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Earning Danny Ch. 01

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Jake´s Point of View

This was torture. My name is Jake Moss, I was an 18 year old football player and High School Senior, and I was standing in a forest in the middle of the night a few feet away from the party the football team was throwing to celebrate we had won the last game of the season. The party was epic, it was around a bonfire, there was music and alcohol everywhere, people dancing or just sitting around the fire chatting away, but where was I? I was off to the side amongst the dark trees, while Daniel Morrison, my Danny, best friend and secret crush, was in my arms, crying his eyes out.

I had dreamed of having him in my arms hundreds of times, but always in a more private place and no clothing, but instead, here I was, holding him, my heart breaking along with his.

Danny had arrived at the party with a mutual friend of ours, but once there he immediately went to see one of my teammates, Steven. They were dating in secret, since Steven was still in the closet, but apparently Steven chose that very night to end things, ’cause the next thing I knew, Danny was running off by himself into the woods, crying.

I never understood why Danny was going out with Steven in the first place. You see, Danny had been openly gay since the day I met him in High School, but he wasn’t your typical gay guy. He was average height (5ft 9in), but nothing else about him was average. He had always been athletic. He was on the cross-country team, which awarded him gorgeous muscular legs, and he was also in the swim team, so he kept them beautifully smooth. What he also got from running was his bubble butt. That thing was so big and round all I wanted to do was smack it, or eat it, I wasn´t sure. Probably both.

His torso was just as magnificent. Since he was a swimmer, and a good one at that, I got to see him in tight skimpy Speedos during his matches, and that’s how I knew he had a defined sick pack and well developed, thought not huge, pectorals, broad shoulders and well toned arms. Most importantly, he had the tiniest waist, which only accentuated his butt’s size and roundness, and looking at him walking around half naked, the bathing suit barely covering his mounds of gold and what looked to be an impressive pouch in the front, I was all of two seconds from jizzing my pants.

It wasn’t just his body, though. Danny’s face seemed to have been made from a sculpture. He had a thin face, with a delicate jaw, full pink lips that looked ready to be kissed, a straight nose that people pay to have done, and those huge beautiful blue eyes that you could get lost in. The whole look was completed by his tousled wavy light brown hair that he was constantly brushing off his brow.

Danny was truly perfection impersonated physically and the funniest, most charismatic guy you could ever meet, so I was completely baffled when I followed him into the woods and he told me Steven had broken up with him. What man on his right mind would give up the right to be Danny Morrison’s boyfriend? It made no fucking sense. Especially for the fact that he´d hidden their relationship the whole time. I personally would do anything to get him to notice me. I’d had a crush on him from the moment I laid eyes on him, and I thought he’d be interested, since I’d never had any trouble getting people to notice me, not being bad on the eyes myself, but for some reason, Danny had never seemed to be interested. At first I thought it was because I was supposedly straight, but even when I came out o him, for him, he still treated me like just a friend.

So I just stood there, four years into my crush, playing the role of comforting best friend, while all I wanted was to breathe in his scent and kiss him until I passed out.


Danny’s Point of View

“It´s okay,” Jake said as he rubbed my back with one hand and cradled the back of my head with the other. “It´s okay, Danny,” he said. “I´m here.”

It was strange, but him saying that did help calm me down a whole lot, and I stopped crying, but didn´t let go of him.

“He´s an idiot,” Jake said. “He doesn´t deserve bursa escort you Danny. And you don´t need someone like that. You need someone who can appreciate how wonderful you are. Someone who will never take you for granted. Someone who will tell you every day just how amazing and beautiful you are. You need someone like me.”

I pulled back from his embrace and I stood there, staring at him with wide eyes, leaning against a tree, both of us away from the party by the bonfire.

I was so shocked I couldn’t think of anything to say. What did he mean by that?

“What are you saying, Jake?” I managed to croak out.

“I like you Danny,” he whispered. “I´ve liked you for a long time, and I can´t just sit back and watch you get hurt anymore. You don’t deserve that.”

He made a pause and took both my hands in his, looking straight into my eyes.

“Danny, I promise you, if you give me a chance, I will never hurt you. I will never take you for granted, and I will never hide you from anyone. I would be proud to let everyone know that Danny Morrison is my boyfriend, and I would be a good boyfriend to you. I know I can make you happy Danny. I just need you to give me a chance.”

My mind was going a million miles a minute, trying to imagine being with Jake. Could I honestly be his boyfriend? Everyone knew he was gay now, so I could hold his hand in public. Could I kiss him? Do more? I had never thought of him that way, so I was having a hard time imagining it. Still, being with him I always felt safe, comfortable and confident. When he smiled at me with that beautiful smile of his, he made me feel strange things, good things, so, standing there, looking into his pleading eyes, I asked myself if I could be his boyfriend. The answer? Abso-fucking-lutely.

