17 Ağustos 2022

My Prostate , Me Ch. 03

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If you haven’t read the previous parts to this story — I’d recommend it, as it explains a lot. I’d also recommend voting & feedback, as it’s the only way I have of knowing if anyone is reading or liking this.

And I realize this one starts off kind of unerotic. Bear with it. It cooks at the end!


Well, I had been ass fucked with a dildo. When all was said and done I didn’t like it.

I loved it.

I fucking adored it.

I wanted more, but Trixie went home.

Well, the first place one goes to get penis is a man. That wasn’t going to work for me. I like men as friends, the thought of kissing a man is revolting. Getting fucked by one? How do you get the dick without the body attached?

When I got the urge again, I went to the sex toy store. I bought 3 or 4 toys, as they all looked exciting. I took them home, and snuck them in the house as I still lived with Mom & Dad. Yes, I know. Pathetic.

Seriously though — rent is damn expensive in NY, and I wasn’t that long out of college. I usually hung out with friends on the weekends, and worked late during the week. It was a good solution, excepting the whole privacy for a good self ass rogering thing.

So I examined my toys. I had never bought sex toys before except for a pocket pussy that fell apart after 2 uses. I got 1 dildo that was supposed to pump in & out under battery power. I got a butt plug, and I got anal beads.

No one was home. Time for fun! So I took out the toys, and attempt to lube them with Vaseline. 30 minutes later, I sat there in disgust. Beads are impossible to insert by yourself, the butt plug was too damn big, and the dildo screeched, whined, and then quit. Also — never use Vaseline. It makes for really lousy lube and is impossible to clean.

So I rethunk the whole penis thing. Where can you find a dick without a dude — a shemale!! I began searching. I found some ads in the village voice. I picked the least scary one.

I arrived in midtown Manhattan at the proscribed time, and met Shelly. Shelly was about 5’8, and not incredibly attractive, but nice boobs, & soft hips. I decided to go for it, as this was my big chance to take a real dick.

We disrobed. First off, the nice boobs and soft hips were pads. She put a condom on her floppy dick. The dick was thrust into my face, and I was told to suck. I did.

Didn’t much care for it.

I’ll be honest, it tasted like old hotdogs. But hey — you suck it to get it hard to get fucked. Only she didn’t get hard. After about 10 minutes my jaw hurt, and she had a semi at best. She pulled it out of my mouth, jacked it a few times, moaned, and sat down.

“That was awesome Sweetie. When can I see you again?” she said/

What now? I sucked a floppy old hotdog tasting dick for this? I told her the reason I was there was to get fucked. “Oh…No problem, bend over.” I did. She pulled out a dildo on a handle, squirted some lotion on it, and proceeded to try to ram it in my ass.

I learned at that point you don’t do anal with someone without warming up your asshole, and hand lotion is worse than vaseline. Let’s just say there was pain, minor bleeding, and I rode the subway home standing up.

After a few weeks, I was pain free & eager again. I tried the place I met Trixie. She was long gone, but I figured maybe another girl would do it for me. I picked out a girl I had been with before. She tried fingering me, but really had no clue. We had some conventional sex, and went to get dressed.

She apologized, as she could tell I was disappointed, and told me to wait a minute, and she left the room. I figured she was checking if the coast was clear. She came back, and slipped me a note, and whispered “Read this outside” and escorted me out.

I kurtköy escort read the note. It basically said “Sweetie — sorry I couldn’t help you much with your thing. I talked to another girl, and she used to work someplace that could help. Call them” with a phone number & a heart.

A few days later I worked up the courage to call. It turned out to be a domination studio, as they called themselves. I asked if they did anal penetration, and I was assured it was a specialty. I made an appointment.

Upon arriving, I realized this is not your normal house of ill repute. Despite a receptionist and a desk, the rest of the room seemed…off. It was mostly dark, muted colors. They called for a lineup, and I was forced to reveal my desire to about 10 women.

I’ll admit, some of them scared me. Rubber and leather abounded. I picked a cute blond in a red leather dress who actually told me that she was looking forward to it.

We went into a room. It was matte black paint, and some scary furniture, and lots of tie down points. No bed though. Mistress Mellissa (as I was told to call her) had me disrobe, and get on all fours — on a scaffold. She locked me down with some handcuffs — normally not my thing, but I went with it.

