10 Aralık 2023

Shared Girlfriend Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Sex wasn’t even the original intention tonight for Jason, his girlfriend Lisa and his friend Shane, but at this point it was almost inevitable when the three were together and alone at any one of their places. Tonight after dinner and a movie, it was still pretty early to head back to Jason’s place for the night, so Lisa and Jason decided to reach out to Shane and see what he was doing. They thought maybe they’d grab dessert or go downtown.

Shane had just gotten home when he got Jason’s call. “Hey man, Lisa and I were wondering what you’re doing,” Jason said. “You up to hang out?”

“Yeah, I’m up for anything,” Shane responded. “I just got home. Mind if you swing by my place first while I get ready?”

“No problem. See you in like 10 minutes.” Shane began to tidy up his place, change his clothes and freshen up a bit. He’d scarcely finished when Jason and Lisa announced their arrival. They were all good friends, so knocking wasn’t necessary. No matter how many times he’d seen Lisa since Jason had started dating her, Shane was still taken aback by her appearance, and right now was no exception. The 30-year-old Italian girl was in one of her many sundresses – this one primarily white with an orange and yellow pattern – that showed off much of her skin that was beautifully tan from the summer sun. Her straight, dark brown hair hung down to her shoulders, and those bright eyes and that pretty smile were captivating as always.

Jason didn’t mind that Shane was obviously checking Lisa out during their greetings. No, in fact, the two men had been double-teaming the young lady in bed for the past several weeks since Jason had first surprised his girlfriend with a threesome that they all had thoroughly enjoyed. That first time had left Lisa pretty sore for a couple days, but in less than a week she was eager to be between the two studs again. While originally the boys wanted to see if Lisa could handle the two of them, it quickly became a matter of the men’s being able to tame Lisa, who was proving to be insatiable sexually. The guys could hardly believe that Lisa had never been in a devil’s threesome prior to their first one together.

“Well,” Shane said, thinking for a second. “I was thinking we could head out to that bar down the street, but now I’m thinking we could have more fun without leaving the living room.”

Lisa grinned. “Jason and I were thinking you might suggest that,” she said seductively. Following a blur of movement, Lisa found herself seated on the couch with Shane on her left and Jason on her right. Their cocks were already protruding out from their pants, and Lisa dutifully and instinctually began to beat off both men while she kissed her boyfriend. Shane leaned in and pushed down the front of Lisa’s sundress, revealing that the girl wasn’t wearing a bra. While Lisa beat him off, Shane put his mouth on Lisa’s exposed left tit, causing Lisa to moan into her boyfriend’s mouth.

Seeing Shane’s move, Jason decided to follow suit, pushing Lisa’s dress completely past her chest so that both her breasts were hanging out. As Shane continued to suck on Lisa’s right tit, Jason put his mouth on her right one. Lisa, still slowly stroking both cocks, lay her head back into the couch and moaned as two men sucked on her boobs. Shane remained faithful to that right nipple while Jason began to move up to Lisa’s shoulder and neck, all as Lisa never ceased beating them off.

“Are you two ready to fuck me?” Lisa whispered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Jason responded.

“Absolutely,” Shane chimed in, pulling away from Lisa’s breast and pulling the girl’s legs up onto the couch with him. Lisa giggled as the boys worked together to position her onto her side on the couch, pushing her dress up so that it was a strip around her waist, her breasts still exposed and now her thong on display – not for long, however, as Shane quickly pulled it down her legs and off her body.

Lisa turned her head toward Jason, who, along with Shane, had taken all his clothes off and remained seated on the couch beside the pretty girl. Without needing instruction, Lisa put her hand on the base of Jason’s cock and took the rest of it in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked him off. Meanwhile, Shane lay on his side so he could line his raging boner up with Lisa’s glistening pussy but held his head up so he could watch both his cock go in and Lisa’s mouth on his friend’s dick. Holding Lisa by her hips, Shane poked his manhood into her slit as Lisa held her left leg up, and he sank right in, both of them moaning as Shane slid in until his balls touched her clit.

“That’s it,” Jason said, holding his girlfriend’s hair back while his cock was expertly sucked. “Fuck her, dude.” Now with one hand on Lisa’s hip and the other holding Lisa’s leg up, Shane gave Lisa a few gentle thrusts into her pussy before picking up his pace quickly. He could barely help himself, as her wonderfully wet pussy clung tightly to his cock, urging him on to take pleasure in fucking her hard. Lisa liked it, pulling her mouth away from escort izmir Jason’s cock, replacing it with her hand which stroked it in her mouth’s brief absence, and, with a big smile on her face, encouraged her boyfriend’s friend to keep it up.

