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Futa Naked In School 05 – Futa’s Naked Passion Chapter 2: Stacie’s Naughty Teacher Passion

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Futa Naked In School – Futa’s Naked Passion

Chapter Two: Stacie’s Naughty Teacher Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Stacie Ward’s Week, Thursday

Miss Castellano was the only thing making my week attending Rogers College naked bearable.

It wasn’t going naked in the Program that was the problem. In fact, I should have been up to my eyeballs in pussy thanks to the Program. Hell, I didn’t even mind avoiding that for my girlfriend if Meaghan wasn’t so clingy to me. If she wasn’t around, she had one of her host of friends to babysit me. They walked me two and from classes, glaring at any of the girls who tried to get close to grope my cock. They always kept their hands to themselves, probably because there were at least two around.

She had so many friends.

There was at least one in all of my classes, just keeping an eye on me, making sure I didn’t ask for relief from any of the willing and nubile girls I knew. Only Meaghan could do that.

And I only had her for one class right after lunch.

Not that Meaghan wasn’t affectionate, but I just felt like I was her favorite toy when she was sucking on my cock or riding my futa-dick. I was captain of the swim team. A lot of girls found me hot. I had more than my share of fun over the fall semester, enjoying most of the girls who’d gone naked for a week at least once.

Miss Castellano was so different.

My illicit relationship with my swim coach had blossomed Monday afternoon during practice. What started as her giving me a blowjob so I could swim without an erection blossomed into something wild. In the shower, she’d shown her interest n me. This older woman, this Latina beauty, ached for me.

How could I say no?

I couldn’t.

I surrendered to her. I fell to my knees and ate out her pussy. It was against the rules. She could help me out during practice, but after, alone in the locker room, she was a member of staff taking advantage of a student. Never mind that my futa-cock wanted to be in her pussy so bad. Never mind that I ate her pussy to a screaming orgasm before fucking her hard.

It was wrong. Taboo.

Morning practice was over and my futa-dick ached hard. My pussy dribbled juices, the cream lost to the chlorine water running down my body from the pool. Every Thursday, we had morning practice, trading off with the girl’s team.

This was an important one. We had a meet tonight. I planned on leading my team to winning as many medals as possible.

I needed to be relaxed and loose. Thank goddess for Miss Castellano.

She was already beneath the spray, the water spilling down her golden-brown skin. Dark hair glistened as it clung to her shoulders and neck, nearly black. Her gorgeous rump wiggled as she looked over her shoulder at me.

I had to use the opposite gender’s facilities. All the other futas on the team went to their locker room, but I had to use this one. All alone with the coach. Her ass wiggling, beckoning me on. I groaned, hurrying to her.

The last four days were amazing because of my sexy teacher. She had a decade on me in age, and that made her wild. Sexy. She knew how to please a futa. Best part, she didn’t stare at me like I was an object.

She stared at me with those smoky eyes of a woman needing her futa badly.

“We don’t have much time before your first class,” she moaned. “Just slam it in me. I’m so wet! It was so hot watching you swim naked through the water. Your form… Ooh, Stacie.”

I reached her, the steam of the shower washing around me. She clutched the central pillar, a metal shaft thrusting up with five nozzles circling it. No privacy here. It was so open. I felt so naughty as my hands grabbed her hips and pulled her rump towards me.

She had a gorgeous ass.

My heartbeat quickened as my futa-dick nudged into her upper thigh. I groaned at the contact, the pleasure tingling down to my pussy. I made a quick adjustment. I pressed my cock down, sliding it through her bush and pressing it against her shaved pussy.

She let out a wanton moan. Her entire body shook. It was an incredible treat to feel her hot skin against me. My heart beat so fast. I just wanted to ram into her.

So I did.

I buried into my coach’s pussy. She gasped, her cunt squeezing down around me. I pressed my small breasts into her back, the shower spray soaking my dyed-purple hair. The chlorine washed off of me, leaving only the scent of her body behind as I drew back my cock.

“Stacie!” she groaned, her pussy clenching around my girl-dick. “Oh, Stacie, yes, yes!”

“Valeria,” I groaned, using her first name while we were alone. While I was in her.

“My big futa!” she moaned, her back arching, rubbing her wet skin into my aching nipples.

I nuzzled into her wet hair to kiss her neck. I licked her skin as I fucked into her juicy twat. She gripped me, the pleasure racing down my body. I groaned, my heart thundering in my chest. I pumped away at her. I fucked her hard and fast. I pounded her pussy, reveling in the delicious grip of her cunt around my cock.

