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I’m eighteen, in my last year at school. It’s late afternoon and I’m sitting at a table in my parents house doing my school homework. My parents won’t be back for a couple of hours.

Looking out of the window I see Brenda, the girl next door, strolling down the road towards our house. She’s eighteen too, same age as me. I’ve had my eye on her since I started masturbating and I’ve wanked my penis sore thinking of her doing the things girls do in the porn magazines boys bring to school.

She’s average pretty with dark hair down to her shoulders, a good figure and good legs. She’s in her school uniform white blouse, necktie and grey pleated skirt. In winter the girls wear black tights but in summer their legs are bare. Like all the girls, the moment Brenda’s out of the school gates she’s rolled the waistband of her skirt to hike her skirt up so high it almost shows her knickers.

But instead of going to her own front door Brenda comes strolls to ours. The doorbell rings. I open it. Brenda’s standing there. For a moment my eyes explore her, lingering on the outline of her white bra visible through her well filled blouse, and her bare tanned legs. She looks flustered, as if she’s worked up about something. Before I can say a word, Brenda speaks.

“If you show me your cock I’ll take all my clothes off for you.”

I stare at Brenda, hardly believing what I’ve heard. As if anticipating my answer Brenda lifts up what little there is of the front of her skirt. We boys all know that girls school regulations say girls’ knickers must be “white, modest and opaque.” That’s exactly what Brenda’s knickers are, but they’re taut over the bulge of the mound between her legs, they show the dimpled like of her vagina slit, and they’re not quite opaque enough to hide the dark shadow of her bush.

Brenda walks past me into the room where I was sitting.

“I’ve seen you watching kaçak bahis me when I’ve been in my bikini in the garden. You want to see me nude, don’t you?”

Brenda fumbles with the clasp of her skirt. It’s wraparound and it falls around her sandalled feet. She kicks her skirt aside and spreads her legs wide. I reach down between her legs and cup my hand over the bulge of her mound. I can feel her vagina. She lets me hold my hand there for a moment then gently but firmly pulls it away.

“Go on, show me your cock first.”

I unzip my trousers and pull them down round my thighs. I’m in blue Y-front briefs bulging over my young penis. I’m already half erect. I pull my briefs down, lift my shirt and spread my legs as wide as my briefs let me. My cock’s rapidly stiffening, sticking out horizontally in front of me from my hairy balls, and swinging stiffly.

Brenda reaches down and feels my cock and balls. I grunt with the pleasure and involuntarily shove my hips forward. I’ve had my cock felt and wanked by other boys, my “wank buddies”, but this is a world different. It’s my first time with a girl! Her soft hand, gently strokes my shaft, tickles my balls, ruffles my pubic hair and slides under me between my legs. My penis is bending up so its lust swollen deep pink head is pointing up almost vertical.

“Is that an erection?” Brenda asks. I grunt with the sex pleasure of her hand. “Is that because you want to fuck me?”

“Yeah!” Is all I can grunt.

Brenda steps back from me. Standing wide legged she takes off her necktie and tosses it aside. Next she slowly unbuttons her white blouse from the top down. As she takes her blouse off I take off my shirt, trousers and briefs so I’m stark naked and freed from the constraints of clothes.

Brenda’s just in her white bra and panties, just like the women in my mum’s lingerie catalogues I’ve masturbated over. Brenda’s a big güvenilir bahis girl and the cups of her bra only just sling her breasts and cover her young nipples. She reaches behind her back, unclips her bra and lets it drop. Brenda’s big young breasts bounce heavily and she’s got big deep pink nipples. While I’m ogling her naked breasts she slips her panties down and off, and stands naked with her legs wide, rocking sensuously on her feet.

Brenda’s breasts and the triangle of dark pubic hair between her legs look just like the hundreds of naked girls I’ve seen in porn. But this is a naked girl for real! I’m having the biggest, stiffest erection I’ve ever had, so taut it feels its going to snap.

“Touch me!” Brenda says softly, but with excitement in her voice.

My hand is instantly between her legs, cupped over her sex mound, her moist cunt hair against my palm. My fingers find the juice wet slit I’ve read about in so many porn stories. Now my hand slides over her naked body, up to her firm young breasts, exploring their soft curves, flicking her nipples. Down her back, over her unbelievably smooth legs, onto her soft smooth bottom, in her bum crack. I’m so close to her the so sensitive head of my penis brushes against her naked thighs, belly and buttocks.

“Do you want to see me doing the things girls do in those dirty magazines, like my dad reads?”

I grunt. Brenda treats me to nude poses I can hardly believe. She bends over with her breasts swinging and spreads her legs. She squats and slowly swings her legs wide. She does the splits with her legs so wide her cunt hair brushes the floor, and leaning back on her hands so her breasts swing up. As she poses for me my hands explore her naked body.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, squatting in front of me she takes the head of my penis into her mouth, squeezes it with her lips and rolls her tongue over it. I’m türkçe bahis fighting not to jerk my load into her mouth. She releases my cock head from her lips.

“Was that nice? I saw a girl doing that to a boy in my Dad’s magazine.”

Still squatting she reaches up to lightly stroke my balls.

“Go on. Show me how a boy does it.”

“Does what?”


As Brenda speaks her own hand slides up the inside of her thigh to her bush and fingers her gaping wide vagina. I spread my legs, brace myself for pleasure, thrust my hips forward. I wrap my hand round my cock with my thumb and forefinger in a ring just below my penis head, my other fingers loosely round my shaft. I tug and stroke, with my eyes locked on Brenda still squatting in front of me with her face level with my penis head. It’s the wank of all wanks. I take my time, smooth, methodical, rhthymic , full length along my penis shaft, sliding over my penis head. After delicious minutes of penis pleasure, rising, holding back, grunting, gasping, my cum is rising! In a few seconds infinite sex pleasure builds up in my penis. I thrust forward and my penis head touches Brenda’s lips.

“Nnngghh! Nnngghh!” I grunt.

I almost push Brenda backwards with my orgasm thrust. My semen spurts over Brenda’s face, into her hair, into her cleavage and over her breasts. It trickles down her front, over her navel and catches in her pubic hair. She wipes the semen off her body with her white cotton schoolgirl panties, and uses her panties to wipe the dangling strand of semen off my swinging, still half erect penis. Then she gives the tip of my penis head a little kiss, exciting a last pulse of pleasure and spurt of semen onto her lips.

We dress quickly as it won’t be long before our respective parents are home. Then as an afterthought she lifts her skirt, slips off her white cotton knickers and gives them to me to keep. With a last kiss on my cheek and a last pat of my hand on her naked bottom under her schoolgirl skirt Brenda’s gone.

Until in my dreams that night Brenda poses like my porn girls, and I soak her knickers with semen as I have her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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