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Not so little brother: Chapter 6

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To all my readers,
I would like to thank all of you for your comments, critiques, and suggestions. This started out as something that I did one night while bored and has become an actual hobby. I look forward to all feedback that I get. Thanks again. ?

Chapter 6 – Group Sports With More Than One Ball

I woke up to the sun in my eyes and Steven’s arm still draped over me. His cock was hard and pushed up against my ass. His cock was warm and felt so good pressed against me. I half wanted him to fuck me right then and there but I was hungry and it was going to take more than a load of cum inside me from either end to fix that.

Mom and dad had planned today as their day off from us; they wanted to spend some time together without having to deal with the kids. In retrospect we didn’t give them much time to themselves. Steven and I were on our own today.

I looked at the clock, 12:14, Jesus it was late. I undraped Steven’s arm from over me and scooted over a bit. I rolled over to get a better look at my little brother. He looked so cute laying there all asleep. His mouth was hanging open just a little and there was a small spot of drool on the pillow. His hair was disheveled.

Farther south, his large cock was rock hard with the head resting against his stomach above his belly button and weighted down a bit by its shear mass. It was still weird to see such a small guy with such a large cock. It was just so disproportionate. How often do you see a 5’6” guy with a 9” dick?

I reached out and touched his cock. It was rock hard and it twitched slightly as I ran my finger along the underside from his balls to the hidden head. Under his foreskin I could see the ridge of his glans.

I gently wrapped hand around his dick and pulled it out from his body until it was pointing straight at me. I could feel the tension trying to hold it close to him. I let his cock go and let it swing back. It audibly smacked against his stomach and then rebounded off. Steven opened his eyes and looked slightly irritated to be awake at all, let alone being awakened by being smacked in the stomach by his own cock.


“Wake up,” I said in my most pitiful voice while throwing puppy dog eyes in for good measure, “I’m hungry.”

Steven smiled, sighed, and then sat up in bed.

“Soooo… what’s the plan?”

“I figured we could go walk down to that fifties diner down the street. It looked kinda cute. Besides, I want a milkshake.”

“You paying?” he asked with a smirk.

“Sure. Get up.”

While we had talked Steven’s cock had deflated a bit and when he stood up it fell from his body at a forty five degree angle. It was still quite large. I too got out of bed but my cock wasn’t nearly as impressive. Steven’s cock was somewhere around 7” right now, not close to hard and mine was somewhere around 4”. The warmth from the bed had enabled my cock to be a bit bigger than normal.

Steven and I walked into the bathroom together to piss and brush our teeth. As I brushed my teeth I watched Steven pee, holding his large dick, and started to get hard. I had to wait for my boner to go back down before I was able to piss.

We got dressed and headed out. The diner we were headed to was only a couple blocks down the road and it was a beautiful day out so we didn’t mind the walk. I really thought I could get used to this weather though I was pretty sure that I’d miss the snow living down here all year.

Despite the wonderful weather we were thankful of the air conditioning when we got inside the diner. It was really cute, kinda like a Steak & Shake but more authentic and less tacky. We were seated by a cute guy, obviously gay, around my age named Sean. He was totally looking Steven and me up and down as he walked towards us. We both returned the favor.

We ordered drinks, an orange & cream milkshake for me and a chocolate one for Steven, and set about examining the menu as Sean went to put in our orders. He had a nice ass. I couldn’t help but stare as he walked away.

“He’s cute,” Steven said, smirking.

So he’d noticed me ogling Sean.

“Yeah he is. Would you fuck him?” I asked, curious.

“Hell yes! Look at that ass.”

“He is cute. I bet he has a great dick too.”

We were interrupted from wondering more by Sean’s coming back to take our orders. We ordered our food, two burgers and some onion rings to share, and started talking.

After a couple minutes my stomach started to feel like trouble so I headed off to the bathroom. When I left the bathroom Steven and Sean were chatting. As I approached the table Sean returned to work and I sat down.

“What was that about?”

“Just talking. He seems like a nice guy.”

“What were you talking abo-“

I was interrupted by Sean returning with our food. He gave us our food, a quick smile, an up-down, and then moved on to take care of another table. Steven and I talked about Florida and New York while we ate our food. When we were done I paid for our lunch and Steven left Sean a pretty decent tip.

“Now what?” I asked as we walked out of the cool diner and into the heat of the central Florida summer.

Steven looked at his watch.

“One fifteenish,” Steven said, “I don’t really wanna sit at the hotel all day. How about a movie?”

“Sure. Why not?”

We walked another two blocks to the movie theater farther down the road. We were both pretty busy back home and really didn’t go out to see movies much. This was a nice change from the usual and it would also be nice to not be staring at the wall in the hotel room.

We walked up to the theater and looked at the marquee: Superman returns, The Devil Wears Prada, Nacho Libre… Of all the movies showing at that theater the only one that we could agree on was Superman Returns. Luckily there was a showing at 1:30 and we would just make it. We bought two tickets and a soda and headed into the theater.

The movie wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. The graphics were not all that great compared to other movies around that time. I dunno. After the other Superman movies I just expected something so much better than what they gave us. The plot was too predictable too.

Two-and-a-half hours later we walked out of the movie theater and into the Florida day once again. I practically felt my hair get heavier. It was four o’clock as we started to walk back to our hotel. We weren’t in a hurry so we walked slowly and watched the cars drive by. There were some really nice cars driving around and I totally wanted some of them. A boy can dream.

We got back to the hotel room around 4:30 and turned on the TV and just relaxed on the bed. I was lying on the bed with my eyes closed when there was a knock at the door. I groaned and Steven said he would get it.