“Oh, yes, yes!” she moaned, her hips undulating, stirring her pussy around my shaft. “That’s it! That’s what I need! Fuck me, Stacie. I need to cum after watching you swim. You’re such a beautiful futa!”

“You’re a gorgeous woman,” I panted. “Goddess, I love your tits.”

I seized her heaving tits, squeezing those lush, plump mounds. My hands played with them while her pussy clenched around my girl-dick. I groaned as the pleasure raced down them. That wicked heat that made me ache and gasp.

I pumped faster and faster into her depths. We both burned for each other. I could feel her passion boiling around me. My crotch smacked into her bubbly ass. I sucked on her neck, loving her as she gasped and moaned.

“My sexy futa!” she moaned. “My strong swimmer! ¡Madre de Diosa! The things you make me feel, Stacie!”

“I know!” I groaned, my fingers digging into her flesh. I’d never had a woman like her in my life. She was incredible. She had my heart pounding in my chest. It thundered with my every hard plunge into her flesh.

My crotch smacked into her rump. I pounded into her hard and fast. I buried my dick into her juicy pussy with powerful thrusts. She groaned, clenching around me. Her juicy pussy clung to my shaft. She massaged me, bringing my futa-cock closer and closer to erupting in her.

I slammed into her and she hissed out in delight. Her pussy clenched down around me, increasing the friction. I groaned, my fingers slipping up her breasts to find her nipples. I twisted them as I drew back.

“¡Mi linda!” she gasped in Spanish. The words poured out of her lips sounding liquid, beautiful, but too fast for me to understand.

I didn’t need to. Her body told me.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock. That wonderful, delicious, juicy writhe of hot cunt engulfed my clit-dick. I thrust into her, savoring the feel of her depths boiling around me. Her passion drew on me as she cried my name.

“Stacie! Stacie!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, slamming hard into her. I buried to the hilt in her cunt. “Oh, Valeria! Damn!”

I erupted into her.

This amazing pleasure surged through me with each blast of my futa-cum into her pussy. My own cunt convulsed. Cream gushed down my thighs as my jizz spurted over and over into her writhing depths. Her flesh milked me.

My passion soared. I threw back my head. I grunted and groaned. I held Valeria tight. I hugged my sexy coach as her pussy milked my cock. This wonderful delight rippled through me. I nuzzled into her neck, nibbling on her jaw, wanting to revel in her passion until the end of time.

Her head turned. Our lips met in a kiss as she milked my cock. I groaned into her, twerking her nipples as the final spurt of my jizz fired into her pussy. I trembled as I held her. I savored the kiss, my heart pounding.

Such heat rippled through me.

She was amazing.

She broke our kiss. “Mmm, you should go. You have to get to class.”

“Yeah,” I groaned. “And Meaghan’s waiting.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, looking away. The water had died at some point, on a timer. She hit the nozzle again, letting the spray splash into her face as I pulled out of her pussy. The water ran down her body, diluting the cum bubbling out of her pussy and washing it down her legs to the drain.

I sighed. If only she wasn’t my coach. Wasn’t a teacher.

I drew off as she kept showering then I grabbed my schoolbag and sauntered naked out of the locker room. Meaghan was waiting down the hall, her short, brassy hair framing her cute face. She wasn’t a bad girl. She was fun. I had a blast with her over Winter Break, it was just…

She darted to me and seized my arm, her fingernails biting into my skin moment before she gave me a hungry kiss. Her green eyes sparkled with possessive delight. She looked me up and down, her head cocking to the side before she took my arm.

“You’re glowing,” she said.

“Good practice,” I told her as we headed towards the main building. I was glad all the buildings were connected by hallways.

Going outside naked would suck in January.

“You are going to win tonight,” she said, clutching my arm tight as we walked. “I just know it.”

“Yeah, we are.”

“And I’ll be cheering you on,” she said, beaming at me.

I smiled back. She wasn’t bad at all. I just had to get through the Program week, then she could relax. Miss Castellano was just… just some fun. A way for the two of us to relieve the stress that me going naked was causing. Nothing more.

It grew harder to keep smiling as I walked beside Meaghan.

Girls saw us and just looked away as Meaghan glared. Passing futas made whipping motions and shook their heads. Shelena smirked at me then said to one of her teammates, April Gore, “I can’t wait for my weak in the Program. I’m going to get şişli bayan escort so much pussy. They’re going to lining up to ride my dick. Biggest on campus.”