She began to play with my butt, and as I was starting to enjoy it, she stuck something in. It felt small, like a pencil. I said “I know I said I’m an amateur, but we can go bigger.” She replied “No silly boy…it’s time for your cleaning”

Cleaning? No…she couldn’t mean? I suddenly felt a rush of warmth in my colon. This was not a welcome development. I called out “Mellissa?” and received a spank to my ass — “OWW — Fuck that hurts!”

Mellissa walked to the front of the scaffolding, and looked at me. “Is there something you would like to say, worm?”

I knew at this point I was in too far. Realizing my earlier mistake, I said “Mistress — this is a bit extreme for me.” She looked at me for a second, then reached behind me and turned off the water. She said “I think I misunderstood what you wanted.” I said “I think so too. I just want a butt fucking.”

She looked down and then at me “Usually when a guy asks for that he wants to be a little bitch” “That’s not me”, I replied.

She looked at my face, and then said “Well, in this room, I have to be the boss, but I can be a good boss as well as a bad one. Let’s follow thru, and you say ‘pineapple’ if you have any issues.”

I agreed, and she restarted the water. “Um…” I started. “You need to be clean for this” said Mellissa. I took the enema, which was not entirely unpleasant. The biggest problem I had with it was when she released me to expel — and made me walk thru the lobby in a towel too small to cover me to get to the bathroom.

As I had no choice, I did it, despite the other dominatrix’s giggling at me. When I got back to the room, she chained me up again. Then she slowly began to lube my ass. I could enjoy this.

She began to penetrate my anus with her gloved fingers, and plenty of lube. It was heavenly. She then reached over to a side table, and grabbed a dildo, about an inch wide, and passed it in front of my eyes. “Ready?” she queried. I said it was fine.

She then began to penetrate me slowly. It felt pretty filling, but as she had thoughly lubed me, it slid in easily. It felt so damn good — it’s indescribable, unless you’ve been butt fucked. It’s a satisfying..fullness if you will. She began sliding it in and out. I began to hump back.

She started going shallower, and shallower, making me chase it. “You *are* a butt slut aren’t you” she marveled. She pulled out the dildo. I immediately felt empty. I looked back, and she held up a bigger dildo. It was maybe 1.5 inches, and about 7 inches long. malatya escort

“I don’t know if I can take that, Mistress” I said fearfully. Mellissa looked at me & smiled. “Butt Slut…we are just getting started!” She began to lube the dildo. She placed it at my butthole, and pushed.

My fear clenched ass refused it entry.

Mellissa leaned forward, and whispered lustily in my ear “Relax, Slut. This isn’t so big. Just push out, like you’re going to shit.” I closed my eyes, and put my head down. Mellissa began to rub the small of my back, and croon lovingly “Relax…let it feel good”

I pushed out, like she said. The dildo popped past my sphincter muscle, and slid right on in until it hit the nub of my prostate. I began to shiver with pleasure.

Mellissa pulled back with the dildo “Uh — uh. You aren’t going to ruin this by coming, slut.” I moaned my disappointment.

She began to fuck me slowly again. I tried humping back again, and she let me. I felt so good, so full, that I couldn’t stop pumping. I heard odd noises; it didn’t register what it was. It turned out to be me, moaning.

Mellissa pulled the dildo out. “No, Mistress”, I shouted in alarm & disappointment. Mellissa moved to the front of the scaffolding, and looked at me in the eye. She was sweating, and looked like she had just run around the block


“Damn, Slut, you were making my hand hurt.” She exclaimed. I looked at her, and as my brain was in a ass fucking induced coma, I wittily said “Huh?” She smiled “You were fucking back so hard I was almost punching your taint!”

She began to put the key in the cuffs. I whimpered “But I didn’t come!” She said “Don’t worry Baby boy, you’re going to come.” She cuffed me again, face up, putting a cushion under my head, and my ass. She looked at me, and got a bungee cord and small leather cuff from a nearby cabinet.

She grabbed my throbbing cock, and said “I like your haircut. Why didn’t you finish?” I explained that I kept my balls shaved as I like how it felt, but didn’t normally shave my cock, I just trimmed it, as I was afraid women would laugh at me.

Mellissa giggled, and said “You did it for me! How sweet! But you shouldn’t make such sacrifices.” She put the leather cuff just below my cock head, and attached the bungee to the d-ring.

The other end got attached to another bungee that went across the 2 posts the cuffs were attached to, pulling my cock up obscenely from my body. She also wrapped a long belt around the scaffolding, securing my waist to the platform.

