12 Ağustos 2022

Mistletoe Inspirations Ch. 01

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The soft breeze of brisk winter air coming through the window chilled her as she closed the bathroom door behind her. The little decorative window had probably been opened to let out some of the steam from the morning showers, but now that the sun had gone down, the cold was too much. She immediately crossed the room and shut it tight before lighting a few of the pine-scented candles on the marble counter. The flowered wall-paper would just have to tolerate the steam this time. There was no way she was going to spend her relaxing bubble bath shivering.

The other women would be gathered in the livingroom downstairs- covering up with fleece blankets by the fire and drinking hot chocolate or tea, waiting for the men to come back. It was a Christmas Eve tradition that the men would pile into trucks and check out what they called “The Old Farm,” which was now just a big empty plot of land they used for hunting and camping, weather permitting. Each year on this day, they felt a strange need to go and make sure it was still there. It was nearly a half-hour’s drive.

She decided that rather than sitting by the fire, listening in on the gossip and domestic swapping of information downstairs, she would run away to the sanctuary of the master bathroom and have herself a luxurious bath. By the time she was done and dressed in warm, comfortable attire, the men would have returned, which meant he would be back. Maybe then they could have some alone time.

She reached over to the elaborate crystal knob on the door and pushed in, turning it to the right to lock it. Using only her feet, she slipped off her socks, tossing them with her toes into the corner by the door. Atop them fell her khaki skirt and red sweater, followed by the red bra she had bought herself as a sinful delight during a Christmas sale at Victoria’s Secret. The matching panties were still on as she made her way back over to the vanity to gather up her soaps and oils. As she looked up to see if there was another cupboard, she caught her reflection in the mirror. She loved the way she looked in red. The tiny, sexy silk panties were cut like a bikini, and tied with string laces low on her hips. Her soft stomach above them, though dappled with tiny, undetectable goosebumps from the cold, sloped up to her bare breasts- her nipples hard as ice and just as cold. She couldn’t wait to get in the hot water.

She turned to the large whirlpool tub, taking a moment to figure out the many dials before turning on the water. Even the sound of the water running was soothing, and it made her want to be rid of her small amount of remaining clothing. She turned to admire her reflection as she slid the red panties down off of her round butt, and bent at the waist to pull them to her ankles. She kicked them into the pile with her other clothes, shivering a little when the cold air found her secret-most regions. The tub seemed to be filling remarkably slow, though she knew it was just her anxious imagination. She returned bursa escort to the vanity, fishing around in a drawer for something to tie her hair back. She found two trendy chopsticks, and wound her hair around one, pinning it in place with the other. As her arms were up at her head, she admired the way her breasts rose and stood up, her nipples erect and pronounced. She let a hand fall to her chest and slide down to grip one of her breasts, loving the way her warm hand felt on her skin. She joined it with her other, running her thumbs over her nipples and moaning softly with their sensitivity. The contact sent little waves of pleasure down into her gut, where it grew into a need for more. She was about to let her hands wander a bit more when the mirror showed her a reflection of her tub becoming fairly filled. She turned around, catching one final glimpse of her long back and curved ass in the reflection, and put one foot into the tub.

She was almost shocked by the heat of the water, and it instantly made the rest of her much colder. Stepping in with both feet, she reached down to cup a palm of water, bringing it up to her thighs to warm them. The water running down her legs made her shudder, but she did it again and again, loving the way the temperatures were fighting over her. Then she let a handful of water go on her stomach, feeling a few little streamlets running between her legs and down the insides of her thighs. Next, two handfuls covered her breasts, making her nipples nearly beg to be touched, pinched, attended to. She looked back to the mirror across the room and could see the way the water looked, trailing its wet little trails down her body. She smiled for no one but herself.

As she went ahead and let herself down into the water gently, a chill flew up her spine and then vacated, as she was immersed in the hot water from her neck down. She felt the cool air on her neck, like a former lover’s sarcastic kiss. It only made the rest of her warmer. With a few fluid motions, she arched her back and let her breasts push up out of the water. The way the water ran off of them made it impossible not to touch them again. She lay, rolling them in her hands and playing with her pert nipples, feeling the way it was affecting her. It was making her want to cum. Luckily, she had plenty of time for that.

She let her mind wander. Her whole day had been filled to the brim with sexual tension, and she was more than ready to release it. He had been right there in front of her, next to her, and behind her all day. They had cast each other glances that said just what they meant to say, but the words couldn’t be said aloud. He had brushed up against her in the chaos before dinner, and had eyed her tight-fitting red sweater over and over. She knew it must be making a work of art of her breasts, and hoped he was picturing them free of their containment. His hand had cupped softly on her ass in the buffet line, and its grip was quite intentional in nature. Then, bursa escort bayan after dinner, there had been the mistletoe.

