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Sandra, Mike and an Invitation

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The next evening when my doorbell rang, I was still thinking about last night fucking Sandra – and how Anne and Mike hadn’t even batted an eyelid. They really were an incredibly open and broadminded family. Sandra really was one hot forty year old. I really hoped that I’d get the chance to fuck her again.

“It’s open!” I called.

It was Mike.

“You’ve taken years off my mom! She’s been in the best mood ever all day today.”

“Hey, the pleasure was all mine. Your mom is hot.”

I was please Mike wasn’t cross with me.

“I know she is – I’ve fantasized about fucking her myself.”

“That’s so wrong – you thought about fucking your mother?”

“Yeah – but she is fit – and I’ve seen her naked loads of times. Anyway, it’s no worse than my sister, is it?”

I suppose it wasn’t – and I remembered the time I saw Mike fuck Anne in the countryside. That was a horny memory.

“Did you ever do it again? With Anne?”


Mike went on to tell me that last night, after they saw me with their mother, they went upstairs and had a wank together. Mike had blown his load all over Anne’s tit’s, and Anne had frigged herself to orgasm with Mike’s cum still running down her chest.

“That must’ve been a horny sight,” I said, “I’m getting turned on at the thought of it.”

“So I see.”

Mike patted the obvious swelling in my sweat pants. My dick responded by twitching. I responded by feeling the bulge in Mike’s jeans.

“Fancy a beer?” I offered.

“I fancy a wank.”

“You can have both if you like.”

I fetched two beers from the fridge, handing one to Mike. Mike opened his beer and lay on my sofa. I decided I wanted to tease Mike.

“Your mom has such a great body. She has the most suckable nipples and her pussy tastes fabulous.”

As I was talking, I knelt down and felt the bulge that was swelling in his jeans.

“Her cunt was so hot and wet. I almost blew my load the minute I slipped my cock in.” I continued.

Mike didn’t resist as I undid his jeans, and he obligingly lifted his bum up so that I could pull them down. His thick cock sprung out of his boxers. I gave it a squeeze and felt it harden.

“Just imagine how it would feel if she slid her warm cunt down onto your cock.”

After I said this I began to suck Mike’s cock head, cupping his balls with my hand. Mike grabbed his shaft and began to wank his member, but I kept licking and sucking the head. Soon, Mike let out a loud groan and his warm sperm erupted into my mouth. I swallowed most of it. The rest ran down over Mike’s balls and I massage them with the slippery mess as he moaned with satisfaction. I was now as horny as hell and my cock ankara escort was as hard as a rock. I stood up and washed the taste of Mike’s cum out of my mouth by drinking some of my beer. Mike pulled down my sweat pants and began massaging my cock and balls with both of his hands.

“What does my cum taste like?” He asked, ask he ran his hands expertly over my aching shaft and balls.

“Salty and warm!” I replied, “beer is nicer though!”

“I like the taste of my cum!”

“You can have some of mine if you want.”

Mike opened his mouth and I felt his hot breath on my balls. I took hold of my cock and he put out his tongue. I was ready to cum so I had no trouble stroking myself a few times to orgasm. The first couple of spurts missed, some going on his face and hair, but I managed to deposit a good teaspoonful directly onto his tongue. He closed his mouth and smiled.


“You like?”

“Yeah – different to mine.”


“Dunno, less salty maybe. Mind if I take a shower?”

Mike took off his clothes and walked off naked to my bathroom. I heard the running water and then I heard my door again. It was Sandra, Mike’s mom. She walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa – right next to Mike’s clothes.

“What have you boys been up to?”

She grinned mischievously at me. I didn’t think I needed to answer.

“Has Mike asked you about next week?”

“Err, no?”

“Well, we’re going to the cottage for a week – we wondered if you wanted to come?”

I knew that Sandra and her husband, Jerry, owned a cottage in France. I was self employed – so getting the week off would be easy. But I was worried about Jerry – what would he think if he knew I had fucked his wife and his daughter, not to mention sucking off his son. Sandra must have read my mind.

“Jerry knows all about you, don’t worry – he’s quite broadminded.”

“He’d have to be!”

“He is – in fact, he suggested you should come. He wants to ask you a favour!”

“What favour?”

“He’s always wanted to watch a man fuck me! I suggested you might be up for it?”

Mike walked back in, naked. He seemed quite unperturbed that his mother was sitting next to his clothes on the sofa.

“Hi mom!”

“You never asked him about next week! Sandra scolded, “too busy playing with each other’s willies weren’t you?”

Sandra turned too me, “Mike has such a nice willy don’t you think – quite distracting!”

“Yes, your son has a fine specimen – it was my fault, I was teasing him.”

“Teasing him?” She asked.

“It’s not hard…”

“I bet it was earlier!”

Sandra reached out her hand and gave her son’s cock a playful tickle. escort ankara Mike’s cock twitched at his mother’s touch.