I heard the door open and Steven talking to some people outside of the room.

“Charlie,” Steven called to get my attention.

I opened my eyes and sat up. Steven was standing just on my side of the small hallway between the door and the room. He was holding some papers in his hand.


“I’ve got a surprise for you.”


Steven looked back towards the door.

As I watched Sean, the waiter from the diner, and two other guys walked into the room proper. What?

Steven closed the door, walked back into the room, put the papers down on the nightstand and introduced me to the three guys standing before me.

“Charlie, meet Josh and Tyler. You’ve already met Sean.”

Sean smiled. Sean, it turns out, was 16. He was a little taller than me, probably around 5’ 8” and was pretty skinny. He wasn’t as pale as me or Steven but he was far from tan. He had a cute face and had short dark brownish-black hair. He had really pretty blue eyes. He was wearing tight, dark blue jeans and a tight, pink t-shirt that said “Legalize Gay” on it.

Josh was 17. He was about my height but a little bigger around than I was. He had dirty blond, ear-length hair and dark brown eyes. He was pretty tan and had a rather sexy face with day-old stubble. He was wearing a pair of beige cargo shirts and a white skateboarding t-shirt. His legs, what I could see of them, were decently hairy.

Tyler was also 17. He had to be around 6’ and wasn’t skinny but wasn’t chubby either. I couldn’t tell at the time but I suspected that he was all muscle. He was black. He had very short hair and dark eyes. He had a nice face. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and an oversized black shirt with a Yankees logo on it.

I looked from Steven, to Sean, to Josh, to Tyler, and back to Charlie. What was going on?

“Get to it guys,” Steven said to the three guys.

The guys looked at each other.


“What’s going-?”

As I watched the boys started to strip. They started with their shirts, worked their way to their shoes and socks, before removing their pants. The boys stopped at their underwear and stood there.

Sean was wearing a cute pair of pink briefs which were very tight on him and left nothing to the imagination. His soft dick didn’t look to be that big but it didn’t look that small either. Maybe around the same size as mine? I started to get hard. Sean’s legs were nearly hairless as was the rest of his body. He did have a cute, well trimmed happy trail sneaking up from his briefs to his belly button. He was really skinny; totally a twink.

Josh was wearing some generic looking navy blue boxer-briefs. They looked like the kind you got for cheap from Target or Walmart. I couldn’t tell much through the fabric of his underwear but I could see a bulge. The rest of his legs were just as hairy as what I had already seen. His stomach was just as tanned as the rest of his body and there was a nice, thick happy trail leading up to his belly button. He had some chest hair which was beginning to spread. He had slight muscle definition. Just enough.

Tyler was wearing old-fashioned boxers. They were striped in white and blue and had a button on the fly. He had a sizable bulge which pushed out the front a bit. Tyler was also hairless on his chest and stomach though I think the hairlessness was more about shaving than about heredity. He didn’t even have a happy trail. His arms and legs were a little hairy but not much. He had a six-pack which looked hot.

Steven had also started to strip down and was standing there in his boxer-briefs too. As big as Tyler’s bulge had been, Steven’s was bigger. All three of the boys had noticed and Sean and Josh looked excited. They were both starting to get hard in their underwear. Tyler just looked surprised.

Steven looked at me.

“You gonna join us?” he asked.

He didn’t have to ask again. I tore off my shirt as fast as I could and threw it into the corner carelessly. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and laid down to wriggle out of them. I sat back up in my grey and white checked, tight boxer-briefs from Express and looked excitedly from one boy to the next.

I was semi-hard and it was obvious that Sean and Josh were most of the way to hard. Sean’s cock had migrated to point up and to the left in his briefs. Josh’s cock was just sticking out a bit, tenting his boxer-briefs. Tyler looked like he may have been semi-hard but it was hard to tell.

“Sooo…” said Steven, “While you were in the bathroom this afternoon I talked to Sean here and arranged us some fun.”

I looked at Sean and he grinned back at me with a look of hunger in his eyes.

“Those pieces of paper over there are STD tests. Each of them tested clean today before they came here and each of them is going to fuck you senseless.”

What? I was going to be fucked by these three guys?

“K,” I said kinda unbelieving what was going on.

Sean looked at Steven.

“So… How are we going to… um… do this? Who fucks him first?” he asked.

“I dunno. I hoped you would have an idea,” Steven replied with a slightly embarrassed grin, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

We sat there for a couple seconds unsure of what to do.

“I have an idea!” Josh chimed in.

We waited for Josh to fill us in on his brilliant idea.

“Well?” Sean asked.

Josh hesitated for a second.

“So here’s the plan… We all get naked and get on the bed and form a circle. Each guy sucks another guy’s cock.”

“Hold on,” Tyler interrupted, “I’m not suckin’ no cock. I’ll fuck ‘em but I’m not gay.”

“Fine. You don’t have to suck anyone’s cock. You can sit over there. Anyway, each guy, except Tyler, will suck someone’s cock. The last guy to cum fucks Charlie first. Tyler, since you’re not willing to join in, you go last. Yes? No?”

“Works for me,” Sean said.

“I’m in,” agreed Steven.

Everyone looked at me. I shrugged.

“What the hell? Why not?”

“Ok then,” said Josh, “Let’s get this party started.”

Everyone looked at me and waited. I guess I was to be the first one to get naked. I sighed, leaned down again, hooked my thumbs under my boxer-briefs and slipped them off.

