12 Ağustos 2022

Quickie: Wife

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I stood over my wife as she lay in the warm bath. She was masturbating under the water with her right hand and playing with her right nipple with her left hand. I stroked my cock as I watched her play, trying to time my climax with hers. She loved when I rained semen down upon her as she climaxed herself.

She was getting close… I could tell by the way she was moaning and moving in the water. Both nipples were rock hard even in the hot tub. She alternated playing with both and moving her hand around rapidly on her sex. I was on the verge, edging myself so I could explode at a moment’s notice for her. My balls were tight against my shaft, my cock rock hard with shiny, blood engorged purple head to match. Large amounts of pre-cum had been oozing from my slit and I’d been using it to circle my head with my palm when I had enough.

Fuck! It was so sexy to watch her play… watch her bring herself to climax. Her wet hair falling over her shoulders into the water, her perfect breasts half in and half out as she played with her tight nipples. The look on her face was hot as shit as she looked up at me, watching me stroke my hard cock for her. I had to stop, letting go of my cock and clenching my muscles to keep from cumming. A surge of pre-cum escaped and dripped down onto her legs, but I held my load in.

“You going to cum for me baby?” she asked. “Shower me with your hot spunk? I can tell you’re so close.”

“When you say the word, baby,” I returned.

“Shit… you’re so hot… stroking that big cock for me… I’m so close too… so close now… I want to feel your cum raining down on me… almost there… almost there!” she said, getting louder and louder with her body starting to tighten up for the big wave.

I began to stroke again… faster and faster, bringing myself to the point of no return as she yelled, “Now!”

Her body began to shake and convulse in the water as her orgasm took over her movements. My cock exploded, shooting a huge rope of cum forth. The buildup had made it incredible. It curled in the air and dropped down, hitting her in the face and chest it was so long.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed as the semen hit her and her orgasm continued.

Another blast rocked my body as my cock spewed forth onto her. She lifted her spasming body out of the water to meet my load as the second, third and fourth blast of hot cum shot from my cock and landed on her chest and stomach.

“Give it all to me!” she screamed as I stroked hard and fast, trying to give her what she wanted.

I managed two more medium blasts before just globs began to drip down onto her shaking form. She was grinding her hands into her sex as her orgasm lasted much longer than mine. Her wet body streaked with my love as she moaned and climaxed under me. I shook my cock down at her, trying to get the last droplets to hit her as I was spent and my semen stopped coming.

She went çankaya escort on for double my orgasm on top of her own before falling limp and drained, back into the water. She finally opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“So perfect, babe… you gave me a lot that time. I can’t believe how much it helps. I’ve never cum so hard in my life before we started doing this,” she said.

“My pleasure.”

“Yeah it is. You totally get off watching me, you cum so big every time.”

“Yeah I do,” I said.

She moved forward in the water, reaching up and pulling my spent cock into her mouth. She sucked out what remained of my orgasm and found some left on her face she fed herself with her fingers. She sucked me again, milking my shrinking cock for everything she could find. I stood over her with legs that felt weak and rubbery from all the time spent standing over her and then the massive orgasm after.

Taking me out of her mouth, she looked up and asked, “How quick can you get hard again?” before sucking me back in.

“Well… if you keep that up, maybe five minutes?” I said in a form of a question.

“Promise?” she asked, taking me out long enough for the one word.

“I’ll sure try?”

At first her sucking and touching tickled as my refractory period wouldn’t allow my cock to grow large again. I focused on her, watching her suck my limp cock with those beautiful eyes looking up at me. My wife was gorgeous, her natural breasts jiggled out of the water as she worked on my cock. My view was spectacular, as I looked down upon my goddess in the water.

I figure, about three minutes in to her sucking me, my cock started to respond to the stimulation again. I took another few minutes for it to start to grow and plump up in her mouth. Once it did, she didn’t stop, even if it had taken longer than five minutes like I said. She sucked and began to stroke once it was large enough to do so again. She got me fully hard with her talent and I forgot my weak legs and everything else, just basking in her hands and mouth as I looked down at my gorgeous spouse pleasuring my engorged member.

“Well, would you look at that? Nice and big for me again. Not too shabby,” she said, taking me out of her mouth to admire her work.

She suddenly rolled over in the tub and stuck her butt up at me, arching her sexy back that had traces of my first load stuck to it along with soap bubbles. Her shaved sex was staring me in the face as she looked back at me. Holy shit, she looked amazing and I hesitated moving to take her in. Finally, squatting down, I knew what she wanted. I bent my cock horizontal and sawed my head up and down her flushed lips before sliding the whole of my cock into her with one smooth thrust.

“Mmmm, yes! Give it to me, babe!” she said.