“Oh yes!” she cried. “Fuck me hard, just like that!” Shane only grunted in response, sinking his nails into Lisa’s flesh and pounding her cunt so hard that his balls were now slapping against her clit, rocking her body forward with each pump into her sexy body. Lisa resumed sucking Jason’s cock as Jason now kneeled in front of her, continuing to keep her hair out of her eyes while he watched that pretty face slide up and down his manhood while she got pumped forward into him over and over again. All three of them were moaning loudly by now as the threeway proceeded in full force on Shane’s couch.

Lisa continued to get filled at either end for a couple more minutes before Jason looked up from her and over to Shane, saying, “DP?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Shane said between breaths, still nailing Lisa from behind her on the couch. He slowed down a few seconds later when Lisa finally pulled her head up and gasped for air.

“Mmm,” she said, looking Jason in the eyes. “You want to make a Lisa sandwich right here on this couch?”

“Yes, dear,” Jason said. As Jason spoke, Shane pulled out of Lisa and sat up straight on the couch. Lisa straightened herself out as well, taking the opportunity to remove her sundress completely as she awaited instruction from her boyfriend.

“Sit on his cock,” Jason told her. “Take him in your ass.” Lisa smiled and obediently shuffled over on top of Shane, her toes touching the floor as she and Shane looked down at his cock and lined it up with her ass. There wasn’t any lube nearby, so they were just going to hope that all the juice from Lisa’s vagina that now coated Shane’s prick would be enough to ease it into her butthole. Lisa gasped as Shane forced his tip in there, but he managed to secure it while staying rock-hard. Lisa reached behind her, putting both hands on the backrest of the couch while Shane held onto her hips, and the two of them worked together to slide Lisa down Shane’s cock, one inch at a time delving into her asshole until she was sitting on his balls and taking deep breaths as she adjusted to the intruder in her ass.

“Fuck!” Shane cried out in pleasure.

“Shit!” Lisa cursed, relaxing a bit more each moment as she got used to Shane’s big dick in her butt.

“You look so hot, baby,” Jason said as he got down from the couch and stood in front of them, waiting to top off this sex sandwich they were making. As Jason watched, Shane slowly lifted Lisa up and down his cock for about a minute, his cock throbbing as she fucked her sexy ass. Lisa soon got used to the feeling, which turned from discomfort to pleasure in no time. She was soon ready for her boyfriend.

“Stuff my other hole, honey,” Lisa said to Jason, her eyes fixed on his. Jason moved forward to the couch, his right leg stepping forward over Lisa’s left leg, pinning it between Shane’s and his thighs, while he kneeled on the couch with his other leg. Lisa’s left leg hung around Jason’s waist as Jason pushed his cock against Lisa’s slit. It was a tighter fit now because Shane’s cock was stuffing Lisa’s ass, but Lisa’s pussy was so wet that Jason had very little trouble sliding into her. As Lisa felt Jason’s cock stuff her pussy, making her full of cock in both holes, she moaned and threw her left arm over Jason’s shoulder, sinking her nails into his back while Jason leaned over Lisa’s left shoulder, pressing Lisa between the two boys as her head poked out over Jason’s other shoulder. Soon, both boys were fully sheathed inside the beautiful woman, who clung to the backrest of the couch and her boyfriend’s back as pleasure shot through all three of their bodies.

“Oh fuck!” Jason cried out. “Lisa! You’re so hot!”

“Oh my gosh, he’s right!” Shane said, still holding Lisa’s hips in place as he began to shift his cock slowly inside Lisa.

“Oh gosh!” Lisa echoed. “This is so sexy! Fuck me, you two!”

“With pleasure!” Jason responded, matching Shane’s motion into the pretty Italian woman. These guys had been double-teaming women for a couple years now, and specifically Lisa for the last several weeks, so it didn’t take long for them to get a rhythm down. Soon they were sawing in and out Lisa, double-penetrating her as they grunted and moaned, sandwiching her between them on that couch. They fucked her in synch, each one pumping in as the other pulled out and vice versa. With each passing moment they went faster and faster, nailing both her holes as she held on tightly, helplessly pinned between them, covered in sweat from all three of them. It wasn’t long at all before they had her screaming with an orgasm.

