8 Ağustos 2022

Four Years of Fantasies Ch. 03

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I was snapped out of my reverie when I turned my car off in my garage. I sat for a moment in the silence, processing my thoughts. I really, really, really enjoyed this man’s company. I couldn’t deny that. Our conversation flowed easily and we made each other laugh. I really, really liked his openness, despite not having that trait myself – I think that’s why I liked it so much. I thought he was really, really hot (even approaching 40 and slightly overweight) – that smile! And the milk chocolate eyes… I really wanted to wrap my arms around him.

And I really, really wanted to know what it would be like to kiss him… to taste his lips and feel his mouth on mine. Feel his beard scratch at my skin and feel our tongues glide over each other. I thought about the kiss we would have.

Would the first be a slow, drawn out kiss, where we look into each other’s eyes acknowledging that we shared a deep desire for each other but unsure how to act, before slowly leaning in and electrifying each other with our lips as they connect?

Would it be more one-sided? He takes my chin mid-sentence, pulling my jaw to his and planting his lips on mine, quite literally taking my breath away. Or would I be the one to make the move? Seduce him in his office: lean across his desk exposing my cleavage and then plant a huge kiss on his lips, already parted from gazing down my dress?

Would we kiss? Or would we just fuck? I definetely wanted to fuck him… to ride him hard and fast, get him close, then slowly grind down on his cock, drawing his orgasm out. I wanted him to fuck me, to have the whole weight of him on top of me, with him in control… my arms around his broad shoulders and my legs interlocked with his. Or even better, my arms above my head, pinned down by his, pointing my tits upwards, bulbs ripe for him to lick, suck and nibble on while he slides his cock and in out of me at his own leisure. Or would he fuck me bent over his desk, my underwear dropped to my ankles, my skirt hiked up over my arse?

I eventually went upstairs and was pleased to see that I also had the house to myself. After the many naughty thoughts I had had that day, I needed to get it out of my system. Several times.

I decided on a shower first as I had been in the lab for most of the day. Watching myself in the mirror, I untucked my beige top from my skirt and pulled it off over my head. I was wearing a black lace bra, just padded enough to hold me in place without creating extra cleavage. It was a touch too small for me and sometimes my large areolas showed over the top. I undid the bra and my breasts fell happily out to the sides slightly. Bending over, I stripped my skirt off but left my underwear. I wanted to admire my butt for a moment before I hopped in the shower. bakırköy escort I had on a navy lace pair that were a “skimpy cut” – somewhere between a g-string and bikini, so it cut across each cheek and rounded at the top, accentuating the glutes I worked hard at to keep high and full. They were still very much a work in progress, but my heavy squats and deadlifts seemed to be paying off. I admired the rest of my body. I was not exactly happy with it… over the decent amount of muscle I had created, there was an equally decent amount of fat. My legs were short and thick, and my thighs were probably my least favourite body part. In saying that, I relished in my curves knowing I would prefer them over some other alternatives. They made me feel feminine and desirable. I peeled off my underwear and stepped into the shower, running the water lukewarm.

Hmmm… this gave me the perfect opportunity to finish my shower fantasy from the drive home…

He leads me to the bathroom where he runs the water and eases me under. I rinse off then he follows. I reach up to get some body wash and get a nice lather in my hands. I take him by surprise by lathering the soap all over his chest, down his arms and over his belly.

“Mmmm that feels nice,” he croons.

“You’re more than welcome,” I reply.

He pushes me up against the cold tiles and presses his soapy body into me. He takes my waist in his hands, pulling my pelvis towards his while kissing me deeply. After grasping my butt cheeks in his hands, he spins me around and forces me up against the tiles, holding my hands above my head with one hand. He glides his other soaped up hand across each breast, rubbing over each nipple with his thumb, making sure they’re erect. My breasts fit perfectly in his palms. He presses his body into mine, his cock standing solid against my butt.

“Uuhh, you can go again?”

“Rarely, but… looks like today’s your lucky day,” he says, proudly.

He continues to slide his soapy body over mine, rubbing his cock against my arse. I bend slightly and stand on my tip toes so my arse points towards him. He repositions himself so his cock is between my legs, rubbing against my pussy lips. He snakes his hand down across my abdomen and his fingers land on my clit. He slowly starts thrusting his cock along my pussy lips while he rubs my clit in a circular motion. This, combined with the fact he is still pinning me down with his other hand, drives me wild! I thrust back to meet his touches and the friction is amazing. My breathing quickens and I am starting to moan. He trails kisses up my neck from my shoulder and this makes me lose control. I come with a loud groan, which echoes in the shower.