“Isn’t that Candice?” I asked, glaring at the futa-cunt. “I heard that freshman’s got a bigger dick than you.”

“Ginny is fucking lying!” Shelena snarled, her face twisting.

“Ginny?” I asked. “I heard she turned you down. Laughed when she saw how small your dick was. She’d rather ride that nerd’s cock than yours.”

A passing girl burst into laughter.

“I should kick your ass,” Shelena muttered.

“Right here,” I said, smacking it.

Meaghan giggled beside me. “Mmm, my futa will cock-whip you.”

“Lucky you’re in the Program,” Shelena muttered and stalked off.

I shook my head, putting the cunt out of my mind. Too many girls gushed over that futa. At least Meaghan wasn’t one of them.

When we reached her class, she threw her arms around me and gave me a hot kiss. My futa-dick throbbed into her belly. Her round breasts pressed into mine, my hard nipples drinking in the silky feel of her bodice.

“Mmm, now no fooling around for you today,” she said, licking her lips. “You got to focus on winning.”

“I’m going to win,” I said then groaned as her two friends, Kassy Quickley and Reina Vela appeared, both smiling.

“Guards,” I muttered to them in mocking greeting.

Meaghan giggled. “They’re your protection. Keep all those hussies from poaching my futa-dick.” She gave me another kiss. “Love you.”

“Yeah,” I muttered then glanced at Reina. “Well, shall we get to Art?”

My sexual tension mounted throughout the day. My dick had that ache to it by the end of first period. Miss Castellano—Valeria—burned through my thoughts. I struggled to pay attention while my pussy grew juicy and my futa-dick hard.

My escort, Janice Simms and Maritza Esparaza, marched me to my next class. It was PE. After storing my things in the locker room, I headed to the gym under Janice’s watchful eye. After the class assembled, Coach Hamps, setting up volleyball, glanced at me asked, “Are you going to want relief today, Stacie?”

Janice gave me a dangerous look.

“I’m good,” I said, ignoring my throbbing dick and aching hardon.

And the interested look from Ludmila Sykora glancing at my cock. She licked her lips as she squirmed in her seat. I groaned, my pussy getting juicier. I sat down and struggled, but it was hard with that delight leaking out of me.

I wished that I was used at an example somehow in third class. But technical writing didn’t have a lot of good uses for sex as part of the lesson, but I needed someone to touch me. It would be a reasonable request, something I had to do.

Meaghan couldn’t get mad and I could get my fucking ovaries off.

I was a horny daze when lunch arrived. My dick’s tip felt so swollen. I groaned when I spotted Meaghan sweeping through the halls to me. She grinned at me, darting forward, her hair swaying about her face.

“There’s my swim champ,” she said. “Mmm, and your cock looks so hard.”

It almost sounded like, “Mmm, my cock looks so hard.”

“I need relief,” I groaned.

“I don’t know,” she said, stroking my shaft as the other students moved around us. I spotted a group gathering ahead. Kalena Apikalia, the sophomore cheerleader, was getting fucked against the wall, gasping, moaning, crying out in bliss in delight, fucked hard by Shelena of all people. The Quarterback grunted and groaned, her face twisted in passion.

“Damn,” muttered Tanisha, another futa on the football team. She led her two sex slaves, a futa and her sister named Charisma and Krysten. They both wore collars and leashes, both dressed in fishnet stockings today and booty shorts, leather bras around their tits. The futa and her little sister held hands, looking so happy.

The Program was changing my college.

“I need it,” I told Meaghan. “Real bad.”

“Mmm, okay,” she said. “For the swim champ.”

Her lips met mine for a moment, hot and naughty, then she fell to her knees in the hallway. She’d gone through the Program the last week before winter break. She’d lost any modesty then. She engulfed my cock and sucked.

She stared up at me with those green, possessive eyes.

I groaned, picturing Miss Castellano sucking my dick, her hazel eyes warm.

Meaghan sucked hard. She bobbed her head. Her fingers stroked my pussy lips. My futa-dick ached and throbbed in her mouth. I groaned, my heart racing as she slid her lips up and down while students passed by.

“Cute ass,” purred Tatyana. The head cheerleader smacked my ass as she passed.

Meaghan sucked harder. Her fingers jammed hard into my pussy. I gasped at the intrusion, my flesh squeezing around them. I groaned and swayed, my smaller breast jiggling as my girlfriend sucked with such passion on my cock and pumped her digits in and out of me.

“Damn,” Meaghan,” I groaned, staring down at her smoldering, green eyes.