After I had taken off my underwear Josh Rus Escort practically whipped off his boxer-briefs. His cock was great looking and was cut. It looked to be about 7.5” long, decently thick, and sprouted from an unruly blond bush of pubes. It looked really hot. I’d never seen blond pubes before either.

Sean and Steven took off their underwear at the same time. Sean’s underwear hadn’t really left much to the imagination to begin with but it was nice to see more. His cock was about the same length as mine but not quite as thick. Like Josh, Sean’s cock was also cut. His pubes were black, closely cropped, and neatly groomed. He clearly took great pride in his manscaping. He had a cute little crescent moon tattoo on his left hip.

Tyler went and sat in the corner chair with his boxers still on. He looked slightly irritated but he seemed to be dealing with it.

Once Steven had taken off his underwear his cock had started to grow and everyone in the room was staring at his big dick.

“Holy fuck! How big is that thing?” Sean asked, intrigued and amazed.

“It’s about 9” long and really fucking thick,” I said.


I laughed “You should have it inside you.

“I call dibs on sucking that,” Steven said.

“That’s fine. I’m sucking Charlie,” Josh said.

“I guess I’m sucking Steven then,” I added.

“Ok. Now that we’ve got that settled let’s do this.”

The four of us settled onto the bed in a rough circle with another’s crotch in our faces. I would be sucking Sean. Sean would be sucking Steven. Steven would be sucking Josh. And Josh would be sucking me.

“Remember, the last one to cum fucks Charlie first and so on,” Josh reminded us.

“And don’t miss a drop!” Sean piped in.

“What happens if Charlie cums first?” Steven wondered.

“Don’t worry, he won’t,” Josh said with a grin.

With that Josh grabbed my cock and brought his face close. He retracted my foreskin slowly and went to work on me. His mouth felt sooo good on my cock and he was a lot better than Steven though I didn’t have much to go by. He certainly knew how to suck a guy’s dick. This was only my second blowjob and I knew it wouldn’t take that long for me to cum.

As Josh sucked me I started to suck on Sean’s great looking dick. It was a lot smaller than I was used to but it wasn’t hard to adjust to and I couldn’t complain. The biggest difference for me was actually the lack of foreskin. It made it a lot more difficult for me to work with. I just knew how to use one. However, I did really enjoy being able to deepthroat his cock like I could only dream of doing to Steven.

The room was filled the sounds of sucking, slurping, wet noises, and moans. Four horny guys were sucking cock and getting their cocks sucked in return. This was practically a dream come true. Too bad there wasn’t a video camera in there.

We were going for about 10 minutes before I started to hear the familiar sounds of Steven approaching orgasm. His breathing was getting faster and shallower. I guess he wasn’t used to having an experienced cock sucker working on his dick.

“I’m getting close,” Steven moaned.

Sean sped up his ministrations on Steven’s cock and was rewarded pretty quickly.


I could practically hear Sean gulping as Steven shot a large load down his throat. Steven was breathing hard and had temporarily given up on sucking Josh’s cock, only erratically tugging on it. Josh and I continued to suck away at each other’s cocks both working hard to get the other to cum.

“Jesus that was a lot of cum,” Sean said, wiping his mouth with his hand, “a big load from a big cock.”

Steven laughed and then went back to work on Josh’s cock. Sean laid back and enjoyed the blowjob that I was giving him. I was still loving sucking his cock and I was loving having Josh suck mine.

Josh knew what he was doing and was paying a lot of attention to the underside of my head. With each bob of his head he would carress my frenulum with his tongue. Every now and then he would stop bobbing and roll his tongue around the head of my cock. It was heavenly. All the while he never stopped jacking his hand up and down my cock.

Sean’s cock was a lot easier to suck than Steven’s was. At only 6” I could get so much more in my mouth and give him a lot more pleasure. I loved rolling my tongue around the head of his cock and along the underside, making him moan. I started bobbing my head nice and fast on his shaft. Each time my head I went up I would flick my tongue against the underside of his shaft. Though he didn’t have an intact frenulum I knew that it had to feel good. His cock was plenty wet and I was easily able to use my hand in rhythm with my mouth.

It wasn’t long before I felt Sean’s cock getting a bit bigger and I knew that I was getting him close which was fine since I knew that I wouldn’t be far behind. I was actually pretty impressed at how long I was holding out given my relative inexperience.

“Get ready!” Sean moaned as his cock started to pulse in my mouth.

Sean didn’t cum nearly as much as Steven. He didn’t shoot so much as dribble cum in spurts either. His cock pulsed four loads of sperm into my mouth before starting to just twitch softly and leak. His cum was more bitter than Steven’s and a lot thicker. I liked the texture. His body had gone tense during orgasm and now that it had eased off a bit he started to relax. He looked at me and smiled.

“Not bad for a guy who sucked his first cock a week ago,” Sean said to me.

“How’d you know?”

“Steven told me at the diner when he asked me to set this whole thing up.”

“Yeah…well I’ve had a lot of practice in the last week.”

Sean laughed.

Steven was still going to town on Josh’s cock and Josh on mine and I was getting closer by the second. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I’m pretty sure Josh could too.

“I’m cumming!” I moaned.

My cock started to pulse in Josh’s mouth. He stopped moving his head and just started to jerk me off as sucked on the head of my cock.


I felt the first stream of cum leave my piss hole and cover his tongue. I shot out several more spurts of cum before Josh let my cock fall from his mouth.

“Tasty,” he grinned.

I let my head fall back and hit the mattress and sighed.

“No offense Steven, but he gives a lot better head than you.”