He releases my hands so he can beşiktaş escort grab my hips. With my tits now pressed against the tiles, he thrusts his solid cock into me while my pussy walls are still convulsing. I can feel myself tighten around his cock, which I love. I can tell he loves the feeling as well as he is practically growling into my ear. His strokes are hard and powerful, and they start to increase in frequency. He slides his right hand from my hip to my clit and his left to my breast, cupping it gently before thumbing the nipple. He strokes my clit ever so gently, eliciting a soft moan. His strokes get faster as does my breathing. He is thrusting hard now and I can tell he’s close.

“Oohh that feels amazing, you’re gonna make me come again!” I moan into the tiles. With one last thrust he loses control inside me. I feel his body tense while he is still rubbing my clit. He increases the pressure just enough to give me my final orgasm. My body shakes and I turn around so I have something to grab onto – my legs are weak from being bent over and on my tip toes and I have pins and needles in my arms from having them pinned above my head. We lock eyes, both grinning from the immense pleasure we just shared. “God you’re beautiful,” he says sincerely, and leans down to kiss me.

The fantasy got me nice and lubed up I so I moved to the bedroom where I dried off and made myself comfortable on my bed. Lying naked on my back, I bent my knees and let my legs fall out to the side, so that I was in a frog-like position. This was my favourite way to masturbate. I traced my right hand down my body starting from my chest, brushing over my nipple before landing on my clit.

I closed my eyes and my mind drifted to another office fantasy.

It is similar to my original office fantasy with the chocolates, only this time, when I go to visit him in his office, he offers me the chocolate…

“Hi,” I say as I knock on the door and let myself in.

“Oh hey. Look what I got.” He holds up two caramello koalas.

“Mmm, one for me?”

“Yeah, I owe you one. You’ve gotta come get it though.”

“Sure, thanks” I say, strolling over to his desk. He starts unwrapping one and I put my hand out to get the other one. He pushes my hand away and instead aims the unwrapped one for my mouth. “Oh, ok.”

I bite a third of the chocolate, and some of the caramel oozes out onto my bottom lip. I wipe it away and then let my finger linger in my mouth, sucking it lightly.

“You look like you’re good at that,” he says, cheekily.

“I can’t deny that,” I reply with a wink.

He feeds me another third, and this time he purposefully trails some of the caramel along my lip.

“I bet this is a good look,” beylikdüzü escort I say with a giggle. I think I see where this is going. Or at least, where he thinks it’s going. I have bigger plans; I’m just getting warmed up.

He reaches out to wipe the caramel away and I take the tip of his thumb into my mouth, sucking it softly. His eyes widen and I take the opportunity to take more of his thumb and suck harder, not breaking eye contact. He removes his thumb only to give me the last portion of the chocolate. This part isn’t very gooey, so I grab his wrist as he places the chocolate in my mouth, and guide two fingers into my mouth with it. As I slowly let the chocolate melt, I withdraw his fingers and suck them back in, staring into his eyes. I look down at his pants to see a large bulge. I look back at his face and smile with his fingers deep in my mouth.

Still sucking his fingers, I slide off the desk down onto my knees in front of him, and unbuckle his belt. I pry open his jeans and peel down the band of his underwear, letting his cock spring out. It’s thick and rigid and I can’t wait to put it in my mouth. I wrap my hand around the base and guide it into my mouth.

Still squeezing the base, I suck his cock slowly and steadily, building his orgasm but stopping before he comes. I get up and walk out, just leaving him there erect, not even doing up his pants. “See you tomorrow,” I say as I walk out the door, turning around and winking as I saunter off.

I go back the next afternoon to finish him off, this time making him hard by bending over in front of him without any underwear on, exposing my pink flesh to him underneath my skirt. He daringly traces a finger up the back of my leg but I step back and shake my head. I turn and squat down in front of him, now giving him a view down my top. I am wearing a push-up bra with a slightly plunging blouse – unusual for me but today it served a very specific purpose. His eyes widen in awe of what is unfolding in front of him, and soon his thick cock is free. I engulf it completely and suck hard, swirling my tongue around the head. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth! I can take the whole thing. I love sliding it almost all the way out, swirling my toungue around the head then pushing t right to the back of my throat. I can tell he is getting close so I start moaning, the vibrations further stimulating his cock. He is thrusting ever so slightly into my mouth, forcing his cock as deep into my throat as I will let it. I need a short break so I withdraw, making eye contact, and say “Come in my mouth”. This makes him moan and I resume sucking his cock. With a final thrust he comes, filling my mouth with his cock and blowing his load down my throat. I suck him dry, and swallow every drop. When he is done, I get up, zip up his jeans and walk out, licking my lips over my shoulder as I walk out the door.

By now I was rubbing my clit furiously and squeezing my left breast hard. My body tensed and I let the waves of an intense, built up orgasm wash over me – the first of many that night!

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