31 Mayıs 2023

My girlfriend’s best friend_(1)

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My girl and I were sleeping on an air mattress in Karen’s livingroom, visiting the large city where she lived. I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly uncomfortable and thinking of the short, bubbly asian girl sleeping upstairs.
The previous day she had been wearing a short skirt and platform heels the entire day, when I had met her, and nearly every subject we spoke on she connected with sex somehow. My girl knew from the way I had been watching her friend’s legs stroll down the street in front of us that I was probably going to try and fuck her. She also knew that if her old friend said no that it would only be rougher for her. She had thought about warning Karen not to say no, but had decided her slutty friend would probably jump at the unexpected opportunity to get her cunt filled in the middle of the night.
What my sweet, loving girlfriend didn’t know was that I didn’t have that much interest in Karen’s overused vagina, except maybe as a cute little lube dispenser. I had already decided not to ask; Karen is single, so her body belonged to me as much as anyone. And I knew which parts of her I wanted first.
I sat up and took the belt of my pants beside the bed, and a roll of travel duct tape out our bag. I kissed my girl on her cheek while she slept and then headed up the stairs, walking softly. I had seen Karen head up these stairs a few hours before, and I had made sure to look up at the round bouncing butt under her skirt on her way up. Two round cheeks like bubbles, hugged by a tight, black panties.
The door to her room was cracked, and I opened them to see an exhausted Korean girl on top of her covers. Apparently we had worn her out; she had stripped off her shirt, shoes and bra but hadn’t bothered to take off the skirt. She Çankaya Escort was lying face down on top of the covers to escape the heat, her legs just slightly apart with her face resting on her arms.
The duct tape wasn’t for Karen’s mouth. If my girl heard her friend screaming, she’d probably just get wet, and I wanted to hear her scream. My cock was getting hard watching her sleep, peering up her skirt where her smooth round legs met. It was time to get started.
I quietly pulled a length of the duct tape and set it on the bed beside her. Then, in one smooth motion I stepped up on the bed and sat down on her back, pinning her. She began to stir immediately, startled, but she didn’t have any time say anything or try to push me off before I pulled my belt around her throat and pulled it tight.
She had only been awake a second or two, but now she was panicking and thrashing, completely unable to breath. While she struggled I grabbed one wrist and then another, securing them tightly behind her back with the duct tape. Then I let the belt loosen and leaned close to her ear, letting her scream and sob for a moment before I whispered in her ear. I told her she could scream, but if she struggles too much she loses her breathing privileges. I told her she needed her earn breath by being a good girl.
Now she relaxed some and tried to lay still, though still crying and gasping. She was going to get fucked, nothing that bad really, she liked to get fucked, just usually not like this. She only whimpered a little when I pulled her over to the side of the bed and let her legs dangle off, just far enough that her toes barely touched the floor.
Next I yanked the belt tight again and told her to spread Cebeci Escort her legs. She immediately obeyed, desperate for breath, and when I let her inhale again her toes made a cute angle with ground, straining to give her a tiny amount of leverage with her legs spread open. She was trembling as I slowly lifted her skirt and squeezed each of her bouncy round cheeks. I ripped her panties off all at once and admired a surprisingly cute, narrow cunt between her legs, already beginning to drip with pussy juice from the fear and excitement. She wasn’t surprised when I jammed two fingers inside her soft, wet little vagina, but she did whimper and call out to my girlfriend for help.
My girl sleepily called back for her to just be quiet sweetie, my man is just having some fun with you.
Karen was sbocked, helpless and she whimpered pitifully and tried to turn and look at me with my fingers still inside her, roughly poking her shallow cunt until I jammed into her cervix. I smiled at her at then grabbed her hair and shoved her face into the bed. I tightened the belt again and listened to her struggle to breath for a second before whispering to her again.
I told her calling for help counts as struggling, so now she won’t breath for 30 seconds. Her struggling just got worse over the next few seconds, but she seemed more resigned once I pushed the head of my dick into her and slid it back and forth over her clit.
I only let her breath again once I pulled back out and spread her butt cheeks apart, admiring the tight pinpoint butthole above her wet shaved cunt. She only began to thrash and scream again when she felt my lubed up cock press against her virgin pain hole.
As big of a slut as Karen Çukurambar Escort is, she had never let anyone buttfuck her before, only a few had bothered to ask. But now she didn’t have a choice. She could accept her anal rape, or fight it and get choked hard, and still get fucked just as hard in her tight little hole. It was time for her to learn that her anus was a sex hole too, even if she didn’t like it.
I had to tighten down the belt a couple more times while I popped her butthole open, intermittently cutting of her choked sobs. When I felt her pop open her legs jerked in the cutest way, and kept jerking every time I pushed a little further in. She must have felt like I was going to split her open, because every 3rd thrust or so she’d try to lift up again. With no leverage and a belt choking her, she continued to give up and go back to crying.
Finally I was satisfied she wouldn’t try fight it anymore, I took my hand off the belt and spread her cheeks open again, driving the second half of my cock, unlubed, into her tight, velvety asshole all at once.
One thing I have always loved about rape; there is no need at all to consider the girl. I enjoy her butthole while she lays strained and spread open, humiliated and struggling to breath.
When I entered her fully she finally gave up on trying to reach the ground and her legs folded up behind her, trying to close them while her cute little toes curled in pain. Now her screams got higher and more anguished, and they only got more desperate as I pulled in and out of her, thrusting deeper and harder and ripping her up.
Then I shot a load of cum up her ass, kissed her on the cheek and pulled out. I used adjacent bathroom to clean up and left her with cum and blood dripping into her pussy and down her thighs. I could hear her sobs when I went back downstairs and back to sleep.
She was still in the same position in the morning when we left. My girl also kissed and told her thanks for having us, and for giving her man a good time, they’d be in touch soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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