Steven was still working on Josh’s cock and it didn’t seem like he was getting Josh any closer to cumming. Clearly Josh had gotten a lot of head in his time and was rather used to the sensation.

“Are you getting anywhere?” Steven asked.

He had let his jaw get a bit of a rest and was just jacking Josh off for the moment.

“Not really,” Josh said a little sheepishly, “Is your jaw getting tired?”

“Yeah. A bit.”

“I guess you don’t have to make me cum. I could just save it all for Charlie?”

Josh looked around to see what we thought of the idea.

“I’d be fine with that,” I said.

“Go for it,” Steven added, “He’s got a great ass to fuck.”

Josh looked at me like a price catch.

“Get on your stomach and spread those legs.”


I laid down on the bed and spread my legs a bit to give him some good access. I was both scared and excited to be fucked by all these guys. I’d never had an audience for anything let alone something this intimate. What were the other three gonna do while I was being fucked? Play with themselves? That would be pretty nice to watch.

The bed jostled a little as Josh got himself into position. There was a slight pause before I felt his hands gently separate my ass cheeks and he moved in. I sighed softly as Josh’s tongue made contact with my asshole. He took his time and licked around, letting me adjust to the contact, before going to town on my ass.

He swirled his tongue around my asshole before he started to push it in. I was used to being rimmed by now and my asshole didn’t clench against the warm intruder. I moaned. I loosened up and he was able to get his tongue in me.

After a couple minutes of eating out my ass Josh moved up to his fingers. He met no resistance when he slipped the first finger in though it was a bit cold. He wiggled it around inside me a little and giggled. He slipped another finger in quickly and met no resistance either.

I appreciated the time he was taking to loosen me up, but his dick wasn’t nearly as big as Steven’s. I don’t think he needed to take all the time in the world to make sure I could take his cock.

“Sooo… you gonna keep playing with my ass or are you gonna fuck me with that thing?”

Josh grinned.

“You think you’re ready?”


“Spread your legs farther.”

I spread my legs as far as I could and scooted up on the bed a little bit to give Josh some maneuvering room. I guess he just wanted to fuck me like this.

Josh moved around a bit, putting his left hand near my shoulder and shifting his weight around a bit. He lowered his hips toward mine, guiding his cock with his hand. I held my breath waiting for the coming contact. Josh’s warm cock head made contact with my asshole and I exhaled softly.


“Go for it.”

I made sure I relaxed while Josh started to push. The head popped into me and he quickly sunk the full length of his cock in my ass. It was a new feeling with him inside me. He was smaller than Steven so I was a lot less full but it didn’t feel less pleasurable or anything.

“You good?”

“Boy… stop worrying about me and fuck my ass!”

Everyone laughed for a second as I lay there waiting to get a good fucking.

After the laughter had died down a bit Josh started to withdraw his cock from my ass. Before he’d gotten halfway out of my ass he switched course and started to push it back into me. Josh spent some time just fucking me with some of his cock, enjoying the feeling of my ass around him, before using his full length. Soon enough he was pounding my ass making loud slapping sounds as his body impacted mine.

“Yeah! Fuck him!”

“You like watching me fuck your brother?”

“God yes!”

While his cock wasn’t as big as Steven’s, Josh really knew how to use it. He knew the right moves and the right angles to have me whimpering in pleasure and drooling slightly as my mouth hung open. Every now and then he would lean forward and bite or kiss my neck sending chills down my spine. He was really humping into me, throwing his whole body weight into his thrusts.

As Josh fucked me Sean and Steven were standing to the right of bed playing with themselves. Sean was alternating looking at me being fucked and at Steven’s big dick. He really seemed to want to try it out for a test ride or maybe just suck it some more.

After a couple more minutes of fucking me Josh’s thrusting was getting harder and less regular. His breathing was getting shallower. Drops of his sweat were falling from his brow and landing on my back. I twisted my head around to get a good look at the action. I could see his cock flying as he thrusted in and out of my ass. Higher up his face was a look of pure pleasure. He would be cumming soon and it was no surprise given the length of time that Steven sucked him before he moved on to fucking me.

Josh slowed down a little to give himself some time.

“Where do you want it?” he grunted.


“Where do you want me to cum?”

Hmmm…I have a hot boy fucking my ass about to cum… What to do?

“Cum in me! Fill me up!”

“No problem.”

Josh started to speed up, pounding me even harder and faster causing me to moan with pleasure and the slapping noises to increase as he pounded me. His balls smacked against mine each time we made contact.

“Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!”


“Yes! Give me it!”

Josh thrust into me and held himself there as he started to cum. His cock pulsed in my ass as he shot a large load into my bowels. He pulled out an inch and then thrust in all the way again. He wanted to get his cum as deep into me as possible.

“Yes! Take it!”

“So fucking hot!” Sean said, stroking his great looking cock.

Josh stopped thrusting and collapsed on top of me breathing heavily.


“Mmmm” I moaned

I wiggled around my ass a bit and felt his cock twitch inside me again. Josh moaned and giggled a little bit.

“That was fucking fantastic! You do have a nice ass!”

“Told ya he does,” Steven said.


Josh then took his weight off of me and started to get off me. I felt his semi-hard cock starting to slide out of my ass and it felt great. I involuntarily clenched my hole as the head of his cock popped out of me trailing some of his cum behind it.

“Uh oh. I made a mess,” Josh said.

Josh got down and licked up the little bit of cum which had come out of my ass. His tongue flicked against my well-fucked asshole. His tongue briefly penetrated me.

I shuddered.

Josh stood Sincan Escort up and licked his lips. He slapped my ass and grinned.

