10 Ağustos 2022

My Student Government Girl

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She was in student government, as was I.

It was a big university, so I am not sure exactly which part of the student government she was directly affiliated with, but regardless I had seen her around a few times. One of our shared acquaintances had introduced us – they had come into the restaurant I was working at near the campus. It was in a retail district just a few blocks away from the most western edge of the campus, right up against the foothills and then mountains. There were a number of bars, a few restaurants, a concert venue, a pool hall, and of course an oversized bookstore with concurrently overpriced books.

The student government hottie and I ran into each other one night at one of the bars in town, both fairly drunk. We had kissed a bit at the end of the night then shared a cab home, but when the cab got to her house she did not let me come in and instead gave me her number and a peck on the cheek.

Fast-forward to the next weekend with a string of text messages in the meantime, and I met her out again with some of her friends. Immediately we began slamming drinks. Back then it was all shots and mixed drinks of course – Red bull vodkas and chilled shots of whiskey. In no time, we were all quite inebriated.

We found ourselves in a cab at the end of the night this time as well, her roommate, a boy her roommate was talking to, my student government hotty, and myself. I paid the cab driver and followed the others up the stairs to the girls’ front porch. As we walked to the door, I saw a hot tub on the left. The student government hotty and I went into the house as she made me another drink. While sipping on my drink we started to hear voices and splashing water out on the porch – it looked like her roommate and the guy had quickly gone back outside and jumped in the hot tub. Do not pass go, do not get changed into swimsuits, it was just the two of them out there. She was in her bra and panties, and he must be in his boxers.

The student government hotty went outside and I followed just a few moments after. She must have immediately started stripping down herself as when I came out she was climbing into the water, and now it was two girls in their bras and panties in the water with one guy. As I turned to set my drink down on the table next to the front door, I felt a tug on my coat. The student government hot girl had reached out to grab me, and my coat was being pulled off while dragging me backwards to the water, while the girls yelled at me to get in. She was so insistent and wouldn’t let go, luckily I still had my wits about marmaris escort me and quickly tossed my phone on the table, then somehow got my watch and shoes off before the back of my legs hit the side of the hot tub and I fell in.

There I was then, soaked, nearly fully clothed, with two girls showing a whole lot of skin and some guy I had never met. On the front porch of their house in a hot tub, at about 2:30am. All of us drunk.

I peeled off my shirt, and took off my pants then tossed those out of the tub onto the porch as she got up on my lap and quickly planted her lips on mine. We kissed each other passionately, and sloppily of course, we were quite drunk but each wanting the other badly.

I reached down under the water and pulled my now hard cock out of my boxers and pushed her panties to the side. She stopped kissing me, said “Oh”, then started kissing me harder as I pressed the head of my thick hard cock up against her pussy lips, searching for the entrance to what I now could feel must be a very wet hole indeed. You know how it is, that slickness just inside her pussy lips that is definitely not water as it just has a different feel. Knowing that she wanted me, wanted my cock, inside her badly, I used my index and middle fingers of my left hand to find her pussy hole as my pinky and ring finger kept her panties pulled to the side. With my right hand, I was holding her as she leaned back pressing her pelvis into mine as my fingers finally pushed deep inside her. As I lined my cock up and pressed it up against her tight hole, the head parting her pussy lips just slightly, I also reached up with my right hand and grabbed a fistful of her hair – pulling her head back and down a little. Her face was pointing towards the ceiling as her mouth opened and gasped when my cock thrust deep inside her tight wet throbbing pussy, filling and stretching her.

Immediately she began grinding her hips against me, trying to take my dick deeper, as she looked down at me, her hair falling over her shoulders and her moan now being heard over the sound of the hot tub jets.

Of course, the roommate and the other guy heard her cry out and turned to look at us. They quickly got out of the hot tub and went into the house, where I am sure they started in on their own fun and at the time I was fine with it, in fact I barely noticed them getting out, but as I look back I would have far preferred they watch me fuck this smart hot student government nerd with the big tits and full lips.

Regardless, as the tub was now all ours, I used my free hand to reach back marmaris escort bayan and unhook her bra, letting her massive firm tits out – they must have been a D cups at least – and quickly licked and sucked on them, nibbling her nipples.

