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College Retreat: Chasity

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College Retreat: Chasity
“Oh …Ah…O…,…O” , from Ms Palmer, as Bernard rotated between her two skin rooms, her butt hole narrower than the filthy opening of a peek show booth and her exquisite cunt; Chastity’s slutty partner to his furious cock, holding them together tighter than a crotch rope in a bondage dungeon.

Bernard enjoyed his cigarette after lunch. The girls had kept to their study discipline again this morning.

Wednesday morning had gone well. Sister Agatha had phoned to say both Erica Philips and Bethany Dwyer’s fathers had sent substantial cheques to St Anne’s building fund based on the knowledge the college was helping their daughters excel in their chosen fields and were shaping them towards wholesome virginal Catholic brides. Bernard did a full perimeter walk; this was his domain, at least today. He had put Mrs Roberts off now till Friday afternoon for cleaning until they left. So it was interruption free. He gave into temptation and had a second fag as he covered the front boundary taking in the sweeping driveway of gums. He realised he was actually psyching himself up for the afternoon with Ms Chastity Palmer, dual scholarship student, ward of the state but likely dux of the college and the most manipulative brazen hussy he had ever stumbled upon.

He remembered the first time he encountered her three years ago, taking a Religious Education class at St Anne’s. She dominated the room even before she spoke. She commanded natural attention. She was a flirt; she knew the trifling flippant man capturing moves. The amorous eye without the commitment. She played both the ‘education’ and ‘love’ game by her own rules, so did Bernard. The mutual recognition was there long before he gave her that first touch under her uniform at eighteen, earlier this year. And her mind so sharp, questioning all like Bernard himself.

They both liked the mental chicanery of life, the duplicity you got from words if you used them well, manipulating others. Christ she had the whole senior dorm of a Catholic girls college on the pill. Bernard at times wasn’t sure who was twisting whom in their errant lewd but mutually gratifying web of sexual lust involving numerous girls. Chastity had the verve, the sprightliness and the audacity; the daring over self confidence and a sixth sense of coiled latent human carnality that could be exposed in everyone she approached and to initiate sex, successfully with anyone. He barely suppressed a smirk recalling the College principal in the roadhouse toilets; the boldness, and the impudence and to get Erica and Bethany, lustfully and obscenely participating.

Where was sex with Chastity taking Bernard or Chastity for that matter? Probably just from fucking uncommitted promiscuousness today to a gang-bang tomorrow. But in the coming instance both Chastity and Bernard, could well just fuck, and then fuck again. Chastity liked sex… free of attachment, sex as sex. Bernard was ready for that too and set off for the retreat library.

Chastity was the modern ubiquitous prick-teaser, the coquette of history, the wanton tramp of nooks, alcoves, secluded dark rooms infrequently used, she knew them all. They were her erotic playground. It was the old cloakroom where her fire-crotch of starling red pubes were first thrust into Bernard’s amazed face and he was bewitched by her marine labia, her spinnaker and jib, he kept coming back to them like a sailor who has to return to the sea, he just has too. Sexual attraction to another is often beyond any explanation, its attraction.

The feline minx was spread out reclining on the chaise lounge. It was antique rich burgundy leather. Chastity was the modern savvy redheaded female. One leg stretched fully with her attractive thigh and calf curving gracefully in harmony with the back of the chaise. Otherwise the girl and the furniture had nothing in common except exquisite taste. Her pleated green skirt was maddening Bernard’s senses into a riot of lust…he would have ripped it off… if that had been necessary to access her coochie.

“Five feet two, eyes true blue, completely yours to undo”, in a trite lilting faked French accent lazily formed by Chastity’s sweet, sweet lips. She was beyond gum for this encounter.

One leg bent up and deliberately wide, revealing all, white tight scanty lace underwear. How did she stretch the fabric so tight across her labia exposing her alluring lips like a reversed embossed impression, her dazzling seductive sails of flesh?

There was no gum, again this really surprised Bernard, unlike the sassy shock of red gelled hair…it always surprised, it drew you; like a whore under a streetlight. She was reading or pretending to read, she was wound up, both inwards and outwards, ready to give and receive flesh. Only flesh. Her flesh .Then to partake of flesh as carnal delight.

“Saving the best for last …as usual Bernie”, as she put down her book, it was Proust in French. kaçak iddaa Bernard thought she was probably deep into a salacious part.

