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Vietnam Vet and Catholic Girl Pt. 01

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It was 1970. The wounded Marine came home with more baggage than he could carry. His greeting in California was less than cordial and when applying for work, he was turned away more than he could handle.

It was with this attitude that he went clubbing one night. He ran into an old girlfriend from HS and after a short conversation, she had someone she wanted him to meet.

Reluctantly, Rob followed her to a table of three other girls. Jill (girl from HS) introduced him to two of the girls and then said, “I especially want you to meet Suzanne.” She was a small blonde with pretty blue eyes and he said, “hi.”

Suzanne motioned to an empty chair and he sat beside her. They made small talk, danced, and between dances Rob was chugging Rum & Cokes on a steady basis. He noticed Suzanne slowly sipping at her drink. When they slow danced, Rob could feel her melt in his arms. He could feel her tits on his chest as he shoved his stiff cock into her belly. When they were ready to go, he took her hand and led her to his Etimesgut Escort 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback, a gift he paid for himself when he returned from Vietnam.

In the car, thing got hot and heavy. She was shy at first, constantly battling his hands until he won out. Her mouth was hot and yielding as his hands unbuttoned her blouse. He played with her bra covered tits until he found the front clasp. Her tits lept out and he was surprised just how big they were for a small girl. He licked and sucked her nipples until she moaned his name.

“Oh, Rob. You are making me so hot!!” Her nipples were hard as he reached between her legs. She stopped him.

He said, “what, are you going to be a cock teaser?”

She softly said, “no Rob. We just met tonight. Please give me some time!!”

He angrily told her, “I only live for the moment, for the now. If you are going to hold back, get the fuck out.”

She could see the rage in his eyes. She tried to calm Etlik Escort him, but he had set the bar, and she wasn’t ready. She was crying as she dressed. She got out of his car, handing him a card with her number on it. She said, “Rob, please call me,” and handed it to him. He refused to take it so she dropped it in the seat. She watched as he sped away.

Rob drank steadily the next two weeks and once again, found himself in a familiar night club. He was wasted. He saw his old girlfriend and her blonde friend. After a few minutes, he stumbled over and said hello. They could tell he was in no shape to drive and asked if they could help him get home. Rob surprised himself when he said, “yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” That was the last thing he remembered.

When he woke up the next morning, his slacks were past his knee’s, and there was pink lipstick rings around his cock. There was also a note from Suzanne, apologizing for being “a cock tease” and explaining Eve Gelen Escort that she was only 19, inexperienced, but willing to learn. She also left her phone number!!

When Rob sobered up he called Suzanne. He was surprised how quiet her voice was when she said hello. “Suzanne, this is Rob. I wonder if you have any idea who sucked my cock last night?”

He heard a gasp and she said, “can we talk about this someplace other than the phone?”

Rob said, “sure, where do you want to meet?”

She said, “how about going to the drive-in tonight?” Rob thought this was HS shit, but agreed. She told him her address and what time to pick her up. When the hung up Rob lay back and stroked his cock. He thought, tonight this cock will be stretching some young pussy.

At 6:30 Rob pulled up to the address given, gunned the motor of his Mustang Fastback, and then saw a vision of beauty running to his car. Her hair was long, very long, and blonde. She had on a short, white, summer dress and her tan reminded him of the hippies he saw in magazines while in Vietnam.

When Suzanne sat in his bucket seat, he noticed she had on pink lipstick. She leaned to kiss him on the cheek and he said, “did you suck my cock last night?”

She blushed, and said, “yes, but can I explain?” He nodded, and she began talking fast.

End of Part 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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