She then put a blindfold on me, and slid something in my ass, that started to stretch me, and then it got narrower. A butt plug! Mellissa giggled again I shuddered. Her giggles had been indicating something unpleasant would be coming my way.

“That oughta hold ya” she said. And then she left the room. I heard the door click behind her.


She came back in — in a minute or a week, I couldn’t tell you. Sure felt like a week.

“I’m baaaaack” she said in a sing song voice. “I decided you shouldn’t have to sacrifice.” She began massaging my cock & balls with one hand, and with the other, pulled the butt plug almost to the widest point, and let it go. My ass greedily pulled it back in.

My cock began to feel odd. Just what was she massaging me with? And then I felt something scraping against my pubes. Oh god — she was shaving me! How did she know it was damn near a fetish for me since I got to shave Trixie?

She giggled and said “You’re going to look so much better now. All the girls will love your haircut!” And she continued to shave me. I decided I could live with this. It made me hot as hell, and who would see it?

She finished, and rinsed me off. “You look so kayseri escort cute — like a little baby. I think we need to share this.” Then she forced a ball gag into my mouth. She walked away, giggling again, and then I heard the door close again. Now what?

I wasn’t left to wait long. I heard the door open, and heels walk across the floor. Sounded different though. “What do you think, babe?” I was about to gurgle some form of answer when another voice — another woman said “God Lissie, that’s fucking hot!”

I must have turned every color in the rainbow. She let someone see me like this? I began to struggle against my bonds. “Mellissa then said “My baby slut seems to be embarrassed. Oh well, I guess he needs a bigger pacifier. Would you like to help?” “Can I?” said the second voice. “I never get to play!”

“Today you do, Babe” said Mellissa. The butt plug was pulled out. I felt so empty. Then I felt a dildo going in my ass again. “This is the last dildo you had in you, slut. Do you want to come with this or bigger? Nod your head once for this, twice for bigger” Mellissa instructed. I carefully nodded once.

That thing was big. “Oh…you want bigger. Of course you do, you slut.” Wait — I nodded for the same size. I attempted to break free of the bonds. “Look how eager he is, Babe. He really wants it” said Mellissa. I shook, but was stuck tight.

And then the ball gag was removed.

I began to babble “No Mistress! It will split me in half! Please!” Mellissa came close, and whispered in my ear. “I know you can take this, and you’re going to love it. If you wimp out, just say ‘Pineapple’ but do you really want to do that with my girlfriend watching?”

I took a deep breath and agreed to try. “Hold his balls for me, Baby” said Mellissa. I felt a hand grab my boys gently, and hefted them up. “He’s got huge nuts!” I heard the other woman say.

Mellissa agreed “They are some of the biggest ones I’ve seen, and right now, they’re even bigger cuz this boy slut needs to blow!”

I felt something blunt approach my now swollen anus. Mellissa began pushing what felt like barrel of a howitzer in my ass. It wasn’t going. “Push out, remember slut?” She tried. I tried pushing out. Nothing. My hole was scared!

Mellissa eased off the pressure, and I sighed in relief. I heard some rustling, and footsteps. “Here, Baby, rub this on his balls.” I heard a SNAP! sound, and then what sounded like angry hornets.

A vibrator? I’ve tried one of those on my nuts before. It was nice, but not that great.

Well the vibe touched my nuts. I don’t know what it was, but it felt like my nuts were being massaged by 100 tiny hands in teeny velvet gloves.

I slumped down, and then tried to push up into the vibrator with what little movement I had.

It was at that moment that the dildo was pushed home, and my universe exploded in a million pieces.

Now, in the course of writing of my adventures, I usually say I passed out from the orgasm. That’s not strictly true. I lose sense of my surroundings. This time, when I opened my eyes, I was untied, and soaking wet. Mellissa stood there in a robe.

“About time you came to. Scared the shit out of my girl. But cold water always does the trick” she explained.

I slowly sat up. I was a mess. I was covered in lube, cum, sweat, and water. There were dildos all over the place, including one that looked like it belonged to a farm animal. It was covered in lube. I shuddered looking at it. There was also a large handled stick like thing, plugged into the wall. I’ve since learned it’s called a magic wand.

Can I take a shower?” I asked, as I gathered my wits again.

“Of course” said Mellissa, and handed me the same hand towel from before.

THE END (for now)

Please don’t forget to vote, and please comment! There’s one more true chapter to this tale before I turn to my fantasies, and if y’all don’t show me what you’re thinking, then I don’t know why I’m writing!

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