“Yes,” I said, after what seemed like a long time, but was probably just a few seconds.

“Yeah?” He asked, hope and hesitation written all over his face.

“Yes,” I repeated. “I will give you a chance. I will be your boyfriend.”

His smile was so big and his teeth so perfect and white they almost blinded me.

We stood there for a few seconds, both smiling, still holding hands, and I wondered why on earth I’d never noticed just how hot Jake was. His smile had always made me feel butterflies in my stomach, even though I wouldn’t admit it to myself, but now, I realized the effect it was having below my belt.

Jake must have seen the way I was looking at him, not one bit hiding my lust for him anymore, and his smile faded, turning into a lustful look of his own.

He bit his lip, and my dick went from half mast to full hard-on in half a second.

“Can I kiss you?” Jake asked in a sexy whisper.

I bit my lip and nodded slowly.

He leaned into me until our lips were a fraction of an inch from each other, and he breathed on my lips. His breath was hot, and it made my entire body shiver.

“I’ve been thinking about this moment for so long,” he said, and then my world exploded.

I’d thought having him touch me would be at least a little weird, since I’d always thought about him as just a friend, but when our lips met, goose bumps spread all over me, and my dick twitched. I let out an involuntary moan, it felt so good, and it seemed to excite Jake even further, ’cause he pressed me against the tree, hands tightly gripping my waist, and parted his lips.

I mimicked his actions, and when our tongues met, I could swear I saw stars. I was moaning wantonly by this point, and I wrapped my arms around his neck.


Jake’s Point of View

Holy. Shit.

I was kissing Danny. Danny fucking Morrison, the hottest boy in the whole fucking planet and the biggest sexual fantasy I had ever had.

It was a dream come true. I had him pinned against the tree, kissing his beautiful mouth, holding him by the waist, feeling only hard muscles and warm skin. He had his arms around my neck, and he seemed to be trying to swallow my tongue. I was happy to comply.

I could have done that all day, but I had fantasized about touching bursa escort bayan Danny for so long I needed more. He was going along with me, so I decided to take a risk and slid my hands from his waist to his back.

He kept moaning into my mouth, not seeming to have noticed my hands, so I slid them lower and rested them where his back ended and the swell of his beautiful ass started. He didn´t stop me, so I decided to go for it and put my hands open palmed on his ass. Danny moaned even loader, so I got more brave, grabbing and squeezing his voluptuous butt.

I was so high on Denny I didn’t hear the footsteps coming towards us, and I was completely taken aback when my new boyfriend pulled back from our kiss.

“Oh. My. God!” I heard from behind me and turned, still holding Denny, but with my hands on his back now.

“Rachel!” shrieked Denny. “What are you doing here?” I was very pleased that even in his shock he hadn’t pulled away from me. He still had his arms around my neck.

“I came to check up on you,” she said with a huge grin on her face. “Aaron told me you ran off a few minutes ago and you were crying, but I guess you’re better now?” She kept looking from Danny to me and back to Danny.

“Yeah,” he said, and I saw him blush a little bit. He’s so cute.

“What’s going on here?” Rachel asked. “Are you guys…?”

“Yeah,” Danny said and turned to me. He was looking up at me with those huge beautiful eyes of his. “Jake’s my boyfriend now,” he answered his best friend, but still looking at me.

“Well… do you guys need some privacy, or can I talk to you about what happened?” Rachel asked Danny.

He looked back at me, asking with his eyes. “Go,” I told him. “Talk to her, and I’ll wait for you back at the party, okay?” Danny smiled and nodded. I gave him one more quick kiss and pushed him towards Rachel.

They walked further into the trees, and I waited until I couldn’t see my boyfriend’s sexy ass before I walked back to the bonfire.


Danny’s Point of View

I had just told my best friend Rachel about Steven, my closeted boyfriend of two months, breaking up with me, and Jake going after me and consoling me.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this!” Rachel squealed. “Are you serious?”

She had quickly dragged me off to a dark spot where no one could see us, and we were sitting on a log.

“Yeah,” I answered with a smile. “He asked, and I said yes.”

“Just like that?” she asked.

“Pretty much, yeah.” She just looked at me with wide eyes. “What?” I challenged.

“Danny, are you sure about this?” she asked concernedly. “I mean, you’d never even told me you liked him before, and now all of a sudden you guys are dating?”

“Are you saying I’m using him as a rebound?” I asked. She just shrugged her shoulders, but that was obviously what she meant.