“Thanks babe.”

“Any time.”

“Soo…it’s my turn now right?” Sean asked excitedly.

“Yeah… just give me a minute to catch my breath though,” I said.

Sean agreed and Josh went to go take a piss.

“So you arranged this while I was in the bathroom at the diner? How’d you know Sean would be up for this or could find others?”

“Yeah. It just kinda popped into my head when we were talking about how cute he was. I just thought that he looked like the kinda guy who knew how to have fun.”

“I was kinda surprised when he first asked me but it sounded like fun. Besides, how often do you have a guy offering his hot older brother’s ass for a nice fuck?”

“Good point.” I conceded.

“Soooo. you ready for another round yet?”

“Sure. Hop on,” I said, smacking my ass.

“Uh uh. We’re gonna mix this shit up… No pun intended. Roll over.”

Still clenching my hole to keep Josh’s sperm inside me I rolled onto my back and got ready for another good fucking.

“Anyone wanna lube me up?” Sean asked.

“I’ll do it!” Steven said.

He dropped to his knees and took Sean’s cock in his mouth, giving him a really sloppy blowjob.

After Sean was satisfied that his cock was nice and wet he pulled it out of Seven’s mouth and aimed it at my waiting hole.

“Brace yourself bitch!” he said.

I waited, holding my head up to watch, as Sean lined his cock up. In one swoop he slid his cock right up into my ass. I grunted and sighed on the same breath. He started to fuck me hard and fast using Josh’s cum and Steven’s spit as lube. He wasn’t wasting any time.

“You do have a nice ass,” he said, punctuating “ass” with a particularly hard thrust of his hips.


I liked this position a lot better than the one Josh had fucked me in. It had nothing to do with angles, depth, etc. I liked it better because I could watch Sean as he fucked me. I could see him working as he leaned over me. I could see the looks on his face as he thrust into my hole. I could wait to see his orgasm face.

I noticed at this point that Tyler had stripped off his boxers at some point and was stroking himself slowly in the chair he’d been sitting in since the beginning. He was also cut and had a big dick. It was probably around 8” long and thick. The head was large and a deep purple color which contrasted nicely with the dark black color of his shaft. His pubic hair was short and really curly. After seeing what he had to offer I was really excited to try his cock on for size.

Sean was the smallest of the three guys but was working his dick pretty well. On almost every thrust he managed to hit my prostate giving me what could only be considered an eternal orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me. He kept up a pretty steady pace of humping into me.

My cock was rock hard from all the stimulation and was pointing towards my face when it wasn’t waving around from the jostling that Sean was giving me. As it waved around on my stomach it smeared my precum around.

“Hey Josh. I think I can feel your cum in his ass.”

Josh laughed and sat down on the bed next to me.

“Damn boy, that’s a lot of precum leaking out of your cock.”

I got excited and my cock twitched when Josh leaned down and licked some of the precum off of my stomach. So fucking hot.


I was even more excited when he grabbed my cock and lifted it up a bit to get better access. He wrapped his lips around my cock head, running his tongue over my piss slit, and slowly jacking off my cock to get as much of my precum as possible. I moaned. I couldn’t believe how great it felt to have him sucking on my cock while I was being fucked.

“Hey Joshy, I think he likes it,” Sean said.

Josh smiled and then backed off my dick and sat up.

“Don’t want him to cum yet. He’s got a long way to go tonight.”

Sean started to fuck me harder, really driving his dick all the way inside of me with each thrust and really making use of the full 6” that he had. He was driving his cock all the way inside of me and then pulling out to the head before shoving it back in. He was more than making up for the lack of length with the pure speed at which he was driving into me.

Sean may have been skinny but while he fucked me I could tell that he was fit. His muscles were small but they bulged a bit as he pulled my hips back to meet his thrusts.

Sean pulled out of my ass and pushed me further up the bed. He climbed up after me and got back between my legs. He aimed his cock at my, at this point, gaping hole and shoved it right back into me. He continued to fuck me like a rabbit. While he fucked me Sean leaned forward and kissed me. I was caught off guard for a second but I quickly got into and started to make out with Sean as we fucked.

In between kisses I could hear Sean’s breath getting more ragged and I could feel the sweat on his upper lip. His face was taught with the effort of holding back his cum. He wanted to make this as long as possible. While I thought that it was admirable and I loved his cock in me, I still had to be fucked at least twice more that night and I wanted his cum in me.

“It’s ok baby. Just cum in me. You don’t have to last forever.”

“You sure?”

Sean clearly wanted to make me feel amazing but I felt great and wanted his cum. We locked eyes and I guess he saw all he needed to see. He kissed me one last time, our tongues swirling together, before backing off a bit and fucking me like a mad man.

His cock was flying in and out of my ass. The whole length was filling me up with each stroke and I was in heaven as each thrust pounded my prostate. I knew that at the end of the night I was going to cum buckets.

It wasn’t long before Sean was really close to cumming and I could tell.

“Uhhh.. Uhhh”

Sean keept fucking me, albeit slower than before, but I knew that he was cumming inside me. He was coating my insides with his sperm. I had already tasted his cum and knew how thick it was. The thought of his thick cum in me made my cock twitch a little more. The look on his face as he came was really cute and contorted in pleasure. I liked his orgasm face.

I grabbed onto Sean’s ass, holding him deep inside me. I could feel his ass muscles clench and unclench in my hands as his muscles worked to push his sperm out of his penis and deep into my ass, breeding me like the little bitch I am. Sean slowed down even more, slowly long dicking me with his deflating cock.