Her tongue danced around my cock as her cheeks hollowed. My pussy clenched on her fingers. Pleasure rippled through me. My cock, denied relief for so long, swelled towards my orgasm. My tip ached and throbbed.

I closed my eyes and pictured Miss Castellano.

Valeria sucked my dick with her delicious passion. She pleasured me with such delight. Her tongue ran around my cock buried in her hot mouth. Her fingers pumped in and out of my juicy pussy. The naughty, Latina woman sucked with hunger, eager for my cum to erupt.

I couldn’t hold back. Not with the hours of being hard, of aching for Valeria’s touch. I grabbed Meaghan’s hair, gripping her strands. She moaned about my cock as I thrust forward, burying my dick to the hilt in her mouth.

“Va… Yes!” I gasped, catching myself as I erupted. “Meaghan, yes!”

My hot cum pumped into Meaghan’s mouth. I groaned, my pussy convulsing around her fingers. She pumped them in and out of me, stirring me up while she gulped down all my cum. She swallowed it with hunger. She sucked down every drop brimming in my ovaries. I swayed, my heart pounding through my chest from the rapture she gave me.

“Damn,” I groaned, so glad for the relief. “Thank you.”

Meaghan popped her mouth off my dick. “Mmm, you’re welcome. You’re going to win tonight, you know that.”

Buzzing with bliss from the orgasm, I groaned, “Yes, I am. You’re a good girlfriend, you know that?”

“And your an amazing futa-girlfriend,” she told me and kissed me, her lips salty with my cum.

I just had to get through this week. The rest of today, the match, and tomorrow. Then things would go back to normal. Meaghan could calm down, and what happened between Miss Castellano and me could be forgotten.

I devoured lunch. I needed calories for the match. Meaghan shook her head as she nursed her salad while I packed away the food. Especially meat. I needed protein for the match. I would be kicking ass this evening.

My last three classes passed easier. I was more focused on swimming than on my futa-dick. I was imagining the strokes, my form. I was picturing my dive, how I would move. I went over the relay race in my mind. I got as ready as I possibly could for it.

Meagan appeared to escort me to the gym. She had a big grin on her face. “You are going to be the best.” She glanced at some of the girls staring at me. “Back off. Our swim champ needs to have all her stamina.”

Her hand slid down to cup my as like she owned it.

What was I going to do about Meagan? Would she go back to being normal once this week was over? If she wasn’t—if she was going to act like this all the time, jealous of any girl who got close—what was the point of dating her?

Why be with a girl who didn’t trust me? It seemed insane.

She escorted me to the locker room. My stomach writhed. The other futas were heading inside, nodding to me. I turned to face Meagan. She had a big grin on her lips. She cupped my face and gave me a quick, almost chase, kiss.

“You’re going to be amazing. I’m going to be cheering you on to victory.”

“I know,” I said, feeling the nerves beginning.

“You should get in there,” she said. “Get pumped with your team.”

“Well, I mean, I have to use the girls’ locker room.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to be in there?” she asked. “Miss Castellano?”

My futa-cock twitched as the older woman’s beautiful face flashed through my mind.

“You need to be with your team right now.”

“Yeah,” I said. If I saw the Hispanic beauty… “I need to focus.”

“Mmm, you are going to be great.” Meagan planted a final kiss on my lips, then she spun around and darted off, waving at me.

I headed into the futa’s locker room.

“Hey, are you allowed to be in here?” Letizia asked when I walked in. The Italian freshman had a cocky look on her lips. “I thought you needed your ovaries intact, and since Meagan has yours…”

“Is that why you’ve been showering in the girls’ locker room after practice?” asked Lalita asked me. The Indian futa worked up her purple, one-piece swimsuit over her body. The Lycra stretching over her breasts.

“I thought she was just perving on the coach,” said Pearle. “I hope to get chosen.”

“Naw, the coach doesn’t shower,” said Letizia. The eighteen-year-old futa was feisty. “I know, I tried.”

I almost said something, commenting about a real futa would attract Miss Castellano’s attention, but I swallowed it back. No one could know what happened in there. My stomach twisted. After the meet would be the last time. We didn’t have practice tomorrow, and come Monday, I’d be out of the Program and using the futas’ locker room.

“Letizia, can you swim as fast as you run that mouth?” I asked.

“I’ll swim circles around you, Stacie,” she said, a big grin on her face. “We’re going to kick those Bethel inbreed cunts!”

“Yeah, we are,” said Lalita. She grinned, her swarthy şişli escort features twisted in joy. “We are lean and mean.”