“It´s not like that, Rach. Honestly.” I took a deep breath. “I think I’ve always liked him.” I made a pause. “Do you remember when we met him on the first day of school and I told you how hot I thought he was?”

Rachel and I had been friends since her parents moved into the house right next to mine when we were seven, but we’d only met Jake the first day of High School. My first impression of him? Yummy. He was every fantasy of mine come true: tall (6ft), muscular with broad shoulders and thick legs with sculpted calves, beautiful square jaw and high cheek bones, deep green eyes, with hair dark as coal, and a slight stubble that made him all the hotter.

By then I was already openly gay, and Jake was not, so I was surprised when he wanted to be my friend. I know I’m not a bad looking guy, I’m friendly, athletic and outspoken, so I shouldn’t be surprised that this guy wanted to be friends with me, but I thought since he was straight my being gay would bother him. Jake said he didn’t care, and we became good friends, but ever since our first meeting, in which I was probably drooling over his hotness, I managed to contain myself, and I never thought about him that way again. Not even when he did come out a escort bursa year later.

Everyone in school thought since we were such good friends and both openly gay now that we’d start dating, even Rachel, but Jake never made a move, so nothing ever happened, until tonight.

“Yeah, I remember,” Rachel said, bringing me back to our conversation. “But you never did anything about it.”

“I thought he was straight,” I defended myself.

“Yeah, but then he came out, and you still didn’t do anything.”

“Well, yeah… but by then we were good friends, and I didn’t get a vibe from him that he was interested.”

“Danny, I swear you are so stupid sometimes!” she said, rolling her eyes. “Don’t you think it’s a little weird that he came out to you of all people? Him and I are just as good friends, and he never said anything, not to me, his other friends, his parents… no one. He came out to you. He was probably trying to get a reaction from you.”

“Maybe, but later that same week he told everyone else.”

“Well, yeah, but he would have done that at some point anyway. Besides, you must be blind if you don´t notice the way he looks at you.”

“What do you mean?”

“He´s in love with you, Danny! Everyone knows that, except for you. Why do you think he doesn’t have a boyfriend? He came out over a year ago, and guys come on to him all the time, but he doesn’t care, he only wants you.”

I was shocked, and Rachel’s words kept running in circles in my head. He’s in love with you.

“The most important thing here is, do you want him?” I was too shocked to answer. “‘Cause he’s my friend too,” Rachel went on, “and I can’t just let you use him like that. It’d destroy him, Danny.”

“I’m not using him,” I assured her, finally settling how I felt about Jake’s feelings towards me: perfectly fine with it. “I really do like him. When he kissed me…” I closed my eyes. “It was amazing, Rach. I don’t know about the love part, but I know I really, really do like him.”

“Then I’m really happy for you guys,” she said.

We hugged and went back to the fire.

When Jake saw us coming towards him, he excused himself from his friends and came over to me.

“Hey,” he said, his eyes and smile bright and sexy. “Are you ready to go home?” He took my hand.

“Yeah,” I said, blushing. I’d come with Rachel, but apparently I’d be leaving with him. I turned towards her, but she just smiled and nodded.

“Goodnight,” Jake said to her and started walking away. I waved to her and followed.

Once we got to his car, I was about to open the door, but Jake stopped me.

“Let me,” he said and opened the door for me. I blushed, a little put off that he was treating me like a girl, but surprisingly, it didn´t bother me.

He closed the door and went over to his side of the car. He got in, and instead of putting both his hands on the wheel, he used his right hand to hold mine, and drove all the way to my house with his left.

We were silent the whole way, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, since we were listening to the radio, and Jake kept looking back at me every now and then and smiled.

Once we got to my house, he parked and cut the engine, but before getting out he squeezed my hand and told me to stay there.

He walked to my side and opened the door for me. I blushed again, but he just smiled, and we walked hand in hand up the driveway to my front door.

“Can I see you tomorrow?” he asked as I was digging for my key in my pocket.

“Yeah,” I said as I was unlocking the door. I opened it, and when I turned back to see him, Jake was smiling his sexy smile and just standing there, looking at me. “You look happy.”

“I am,” he said, and got really, really close to me. “I finally got you Danny. You’re all I’ve wanted for three years.”

Before I could say anything, he had his hand on the back of my head, and we were making out against the frame of my open front door.

“I’ll never get tired of this,” Jake said, breathing ragged. He kissed me one more time and pulled back. “Good night, Danny,” he said and walked back to his car.

Once he got in, he started the engine, blew me a kiss, and drove off.

He’s in love with you. Rachel’s words still haunted me. “Yeah,” I whispered to myself, “I can get there.”

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