My balls met her body as my thrust bottomed out. I felt her move one hand under to start playing with her clit and my shaft ankara rus escort as I began to thrust in and pull out. She was hot and wet, bathing my hard cock in pleasure. I watched it go in and out as well as admired her perfect butt and back, her little rosebud asshole parted slightly as I rammed my cock deep. She was spectacular. I reached forward with one hand, cupping her left breast and squeezing gently as I slid my cock in and out effortlessly. My other hand gave me balance as I placed it on her shapely bottom.

She moaned softly as I buried my cock repeatedly into her as she played with her clit and lips. I felt her fingers moving all over my shaft and her sex as I continued, driving deep with each thrust. The water splashed around us as we moved, moaned and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

About five minutes later, my legs were screaming and thankfully her knees had had enough. She moved forward off of my cock and stood up, placing her hands on the tub, still bent over. My wife is really flexible. I was able to stand upright, feed my cock back into her and thrust forward.

“Oh… oh gawd! It’s so deep like this!” she screamed as I thrust down into her as far as I could go.

She went back to playing with her clit and sex and I found her opposite breast, tweaking her nipple and squeezing as I thrust deep and hard. My thumb found her tight little anus and I rubbed it with the pad of my digit, making her coo as my cock spread her wide below with each forward rush. The left over soap and semen, made my thumb slide easily around her tight orifice.

“You’re going to make me cum again!” she said, as I continued my deep, consistent drilling.

Having just cum a huge load previous. I had plenty of staying power, hitting her hard and fast with all I had as I played with breasts, nipples and puckered ass. A few minutes later she started to tremble and shake as another orgasm washed over her. I didn’t let up, playing and thrusting as she moaned and came on my cock. I felt her pussy tighten slightly as her muscles contracted with the spasms. My arousal grew as did my cock. Even my balls started to suck up once again from the incredible sensations my wife’s stunning pussy displayed.

She was panting, trying to get air into her lungs as the orgasm washed over her. It was so sexy to watch her shake and tremble from what I was doing to her. I felt proud and delighted I could make her feel like this. I kept up everything all the way through her orgasm until she almost fell over from exhaustion. I had to catch her or she would have, pulling her up against my body with my cock still in deep. I felt her chest expanding in my arms as she struggled for air, all her weight was being supported by my body.

“Oh, my… the things… you… do… to… me,” she said, laboring for air.

My cock just throbbed inside of her as I held her in my arms, letting ankara yabancı escort her catch her breath and gain her strength back.

“Are you… even… close?” she asked.

“I was getting there,” I said.

“Oh, my… such stamina my husband has,” she, giggled.

My hands found her breasts as she started to support herself again. Keeping her close to my body, I began to dip down and thrust up into her, which was pretty easy since I’m probably a foot taller than she is.

“I don’t know if I can handle more, babe,” she said as I thrust deep and pinched both her nipples.

“Okay, what do you want to do?” I asked.

“Well… how can you cum fast? What can we do? I want you to cum again, inside me.”

“Umm, well there’s always anal?” I said.

“Yeah… would that make you cum fast?” she asked.

“For sure… I never last very long inside your bum,” I said, which was true.

Okay… just be quick… I’m exhausted and it’s late.”

She moved forward and my cock slipped out of her pussy, covered in her climax, giving me plenty of lube for anal. She knew what to do… this wasn’t our first time for sure. She bent back over and grabbed both her cheeks spreading her ass for me. I rubbed some juice from my cock onto her puckered ass, penetrated her with my finger first and felt she was ready. Pressing my cock head against her anus she pushed out like I taught her years ago and my hard cock slid into her scorching hot ass. The lube eased the friction and I was soon balls deep in my wife’s stunning bowels. Good hell I loved her tight ass. She immediately started playing with her empty sex as my cock bottomed out into her tight hole. She looked back at me.

“Okay, cum fast for me… I want you to explode deep.”

That’s what I wanted to hear and I swear my arousal shot up immensely just hearing her say that, before I had even started to move. My cock lurched inside her ass and my balls contacted upward. Pulling out, her tight ass clung to my shaft, sending incredible sensations though my dick. Pressing in stimulated the head and her tight ring held tight to my shaft. Fuck it was so good. She played and played with her clit and I sped my thrust up as I felt her anus adapt to my cock quickly. I knew I need to cum fast, she was pretty much done for the night. I focused on the pleasure, on her beautiful body, on her tight ass and soon gained the proper stimulation.

I clenched my ass, held in my pleasure until I was unable to stop the explosion. Holding myself in, I blew my load deep inside my wife’s ass, moaning and shaking with spasms as my cock once again let loose.

“That’s it, babe. Give me your cum… deep in my ass… feels so good!” she said, among my grunts and contractions.

When my cock eased up, I pulled free. My load was so deep nothing came out when I left her ass. She liked it that way. She reached down and pulled the drain for the tub and grabbed our towels.

“Another perfect session, babe… we’re getting so good at this?” she said, smiling as she toweled off her perfect body and then wrapped the towel around her head.

“I’ll say… we definitely got it figured out.”

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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