“I’m cumming!” Lisa cried out. “Oh my gosh, I’m cumming!” Jason and Shane fucked her hard and fast through her orgasm. Before Lisa’s climax had even subsided, she shouted, “Both of you cum inside me!” Neither of the guys expected izmir escort bayan that command, but there was no argument. Without a word, they continued to nail her hard and fast in both holes until Shane moaned with an orgasm, followed by Jason just a few seconds later. Both boys were spewing cum deep inside Lisa, Shane in her ass and Jason in her pussy, while the satisfied woman writhed between them, smiling from ear to ear as her two lovers emptied their balls inside her holes. The guys moaned loudly as they each came hard with the tan babe pressed tightly between them until every drop of their semen had been deposited in Jason’s girlfriend.

At last, all three of them were panting as they recovered from the hot session they had enjoyed on Shane’s couch. Covered in sweat, Jason pulled off first, his cum dripping from Lisa’s cunt. Lisa, the sweatiest of the three of them, pulled herself off Shane’s cock, cum leaking from both her holes now. Her beautiful tan skin had a deep tint of red now after the workout she had done. She stood naked beside her boyfriend while Shane stayed on the couch, catching his breath, his cock glistening form all the fluid it had come in contact with during the threesome.

“I still can’t believe you never did this before us,” Shane managed as she sat up. “You’re way too good at it.”

“Yeah, Lisa,” Jason added as he handed Lisa her thong, sandals and sundress. “You don’t have any exes who wanted to do this with you?”

“Actually,” Lisa said as she took the clothes from Jason, waiting to cool down a bit before getting dressed again, “there was one who really wanted to share me with his friends, but I never let him.”

“Why not?” Jason asked.

“I just wasn’t comfortable with it,” she answered. “I was scared.”

“Do you still talk to him?” Shane asked, getting up from the couch to get himself dressed. “Does he know you’re doing it now? He’d be so jealous.”

“I do still talk to him once in a while,” she said, “but no, he doesn’t know I’m having threesomes with two guys.”

“You should tell him,” Shane said with a grin.

“Better yet,” Jason said, “You should invite him over for the next one.”

“What?” Lisa asked, surprised.

“Yeah, seriously!” Jason doubled down. “I know you’re not going to leave me for anyone, and we’d give the poor bastard the time of his life before you’re out of it forever.”

“You’re joking,” Lisa said, putting her thong on.

“I’m serious!” Jason said. “I think it would be super hot to share you with your ex, knowing you only have eyes for me.”

“I mean, I can text him this weekend if you want me to,” Lisa said, thinking she was calling Jason’s bluff.

“I’ll do it for you right now,” Jason replied. “Give me your phone. What’s his name?”

“No,” Lisa said, “I’ll do it. Let’s just enjoy the rest of tonight.”

“Fair enough,” Jason said. “But I want to read the texts tomorrow.”

“You will,” Lisa said.

Lisa did text her ex the next morning. His name was Jack. He was a little older than Jason and Shane and a little shorter. Jack and Lisa had dated for several years, but Lisa ended it about six years ago. He was surprised to see a text from his ex-girlfriend and first hoped she was considering getting back together, as he had never stopped thinking about her. He was disappointed to find out she was in a serious relationship, but she regained his interest pretty quickly into the conversation.

“We’ve been having threesomes with his friend,” she started. “I know you always wanted to try that.”

“Lucky bastards,” he texted back. “I’d still love to do that with you just for fun.”

“That’s actually why I’m reaching to you,” she responded. “Just once though and then we’re done.”

Jack had never been more excited. “I’m in!” he wrote. “Just tell me when and where.”

“When” was the following Saturday night. “Where” was a hotel that Jason had secured. He didn’t really want his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend knowing where he lived. Jason and Lisa spent the whole day together and then headed to the hotel fairly early in the evening. They didn’t want to be too tired before the main event. For this night, Lisa dressed up very nicely. She wore a low-cut black dress that went halfway down her thighs and showed off her curved hips and revealed her slender legs. For shoes she had black high heels, four inches and open-toed. She wore a silver necklace and matching bracelets on her left wrist and right ankle. She straightened her hair and applied just the right amount of makeup. She was a bit nervous to meet up with her ex again, but she felt safe with Jason.

It’s important to note that Lisa’s assumption of what was happening tonight was a threesome with her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend. What Jason thought was happening was a fourway with himself, Jack and Shane. He just assumed Shane would be involved since Shane was always involved, so when Shane showed up shortly after Jason and Lisa settled in, Lisa was quite surprised.

“I’m sorry,” she said to Shane, “I didn’t know izmir escortlar you were going to be here.”

“I can go,” Shane said, a little embarrassed about the confusion.

“I’m sorry,” Jason said to both of them. “I must have misunderstood.”