“They’re going to freak out when they see Stacie standing naked with her cock out, hard and ready to fuck their girlfriends when this is over,” said Asuka, a Japanese futa with a big smile.

“Meagan better not find out,” Letizia said. “Or she’ll cut Stacie’s dick right off.”

The other futas laughed. I smiled and shook my heads. We were pumped. We were ready to get out there and win.

We joked, we laughed, we stayed loose until it was time. Then we headed out to the event led by coach Castellano. She was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a tank top, looking so hot. It was hard to keep my dick under control.

The stands were packed, my fellow students on the right, the Bethel dweebs on the left mixed in with the students from the other three schools participating, Washington University, Sumner College, and Stadium U. They were the mares, their blue and silver coloring rippling through the stands as they cheered their teams on. I was ready for it, my cock aching.

First up was the 50m freestyle. I was ready to kick some ass in it. I didn’t care that I was naked. The girls squealed when I stepped up to the diving platform. I looked for Meagan, but couldn’t find her in the sea of screaming girls. More than a few flashed their titties at me.

I grinned. I was going to kick ass.

“Lose your suit?” a futa from Bethel asked, her tits stretching out the blue swimsuit she wore.

“Your mom’s waiting at the far end,” I told her. “This way, I can just slide right out of the pool and get to business.”

“You fucking—”

The gun fired and I sprang off while she spluttered in outrage. The cool water engulfed my naked body. I focused on kicking, swimming, my form perfect. I would win. I felt the entire school watching, but it was one set of eyes above all others I felt.

One voice cheering me on that I heard over the splashes.

Coach Valeria Castellano.


“Four medals, Stacie!” whooped Lalita as we left the match several hours later. We all had our metals swinging around our necks. “Three of them golds! Damn, you kicked ass today.”

“I know!” I said. It was a big meet. I swam six different races. I was feeling so pumped as we walked out. The other teams were using the guest locker room. We had our own. “And you. Two gold and a silver. Nice!”

“Letizia killed it in the relay race,” said Pearle. “Damn, you got us off to a start.”

The freshman beamed at us. She had only one metal, a silver, but that was still impressive for just starting out. I took first place in the 50m freestyle, 100m backstroke, and took second in 150m freestyle. I was a little winded by then, but it was still a great performance.

Ayame took the gold in that one, the Japanese futa looking proud. It was her first gold.

My fourth medal was four our team winning the freestyle relay. I was the captain, so I was awarded the gold for it. I was also the anchor, bringing us home. It was a great race. I was feeling so pumped as I started towards the locker room with the rest of the team, my futa-cock swaying half-hard before me.

“What are you doing, Stacie?” Miss Castellano said.

My cock twitched at the melodic sound of her voice.

My head turned to spy her by the entrance to the girl’s locker room. She looked so sexy in that gym shirt and shorts, her breasts filling out the stretchy top. She had this naughty smile on her face as she vanished inside.

“You were amazing!” Meaghan cheered, rushing down the hall a moment later.

“Thanks,” I told her. “Let me just get showered and cool down. Give me a bit.”

“Sure, sure,” she said. “I’ll be waiting out front celebrating with everyone else. Someone brought fireworks.”

“They better set them off before Principal McTaggart finds out,” I said, my cock swelling harder and harder as I headed for the locker room.

“Yep!” Meaghan called. “You were awesome. My swim champ!”

Maybe I should feel guilty, but this was my last time with Miss Castellano. With Valeria. I didn’t want to waste it. I wanted to enjoy it. I had no practice tomorrow. I would have one last day gong naked, then everything would be normal.

My futa-dick led the way, swollen hard. My pussy dripped juices.

My older lover waited for me in the shower, facing me, the water running across those lush, teardrop-shaped breasts. She licked her lips as I hurried to her, the medals swaying about my shoulders, the cold disks brushing my breasts.

“You were amazing,” she said, shuddering. “I want to give you a treat. Anything. What do you want from me?” She turned around slowly beneath the spray, her body too lush and beautiful for me not to stare in awe.

I licked my lips. “I showed you how good I am at eating pussy, but now… Now I want to show you how well I can eat a girl’s asshole.”

“Oh, my,” she gasped, her eyes widening. The older woman actually looked a little hesitant. A vulnerability appeared in her expression. I felt this intimacy form around us, my heart beating faster and faster. “I’ve never but… with you…”

She nodded and turned around, bending over as she gripped the shower station. She thrust that cute rump out at me. My heart beat faster and faster. This warmth shot through me as I drifted over to her. She was so intoxicating.