I gripped her hair tighter with the other hand and pulled her off me, dragging her over to the edge of the tub and pushing her over it, so her ass was in the air. I pulled her head back, with her tits hanging down over the edge and her back now arched, pressed the head of my dick up against her smooth wet pussy lips and said, “Tell me.”

She was gasping for breath since I had forcefully thrown her up against the edge of the hot tub, and looking back over her shoulder at me with pure animal lust. “Please,” she whispered.

“Please what,” I said

“Please hurt me with that dick,” she begged.

“Hurt you where slut?”

“In all of my holes daddy,” she whimpered. “My entire body is yours, made for your pleasure. But please, please fuck this pussy with your huge cock.”

With that, I thrust my thick hard perfectly shaped dick into her tight slick pussy hole, pushing all the way in with a single stroke. She gasped as I hit bottom, the head of my cock bumping against her cervix, my smooth balls slapping into her clit. I grabbed her head by her hair again, and pulled it back, riding her hard as I kept pounding, the water in the hot tub beginning to slosh around and over the edge of the tub.

I kept pounding into her, harder and deeper, pushing her further up against the edge of the tub, her tits pressed against the wall, her moans and screams getting louder as I took her roughly, brutally.

“Fuck daddy, show your little girl what she is good for,” she screamed out between moans.

She pleaded with me to empty my balls into her pussy, but I was concerned the lust had taken her too far and she would do or say absolutely anything to get my cum inside her cunt. She assured me she was on the pill and in college with no plans to have children any time soon. With that, I pushed her hard up against the side of the tub again, then pulled her hips back so she was bent over, her tits pressed into the edge of the tub this time. I thrust my cock back into her, hard, forcing her to grip the side of the tub to keep from being pushed out. Then started pounding into her with everything I had, my full weight slamming into her, my balls slapping into her pussy and clit, the water of the tub falling out of the tub everywhere with the waves our bodies were making, her head now bumping into the hard plastic and fiberglass escort marmaris of the inside of the hot tub as her body became more like a rag doll under the punishment I was giving her. I had both hands on her hips, pulling her back into me as I thrust in, but after a few deep hard strokes reached up with one hand and grabbed her hair again, my other staying on her hip. I pulled her head back by her hair, riding her hard, and then told her, “Beg.”

“Beg me to stretch your cunt out with this thick hard perfect cock slut, and then empty my balls into your cunt, filling your pussy hole with my cum,” I told her.

“Fuck me harder!” she screamed out.

“Beg me fucktoy!” I yelled at her again.

“Cum in my pussy,” she begged. “Please cum in me.”

As I thrust into her again, even harder, feeling the head of my cock slam up against her cervix, she screamed out, “Fill this pussy with your cum!”

I was wasted still, so I could have kept going for a lot longer but her words were bringing me close to orgasm. She looked at me with a wild look in her eyes, again pure lust, and said, “Cum inside me, cum inside my pussy. Empty those balls into me. Please, I need it. I need you to fill and stretch my cunt with your cock. Please Daddy!”

This pushed me over the edge, and I slammed into her once more before blowing my load, emptying my balls into her. I could feel my cock twitch every time cum spurt out into that well-fucked pussy. “Fuck” I grunted while emptying myself into her, holding her there for what seemed like minutes as I kept filling her cunt with my jizz, then pulled out with an audible squishing sound and sat back on the side of the tub, catching my breath.

She collapsed a little, laying her chest on the side of the tub. I watched as her chest rose and fell with her still heavy breathing, and as she slowly reached between her legs with one hand, pushing two fingers deep into her red raw pussy, and scooped out my cum…and quickly brought her cum covered fingers to her mouth to taste me.

“Fuck, you taste so good daddy.” She said to me, dazed from the pounding she just took.

That is when I told her, “Come here.”

And as she turned around and crawled over to me, I made her get down on her knees in the water. She looked up into me eyes, reached out with her hand to grip the base of my now softening cock, and asked, “Please daddy may I clean your cock off with my mouth?”

I nodded to her, and she opened her mouth while leaning forward, and wrapped her lips around my dick, sucking out the last drops of cum and swirling her tongue to get all of her pussy juice mixed with my jizz.

Deeply content, I leaned back as she started to bob her head, while stroking her hair with one hand, my other on the side of the tub, and said, “Good girl.”

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