“No,” Lisa said, “I want you to stay, Shane. It will be fun, and I’ll feel better having two of you here that I can trust.”

“I think it will be a lot of fun!” Jason said.

“And I have no doubt you’ll handle three men with no problem,” Shane added.

Shortly after this conversation concluded, there was a knock at the door. In came Jack, followed by two other young guys whom Lisa recognized from when she dated Jack.

“Wait, what’s going on here?” Lisa said, her heart racing as the small room was quickly crowded with her and five men.

“Shit,” Jack said, “I didn’t think your boyfriend was going to be a part of this!”

“First of all,” Lisa started, “I didn’t tell you to bring anyone. Second of all, I said it was a threesome, and you bring two people.”

“Well, I already see three others in the room,” Jack said.

“Apparently no one was on the same page here,” Jason said. “Hi, I’m Jason, Lisa’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you, I think.”

“And I’m Shane.”

“Jack,” Lisa’s ex offered, “and these are my friends John and Rick.” To Lisa he said, “These were the guys I talked about doing this with when we were dating. I thought that’s what you were talking about, and I figured you could pick which one joined and which one watched.”

Lisa was obviously overwhelmed, and Jason put his arms around her to help calm her down. “It’s OK, baby,” he said, “we can just pull the plug on this and go.”

“I don’t really see another option,” Lisa said back to him, annoyed that what was supposed to be an exciting night was turning into a disaster.

“Well . . . ” Jason trailed off.

“What?” Lisa asked.

“I bet you could fuck all five of us.”

“What?!” Lisa snapped, pulling away from Jason.

“Never mind,” he said.

“She couldn’t handle it anyway,” Jack said. “Come on, guys. Let’s go.”

Lisa wasn’t sure if it was the passive-aggressive challenge dealt by her ex-boyfriend, her current boyfriend’s willingness to participate in a five-man gangbang with her or just the idea of how hot it would be to have a gangbang (once she had a second to think about it) that made her change her tune, but before Jack could get to the door, Lisa stopped him.

“Wait!” Lisa said. All five sets of male eyes were fixed on the sexy woman. “You know what? Let’s do it. Let’s make it a gangbang.”

“Holy shit,” Jason said first. “You’ve never been hotter!”

“I’ll say!” Jack exclaimed. “Fuck it. I’m in!”

“This is going to be really fun,” Shane added. As Shane spoke, Jack and John moved in closer to Lisa while Rick stayed back, appearing a little uncomfortable but no doubt excited like everyone else. Jason, who had been standing beside Lisa the whole time, ran his hands up and down her arms and shoulders. He knew Lisa had to be nervous walking into a five-man gangbang, no matter how resolute and confident she was to go through with it. His touch helped regulate her body, in which her heart was already pounding, her breathing increasing and her mind running wild with the possibilities of what these men were about to do to her. It was both exhilarating and scary at the same time, and she appreciated her boyfriend’s touch to make her feel safe.

Lisa remained still in front of Jason as Jack and John moved closer to her. Rick remained back for now, and Shane did as well so as to not crowd the poor girl. Jack gently pushed Lisa’s hair back and then moved his hand down to the strap of her dress, pushing it down her shoulder. Jason took this move as a cue to unzip the back of the garment, which caused it shift down Lisa’s body, revealing a black and red lace bra beneath it.

“Very sexy,” Jack said. “I like that you dressed up for me.”

“Don’t get too excited,” Lisa said as Jason and John pushed the dress further down Lisa’s body until it fell at a heap around her feet. “I’m blocking your number after tonight.”

“Hold on,” Jack countered as his eyes went up and down his ex-girlfriend who was dressed in only underwear, high heels and jewelry after she kicked the dress aside, “you’ve got a deal if you can last through this gangbang until all five of us cum on you?”

Ever the competitor, Lisa liked the challenge. “OK, deal.” After those words, three sets of hands touched her body: Jason’s, still on her shoulders, Jack’s, fondling her breasts and rubbing her chest, and John’s, one rubbing her leg and the other riding up her back.

“Come on, Rick,” Jack said to his other friend. “Get in here.” Rick obeyed, and Shane decided to not be the only man out. Now Lisa had 10 hands fighting for a piece of her flesh, and she rather liked it. She couldn’t even tell who unlatched her bra. One second it was on and the next it was on the floor. Even in his protector mode, Jason couldn’t help but be totally aroused, motivated to removed Lisa’s thong, which fell to her ankles. Lisa grinned and kicked the cloth aside, leaving her in only a necklace, bracelet, anklet and high heels, which all five boys agreed was a very, very sexy look for this activity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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