19 Nisan 2024

A Day on the Hill

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‘Glastonbury Tor stands over 500ft and towers over the Somerset levels creating a special almost mystical place for its many visitors.’ Ellen continued to read from the guide she had bought in the hippie shop in the village at its base. ‘The tower at the top is a listed building..’

‘You mean it’s falling over?’ I joked.

Ellen frowned, flipped me the bird and continued ‘…and was built in the 14th century.’

‘It doesn’t look finished yet’ I muttered. My lack of enthusiasm for all things historic, mystical, archaeological and touristic was partly having spent the previous day in the company of the in laws – always a joy – and partly due to having spent several hours being dragged round various tourist trap shops in Glastonbury village.

Hand carved jewellery, home spun capes, knitted smocks – you name it we’d looked at them. At least Ellen had looked whilst I was trying to stave off death by boredom. My only laugh had been asking a shop assistant if the wind chimes were gluten free. That had got me a baffled look from the assistant and a ding round the ear hole from Ellen.

‘Shall we take a look at the Tor then?’ I asked, the prospect of climbing a 500ft hill being better than more shopping.

‘Ooh yes’ Ellen enthused and off we set.

As we climbed the hill Ellen’s enthusiasm abated whilst mine actually rose. I’d been brought up in the Pennines, a range of hills in the north of England, and being able to see for a distance over the landscape brought back fond memories. The lack of Pennine rain improved my mood as well and as we neared the top the sun was at full strength and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Ellen clearly wasn’t as adept at hill walking as I was and she was perspiring freely when we got to the top. Her floaty summer dress was clinging to her and the curves of her body were improving my mood immensely.

The tower at the top was eerie with bare stone walls and no roof, the only item being a wide stone in the centre of the floor with iron rings set in to it and an inscription carved into it. I couldn’t make out the letters but pretended to Ellen that I could.

‘Here ye lay down the purest of spirit for to bring the bumper harvest and fertility to all parts.’ I proclaimed in a terrible Worzels style West Country accent. A couple of lads nearby laughed and Ellen giggled.

‘By purest of spirit do they mean vodka?’ she asked with a cheeky smile.

‘They might as well do. Can’t see them finding many virgins round here nowadays’ I replied.

‘Hey I was brought up 15 miles from here.’ Ellen chided me.

‘And your point is?’ I asked with my eyebrows theatrically raised. The lads laughed again and Ellen playfully went to take a swing at me.

‘Git’ she laughed and wandered out back into the sun.

The view from the Tor is fabulous, if Somerset is to your liking. Not quite the Serengeti by moonlight but easily one of the best viewpoints in England. The Tor is covered in lush grass and is https://bursali.org sculpted in a series of banks and terraces. A path leads from the access gate straight up the spine of the hill and most visitors enter and leave by the direct route.

We strolled around the top of the Tor and found that the first terrace down the north side was nicely sheltered from the slight breeze. I suggested a rest before we headed back down and Ellen agreed slumping to the grass.

‘Oh, my feet are sore.’ she moaned and I realised she was wearing sandals not really suited for hill climbing.

‘Want me to rub them for you?’ I offered and Ellen nodded and lay back on the slope. I knelt on the grass by her feet and undid the straps of her sandals. Red lines criss-crossed her feet where the straps had cut in and they did look sore. I gently rubbed her right foot and soon the inflammation was receding.

To reach her left foot I had to stretch Ellen’s leg up and across and in doing so her skirt slipped up her thighs. Ellen’s legs were lovely to behold, nice and slim, and I knew they were soft to the touch. As I soothed her foot I sort of accidentally moved her leg in such a way as to make her skirt rise further. Soon her white panties were in view and my cock started to stir.

‘Mmm, that’s nice’ Ellen purred and I noticed her eyes were closed. Her dress was still following her body contours in alluring shapes and my cock got harder. As Mr Small Brain was doing all the thinking I slid my hands up to caress her calves and then her knees. A contended sigh was Ellen’s only reaction and I moved I continued to run my fingers around her knees and up the outside of her thighs.

I kept caressing upwards until my fingers slid under her skirt and reached her panties. Ellen’s eyes were still closed but there was now a smile on her face. I gently tugged at her panties and the only reaction Ellen gave was to raise her hips slightly and this meant her panties came free and I started to edge them down her legs.

‘What if someone comes.’ Ellen whispered as I pulled her panties off past her feet.

‘Oh someone will come,’ I replied ‘and that someone is going to be you.’

Ellen shuddered and I could see her pussy was already moist.

I pushed her legs up so that her knees were bent with her skirt just about covering her waist. From my position I could see her glistening pussy but anybody above or to the side wouldn’t be able to tell she was baring her delights.

Sliding my fingers along her inner thighs I blew Ellen a kiss and she replied in kind. She gasped as my fingers touched her pussy and her breath caught in her throat. My fingertips gently stroked around her pussy lips and tickled around her clit. Ellen’s sighs told me I was turning her on and I decided to play with her mind as well.

‘I’m going to take you up to the tower tonight when it is dark. I will strip you naked and push you across that stone. Your wrists will be bound to the iron bursa escort kız rings and you won’t be able to free yourself. The cold stone will sensitise your nipples and your pussy and arse will be on display for all to see.’

