. Within a minute, she felt his pecker start to respond. Once again, it started to fill, pushing her head backwards as it grew and grew. Soon enough, it was totally erect, the shaft as big and hard as a thick steel pipe. She closed her eyes and rubbed the mammoth dick all over her face, luxuriating in the feeling of the precum oozing from the tip and clinging to her soft skin.

“I love that,” she said quietly to herself, flicking the tip of her tongue into the yawning red eye and drawing out his flowing cock-sap. She swallowed, loving the feel of the slimy fluid sliding silkily down her throat. Wanting to test out his theory about his cock staying hard, she released his erection entirely, watching it slowly start to deflate. Once it was lying heavy and limber on the sheets, she started in on it again, the dormant monster rapidly hardening under her skilful touch and sucking mouth. She played with this phenomena a number of times, watching his gigantic prick rise and fall, rise and fall. Finally, she wanted more, wanted to feel the magnificent slab of meat filling her mouth once more until it went off, feeding her that hot thick cum she knew she was addicted to already. So, she took it in her mouth and kept sucking, his enormous cock becoming a weapon of pleasure in her mouth. She slipped her fingers beneath the hem of the chemise, finding her pussy dripping wet. She kept working his cock, bobbing her head up and down, lathering it with saliva, feeling it throb and pulse between her lips. Her fingers were busy in her cunt, sliding in and out, her slimy juices coating her whole hand. She reached up with her index finger, finding her clit fiery hot and throbbing. She pinched the sensitive button, feeling the explosion start.

“Ohhnnn,” she moaned loudly as she came, her cunt gushing all over the sheets. When that climax waned, she kept her fingers moving, bringing herself to a second orgasm, and then another one, this time as she rubbed his huge cock all over her face. Temporarily sated, she sat up on her haunches, bringing her slimy hands to his prick. She started stroking the rigid shaft up and down as she bobbed her head, the craving for more of his cum taking possession of her.

“What the…?” Alan muttered as he came awake, feeling his prick on the verge of exploding. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down as Rachel flicked her eyes up to his, her glassy eyes burning with desire. As he watched her service him, she got those teasing fingernails working again, the provocative scratching driving him right over the edge.

“FUCK MEEEEE,” he gasped as he collapsed back onto the sheets, flooding her mouth with cum. He totally unloaded again as she eagerly devoured it all, bringing herself off again as she swallowed every drop. When it ended, he immediately dropped off to sleep again, but she kept sucking.


Like she’d said she would, she kept sucking him all night long. When the morning light started to drift in lazily around the curtains, her lips were swollen and numb from the constant friction, but she’d never felt happier in her life. Like he said, he’d stayed hard as long as she kept sucking on him. He ended up feeding her three more loads during the night, waking up briefly each time. She lost track of the number of times she’d climaxed herself. She stopped counting somewhere around twenty. And now, she felt Alan stirring, her lips still working up and down on his erection.

“Jesus, you’re still at it?” he asked as he pushed himself up and looked down at her.

“Yes. I had the best night ever,” she replied, cradling his cock in her hand and rolling it all around her face.

He looked down at his bloated cock, wondering how long she’d been sucking on him since the izmit rus escort last time he came, but he could tell he had another load there primed and ready to fire. “You want one more?” he asked teasingly as he rolled his hips, rubbing his enflamed cockhead against her cheek.

“Oh God, yes,” she hissed wantonly, her eyes hooded with sluttish desire.

“I want that throat of yours again,” he said as he got to his knees on the bed, his huge prick thrusting out menacingly in front of him. “Get up on your hands and knees and I’ll hold your head like before. I’m going to slide it all the way down that tight throat of yours, and then when I’m ready to come, I’m gonna pull out and paint that pretty face of yours.”

Rachel shivered at his domineering tone, but her pussy was tingling like crazy as she listened to his words, knowing she wanted him to do exactly what he’d said. She clambered onto her hands and knees right before him.

“That’s it,” he said as he reached forward and took her head in his hands. “Lower your upper body and tip your head up…that’s it…that’s perfect.” She did exactly as he asked, putting her mouth and throat in perfect alignment. He could see her quivering with desire, so he didn’t wait. He pulled her head forwards, the flared helmet of his cock sliding deep into her mouth. He bumped up against those soft tissues at the back of her mouth, rolling his hips as he felt the incendiary heat of those tender membranes.

“Okay, take a deep breath. One…two…three…” He pulled her head towards him as he gently flexed forward, his cock sliding right into her hot tight throat.

“Oh fuck, yesssss,” he hissed, her throat embracing him like a hot buttery fist. She gave off a low moan, the sound emanating from deep in her throat and pulsing right through his driving prick. He pulled her mouth slowly towards him, inch by inch, until finally, her pursed lips were pressed up against his abdomen. “Swallow.” She obeyed immediately, the luxurious sensation running the full length of his cock. Without being told, she swallowed again, the rippling massage making his dick throb even more. He slowly flexed his hips backward, and she moved with him willingly. They got into a smooth rhythm as he long-dicked her throat, the full length of his enormous member sliding in and out of her clutching windpipe. Alan moved his hands downwards, wrapping her fingers around her slender throat as he face-fucked her. He loved feeling her throat bulge in and out beneath his fingers, his long hard cock filling her windpipe with each driving thrust.

Rachel had never felt her throat so full in her life, but it felt wonderful, knowing she was bringing him as much pleasure as she could. She loved him taking control like this, possessing her, working her mouth and throat as he pulled her head back and forth, getting ready to feed her his potent seed. She could feel her pussy gushing again, her body tingling on the edge of orgasm.

Alan couldn’t believe how hot and tight her throat was, and how easily she’d taken every last inch. She swallowed time and again, her clutching throat pulling at him, wanting him to go deeper, to fill her completely. She had her hands on his hips, pulling him even closer as she sucked him ravenously. He felt the semen speeding up the shaft of his cock, and knew exactly where he wanted this load.

“Aaaahhh,” she gasped as he levered his hips backwards, his rigid erection popping out of her mouth wetly. He quickly wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock and pointed it right at her face, just as the first thick rope of brilliant white cum jettisoned forth.

“Yesssss,” Rachel hissed as the flashing ribbon of cum pasted itself up the full length of her face, from her chin right up into her hair. A second rope of cum burst forth, this one pasting itself against her cheek. She felt herself start to come, her body trembling and shaking like crazy as he continued to shoot, painting her face with his thick milky cum. He pumped his surging prick, moving the spitting tip all over her face, the ribbons and wads of cum crisscrossing her face in a bizarre mosaic. Rachel stuck her fingers back between her legs, her pussy absolutely dripping as she hurriedly fingered herself, climaxing again as his spunk rained down on her pretty face. He absolutely pasted her face, the warm thick cum feeling luxuriously warm and heavy on her skin. She was gasping and quivering when he finally finished, dropping the oozing head of his cock right back into her mouth, letting her eagerly lap up the final few drops.

“Oh fuck, that was unreal,” Alan said as he looked down at her, the pudgy girl nursing wantonly at his dripping cockhead. He let her continue as he slowly recovered, his labored breathing gradually returning to normal. Her face was a total mess, a thorough whitewash of milky cum covering every square inch, the heavy gobs now sliding sluggishly down the sides of her face and neck. The intoxicating scent of his masculine seed hung ripe in the air, like she’d just starred in a bukkake movie. He turned and looked at the clock on his bedside table. “Oh shit, look at the time. I don’t want to miss this session with my trainer.” He pulled his dick out of her mouth and slid off the bed. “You can use the ensuite again. I’ll use the other bathroom. Sorry, but we’ve got to get going.”

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