He leaned down again and kissed me deeply. Mmmm… I could really get used to this… If I end up coming to UCF I am really gonna have to give him a call. Maybe him and Josh could share me? Like I could date Sean and we could just fuck with Josh? I can’t imagine that Sean would have a problem with that.

We broke the kiss and Sean gently pulled his cock out of my ass. He stared at my gaped ass.

“Steven, I could really get used to fucking this ass; I envy you.”

“I know. That ass is great. I’ve been fucking it all week and I’m gonna fuck it again now.”

“So we get to see that big dick fuck Charlie?” asked Josh, talking for the first time in a while.

“Yep. I’m gonna fuck that ass hard!”

“Charlie, get on your hands and knees.”

Steven really liked to fuck me doggy style I guess and I didn’t mind either. It was a pretty fun position and it even let me play with myself while he fucked me. Plus it let him get really deep. While I positioned myself Josh leaned down and took Sean’s cock into his mouth, cleaning it up of all the semen which coated it.

Like usual Steven spit in his hand and smeared it on his cock from head to base. He was really fond of using his spit as lube. He pushed me more towards the center of the bed and followed me. Rather than getting on his knees behind me Steven crouched down with his legs on either side of me, placed his left hand on my shoulder, and aimed his cock at my hole with his right hand. Something told me this was going to be hard and fast. Steven wasn’t going to be taking his time like Josh and Sean had.

Sean, Josh, and Tyler were watching closely at Steven’s cock. They wanted to see him sink the length into me.

Steven placed the head of his dick against my already gaping hole and started to push. It didn’t take much for the large head to pop in.

“Jesus. It fits!” Sean said, half jokingly.

“Just wait,” Steven said.

Without any further adieu Steven thrusted his hips forward at the same time that he pulled me back seating the whole length of his dick into me and held it there. It was one hell of an impact and it knocked the breath out of me.


I’d gotten used to having smaller cocks in me over the last while so having Steven’s cock shoved into me like that was kinda sudden and unexpected.

“Holy shit! I can’t believe it fits!” Josh aid.

Steven laughed and then started to pull out.

“That looks so hot!” Sean added.

Steven pulled his cock out all the way. It glistened with spit and cum. He was barely out of my ass when he pushed the whole thing back into me just as quickly as the last time. I was used to it already though and didn’t grunt this time. Steven started really fucking me and giving the other guys in the room a great view of it. The full length was sliding in and out of me and I knew that it probably looked just as hot as Sean insisted it was.

Steven looked at Sean.

“You should get under him and get a closer look.”

Sean apparently thought it was a great idea and maneuvered himself until he was under me and was able to watch Steven’s cock rapidly sliding in and out of my asshole. The position also put his cock right below my face. It really was a great looking cock, one that I could really get used to sucking and being fucked by even if it wasn’t as big as Steven’s.

I leaned down and licked his cock from the head to the base. Sean moaned. I took my left hand off the bed and grabbed Sean’s cock making it easier to suck. I took the head in my mouth and swirled it around.

Beneath me Sean grabbed my cock and started to slowly jack me off.

Steven was continuing to fuck my brains out like he loved doing. I had thought that he was really good with his dick. In the last hour I had learned differently. He wasn’t that good with it; he just fucked hard and fast and it just happened to feel really good because his cock is so big. I guess I couldn’t really complain though. I’m sure he’d get better with time and experience.

His cock really did fill my ass so well and he did hit my prostate perfectly. I could only imagine what it felt like for him to be deep inside me and feel my ass squeezing his cock.

He was still pounding me and it felt amazing. So far two guys had fucked my brains out and cum inside me. A third was riding me for dear life. I was horny as Hell and I had yet to cum at all; the pleasure was fantastic. I really wanted to cum so bad. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum at a steady rate. A small glob left my cock and landed on Sean’s stomach..

Sean stopped jacking on my cock and scooted down a little to start sucking on it and it felt like heaven. My dick had gotten very little attention this whole time and now I was being over stimulated with a cock in my ass and my cock in Sean’s mouth.

Each time Steven thrust into me I pushed forward and my cock thrust a little farther into Sean’s warm mouth. He knew how to use his tongue. He would deftly flick my frenulum each time he brought his mouth back to the tip of my head.

“Mmmm,” I moaned around Sean’s cock.

Steven’s pounding was getting harder and more erratic. He had achieved his goal of fucking my brains out and would soon be cumming inside me. He was really thrusting into me hard. The full length of his cock was alternatively buried inside me and outside of me and the time in between was a blur of motion.

I knew Steven was going to be cumming soon and my own orgasm was also fast approaching. Like always, the fact that my own brother was going to cum inside me brought me even closer to orgasm. There was just something so perverse about it that turned me on. I let Sean’s cock fall out of my mouth and smack against his stomach with a wet slap.

“I’m gonna cum.”

Sean continued sucking me as Steven picked up the pace to try and cum at the same time as me. He liked the feeling of my sphincter clenching at his cock from my orgasm as he came.

My cock started to get larger in Sean’s mouth as Steven moaned loudly. He gasped and thrust into me, holding his cock as far inside me as he could as he unloaded his sperm. Once again my brother was breeding me and I loved it.

My cock started to pulse in Sean’s mouth.

“Here it comes.”

I began my second orgasm of the night as my toes curled and my ass clenched Steven’s still-twitching cock. Spurt after spurt of hot cum Sıhhiye Escort blasted Sean’s mouth. I shot five solid ropes of cum into his mouth. I felt bad because the position he was in made it really difficult to deal with all of my cum but it was hot knowing he was practically gagging from my seed. Some of my cum started to leak out of the corner of his mouth.