Ellen was squirming now as my words conjured up the scene in her head. Her pussy was really wet and I teased a fingertip into it. Her pelvis arched drawing my finger in and I gently pushed it in and out of her.

‘A voice behind me cries “Hold! Who despoils the sacred stone?” and I turned to see a group of figures dressed in hoods and cloaks. “Only a virgin can be placed upon this most divine spot lest the gods be enraged.” The leader of the group steps forward and pushes a finger deep into your pussy. “She is no virgin. Doom to you both”.’

I pushed a second finger into Ellen’s pussy as I spoke and her gasps and pelvic thrusts were starting to build.

‘One of the other hooded figures called out “Maybe she is a part virgin. Is her arse unused?” I croaked that it was and you cried out in fear. One of the group stepped forward and bent to peer at your arse. “It appears so.” He proclaimed. The leader raised his arms in salutation and cried “Let the ritual begin!” Another of the group held aloft an urn. “Spirits of earth, air and light behold the sacred ointment of Freya. Blessings be upon this most holy of holes!” He takes a handful of a scented balm and smears it around your arsehole and pussy. He slides a finger into your arse and wiggles it around.’

As I said this I took one of my fingers from Ellens pussy and slowly slid it into her arse. She squealed and wriggled but I pushed my finger in as deep as it would go.

‘You fucking bastard!’ she hissed. ‘I’m going to…’. She couldn’t tell me more as her body spasmed in orgasm from the effects of my fingering her holes and the images I was drawing in her mind. As she came her hands grabbed at the grass and a flush filled her face and chest.

As Ellen writhed I noticed one of the lads from earlier looking down at her from the top of the hill with a huge grin his face and a swelling in his jeans. I knew he couldn’t see anything explicit but he knew for sure what was happening. That was confirmed when he caught my eye and gave me the Doctor Spock salute. Ellen didn’t see any of this and I saw no reason to let on she had an audience.

‘The leader of the group steps forward and pulls aside his cloak exposing his hard cock to the night air. He grabs you by the hips and the tip of his cock touches your arse hole. You try to wriggle but between his grip and the bindings on your wrists you cannot escape. His cock spears into you and you cry out. Is it pain you feel? Excitement? Can you feel the spirits investing you with their energy?’

I continued my fingering of her arse and pussy and Ellen couldn’t say anything coherent at that moment. Her pussy gushed juice out enabling my fingers to slide in and out of her holes easily.

‘The bursa anal yapan escort cock thrusts deep into you and the leader grunts as his balls slap into your pussy. He thrusts again and again as the group take up a pagan chant. His cock speed matches the chant which slowly builds. Members of the group step forward to touch your body. Your breasts are stroked, your nipples are tweaked and twisted. Slaps rain down on your arse cheeks. Their robes are open and you are surrounded by hard cocks. One of the group grabs your hair and pulls your mouth onto his cock. You are being penetrated at both ends as the chant grows faster and faster. The leader roars out “Spirits of the land take my offering” and his cock spurts come deep into your arse.’

Ellen again gasped and thrashed through another orgasm at the thought. Her body pulsing and her pussy clenching around my finger that probed deep into her depths.

I looked up again and the lad who was watching had been joined by a girl who was flushed and giggling at the sight of Ellen in her sexual throws. The lad had his arm around her squeezing the underside of a very nice looking set of tits.

‘You are now a plaything of the group, a vessel of their pagan worship to the gods. Your tits are squeezed and caressed. Your nipples are pinched and suckled upon. Cock after cock invades your arse, your dripping wet pussy and your mouth. Cocks of all sizes and shapes are thrust into you and wanked over you. You are dripping come from wherever cocks have shot over you, your face, your hair, your back and come is gushing out of your arse and pussy. Your cries are now screams and sobs of joy and excitement. Orgasms pulse through you leaving you shuddering and gasping. Eventually each member of the group has his fill of you and one by one they step away and disappear back into the night. You and I are left alone at the top of the hill. You are still tied to the stone and I just cannot resist adding my come to the deposits left inside you. I choose to fuck your arse which is now gaping and slimy from the ointment and the dollops of come that are oozing out. My cock slides in easily and you grunt at the final assault on your no longer virgin arse. I am so turned on by the events I have witnessed that I only take a few minutes to come deep inside you. I slowly withdraw and release you from your bonds. I gather you in my arms and kiss you before I take you home.’

I slowly ceased my fingering of Ellen’s pussy and arse and let my fingers slip out. Ellen shivered one last time as my fingers left her body.

‘Thank you’ she purred with a post orgasmic serenity.

‘The pleasure is all mine.’ I said. ‘Well some yours…and some theirs.’ I nodded upwards and Ellen turned to see her audience grinning and waving. Ellen blushed madly and shuddered again.

I leaned down to whisper in her ear ‘Did you just come again?’

All Ellen could do was nod.

As we drove away Ellen squirmed in her seat.

‘Have you got my panties?’ she asked.

I shook my head. ‘I left them as an offering to the spirits. You will just have to be commando til we get back to your folks.’

As I drove I dropped my hand onto her thigh and went to caress her pussy one last time. My fingers met hers already busily at work…

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