“I think you know what’s coming first today “, hinted Bernard.

Her tongue rimmed her sweet soft bow shaped lips. She was a heretic, her life’s direction under the wing of Eros not some Virgin or Saint fixed into a stained glass window. Complimenting and suggestive of her autonomous being, her alluring mind and her wild sexual creativity, were her inviting lips; bubble gum or no gum, the instance she wet them deliberately in front of you, their pushy pouty perfection made you crave her pussy. They were lips that more than mimicked genitalia, they devastatingly set you lurching without a moral care at rapid speed towards her pussy and if her stance, her look, her curled finger drew you out in a room of men; sex with Chastity was your lottery win of life. You would when it was over thank god and remember your neediness and only relief that you had sex with her, held at the front of memory for the whole of your fucking life.

You would start at the lips and end at those lips but she would allow the full access tour to her whole body in between. Nothing denied, nothing held back either. Bernard realised she was right; he was saving and savouring her. He was distracted like any male by new fresh tempting pussy and it was awesomely amazing in this initially random trio that emerged from confessional heat. Beth was that sweet frustrated woman you just had to lay. Erica anal perfection was accidentally discovered and possibly addictive. Chastity had it on display and you wanted it.

One deep sensual French kiss.

She then bent over the edge of the chaise and wriggled her pleated green butt. Chastity knew a spanking was coming on her skirt, she knew Bernard’s modus operandi… her left cheek first.

“Who’s been naughty at school …daddy needs to smack you.”

Smack… as in Bernard’s broad open hand across her pert left buttock still protected by her skirt and panties. Followed up by four equally generous slaps; administering desirable pain to young Ms Palmer. Her backside searing a bit as her pussy got appetisingly moist too.

“Repeat after me, I’m a bad, bad girl.”

“I’m a bad…ah…bad…ah …ah … girl” the slap and reaction, adding to Bernard’s enjoyment and Chastity’s engagement.

“Who’s been drinking and fornicating at school…daddy needs to punish you.”

Chastity held the delicious moment before Bernard’s hand came down…the words already making her randy…

Smack …

Bernard’s expansive manly hand was striking her right buttock, then purposefully slowing the pace, so the pain ran through her… growing in shocked delight. Then several rapid smacks. Her petite arse squirmed. She was ecstatic in the mix of soreness and tingling bliss.

“Repeat after me; I am a wicked …wicked girl.”

“I’m… oh…ah…a wicked…ah…wicked…oh…ah…girl.”

“Who’s being teasing Bethany’s soft arse with a dildo…shameful hussy …daddy needs to spank you.”

He delivered a cuff over her entire pantied butt, as her skirt was hitched indecorously high over her back.

Chastity couldn’t wait for more dirty talk; Bernard couldn’t wait to get her lacey panties down. Bernard took in the welt marks as he continued to slap her reddening buttocks. Chastity was nearly teary with pleasure and biting her lip in a combination of delight and pleasurable hurt.

“Repeat after me; I am a slutty, slutty girl.”

“Oh …I am a slutty…oh… oh… ah …very…very… slutty girl.”

“Who orchestrated an orgy of fingers and tongues on an unsuspecting principal in a public toilet …without my permission”

And in the immediate instance her panties were stretched across her white thighs, her bum, exposed; her bum all Bernard’s, it was too pretty a bum to smack…yet he knew he must…smack…smack…smack… went his hand …joined by the smack…smack…smack …of Chastity’s lips. Her arse was smarting. Her tongue was trembling with satisfaction.

“Repeat after me; take me up the arse now…in my arse now.”

“My arse… yes…yes…please…please…now.”

Still one last thwack and Chastity finally said, “Ouch.”

She rolled over. Legs deliberately opened. Panties in a flash on the floor. It was her turn to direct Bernard’s hands elsewhere. Monsignor couldn’t resist, no man could this billowing invitation. Her labial spinnaker was unfurled; her jib was wet and sticky. Chastity was infectious; she kept growing on Bernard like his smoking, pleasurable but dangerous.

She had a patch of bright orange pubes above her clit-hood. He ran his fingers through them. He eased her hood up and exposed her chic little clit; it was alert and ready for touch. Small but it packed the full punch of delight. Lick it and Chastity was off in self possessive delirium, the nympho state of being.

