1 Aralık 2022

Never Trust your Wife with a Stud

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Never Trust your Wife with a Stud
Me, my wife and our friends had been drinking in my hotel room after a wedding. When Lucy disappeared into the adjoining room with Tim, the hem of her dress hiked up showing just the bottom of her round, thong-clad ass. They had been messing around on the couch, hence Lucy’s bunched up dress. They got up and left without saying anything. I lay on one of the beds drinking beer with my wife, Kate – and my pal, Jim, Lucy’s husband, lay on the other bed drifting off to sleep. I had seen how Lucy and Tim were dancing at the wedding and how she kept touching him, hanging on his every word; and knew enough about Jim that he was probably cool with what was happening.

My wife, Kate, was drunk, giggling next to me about the low moans that were soon coming from Lucy and Tim in the other hotel room. Tim was an old friend from college a large cock and was a stud in college nailing any girl and he was supposed to be staying in the bed Jim was currently occupying.

Kate had danced with Tim too during the reception. They spent enough time together that I was getting a bit jealous and was glad, ultimately, that Lucy had cut in on them and put any thoughts my own wife may have had, to rest. Tim was a really good looking guy, tall and athletic.

My wife was a brunette, early thirties with a pretty face, fake tits and a fantastic, toned ass. She had her stretch marks, and her breasts had begun to sag after having our three k**s, bursa escort bayan so I bought her her new tits for her 30th birthday. After she got her dream breasts she began working out everyday at the gym and had become incredibly fit.

Jim’s wife, Lucy, was in her mid-thirties and had given birth to their second k** only nine months prior. She was still carrying some of the weight, a little chubby but still very desirable. She had a great face, amazing lips, big natural tits, and a fat round ass.

The sounds from the other room were getting a louder. Lucy was moaning, cursing, and the sound of the headboard hitting the wall had hit a steady rhythm. Kate was laughing about it while Jim pretended to sleep in the other bed. She got up, tipsy and walked to the door that we hadn’t locked or planned to lock, since we were such close friends with Jim and his wife.

I watched her open the door and peek into the other room. The bathroom lights were on in both rooms casting a decent amount of light in each room. Still in my bed, I could make out some movement between the slightly open door, as the bed in the other room was nearly parallel with mine. Kate changed position and I could see Tim standing behind Lucy, the edges of her ass wobbling as he fucked her doggy-style.

Lucy changed positions, laying back on the bed. I got a good glimpse of her heavy tits before Tim mounted her for some pretty intense missionary. He fucked her good and escort bursa hard for a while; her moaning increased in intensity, the headboard of their bed was now banging off the wall. Kate stood in the doorway, watching. I thought I saw her snake her hand down the front of her pajama pants and begin masturbating.

“Katey! What are you doing?!” Lucy called out. Kate stopped playing with herself and laughed at getting caught peeping. What happened next astounded me. Lucy told her to come into the other room and Kate did, shutting the door behind her.

I was so turned on from watching Lucy get fucked that I wasn’t thinking straight when the prospect of my wife getting fucked, by my old friend, became a real possibility. There was muffled conversation for a few minutes from the other room, then some moaning and obvious sounds of fucking. The headboard once again fell in rhythm against the wall.

Was Tim fucking Lucy? My wife? My cock was straining in my shorts. I waited ten, fifteen, twenty minutes before I got the courage to approach the door. I knew Jim was still awake in the next bed, but I didn’t care. I had to know what was up.

It was unlocked. I carefully nudged it open just a few inches so I could see in but not be seen. The groaning and sex sounds were getting pretty intense. I saw Tim’s back first, then realized he was straddling my wife’s chest, fucking her tits and her mouth with his long, thick cock. His heavy balls dragging back bursa escort and forth over her sternum and belly. Lucy was on her stomach between my wife’s spread legs, eating her pussy. My wife was only wearing her black g-string but Lucy had it peeled to the side to taste her labia.

I couldn’t fucking believe it, that she would allow Lucy to go down on her since she had always been adamant that girl-on-girl did nothing for her. Lucy got up. I could see in the little light that there were red hand marks on her ass from being spanked. She positioned her face behind Tim’s ass and licked his crack and taint for a minute or so.

Tim must’ve come in my wife’s mouth, because he groaned and paused his thrusting. I watched him dismount my wife’s chest and drag Lucy down to the bed, partly on top of him. They made out for a few minutes while Kate caught her breath, wiping her mouth a few times and trying to get an errant shot of semen out of her hair.

I never thought I’d enjoy watching my wife fuck around with another guy, never in a million years. I stood there at the door. I don’t think my wife would’ve even cared had she spotted me watching them. She began jacking Tim’s semi-hard cock as he made out with Lucy and suckled on the thick nipples of her heavy, natural tits.

I watched my wife lean over and give my old friend some great oral sex. She looked like she was enjoying herself, slurping and licking the bulbous head of his glorious cock. Tim was hard again in no time. God, he must’ve come with Lucy before Kate went in and sucked him off, and he was ready to go again.

Kate got up and positioned herself over his cock while he continued to kiss Lucy and finger her shaved pussy. I pr

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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