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A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 10

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Author’s note: I want express my thanks for your comments. It has really been a pleasure writing this story. Some of it based on my experiences, some of it my fantasies. As I go on writing the scenes just seem to flow out by themselves. I’d love to hear more of your comments and appreciate your votes too.


Pamela stood up and pulled Robert to his feet and plopped down on the chair spreading her legs.

“It’s our turn.” She said looking at the other three.

Robert sank to his knees between Pamela’s legs and began sliding his hands along her ankles and calves, his eyes fixed between her legs. Edward stood up and took Vanessa’s hands pulling her to her feet. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her on the mouth long and hard. Vanessa tasted her juices on his lips and when he stuck his tongue inside her mouth she sucked on it. She could feel his hardness pressing against her belly.

Robert was taking in the view of Pamela’s cunt as his hands traveled up and down her lower legs. He marveled at how different she was from Vanessa. Oh, he knew all women were different down there but he had never had two cunts in front of his eyes in so short a period of time. His hands moved up to her thighs, caressing first the outside part then going back to the knees and up the upper part till he reached her belly and back again. He was purposely avoiding the inside of her thighs or touching her between the legs. Pamela knew he was teasing her and she loved it. It was agonizingly pleasurable.

Edward ran his hands down Vanessa’s back grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks. She reached down and fondled his balls. Edward felt Vanessa’s hard nipples pressing against his chest and he broke the kiss to lower his head and suck one in his mouth. Vanessa pushed him back and he sat on the chair, his cock pointing straight up. Vanessa knelt in front of him and wrapped her hands around his cock squeezing it lightly until the head was shinny with his pre-cum. On an impulse she leaned forward and pressed his cockhead first to one of her nipples and then the other one. Edward moaned and squirmed feeling the rough texture of her nipples against his sensitive cockhead. He felt he was ready to explode and wanted to feel Vanessa’s lips around his cock. He put his hands on the back of her head and pressed down lightly. Vanessa got the message and before taking his cock in her mouth she licked another drop of pre-cum that has leaked out at the tip.

Robert had been watching Pamela’s thick lipped cunt, her clit and outer lips barely visible beneath the thick folds. He had teased her enough and he was anxious to taste her. He rand his hands up the inside of her thighs and inserting a finger of each hand between her thick lips he parted them and ran them along felling her wetness. Pamela moaned and began caressing her breasts and nipples. She looked at the other chair just in time to see Vanessa taking half of his husband’s cock into her mouth. Just then, Robert parted her lips as far as he could and she felt his tongue pressing against her clit, licking it rapidly. She gasped.

Edward looked at his wife and then at Robert’s head buried between her thighs. Then he looked down to see Vanessa sucking his cock in and out of her mouth, her warmth surrounding it. He looked back at Pamela and saw the rapt expression on her face and knew she was getting close to reaching a climax. He had been looking forward to this for quite some time now and even though it excited him tremendously he still felt a pang of jealousy seeing his wife being pleasured by another man.

Pamela was on the verge of cumming having her clit licked and bitten by Robert but then he took his tongue away and she felt it traveling down the inside of her labia. Robert licked the juices that were now seeping out from Pamela’s vagina following their trail down to her asshole. He pushed her legs back against her chest and rimmed her anus with his tongue. He felt it pulsating under his tongue and he inserted the tip into her anal opening. He felt it opening and pushed his tongue further inside.

Pamela couldn’t hold back any longer, she began massaging her clit and exploded in a powerful orgasm. Robert felt her juices shooting out of her vagina, bathing his cheeks and running down her slit to gather in his tongue. With the added lubrication he was able to stick his tongue further into her ass. Pamela screamed as another wave of pleasure shot through her body.

Edward görükle escort looked again at his wife as she came. He had been agonizing trying to hold back his orgasm as long as he could as Vanessa greedily sucked his cock. But his wife’s orgasm brought him to the edge. He reached down to squeeze Vanessa’s tits and began cumming in her mouth.

Vanessa had also turned toward Pamela and when she saw the position she was in she guessed that Robert was tongue fucking her ass. She felt her own ass hole twitching. She was surprised not to feel any jealousy watching his husband eating Pamela. She returned her attention to Edward when she felt his cockhead expanding inside her mouth and a second later the first gush of sperm hit her throat. Gush after gush of hot sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed hard and never took her mouth away as she went on milking the cum from Edward’s cock with her mouth.

Edward was amazed that Vanessa never took her mouth away until he was completely empty and felt his cock beginning to deflate inside her mouth but she just kept it there, swirling her tongue around the shaft, sucking him gently.

Robert didn’t take his mouth off Pamela’s cunt either. He knew her clit will be too sensitive so he licked the inside of her lips and then inserted his tongue into her vagina. He could still feel her inner muscles pulsing in the after throes of her orgasm. He lapped her juices, savoring the new flavor; it was sweeter than Vanessa’s. Pamela lowered her legs and wrapped them around Robert’s shoulders. He went on swirling his tongue inside her and reached up with both hands to tweak her nipples.

