1 Aralık 2022

I like being tied down

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I like being tied down
As I have got older I have more and more liked being tied down. My husband often, at my request, ties me to the bed with arms and legs spread wide, nothing is left to the imagination. Just the thought of being tied makes me wet. I recall one situation a few years ago when he was expecting a friend of his to call, this friend, Rob, has fucked me many times, all with my husbands OK. One of me stories on here is about a threesome that I had with my husband and Rob.
So this evening I said to my husband would you tie me to our bed with my legs spread wide and my arms tied back to the bed, and put a blindfold on me. Then leave me on the bed with the door open and should Rob need to use the toilet he would see me tied down and ready. My husband agreed and tied me with my legs spread so wide, I lay back and waited, and waited and waited. I was so wet that I was sure that my juices were running down my thighs.
Then I heard someone walking towards the toilet, footsteps stopped at my door, and the I heard the person come in, and close the door behind them, I did’nt kaçak iddaa say anything but could sense whoever it was (Rob) getting closer to me.
Then I felt a tongue on my clit, the tongue then went deep inside my cunt, it slipped in easy as I was so wet, then my clit was nibbled as a finger slipped deep inside, I could not help myself, I just came.
The head and tongue pulled away and I felt the head of a very stiff cock playing with my cunt and clit, then the cock pulled back and pushed deep inside of me – after cumming on a tongue I knew that I was ready to cum again after a good fucking, the cock drove deeper and deeper into me and I was easily taking it all. I have had my tubes tied so there was no need for condoms, I love the feeling of cum squirting into me, love being filled with cum after a good fucking. We both shuddered as I came yet again and lay there quietly as his cock throbbed in my cunt.
He slowly and easily withdrew and I felt his still hard cock at my lips, I could smell his cum and my juices and took it all in my mouth, it was big, and I thought kaçak bahis this is not Rob, it is my husband, I licked and swallowed his cum and my juices, it was all so horny and I was becoming wet again, I thought that I would never be satisfied, he came again, with almost as much force as the first time, I could feel the squirts of cum hitting the back of my throat, mmmm.
He withdrew and I felt his lips on mine and his tongue deep in my mouth, God it was the prefect finish, he slowly lifted the blindfold and kissed me harder. He sat up and it was not Rob, neither was it my husband, he was much younger, I had fucked a complete stranger. I had let a stranger look deep inside of my cunt, I had let him taste it, nibble it and fuck it. I had taken his load in my cunt and then taken his cock in my mouth and taken another load. I had swallowed a strangers cum.
Who was it, well it appears that it was a nephew of Rob, he was only 18 and this was his first full on sexual experience. No wonder he could keep cumming like that!
I asked him to untie me turned to face him and güvenilir bahis sat on his lap with a leg each side of him, he was still hard so I eased him into me again and fucked him with me on top, I put my nipples in my mouth and slid my finger up his bum, it slid in so easily with all the juices. We came together and I gave him a long hard kiss. I just wanted you to experience what it is like when the woman can fully respond, I told him. I want you to know thatt I really enjoyed it, especially when I knew who your are. I hope that you put the experience to good use.
He got up and dressed and went out to join the others, I put on a t-shirt, I was wearing only stockings and went out with him to join my husband and Rob.
Well,, that was a surprise, and an experience, I said, thank you for sending me such a sex machine. We thought that it was time for him to experience a real woman, they said. I told them that I was prepared for another threesome with you guys but Troy has drained every bit of strength and juice from me. I sat astride a stool showing my wet and drained cunt showing them what they had missed. Unfortunately because Troy and I were in the bedroom with a closed door there were no photos. But here are some tied down photos from other occasions to show what he saw on his way to the toilet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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