4 Aralık 2022

Just Stop By and Check on Me

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Just Stop By and Check on Me
So, here’s more stuff that happened!

My parents went out of town for a long weekend. They asked a friend of theirs to come to our house and check on me periodically while they were away. Thing is, she’s soooooooo gorgeous! She told me that she was 53, and I’m like, no way!

So, my parents left on a Wednesday, and they were coming back on Sunday. So, yay! I got the house to myself for 5 days! I could do anything I wanted! I was so excited!

So, Wednesday, I had all to myself. I watched movies, danced around the house, it was so much fun!

But, Thursday, it really got fun! Ms K came to the door to “check on me”. I answered the door and invited her inside. I knew she would stop by and I always loved her visits. She was always so nice to me. She gave me a big hug and I squished myself into her big soft boobs. I giggled and she gently placed her hand on my head and pressed me into her even more. I squealed with delight. She let go of me and we sat on the couch. She put her arm around me and I leaned into her shoulder.

“You know, your parents said that I should come by and check to see that you were ok a few times while they were gone.”

“Uh huh! I’m happy you’re here!” I noticed it when she came in, she was carrying a bag too big to be her purse. “What’s that?” I pointed to it and nuzzled my cheek on her shoulder.

“That, my sweet little girl, is my overnight bag. I have a couple changes of clothes in there and some things that we can have some fun with too.”

My eyes went wide and I squealed. “You’re staying here with me??!”

“Yes, sweetheart, I’m just going to stay here with you. I’m sure we will have lots of fun.” OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I squealed even louder! I jumped into her lap and kissed her! OMG! I did that! She grabbed my butt and looked into my eyes. “Yes, lots of fun.” Then she patted my butt and told bet siteleri me to stand up and take me to my bedroom.

“OK! Follow me!” I was so giddy. She followed me up the stairs and into my messy bedroom.

“My goodness, just look at this mess! You have to clean this up this instant.” She scolded me. I frowned and started picking up my clothes from the floor and put them in my hamper. I was shuffling around the room, sad from being scolded. “Now, you come here and sit with me on your bed.” I listened and sat next to her. She started twirling my hair in her fingers and rubbing my stomach through my shirt. I just kinda squished into her cuz it all just felt so nice.

“I got a new dress the other day! Wanna see it?!” I squeaked. I was so excited that Ms K had come to stay with me, that I couldn’t even talk like a human.

“Of course I do sweet girl.” I jumped up and ran to the closet and got my new dress. It was a little green dress with thin straps and a short skirt.

“Oh, that’s lovely. Why don’t you try it on for me?” I blushed and started to undress. She grinned while she watched me, crossing her legs while she was sitting on my bed. She was just wearing jeans and a tshirt, but she looked so pretty! And there I was, in just a bra and panties. I kinda just stood there.

“I really don’t think that dress will look right with that bra on. You should take it off or change it to a new one without straps.” I blushed even more and just took the bra off. She motioned for me to come to her and I walked over to her.

She looked at me all over and then her hands. OMG her hands! She started sliding them all over me. I kinda squealed / moaned or… something. It sounded super weird to me. She chuckled and kept on groping me. Then she pulled me onto her lap and got more… ummm… aggressive with me? Her hands were squeezing and grabbing pinbahis giriş instead of rubbing and caressing. I would squeak sometimes when she squeezed hard, but she didn’t slow down, like she didn’t hear or particularly care if what she was doing made me uncomfortable. She told me to stand up again and I did.

“Now, let’s see that pretty little dress on my pretty little girl.” I put on the dress and she said, “ohhhhhhhhhh, now aren’t you just adorable. I want you to do something for me. Take your little panties off and hand them to me.”

I blushed, then did as I was told. She took them and inspected them. They were just regular panties, I dunno. She slipped them into her pocket. OMG! Was she going to give them back? Then she placed her hand in between my legs and started rubbing. I squeaked and kinda shied away. She gave me this look, OMG. She glared. And I just moved right back to where I was and she went back to rubbing my bare pussy.

She stood up and whispered into my ear, “Let’s go get something to eat.” I nodded and smiled. She was going to take me out to eat! Yay! I went to my dresser to get some panties to wear, but she stopped me. “No no no no. No panties little girl. You’re going out without them today.”

“But but but but, someone might see! Ms K, please don’t make me!” I whined.

“No whining either.” She caressed my cheek and then gave me a little slap. OMG! She could be mean! I nodded and shut the dresser drawer. We went downstairs and outside to her car. I felt like every neighbor could see that I wasn’t wearing panties. I clung to her arm and we got into her car. We drove to the restaurant. It seemed soooooooooo far away. I’d never been to wherever we went. We went inside and I kept clinging to her since I felt everyone could see me without my panties. We got a booth in a corner and started looking online bahis at the menu.

I felt her foot slide up the inside of my leg. “Move your legs apart.” I just obeyed and her foot went up to my crotch and rubbed. I squirmed and looked around to see if anyone noticed. No one was looking at us, so I guess no one noticed. The waitress came to our table and we ordered stuff. Then Ms K went right back to rubbing my pussy with her foot. She didn’t stop when our food was brought out! She just kept going, and even after the server left, she called them back to get another drink! OMG! They could see! I know they could!

We ate quickly and she paid. Then she stood up and told me to come with her to the bathroom. I followed her and we got inside a stall. She lifted up my dress and told me to hold it up. I did and she went into her purse and took out a dildo. My eyes went big and she put it in her mouth! OMG! What was she doing!? Then she took it out and moved it down in between my legs. And in it went! I squealed! She started pushing it in and out right there in the bathroom stall! OMG! Someone could come in and see our feet under the stall! She kept going and I started moaning and shaking. OMG! OMG! I felt like I was going to fall over so I grabbed onto Ms K to keep myself from falling. Then I moaned WAY too loud. I was cumming! Intensely! Like shaking and squealing and moaning and groaning. Ms K kept thrusting the dildo into me even though I was cumming! I felt so overwhelmed.

She finally took it out and brought it up to my lips. I just opened without even being told. She pushed it into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged, I even spit up a lot of drool. Some got on my dress and some got on Ms K’s shirt. She chuckled and said, “my goodness, look at this messy little girl. What fun”. I was so embarrassed. She took the dildo away and wiped it clean on my dress then put it in her purse. OMG! She just wiped it off on my new dress!

Then we walked out and went back to my house.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more stuff happened at my house, but that’s for next time!

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