“I bet that’s impressive at full stretch these days,” she commented.

“It is,” I confirmed, “very. When I was telling him about how it felt to fuck you it was massive.”

Mike blushed.

“Mike, have you been fantasizing about me?” Sandra enquired in mock horror.

Turning to me she said “maybe we should let him watch us next time?”

“Well, we do need to practise doing it with an audience, don’t we?” I said, thinking about Jerry’s request.

Sandra changed the subject:

“Well, a woman could die of thirst here!”

I realised that Mike and I had been drinking our beers, and I hadn’t offered Sandra anything. I went into the kitchen and fetched three more beers. I could here Mike and his mom talking and giggling.

“What did I miss?” I asked as I handed over the beers.

“I was just asking Mike we he didn’t shave his balls like you do.”


“He says he doesn’t know where to start!”

“How do you do yours?” Mike asked.

“With soap and a razor. Want me to teach you?”

Mike looked uncertain, but nodded. He certainly had a forest going on down there. I went to the bathroom and got my shaving kit, and a towel. Then I ran a bowl of hot water and carried everything through to the living room. I had Mike sit on the towel, legs wide apart. Sandra knelt next to me on the floor. First, I used my electric beard trimmer to groom the whole mass down to a manageable length. With less hair, Mike’s already impressive cock started to look even bigger. Then, I squatted a generous amount of shaving foam onto my hands and began soaping up his cock and balls. I spent some time massaging his cock and balls with the saving soap, causing his cock to swell and rise. I explained that it was easier to work with the cock hard! Then, I carefully shaved the hair which grew on the first inch of his shaft, and then his ball sack, gently stretching a little at a time, right down to his ‘taint’. Finally, I rinsed away all the soap and checked that everything was smooth.

“You’re done,” I said.

Mike reached down and felt his now smooth balls. Sandra also leant forward and felt Mike’s sack.

“You’ve done a lovely job,” said Sandra, “I should get you to do mine!”

“It would be a pleasure. No time like the present.”

Mike stood up, swollen cock bobbling about, and Sandra reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of lacy white panties. She lifted her skirt to reveal her thick triangle of pubic hair.

“What style do you think would suit me?”

“Landing strip only,” I suggested.

She sat ankara escort bayan down on the towel and Mike knelt down beside me. I instructed Sandra to ‘spread wide’ and set off with the beard trimmer. Firstly I reduced everything to grade four, then I used grade one, leaving an inch wide strip above her clitoris. Then I soaped up the whole area and set to work with the razor. The area above her pussy was easy enough, but the labia involved a lot of me pulling things gently to one side and shaving very carefully. As I worked, her pussy lips became more swollen and juice was visibly oozing from her fanny. Finally, I rinsed up and patted her dry with a corner of the towel. As she reached down and felt the area, more juice oozed from her swollen lips.

“Look at you two!” She laughed.

Indeed we were a sight. Kneeling side by side facing Sandra’s fanny, Mike’s cock was rock solid and I had a big tent in the front of my sweat pants.

“Look at you,” I retorted.

I extended a finger, caught a drop of fanny juice that had formed on her cunt lips, and then sucked my finger. Sandra responded by pulling down the front of my sweat pants freeing my hard cock.

“I’ve never seen two hard cocks at the same time.”

She leaned forward and took one of our cocks in each hand and squeezed tightly. I reached out my hand and massaged her fanny which was sopping wet. She moaned and squeezed our cocks even harder.

“I’m so horny I’d let Mike fuck me!” She gasped.

“Can I really?” Said Mike.

“Yes – do it now before I change my mind!”

I moved aside and Sandra guided Mike’s thick cock into her oozing wet cunt. Sandra gasped as Mike’s thick cock entered her. Sandra put her hands on Mike’s buttocks, pulling him all the way in. Mike set up a steady thrusting motion and Sandra threw back her head and bit her lip. I unbuttoned Sandra’s blouse. Again, she was wearing no bra and I started caressing those great tits I had spunked over last night. Sandra moaned and whimpered and Mike’s cock made squelching noises as he pumped it in and out of Sandra’s dripping wet sex. Eventually, it was all too much for Mike, and with his familiar grunting he climaxed inside his mom.

“More, more!” Demanded Sandra.

But Mike was all done. As his cock slipped out, I was more than ready to take over. As I slid my cock in, Sandra’s cunt felt different to last time. It had been stretched already by Mike’s thick cock and had extra lubrication from his spunk. It was very warm and very wet. As I thrust inside her, wetness oozed out and ran down my balls. Sandra began rubbing her clit furiously. I felt her vagina contract around my cock as she climaxed. I responded by fucking her hard and fast. Sandra screamed with a few final thrusts, I too let go inside her. I slid out and watched as a double helping of cum oozed out of her.

Her breathing returned to normal before she spoke.

“Next week’s going to be fun, isn’t it?”

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