How could I give this up?

Why did she have to be my coach?

I fell to my knees behind her, staring up her thighs at her delicious, shaved pussy, then to her taint, and her finally her sphincter peeking out between her golden-brown butt-cheeks. I grabbed her rump and pulled her mounds apart. My tongue flicked over my lips.

My dick throbbed as I leaned in, my pussy aching to be touched, but my hands were busy. I took a long, slow lick through her tangy folds, her cunt cream staining my lips. She let out a shuddering moan. Her rump clenched against my fingers hold her cheeks apart. My heart pounding in my chest as I went higher and higher. I licked across her taint to her asshole.

A sour musk swelled. This wicked, naughty scent. I didn’t care how dirty it was. This was so exciting. My heart pumped rapture through my veins as my tongue darted around her sphincter. I teased her.

“Oh, yes, yes, Stacie!” she moaned. “Madre de Diosa, that’s nice. Ooh, your tongue…”

“You taste good,” I groaned.

“Mmm, you like eating booty, huh?”

“When the woman’s got an ass as gorgeous as yours, Valeria.” I squeezed her rump and swirled my tongue around her asshole. “Just delicious.”

“Wicked futa,” she moaned. “Mmm, yes, I need this.”

My right hand slid from her butt-cheek as I swirled around her sphincter. The sour musk grew as I teased her. I pressed my tongue into her anal ring as my fingers reached the bottom swell of her rump. I slid to my left, following the curve of her rump towards her hot pussy.

She gasped as my tongue penetrated her bowels. I wiggled into her anal sheath. I swirled around in her, teasing her, making her groan and gasp. She shuddered, her butt-cheeks clenching about my face. Then my fingers found her shaved folds.

“Stacie!” she groaned. “You naughty tease. Going to play with my pussy, too, eh?”

“Have to please every bit of you I can,” I groaned. I thrust my fingers into her pussy and my tongue into her asshole.

She gasped out, her pleasure. She undulated her hips and clenched her butt-cheeks about my face as she shuddered. That delicious pussy gripped my fingers sliding into her. My futa-cock throbbed in memory of that wonderful delight. I fluttered my tongue through her anal depths, savoring her dirty taste.

That sour, kinky flavor.

Her pussy gripped my digits, teasing them as I pumped in and out of her. She groaned, her asshole clenching on my tongue. I stared up her supple back, her dark hair swaying as she shuddered through her pleasure.

“Oh, yes, yes,” she groaned. “Oh, you’re amazing, Stacie. Ooh, you’re so good at this.”

My fingers plundered her pussy. I churned her up as my tongue devoured her asshole. Her juices dribbled down to my wrist. They coated my hands. I savored it. This wicked delight soaked them. This hot treat. I pumped them faster and faster in and out of her pussy.

“¡Madre de Diosa!” she groaned, her passion echoing around the room. “You’re so naughty, Stacie! Yes, yes! You’re just so wicked.”

“I know,” I groaned.

I thrust a third finger into her pussy. My thumb rubbed her clit. Her juices soaked my digits. I pumped them in and out of her faster and faster. I reamed her. I plundered her naughty twat, savoring every minute of driving her wild.

She gasped. Moaned. My tongue plundered her asshole. I thrust it in as deep as I could, soaking her in my saliva. I rubbed her bud, her pussy growing hotter and hotter around my fingers. Her hair swept around her back and danced around her shoulders.

It was such a hot sight to behold. She was just so gorgeous it made my dick ache and my pussy itch. I groaned as I stared up her back. She shuddered, her bowels clenching on my tongue. Her pussy gripped my fingers. Her clit throbbed and twitched.

“Yes, yes, right there!” The coach gasped, her voice echoing. “Oh, Stacie, you know what I love. You’re amazing! Yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around my fingers.

Juices gushed out, bathing my hand. Her tangy passion filled my nose. Her bowels rippled around my tongue. I groaned, pulling it out of her asshole while my three digits pumped in and out of her pussy. She bucked and shuddered, soaking me with her cream.

“That’s it,” I groaned. “Mmm, you love that, don’t you. You’re such a naughty coach, Valeria.”

“I am,” she panted. “I just love this. You’re so exciting, Stacie. So different from the others.”

“Other students?”

“Other futas,” she moaned.

My mecidiyeköy escort dick throbbed. This surge of pride shot through me. This wild beat raced through my heart. My cock ached. I wanted to take her. To just rise up and plunge my cock into her asshole. Pussy juices spilled down my thighs as her cunt rippled about me.