Bernard knew she liked the clit focus. Hard and tense, the tongue flicking till she burst. Her legs spread further apart, stretching kaçak bahis away from self. Bernard held the flick, under the bud, the licking upwards, pushing her clit up and away. He knew this was the pattern, she had told him. When she wanted something from sex, she asked. Amazing at just eighteen.

She was approaching the point where it felt under Bernard, that Chastity would break apart, fragment in the fireworks of orgasm. He held the pressure. She writhed under him. It was so intense for her. Her orgasm came like a fired bullet. It was a projectile of rapid focus, shooting from her clit, the initial shattering impact fully clitoral, localised but beyond normal expectation. She articulated the softest sigh… fuck it was good…then it came…she came…like a volley of bullets fired from a semi automatic; abrupt, intense, rushing through her internal self…she felt intense hard contractions in her vagina…shit…she self detonated…then her legs crumpled in, her hands went in over her pussy, she could take no more…she had to let the weakening waves pulsate like a fading star …she had to let it finish. The zeal of passion for self held strong. Fuck she felt good.

However; quickly she was ready for more. The energy of youth. Bernard had time to reflect, she was the epitome of Blake’s,”Energy is eternal delight”. Delight in self and ready for more delight. Endless delight.

She was sucking cock like she hadn’t been near one for months. She spat and slurped in lewd and smutty pleasure. Then she massaged his pecker so she could dirty talk him.

“Daddy likes this doesn’t he…I’m your toy… I like cock… I ‘m going to suck your balls …tease your nuts…kiss your balls…maybe kiss your arse…but you will need to plead for that…”

And she was back under his balls, spreading them, holding his scrotum down towards his perineum and licking upwards on tight silky flesh. His ball bag was being fem handled. His arse so close to being rimmed. His love nuts were in love with Chastity’s tongue. Her hand was stroking skilfully from shaft to glans. A true genital multitasker. She gobbled his nuts and was fully ready for his cock inside her.

Of course he pleaded for a rimming and got it.

She started by roaming. Touring is backside and perineum with her tensile twisting tongue. Then edging his towards his bulls-eye with combinations of licking ,kissing, tongue tip teasing, slurping, spitting, sucking and cheeks widened. Bernard made heaven from earth as she delivered her coup de grace: the deepest deep, digging delve, her tongue tip inside his arse and swirling and circling in his sensitive exposed cavity. Bernard smacked out of his mind as she poked her tongue in and out of his arse-hole rapid and rampant.

Chasity after making him delirious, moved and held her pussy open on the chaise. Legs pointing to the roof. Bernard noticed her lime green knee high socks fully for the first time in the afternoon….

He goes to penetrate her. He’s aiming for her arse to surprise her. Chastity strikes first. She is quick in changing the entertainment. This is sexual manoeuvring faster than television channel surfing. She catches his advancing cock, between her out stretched feet, rubbing it between her green socks. Bernard nearly cums, caught by the sexually unexpected as the adrenaline hit of new delight impacts and the eyes take it all in. His cock processes this and urges memory to revisit this, even before this tease is finished. Its different and different is always welcome in sex, its slightly coarse, the fabric catches the glans a bit roughly , its unusual pressure, it’s an unusual hold, her toes wriggle and send corrugations of pleasure along Bernard’s nearly bursting male thickness.

He takes in her tuft of red pubes, its signalling an emergency, Chastity is ready…her own private but inviting sexual invitation calling card has been sent and received. Then momentarily eye contact occurs and it’s devastatingly intense.

Bernard is heated, he goes for her arse hard. She’s surprised. But flexes and he’s in. He knows this opportunity has to be super dirty…it’s the only option…keep pushing her limits…she wants to know…she wants to grow in experience…she will look elsewhere fast…probably too soon…take the moment…give her more than she expects.

He makes the decision, it is consciously made. He goes quickly and repeatedly, arse to pussy, arse to pussy. He saw the shocked, stunned and startled look on her face. Then the joy, the joy, as the dual pleasure hits and holds. One hole gaped, another orifice filled. One hole savouring pleasure just received, another cavity accepting delivery of pleasure.

Chastity was trapped happily in two types of slutty pleasure; anal and vaginal in nearly the same moment, she would have to experience a double penetration, it was now predetermined. The wanton trollop of bacchanalian pagan mischief would have dominated any fucking Roman orgy and one güvenilir bahis day would subjugate every male desire in one of those private fuckfest weekends held in a tasteful historic setting of a grand colonial residence.