“Oh, yes. Keep doing that…” Pamela said, reaching down to place her hands on top of Robert’s head as she felt the heat starting to rise deep inside her again. “Just go on like that… Oohh, it feels so good…”

Edward was feeling and agonizing mixture of pain and pleasure every time Vanessa’s tongue touched the tip of his penis but he didn’t want her to stop. His cock was only half hard but Vanessa just kept on sucking him gently as it slowly began to rise again.

Pamela’s juices began flowing around Robert’s tongue again and as she felt her excitement growing, she felt an irresistible need to feel his cock inside her but at the same time she didn’t want to put an end to the marvelous sensations his tongue was giving her.

Robert’s cock had gotten hard again; he lowered his hand and began stroking himself. He used his other hand to press his thumb against Pamela’s clit. She gasped and was surprised as a mild orgasm surged through her body.

Vanessa had also been stroking her clit for a while now while she continued sucking Edward’s cock. Her juices were flowing again, dripping out of her cunt and down her thighs. When Edward’s cock regained his erect state she pulled her mouth away and rose. She turned her back to him and reaching between her legs she guided his cock to the entrance of her vagina and lowered herself down on it. She was so wet that his cock slid in easily. When it was buried to the hilt, she sat motionless for a few moments. Edward could feel her inner muscles tightening around his shaft and he moaned hoarsely. He wrapped his hands around Vanessa’s body and cupped her breasts pressing the nipples with his thumbs. Vanessa lifted her hips until Edward’s cock was almost out of her and then let herself sink down until it was buried all the way inside her again. She gasped in pleasure.

Seeing Vanessa sinking down on top of her husband’s cock made Pamela want to feel Robert’s cock inside her. She pushed his head back and said, “Put it in me, hon… I need to feel you inside me.”

Robert raised himself until his cock was in front of Pamela’s cunt; she had spread her labia with her own hands so Robert guided his prick to her entrance and pushed forward. Even though Pamela was really wet he had to pull back and push again a few times before his cock went all the way in; she was so tight.

Vanessa and Robert turned to look at each other at the same time. The same kind of thoughts rand through their minds: here they were being fucked by someone else and they were actually enjoying it.

Pamela was too engrossed feeling another orgasm rising within her and Edward’s view of his wife was blocked by Vanessa’s body but they were thinking almost the same thing. Here they were fulfilling their fantasy of fucking their friends.

Robert bursa sınırsız escort bayan was pumping his cock into Pamela faster and faster as her orgasm kept building up. He felt his own orgasm approaching fast until with a last shove he remained motionless as his came inside her. A few moments later Pamela exploded again feeling the head of Robert’s cock pulsating inside her as he shot his cum into her.

Vanessa had had a mild orgasm almost as soon as she impaled herself on Edward’s cock and now was ready to cum again as she fucked him and he kept pinching and twisting her sensitive nipples. She reached between her legs and with one hand she cupped Edward’s balls and with the other one she pressed her clit. This brought her over the edge and moaning loudly and uncontrollably her orgasm shook her body. When she started cumming her inner muscles began contracting spasmodically around the shaft of Edward’s cock, milking him and a few seconds later he shot his sperm into her.

* * *

Pamela was the first one to recover and looking out at the lake she said, “Anybody for a swim. Come on let’s get cleaned.” She took Robert’s hand and they walked together to the wooden pier.

Edward got up and tried to get Vanessa to go with him, “Go ahead,” she said, “I’ll be right there.”

Vanessa stood by the railing watching her husband walk hand in hand with Pamela followed closely by Edward. Then what she had just done hit her as she felt Edward’s semen trickling down her thighs. She had fucked another man! And right in front of her husband! And she had watched her husband being fucked by another woman right in front of her. This went against everything she had been taught. It was wrong! It was evil! Normal people just didn’t do that! Normal people? Weren’t she and Robert normal people? Of course they were! He was an executive at a large company and she was a teacher at a local college. And they had two sons away in college. Edward was also an executive at the same company and Pamela worked at a boutique. They had been friends for many years.

Vanessa returned to look at the pier when she heard Pamela squealing. She was being chased by Edward and Robert until they finally caught her between them. Edward was in front, Robert in the back and Pamela was pressed between them. She kissed Edward and then pulled Robert’s head and kissed him too. She squealed again when Robert held her arms and Edward grabbed her legs. They swung her a few times and then threw her in the lake diving after her a few seconds later.

A movement at the corner of her eye caught her attention and she saw a man sitting at the deck of the next cabin. He probably had been watching the trio frolicking in the pier but was now watching her. She was standing there completely naked in front of a stranger. She wondered how much he saw of what had gone on before. Her first instinct was to cover herself. But she made a resolve right then. She knew her life had changed forever. She had had sex with another man for the first time since she was married and she had loved every second of it. Yes, definitely her life had changed and she doubted that she could go back to her old self. So she just stood there proud in her nudity, letting the other man admire her body before she walked at a leisure pace to the pier and dove into the water to join the others. * * *

Later that night Vanessa was just coming out of the shower drying her hair with a towel. Robert had showered first and was back in their bedroom. She was naked except for her sandals but she felt completely at ease now.

