27 Kasım 2022


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Thalia reaches into her bag, with freshly manicured hands and gently grasps the room key card. Internally,she’s nervous with anticipation but by looking at her, you couldn’t tell. Wearing Red pumps, cream pants with a red stripe down each leg and a cream halter top it’s obvious she has returned to the gym. She’d taken painstaking efforts to get ready for this day. On the day the travel arrangements were made, a year ago, she set out to look as sexy as she felt. It took forever to decide what to wear, she almost wore a dress but decided against it. She wanted to be comfortable enough to fly but still look like candy, after all, the wait was finally over, she was going to be with her man.
She steps up to the suite doors, pausing she thinks,
“I wonder if he’s inside.”
She didn’t get to ask downstairs because she checked in prior to arrival, she nearly sprinted to the room, she couldn’t wait to see if he was here.This rendevous is almost 30 years in the making. Their relationship had grown so strong but it hadn’t been easy. They were both in a situation that wasn’t conducive to their union. She’d gotten out of hers years ago so she waited for him. Their particular brand of love was rarely found. She was skeptical at first but eventually had to accept the facts. They were made for one another.This was the first time they’d finally get to be alone and physically connect in nearly thirty years. She could hardly contain herself. Straightening her clothes, she opens the door. The suite was breathtaking but she really wasn’t interested in that. Scanning the room with her big brown eyes,she sees the object of her affection making her heart skip a beat.He begins to deliberately approach her with a telling look on his face. She couldn’t move or breath and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He’s sex personified. The complete package. He stands so close to her and she breaths him in as he places his hands on the exposed skin of her waist, pulling her flush with his body. She tries to keep her cool, tries to stop her body from trembling but it was useless. Being near him makes her weak. A sly smile crosses his face, as she raises her eyes to meet his, he knows exactly how he affects her and he loves it.
He says,
“Hey,” so casually that you’d think they had been together yesterday and she smiles. And in the blink of an eye, her mouth was on his. They had both thought about this moment for decades and it was even more passionate than either could have imagined. He tastes the tequila on her tongue remembering that she’d told him that she would drink, even though the flight was less than two hours long, bet siteleri to calm her nervous energy. She can’t think and she can’t breath so she instinctively pulls away.
“ I need a drink and a shower,” she says flustered with emotion.
He says, “You can have the drink but no shower.”
She wasn’t surprised at his request as they’ve had many years of candid conversations leaving no topic unexplored. Besides, she had showered before leaving for the airport after pampering herself with a spa visit. He went to the small bar and poured her a drink all while watching the way she moves, as she put her things away. She turned just in time to catch the smirk that crosses his face when he’s thinking about her pussy. She licks her lips, smirking back as she gracefully goes to join him. Handing her the drink, he crosses the room to a plush sofa in the living room-esq portion of the suite. Their unchoreographed dance was amusing. She followed his every move with her eyes, unaware that she kept licking her lips.
He takes a seat,
“Don’t you think we’ve spent enough time apart?, he pauses, “Come here.”
“Come where?” She asks sarcastically as she throws her drink back and slinkily walks over to him. The height of her heels was hidden by the length of her pants but he knew exactly how high they were because he knew exactly how tall she was. She stepped directly in front of him and climbes astride, wrapping her arms around his neck.She slowly lowers her lips to his as he wraps one arm around her waist and the other is on her back, hand on the back of her neck and shoulder, pulling her in, causing her to grind her hips on him.
‘Shit,” he whispers on her lips as their passionate kiss turns frenzied. Her skin is so soft on his fingertips, she already felt better than he remembered.
She trembled with excitement and anticipation as her lungs forgot how to inhale. He wraps both arms around her, leaning forward he whispers,
“Baby, breath.”
She pulls away,hungrily gazing into his eyes, slowing her breathing to match his. He loves that she keeps grinding her hips; she’s so turned on. The way her body responds to him makes his dick swell. She was sexy without even trying and that shit turned him on. He pulls her mouth to his by grabbing the back of her neck, slipping his hand into her pants, his eyes widened.
“You’re so wet,” he says with a devilish grin.
She moans as he slightly touches the piercing in her clitorus, causing her back to arch in ecstasy. Her brow furrows, mouth slightly open as he teases her clit. She intently watches him watching her.
“ I need to see,” he says “ I need you to take that off,” pointing to her pinbahis giriş blouse and pants, “but leave those on,” pointing to her shoes.