She moaned out a final time as her orgasm died. I gave her sphincter a last lick, savoring her sour musk as she just whimpered. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, all three glistening with her juices. I wanted to suck on them.

Held back.

“Mmm, you know how to eat booty,” she groaned. “Oh, wow, that was incredible, you know that, Stacie?”

“I do,” I said, my left hand keeping her butt-cheeks pried apart.

I brought my pussy-soaked fingers to her asshole. I rubbed the cream against her puckered hole. Then I worked two of them in. My futa-dick throbbed and my cunt clenched as I watched her anal ring widen to engulf my digits.

“Oh, you’re getting me ready for your dick,” she whimpered. “Naughty futa.”

I grinned as I worked my fingers deeper and deeper. “You got me. I just want to plunder that asshole.”

“Mmm, go for it,” she moaned. “I want that. Just pound me.”

“Gladly,” I groaned, my futa-dick aching, throbbing. “Just let me loosen you up.”

“Oh, I’m close,” she groaned. “That orgasm… You are special. I really mean that, Stacie.”

My heart beat so fast. I suddenly wanted to say something but was scared of it. These intense emotions ran through me. My heart felt squeezed for a moment. It was almost overwhelming in their intensity.

It was easier just to fuck her. To ignore these feelings. I couldn’t have them. Our passion couldn’t exist outside this room, and I only this last time to use the girls’ locker room.

I ripped my fingers out of her asshole and rose. I pressed my paler futa-dick between her golden-brown butt-cheeks. I groaned at the hot caress of her flesh. I rubbed my cock up and down her crack, savoring the naughty caress, this wicked sensation surged through me as I found her wet asshole.

“Stacie!” she moaned, looking at me over her shoulder. Her hazel eyes glinted with all that passion.

I could fall into those eyes.

“Do it! Fuck my asshole!”

I thrust forward.

Her anal ring stretched and stretched, lubed by her cream and my spit. She shuddered, her back arching. A throaty moan burst from her lips as her sphincter engulfed the tip of my cock. That velvety friction massaged over my dick.

Damn, it was incredible.

I sank more and more of my girl-cock into her asshole. My cunt drank in the sensation. Juices ran down my thighs as I went deeper and deeper into her bowels. I groaned at the pressure around me. That wonderful, velvety grip that held me.

My heart labored in my chest as I penetrated her. I groaned as I slid deeper and deeper into her. She whimpered. Her bowels clenched around me. My girl-dick throbbed in her depths. The massaging pressure of her tight sheath sent such pleasure spilling through me.

“Goddamn, Valeria,” I panted as I bottomed out in her.

“Ooh, you’re big,” she moaned, squeezing around me. “Madre de Diosa, you are a hung futa. I love it.”

I slid my hands around her body, holding her. Stroking her. I let her bowels adjust to my cock. Her hips shifted, her asshole clenching and relaxing around my dick. My heart pounded in my chest as I savored this wonderful delight.

“Ooh, you’re patient, too,” she moaned. “Why do you have to be a student?”

“Don’t say that,” I groaned. “Right now, you’re just Valeria, and I’m just Stacie.”

She turned her head, her eyes gleaming. She nodded her head.

I hugged her tight, rubbing my small breasts into her back as I kissed her over her shoulder. Her lips were so hot against mine. I groaned, her bowels squeezing around my clit-dick. Her body trembled, stirring her asshole around me.

Pleasure flowed through me.

I moaned into the kiss. My hands squeezed her breasts as the pleasure built and built the pressure in my ovaries. She felt ready. It was time to take her. To fuck her hard. To make her feel special. I groaned as I drew back my hips, her bowels clenching about my cock.

Velvety friction set off such a fire inside of me. I groaned as I drew back farther and farther. I pulled back until only the tip of my dick remained gripped in her tight asshole. Our tongues danced as we kissed over her shoulder.

I rammed back into her.

My pussy lips, wrapped around my girl-dick, smacked into her butt-cheeks.

She broke the kiss and moaned out, “Stacie! Stacie, yes!”

I squeezed her breasts, my fingers digging into her plump tits as the intense pleasure shot down my futa-shaft. Her bowels gripped me with such intensity. It was incredible. It had me dizzy as I thrust into her again and again.

“Valeria!” I groaned. “Oh, damn. Oh, goddess, you’re amazing.”

“Sure that it’s not just my ass making you say that?” she moaned, humping back into my thrusts, our flesh smacking hard together.