After returning to from the lake, all covered in goosebumps the girls with their nipples shrunken and hard, the men with their cocks shrunken from the cold water they had dried themselves on the deck and had gone inside. Robert lit a fire and they spent the rest of the afternoon drinking wine and talking about this and that as was usual in their reunions. Nobody had spoken about what had happened but she was sure it was in the back of all their minds. They had a light dinner and afterward Robert had taken his shower. Then it was Vanessa’s turn and now as she was walking toward her bedroom, Edward and Pamela were gone from the living room. Passing her room she heard Pamela moaning.

She entered her bedroom and leaving the door slightly ajar she saw her husband lying on his back on the bed, his bursa otele gelen escort bayan arms behind his head waiting for her. She snuggled up to him and Robert asked her point blank.

“So, how do you feel about what happened?”

Vanessa hesitated a little before answering, “I loved it! Oh, I know I should be feeling bad about, what with everything I believed in, but I don’t. I loved it! At first I was a bit jealous seeing you with Pam, but that passed rather quickly and then I was glad you were enjoying yourself and pleasuring her. I never thought I would ever feel like this, but I do. And having sex with Edward, well it was just wonderful. But how about you? How do you feel?”

“I feel pretty much the way you do. I was a bit jealous when I saw you going down on Edward, but at the same time I was fingering Pam and I felt wonderful, you know, knowing that I could still turn another woman on. And then when you were riding Edward and I saw the expression on your face, well, I felt good. I felt lucky to have a woman like you. I felt excited by knowing you can turn other men on and get pleasure from it.”

“So you’re OK with it?” Robert asked, “I mean, you don’t feel bad about it… No, what I really mean is, would you do it again?”

“Yes, but just as long as you are OK with it.”

“Well, I guess we’re both in agreement then.”

His cock had begun to stir and was getting half hard. Vanessa noticed it and stroked it lightly, “Ready for more?” she asked.

Without waiting for an answer she straddled her husband’s legs without letting go of his cock and placed her pussy right above it. With her other hand she parted her lips and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit. She was dry but soon enough her juices began to flow. She inserted the tip of his penis into her vagina and sunk down on it. Robert wasn’t completely hard yet, so his cock slid out a couple of times. Vanessa started rocking her hips slowly until he was fully erect and then began moving up and down slowly. They fucked like that, slowly and tenderly for a long time, after all Robert had already cummed twice today. During all this time Vanessa kissed her husband tenderly on the mouth, sucking his tongue or she would present her breasts to him and Robert sucked on her nipples. Vanessa had a couple of very mild orgasms during all this. When Robert felt his orgasm getting close he began to pump his hips upward, Vanessa increased the tempo of her movements until they both exploded in a shattering orgasm.

For the first time in their lives Robert and Vanessa found out what the difference was between making love and having sex.

* * *

When Vanessa went to take her shower, Edward and Pamela went to their room and got into bed. Pamela began fondling Edward’s cock and he returned the favor tweaking her nipples the way she loved.

“Wow! That was fantastic!” Pamela said.

“Yes it was.” Edward answered, “I know I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now but I have to admit I felt a bit jealous when I saw you going down on him and later when he fucked you. But at the same time it turned me on so much seeing Robert pleasuring you that I blew a great load in Vanessa’s mouth.”

“Well, yes.” Pamela said. “I guess the same happened to me. I was so turned on having Robert in my mouth and later inside me that it was amazing. I’m really grateful and glad that we’ve done this. I felt that it was incredible that you accepted seeing another man fucking me, giving me pleasure and I was glad that you could do the same with another woman. God! I love you so much!”

Pamela kissed Edward as she continued stroking his cock until it grew to its full size. Then she got on top of him and slid it into her vagina. She started riding him hard, her arms at his side holding her body up she kept her gazed fixed on her husband’s eyes. As she felt her orgasm approaching she said:

“I really do love you. You’ll always be my first and true love, no matter what. No matter how many other women you fuck, or how many other men I have, you are my only love.”

“Oh! So you’re already thinking about fucking a lot of men?” Edward said, “Tell me, who else would you like to fuck?”

“I don’t know… I just said it. Right now I don’t think I have anybody else in mind. Right now I just want you to fuck me. And tomorrow I want to fuck Robert again.” Her words were coming between her short breaths, she was riding Edward harder.

Edward began pumping his hips upward shoving his cock deeper into her. “God! I love you too! You’re and incredible woman and I’m lucky to have you.”

He pulled her head down and kissed her and began cumming in her. A few seconds later Pamela had another wonderful orgasm.

To be continued…

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