Steven was still inside me but had shrunk down a bit both in hardness and in his stature. He’d fucked me like an animal and was absolutely exhausted. Sweat dripped off of the tip of his nose. He started to slowly back off of me, withdrawing his cock from my hole. His softening cock slipped out of my hole and slapped against his balls. It was covered in a mixture of his sperm and the sperm of Sean and Josh who had breeded me before him.

Sean carefully extricated himself from the awkward position that he had ended up in and sat up in front of me. As I watched he swallowed all of my cum which he had managed to hold in his mouth. The cum that had leaked out of his mouth was still there and had formed a small line on the way to his chin. I pulled Sean towards me and licked my spilled seed off of his cheek and made my way to his mouth. I gave Sean a deep kiss, our tongues caressing each other’s. His mouth tasted like my sperm.

After all the fucking I had received I wasn’t able to effectively clench my ass enough to keep some sperm from trickling out of my ass. A small bit came out and started to make its way down to my balls. Josh, once again, came to my rescue. He started at my balls and slowly worked his way up towards my hole licking up the mix of cum as he went. When he got to my hole he licked around it slowly, seductively before sticking his tongue into me. I shuddered as he tried to get more sperm from my ass.

After he was done with my ass Josh moved on to Steven’s soft cock and began to clean it up. He really liked sperm I guess. Who could blame him? He was a hard worker and was making sure he didn’t miss a drop of the cum on Steven’s cock.

“So I guess it’s my turn now?” Tyler asked from the corner.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten he was there. He had been sitting there since the four of us had started our little blowjob circle and hadn’t said a word. At some point I had noticed that he’d taken off his boxers and was stroking himself but that was it. I was so engrossed in being fucked, sucking, and being sucked that I had forgotten anything, or anyone, else existed.

“I need a short break.” I said, begging.

“K. Besides, you’ll need ta get all their jizz outta you. I’m not stickin’ my dick in there otherwise.”

I paused. Was he serious? He wanted to fuck my ass but was afraid of a little cum on his dick? Besides, I could barely move without three cocks worth of cum leaking out of me. How did he expect me to get to the bathroom?

“Are you serious?”

“I told you, I’m not gay.”

“I’m a guy and you want to fuck my ass. That’s about as gay as it gets. Does it really make that much difference if there’s cum inside me or not?”

“I don’t want their cum on my dick.”

This was ridiculous. He’s the one that wants to fuck me. Yeah, I want his dick in me, but I’ve got three other guys here more than willing to fuck my ass with cum already in it.

“I like cum. I’ll take it.”

Josh wanted to eat the cum out of my ass? I guess if he’s into that kinda thing.

“Fine, it’s settled,” Tyler said, “Get to it. I wanna destroy that ass.”

Josh came over me and instructed me to turn around so that I was facing the TV and was still on my hands and knees. He crawled under me until he was positioned as Sean has been while Steven was fucking me. He raised his head a bit.

“Now, slowly, sit back.”

I slowly started to move back onto my haunches. While I moved back and down Josh brought his head up to meet my ass and I felt his mouth make contact with my ass. As I leaned farther back I felt the collective sperm of the three guys start to slide out of me. Looking down I noticed that Josh was rock hard. This really did do it for him.

I continued sitting back until I was literally sitting on Josh’s face. The cum had started to almost flow out but soon slowed to a small stream and then a trickle as Josh ate it. Throughout all of it Josh kept tonguing my hole and striving to get every drop. When I felt as though there was no more inside me I got off of Josh’s face and sat down next to him. He looked very happy. Some of the cum that hadn’t quite made it into his mouth was around his lips.

“Enjoy yourself?” I asked jokingly?

“Very much so,” was his reply.

I smiled. What an odd boy.

Tyler stood up in the corner and walked over to the bed. Josh got up and walked over to where Steven and Sean were standing and talking. Sean stopped talking for a second and pulled Josh in to lick the cum off of his face and then gave him a nice, deep kiss. They started up talking again.

Meanwhile Tyler got on the bed and lay down. He took his cock in his left hand and held it straight up. He spit in his right hand and smeared it up and down his dark black shaft.

“What ya waitin’ fo? Hop on it?”

Oooh… I’d get to ride him? In all the times that Steven and I had fucked I had never been on top. He’d always been the one doing all the work. This could be really hot.

I moved around until I was straddling Tyler and facing him. His large black cock was right below me. I lowered myself onto my knees his cock poked me. I grabbed Tyler’s cock in my hand. It was pretty long, maybe 8”, though not as long as Steven’s cock though it was just about as thick if not a little thicker.

God I wanted it in me. My asshole puckered in anticipation of him being inside me. I certainly am not racist in any way, but the idea of being with a black guy was so exotic and taboo to me. It was so different and so hot. You always hear things like “once you go black you never go back” and wonder if there’s really any substance to that.

I raised up enough so that I could position Tyler’s cock to enter my ass. I rubbed his cock up and down my crack a little, building up the anticipation. Tyler was watching my face, studying me.

I carefully brought Tyler’s dick to my hole. Now’s the time I guess. I felt the large head of his cock against my hole. I started to lower myself and felt his purple glans pushing before the head quickly slid in. Tyler and I sighed at the same time.

I took a quick glance down but couldn’t see much other than his body below mine and my hard cock sticking out before I returned my face to Tyler. He looked like he really liked the feeling.

Without any warning I dropped down, impaling myself on the full length of his organ.