They had bumped into each other in the doorway, neither of them seeing it coming. The impact had been warm and delightful, and they had stood there for nearly ten seconds before breaking away to their platonic stance. His eyes were on fire, and she glanced up to see a sprig of mistetoe hanging from the door jamb above. Being that close to him was maddening.

As she lay in the water, carressing herself, letting one of her hands creep down to the screaming place between her parted thighs, she thought the whole scene over in her mind. When her fingers pressed into her, she gasped at how much hotter she felt than even the water, and how slick and smooth her juices were. He had stared into her eyes like a predator stares at prey…wanting her in a primal way that defied all social graces. She had leaned into him, then, pressing her ample breasts against his thin shirt and hoping he could feel how hard her nipples were from that stare. She had given him a quick kiss on the lips- so short that it left him panting. She had followed it up with a warm, slow kiss below his ear, where she then whispered, “My room tonight.”

She imagined it was him pressing his fingers into her, finding her pleasure points, sliding them in and out in a divine rhythm. Then she imagined it wasn’t his fingers- but the amazing erection she had felt earlier. She closed her eyes and felt her lashes flutter with the thought of him having her in that way. She teased a nipple, pinching it between her first finger and thumb, imagining his teeth clamped down lightly on it, his tongue flipping over it, driving her mad. Her fingers worked in and out of her, rubbing her clit and feeling her whole body alive with need. She almost came instantly with the thought, but held it back, wanting it to last. She cupped her breast in her hand, bringing her nipple up to her mouth to tease it with her own tongue. She licked it over and over, pinching it gently and feeling herself really start to struggle against the oncoming orgasm. With an arch of her back, she pounded her fingers deep inside herself and let her juices go. She could feel her warm, slick cum dripping into her hand, making the water around her seem lukewarm in comparison. Her heartrate took its time slowing…

She suddenly remembered the soaps and oils she had left on the vanity. With a careful rise, she stepped out the tub, still shuddering a bit from her orgasm, loving the cool fresh air on her wet, naked body. Collecting the bottles, she noticed the toiletry bag she had brought in with her when she had first arrived. It was sitting on a shelf near the door. There was something inside that would come in very handy right about now.

She set the bottles down at the edge of the tub and went to unzip her bag. From it, she pulled a long, slender tube which held her toothbrush. Slipping the brush from escort bursa its casing, she set it down carefully on the countertop, rubbing her fingers along the smooth plastic of the case. It had ribbed edges that felt somehow bold and suggestive in her hand. She took it back to the bath with her.

The oils lit the room with a soft fragrance that made her sigh in contentment. The soaps she rubbed systematically on her body, reading her most delicate places, getting them riled up and ready for more attention. Her skin felt smooth and lubricated, and it had her wishing once again that he was here to enjoy it. Oh, the fun they could be having in this locked room with this water and these oils. She wondered what he would do to her.

The first image that popped into her head made her hands shake. Sitting at the edge of the tub, she stood, rather than laying down into the water. One palm, she lay flat on the cold, tiled wall, and the other held the narrow, cyllindrical tube. Parting her legs carefully, she reached around behind her ass and between her legs, leaning forward until her breasts were pressed on the cold wall. The contact of her nipples on the chilly surface sent a wave of pleasure right to the place where the tube was poised, and she melted with the anticipation of it. It pressed into her slowly, and she imagined him entering her from behind. She rubbed her chest up and down on the wall, simulating the thrusts he would be giving her. The icy friction of the wall was mind-blowing. She fucked the tube in and out of her from behind, moaning against the wall and feeling the skin of her cheek getting cold against its surface. Turning a bit more, she caught her reflection in the mirror. Her imagination almost tricked her into seeing him… his muscular back coated with a light splash of water. His ass was moving in time with his thrusts between her parted legs. She could almost feel his strong hands on her hips, pulling her onto him, surrounding his needy manhood.

The thought was too much. She felt herself letting go, and the warmth of her cum dripped down the inside of her thighs this time, some of it coating the tube and making her thrusts slippery and quick. When she couldn’t thrust anymore..she let herself sink slowly into the water, back up to her neck again. She rubbed her clit gently with two fingers, letting herself calm from the crazy desire of it all.

There was a knock at the door. She tensed up- an automatic response to her activities.

“Yes?” she called, hoping her voice wouldn’t shake.

“Better not stay in there too long. The men just got back and some of them are going to want showers…” called her second cousin…at least she thought that was who it was. It was hard to tell through a large room and a heavy wood door.

She smiled, knowing that he would be back in her presence soon. Maybe she could find some excuse to go to bed early. Maybe he would find a similar, yet different excuse, and they just might end up in her room as she suggested. Then maybe she could sit him down, and between passionate kisses and groping, tell him what she had done in the bath thinking of him.

And then maybe they could finish what they started at the mistletoe.

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