She stands and unbuttons her pants, they fall to the floor, the blouse too. Her thong was soaking wet and her thighs glistening which turned him on even more, if at all possible. He leaned forward and licked her thighs.
“Oh my God,” he mumbles
He stood so quickly that it startled her but he gently took her hand and lead her into the other room.
He tells her exactly where and what he wanted her to do and she didn’t hesitate. She lay on her stomach knees bent, as requested, she felt his eyes all over her, she didn’t even have to look at him to know when he was watching her.
He first rips the black lacy thong from her body, then sliding a hand under her and placing the other on the small of her back, he pulls her backwards on the bed while manipulating her to arch her ass upward, easily lifting the lower part of her body off of the bed. She was as petite as always, he thought to himself but damn. She was looking tasty, like her remembered but better. His mouth salivates as he lightly touches her wetness, making her whole body shudder. Slightly turning her head, she glimpses him taste his fingers and lick his lips. He knows she’s watching and he smiles slyly, bending forward to flick her clit with his tongue. He watches the muscles in her back tense as she reaches to grab whatever is in sight. With every lick and every kiss of her pussy her whole body responds. Soft moans escape her beautiful mouth as he teases her, fucking her with his tongue until her movement becomes more deliberate. He takes her swollen clit in his mouth, sucking as her body begins to shake uncontrollably. Halfway screaming or halfway crying he knew she was about to cum so he stops and turns her over in a single move. He slides her to the edge of the bed, effortlessly, and slips a finger inside her pussy.He could see fire in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip. She was begging him, with her eyes, to make love to her, but he wasn’t finished. Pushing her long legs apart and back, he sees just how wet she is and it makes his dick swell. He sucks her clit back into his mouth as he slides another finger into her pussy. It was so warm, so wet and really tight; he couldn’t wait any longer. Sitting up, she meets his lips, intoxicated from the taste of her on his mouth, their tongues intertwine as they move back on the bed. As she begins to lay back, his dick touches her clit and her mouth opens but nothing comes out; she can’t speak. Her eyes flutter closed as he begins to enter her.
“Open online bahis your eyes,” he says. And she complies. He looks at her intently,he’s been waiting for a long time for her to look at him like this again. She reaches out and grabs him, pulling him all the way inside her.
“Fuck,” they say in unison. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. She couldn’t believe how big he was. He could feel her pussy contract around his dick and it was almost too much. He had to close his eyes, just for a moment, as their bodies began to move completely in sync.
“Kiss me,” she whispers, unable to find her voice. Taking both of her small wrists and pinning them above her head, he kisses her deeply just as a low moan was about to escape her mouth.
Their bodies move so slowly, maximizing every stroke. He reaches for her right thigh and she instinctively brings her leg up, calf resting on his shoulder. He feels her whole body tense and knows she gonna cum.
“Don’t stop,” she whimpers as he continues to stroke so deeply, slowly and deliberately until her whole body trembles. Her pace quickens matching his, both of their heads spinning. The whole world ceased to exist in this moment.
“Harder,” she begs, both legs on his shoulders. Her eyes narrow and her face contorts as she feels him swell inside her. He feels the inside of her body liquify and get hotter.
“I’m cumming,’ she mouths over and over again. She closes her eyes, tightly, for a moment. She gonna do it; she gonna squirt.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she exclaims. The pleasure is almost too much for her to handle. Liquid is propelled from her sweet spot, splashing all over him. Her pussy contracts so strongly he can’t help himself.
“Oh, shit!” He says, the world felt as if it had stopped.Thalia is nearly climbing the walls; but she can’t get away. They orgasm simultaneously and it’s better than anything either of them have ever felt. A single tears rolls from her eye. He gently kisses it away. Trying to catch their breath, their eyes meet and they both release a satisfied chuckle.
Thalia tries to speak but she has no words. She cannot believe just how good that was. He is speechless. Somehow they unwrap themselves from one another and try to recover. She looks at him with soft eyes and at that moment he knew just how much she loved him; just by the look on her face. And it overwhelms him. She slowly rises from the bed, disappearing into the bathroom. She quickly returns with a warm cloth to clean him up. She gently wipes his stomach, his thighs and anywhere else her wetness lingers. And even though they just finished, she bites her lip in a way that lets him know that she is ready again.
“Baby, don’t you have a refractory period,” he asks. Her eyes narrow as she looks deeply into his eyes.
“Apparently not,” she says licking her lips. In no time at all, she is licking around the head of his dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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