Chastity feels the pleasure centring in two locations, unreal; she focused on it, she taking it all in. Her pussy spread by cock, her arse plugged by the same cock. Before it spikes …there is the delicious moment of knowing its arrival…its coming…she wants it…it’s all hers…she expect it…she feels it rising…she can’t know exactly when it will it hit…but it will very soon… so she fingers her own clit as Bernard keeps jabbing her arse, then prodding her pussy. He can’t sustain the pleasure mounting in his cock. It’s too intense even for his broad carnal experiences. This won’t be a marathon fuck session. But it will be the peak of joint pleasure for them both in their couplings till now.

It’s the continual direct finger tip working across her hard clit…its sensational… three pleasure centres…she uses her fingers, its always great…but any cock… it is magic… and her arse is at party too…shit she moaned loud…really loud…it reverberated …

“Oh …ah…O…,…O” as Bernard rotated between her two skin rooms, her butt hole narrower than the filthy opening of a peek show booth and her exquisite cunt; Chastity’s slutty partner to his furious cock, holding them together tighter than a crotch rope in a bondage dungeon.

She can’t control this…she surrenders control…Chastity gives up …she given in to it… and …here it comes.

Ms Palmer is a clitoral orgasm girl, she wants to cum, she needs to cum, and she will cum, that is Chastity, that is life.

Whether there was a trinity in heaven…the pragmatist in the redhead left that one …or three…to Bernard’s Jesuitical doubt….Chastity believed in her earthy trinity of the moment…she was all woman and more ….as her kitten hole, her arse hole and her whole clit …combined for… WOW…

It began like a feather tickly sensation, fluttering to a tingling at the tip of her clitoris, it held, then spread slightly around her thighs and groin, then rapidly…so rapidly centring, like her whole self was sucked into her clit, Chastity’s whole body was centred on her clit . Then…

“Oh my fucking GOD…”from the Wranger.

As the delight went rushing away at speed, like letting go of everything, then it’s back… everywhere in self, deep inside self. Its releasing self, dissolving in pleasure of self, as pleasure spikes repeatedly slide up through her womb and chest , so intense in the first few ripples, to the point of sublime pleasure . Her climax, each spike hold momentarily and then the next spike collides into the first and shit Chastity feels good, she feels great, …the pleasure held in focus alone, only fucking pleasure, … she loses self, her name, her central being in the moment…being becomes intensely surreal… her head empties except for complete utter pleasure.

Chastity is bodily sensation alone, physical absolute delight …softer lighter waves continue… she wants them all…they dwindle…meander away in feathery lightness … she feels weak, helpless… but totally powerful as a woman… sensation floats loosely everywhere…her conscious self tries to capture and hold the feeling …but its past already…just pleasant sensation wafting around aimlessly … Chastity become heightenedly aware of everything…firstly her over sensitive clit , next the leather of the chaise sticking to her butt, then her own fem juice dripping around her perineum … and finally …her semen warm cunt starting to relax…post orgasm …Chastity feels…I am woman.

She eventually takes in Bernard’s eyes; she felt his orgasm join hers, the jerky swathes of jizz shooting into her. Her eyes linger over his still hard manpower, covered in their joint liquid smear of selves. She sees his post coital pleasure. The satisfaction in his eyes, he came strongly, his partner, even stronger. Bernard is the man of the moment.

They end it where they started, a concluding French kiss.

Post coital Chastity likes to read. Bernard plays with her thighs and calves leisurely, softly. Her mind holds the sex; she is replete for the moment. She is reading in French, Proust, it is; The Captive. At the same time she treats herself to a lollipop.

“Where are you up to?” inquired Bernard as he takes another post coital drag. He really shouldn’t be smoking in front of her.

“Albertine has just hinted she wants it up her arse…her pot broken,” she sniggers.

She lewdly takes a cock sucking slurp on her lollipop. It is bright green like her socks. She looks young. Physically young, yet assuredly mentally mature. She belongs in the cities of the plains. Sodom and Gomorrah exist for her. She is pagan. It is Bernard who will retreat from her one day; she however, will go on to fuck the entire world- one way or the other.

Bernard takes another long drag of his cigarette…he has broken all the rules and now what difference does it make as he breaks another. One he never wished to break.

“One shared puff…please” insists Chastity and Bernard holds the cigarette in his fingers; whilst Chastity sucks on it; deeply.

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