“Uggh!” he grunted as I bottomed out on his cock.

I sat there for a second letting both of us get adjusted to him being inside me.

“You got a tight ass boy.”

I smiled before raising myself a couple inches on his cock so that I could get my feet under me and make it easier to ride his cock. With my feet now under me I was able to get a lot more movement in. I started to slide myself up and down the length of his cock slowly.

While not the same length as Charlie, the thickness of Tyler’s cock more than made up for it. I could feel him sliding in and out of me, stretching me open a little bit.

I started to speed up my movements, working as much of his cock in and out of me as I could in as little time as possible. Each time I went down I hit into his crotch hard as his dick pounded up into me. Before long Tyler was thrusting up to meet me, making him hit into me even harder than he before. Time seemed to fly as his big dick was rammed into me from below.

“Yeah! Ride my cock boy!” he yelled.

We were both breathing heavily, moaning, and grunting. The sound of our bodies hitting each other filled the room and I was sweating like a madman. I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could handle. My arms and legs were getting tired from both holding me up and providing the up and down motion for my body and I was slowing down considerably after only a couple minutes.

“I’m not gonna be able to keep this up much longer,” I said breathlessly, “My arms and legs are killing me.”

He looked a little disappointed but would could he do?

“Maybe a different position?”

He nodded.

I go back on my knees and lowered myself all the way onto him once again. He was buried balls-deep in me again and it felt amazing. I sat there for a second, savoring the feeling, before rocking back and forth on him. Not as much of his cock entered and left me at a time but it still felt amazing. This position also made his cock rub against my prostate each time I rocked forward. I doubted if I would be able to cum just from that stimulation but it felt amazing regardless.

“Mmmm,” I moaned.

I was in heaven. The constant prostate stimulation put me in a practically endless orgasm. I was brought back into the real world by Sean’s voice.

“Charlie?” he asked.


“Would you, um, mind if Steven, uh, fucked me?”

So he wanted to try Steven’s cock on for size huh? Were they worried that I’d be upset?

I looked at Steven. He did look kinda worried. I dunno why. I’d been fucked by 3 random guys at this point.

“Are you ok with that?” Steven asked.

“Go for it! Why should I have all the fun?”

“Thanks!” they both said quickly and grinned.

Sean lay down on the floor and Steven followed him down to work on loosening up his ass. It was going to take a bit before Sean was going to feel comfortable with Steven’s big cock in his ass.

The whole time I had been talking to Sean I kept rocking on Tyler’s cock. I had slowed down a bit so I wasn’t in the clouds but I’d kept rocking.

This position felt great for me but I knew it wasn’t doing much for Tyler and most definitely wasn’t going to make him cum. And I wanted his cum. More than any of the other guys who had fucked me that night I wanted Tyler’s cum deep inside me. Just the thought of his thick, black sperm got me excited.

I got back into my previous position where I was really able to ride Tyler’s cock. I wanted to make him cum inside of me. I wanted to be the one to make him cum. I started really bouncing on his cock, letting it leave me almost entirely before I fell back down and was once again impaled on it.

After several more minutes of bouncing on his shaft Tyler grabbed my hips and started to pull me down harder while at the same time thrusting up into me. The look on his face told me that he was going to cum soon.

“That’s right boy. Make me shoot my cum in your ass.”

I fucked myself even harder on his cock. My body impacted his and sweat dripped from my body onto his.

“Fuck! Harder!”

I kept going, working as hard as I could to get his cum into me. His dick was in and out of me faster than I could even believe.

Tyler started to breathe more shallowly and to grunt a bit more. His hips were bucking more than he had been the rest of the time he had been fucking me. It is so easy to tell when a guy is close to cumming if you know what you’re looking for. His face was contorted in pleasure that looked almost painful.

“That’s right boy! Take it!”

Yes! He was cumming inside me. Tyler was shooting his sperm into my ass. I know that a black guy’s cum is white but I had this amazing image of black sperm being dumped inside me. Strong, virile black sperm swimming deep inside my body. It was so hot. And Tyler was making that image come true, breeding me like only a black man can.

I continued to ride Tyler’s cock as he came. His cock pulsed in my ass and deposited that thick load in me. I practically wanted to cum just from that reality. It was just like the first time Stephen filled me with his sperm. I’m sure that if I had been touching my cock I would have cum all over Tyler’s chest.

Slowly Tyler’s cock shrank inside me and eventually I started to get off of him, letting his cock fall out of my ass and hit against his stomach with a wet smack. Some of his cum followed his cock and dripped out of me to splat on his stomach next to his cock.

I collapsed on the bed next to Tyler and lay there catching my breath. He seemed pretty disgusted by the cum on him though and quickly got up to go clean himself off in the bathroom. Really?

End of Chapter 6.

Preview of Chapter 7 – Sharing is Caring:

Steven had sufficiently loosened up Sean’s ass and felt like Sean was ready for his dick. He suggested that the two get up on the bed and Sean didn’t complain. I doubt the floor was all that comfortable anyway. Sean got up and lay down next to me in the same position in which Steven had first fucked me. He turned his head to face me.

“This is really gonna hurt isn’t it?”

“Just at the beginning. You’ve been fucked before haven’t you?”

“Yeah. But nothing this big. This had better be worth it.”

“Trust me, it will be.”

Steven had taken this time to lube up his cock and get into position. He was positioned over Sean with his left arm holding him up next to Sean and his right hand holding his dick. Slowly Steven brought his cock to bear and pressed it against Sean’s hole. Sean inhaled sharply and held his breath.

“Relax!” I said.

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