“It is an amazing ass, but, no!” I slammed into her hard. “Everything about you is the best. I…”

I pushed those feelings down and just thrust my hips. I savored plundering her bowels, letting the pleasure swell over me. My ovaries drank in the friction. My futa-cum brimmed in them while my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

How hot was her twat?

My right hand shot down from her breasts. I crossed her stomach, feeling her flesh quivering as I stroked lower and lower. She whimpered, her bowels squeezing around my dick. Her hips rotated, caressing me, driving me wild.

“Valeria!” I moaned, coming closer and closer to erupting into her. To that magical moment when my cum fired into her body.

“Yes, yes, Stacie!” Then she shuddered as my fingers found her folds. “You naughty futa! Finger my clit! Ooh, make me explode on that big dick! I want to savor it!”

Why did this have to be our last time?

I slammed deep into her. Hard. My fingers danced over her clit. Her hot flesh massaged me as I plundered her again and again. I rammed to the hilt in her, coming closer and closer to making her explode. Her bowels squeezed around me. Her wonderful flesh would take me to the edge of never-ending rapture.

My fingers danced over her bud. My others found her nipple atop her jiggling breast. I twisted it, savoring the increased pressure. The bliss surged through me. I hugged her tight, rubbing my small titties into her back.

My nipples throbbed.

My pussy clenched.

“Valeria!” I groaned. “I love this.”

“Me, too!” she moaned. “Oh, yes! That’s good. I’m almost there.”

I slammed into her hard. I frigged her clit. Our flesh slapped together. The frictions surged down to my ovaries. My pussy clenched as her asshole writhed around me. A heartbeat later, my cum fired into her bowels.

We came together.

Our voices echoed through the locker room as I pumped blast after blast of my cum into her bowels. I flooded her. Stars burst across my vision as this wonderful rapture consumed my mind. I groaned, my heart thundering.

It was incredible.

“Valeria!” I moaned. “I love you!”

“Stacie!” she gasped, twisting her head as my futa-cock spurted more and more jizz into her bowels.

I kissed her over her shoulder as those three words seemed to echo around us. Her bowels milked my girl-dick. Juices gushed down my thighs. The pleasure melted my mind. I groaned, holding her tight. It was so incredible to be in her.

I hit that height of rapture. I hung there, shuddering, groaning. It was wild. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. That I was so lucky to make love to this incredible woman. I was brimming, so full of all this passion. I never wanted it to end. My cock fired that last spurt of futa-cum into her bowels.

My pleasure died.

My hands moved. My arms held her body. She twisted, my cock sliding out of her bowels as she turned around. I kissed her, my softening dick pressing into her belly. My body buzzed from the passion. Our tongues dueled while I stared into her eyes.

I broke the kiss.

“What you said…” she groaned.

“I know,” I said. I was lost in her hazel depths. “I love you, Valeria. This last week has been amazing.”

“You can’t say that,” she said. “This… It will get me fired. No one can know.”

“How will they?” I asked.

“We can’t use the girls’ locker room next week.”

“So we meet outside of the school,” I told her. “Do you want to give this up? This was amazing. You’re amazing?”

“What about Meagan?”

“What about her?” I asked. “We’ve been dating three weeks. And she’s been so clingy since I joined the Program. She has girls spying on me. I tried to pretend this was fun. Tried to pretend I wasn’t feeling anything more than lust, but… but… Tell me, Valeria. Tell me you want to give this up.”

I bored hard into her eyes. I studied them, searching for them. I just saw her passion.

“I don’t,” she moaned. “Stacie, you’re incredible. I don’t care that you’re younger than me. We just have to be careful.”

“We will be,” I told her.

“I love you, Stacie.”

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. I never wanted to leave this locker room. It was our special place and—

“You two-timing, piece of shit! I can’t believe you’re fucking another girl!”

I whirled from Valeria to see Meagan standing in the locker room. Rage mottled her face red. Her brassy hair swung about her. She stared at me with intense, furious eyes. Her nostrils flared with her exhalation.

“I can’t believe this!” she hissed. “What fucking skank are you screwi…” Her words trailed off. “Miss Castellano. You’re fucking a teacher.”

“Meagan, wait,” I gasped.

She whirled around and fled the locker room.

“Fuck,” I muttered. I turned around and saw the terror on my lover’s face. My stomach sank. I’d ruined Valeria’s career. My guts twisted. I felt just like what Meagan called me.

A piece of shit.

To be continued…

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