10 Ağustos 2022

Phone First

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Anal Fucking

“Hello?” Sara said nervously into the phone, her heart was skipping beats.

“Hello Sara.”


“You sure you want to try this?”


Sara’s heart jumped again. She shouldn’t be this nervous, this was just Allen, granted she had never meet Allen, but it was still her old friend from the Internet, Allen.

“Let me get comfortable, ok?”

“Sure, Sara.”

Sara’s five foot three inch frame walked to the middle of her room, she was still fully clothed, and she carefully placed the phone on her desk and began to strip. She couldn’t very well have phone sex clothed now could she? She pulled off her tank top, her full breasts exposed, it was summer and she was alone in her dorm, why worry about a bra? Her nipples were hard, due to the anticipation of the events to come. Next came her shorts and panties. There she stood, naked. She looked at herself in the mirror; she was short, with short blonde hair framing her face. She was of slender build and somewhat athletic. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they matched her frame, they were big enough to fill a hand, with a little extra overfilling. This was it, now or never. She picked up the phone and laid herself on the bed.


“Yes, Sara?”

“I eryamandaki escortlar am ready, Allen.”

She could hear him take a deep breath from the other end of the phone. Her first time using the phone like this, but she thought why not, she was in college, might as well do something crazy.

“Hmm, Sara, I am thinking about your body, and I am getting very hard, how would you help me Sara?

“Oh Allen, I would slowly stroke your cock and make it as hard as a rock, so that I may suck on it.”

“Hmm, Sara, I want you to touch yourself, and think of me there with you.”

Sara had a very good imagination; she took a deep breath and slid her hand down her taunt stomach, down to her shaved pussy. A small groan escaped her lips. Her finger touched her lips slowly peeling them back, to the moist pink layers following. She moaned again, she was forgetting about the phone she was holding by her ear.

She could picture Allen there. Standing in the shadows, watching her. Her fingers moved up to her clit, rubbing and pushing her hard little button, her groans getting louder and her breathing getting faster. She could see him smirk from the shadows and walk over to her. He stood right over her on the bed, his hands etimesgut bayan escort beginning to rub her body, he started at her stomach and moved up to her breasts, his hands felt her soft skin and the smoothness of her breasts. He rubbed them, his thumbs caressing her nipples. Sara groaned at the pressure he was applying to her nipples. He smiled and bent down and took a nipple into his mouth and licked and sucked it, making her moan louder. His hand trailed down to her smooth, wet, warm pussy. His fingers took her fingers place, as he rubbed her clit. His thumb continued to play as his middle finger was in perfect alignment to enter her. He pushed his middle finger in to the first knuckle and wiggled it playfully. She cried out for more, as her hips pushed down to try and get more of his finger to enter her. He smiled and pushed in until his finger couldn’t go any farther. He felt her wetness, his finger exploring her warmth and tightness. His thumb still pressing her hard clit, rubbing it, she cried out his name. He moved his thumb; a groan of disappointment came from her lips. She felt his ring finger begin to press into her small opening. Her hips bucked in pleasure as she let out a small ankara escort scream of pleasure. Soon his two fingers were moving in and out as if he was fucking her. Her cries and moans filled the room. He smirked and lowered his head to her sweet smelling pussy. He watched his fingers enter and pull out of her, as her muscles tried to suck him back in. He could hear the sound of her juices squish as he moved his fingers in and out of her. He watched her mouth gasping for air and moaning. Her eyes closed, so she could feel him. He stuck out his tongue and licked up some of the juices. His fingers still working back and forth as his tongue moved up to her clit. He just barely touched it with the tip of his tongue, she cried out his name again. He pushed his tongue farther, lapping her clit as his fingers continued to fuck her. Her screams filling the room, and probably the hall of the dorm, she didn’t care. He could tell she was close; so he placed his mouth over her clit and sucked her hard numb, and pushed his fingers in as deep as he could. She let out one final long scream as her hips bucked. His fingers could feel her muscles enclosing his fingers, squeezing them as if they were his cock. Her cries died out, as her heart seemed to jump out of her chest. Her eyes opened and her mind was brought back to earth.

“Sara? You ok?”

“Oh my God, Allen that was incredible. It was as if you were here with me.”

Allen just laughed.

“Well, Sara, shall we do this again sometime?”

“I hope so, Allen. I hope so.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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