15 Ağustos 2022

Essential Workers Work Overtime

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I got out of the warm womb of my car and walked down the ill-lit parking lot to the office. It was another frigid morning, and I tried to switch off all human emotion to cope with another overwhelming and dysfunctional work day; this was no place for feelings.

But as I entered the glowing interior from the winter dark, I saw Theresa casing mail, twirling around with letters in hand like a spinning dervish. Awoken by my presence, she gifted me with her smile and advised, “Turn around, go home, and call out sick from there.”

“Is that a negative attitude I sense, Theresa? The master shall be informed, and you’ll be the one going home.”

“God, make it so!” she laughed looking heavenward with palms up.

Her eyes followed me as I approached my case for my route. We worked next to each other, and I was thankful for small silver-linings in the post office. Theresa had beautiful dark skin with straight, jet black hair. She had gained a few pounds this winter, but that made her look healthier and happier. Her smooth face seemed to smile more confidently, and her bottom had nice form.

“So, are we going to have to go outside today? My mom wouldn’t approve,” I whined petulantly.

“Present for you, Jaimie.” Theresa came into my three-sided case and handed me a parcel that belonged to one of my customers. She looked at me directly, and her hands touched mine. If I had personal space, it was now hers. My heart sped up a little.

“Yeah, this guy’s got a problem ordering too much garbage. Another Amazon junkie. I don’t think he got the memo that Christmas was over,” I sighed.

Theresa put her small, warm hand on my shoulder and consoled, “Maybe a drink after work would dull the chronic pain of this place.”

“I’d rather it be during work than bakırköy escort after. But, yeah, I’m game. ‘Sully’s’?”

“You know it!” she affirmed with both hands on my shoulders. My heart raced, and my cock stiffened, as if it agreed too.

The day was light on the mail, but grotesquely heavy on the parcels. It was like everyone stayed home now. Brick and mortar stores were a thing of the past. I packed my shitty and cold mail truck with boxed furniture, kitty litter, dog food, diapers, toilet paper, and a myriad of other items that supplied my customers.

I swore under my breath countless times because of the cold, ill-tempered dogs and customers, and my inability to accept my lot in life. I couldn’t be thankful for my job the way others would remind me. Maybe, I just wasn’t strong enough or smart enough to live in this modern world. But then I would think about Theresa’s hands on my shoulders and be pleasantly distracted.

When I returned to the post office from my delivery route, I saw no one’s personal vehicle in the parking lot. Just mine, the postmaster’s, and Theresa’s.

“Well, there he is, the last of the mail carriers. Jesus, did you fall asleep out there? Or did you stop by Sully’s without me?” Theresa questioned with a mock-angry face.

“No, I just went applying for other work so I can leave this hellhole. Where’s our essential postmaster?” I asked quietly, just in case she was lurking about the office.

Theresa just shrugged her shoulders. We rarely saw or heard from her. Like a ghostly apparition, our postmaster would emerge from her office to chastise us about poor performance and safety infractions. Then, she would retire into her office, not to be seen for the rest of the day.

Without waiting, without beşiktaş escort a plan, and with no sense of appropriateness, I leaned down slightly to kiss Theresa on the lips. Her breath was cool, and her lips slightly chapped. My opened eyes saw her closed black eyelashes, and I was relieved that she wasn’t going to recoil in terror from my advance.

My hands pressed her soft body to mine, and I moved my right hand to her cold cheek. I leaned back to put her lovely face in frame, and I laughed quietly, “Man, it was a hell of a day. Just thinking of you and Sully’s.”

But instead of a verbal response I was greeted with a sweet smile and her hands on my waist that guided me into her red wool sweater and into her full, welcoming breasts.

My hands slipped under the sweater and shirt to knead her soft flesh. It was smooth, and I couldn’t feel any prominent bones. There was just her cushioned back and warm skin. My fingers undid her bra strap with some effort, while we kissed open-mouthed. Our tongues danced, exploring each other.

I could hear her breath working and her heart accelerating, as I removed the cups from her tits. My fingers inched their way over her erect nipples, and she sighed and gasped. I felt pressure and movement down at my zipper, her hands eager to release my now erect cock. Once unzipped, my pants, along with my underwear, were forced down to my thighs where they fell effortlessly to my feet.

The office was eerily quiet, with the exception from our moans. Her hand was feverously pumping my dry, hard handle, and I was, just then, successfully removing her sweater and shirt. Theresa’s breasts were gorgeously brown with dark brown nipples. I immediately proceeded to nuzzle and suck them with obnoxious sounds beylikdüzü escort that broke the silence of the office.

At this point, we both looked around to see if the postmaster might be watching. Even with a few lights still on, we could see the possible hiding spots within the office. We were the only ones there.

“Wow, does she even close this place after everyone’s gone?” I asked incredulously.

Theresa just laughed and shrugged her shoulders. Then she led me behind some cases in a dark corner of the office. There, we could exorcise this office’s demons with our lovemaking. Together, we chose a dark space on the cool cement floor and laid the rest of our clothes down to make a bed.

She knelt above my prone body with her small hand still grasping my, now, wet cock, stroking with a consistent rhythm, her lovely eyes and motherly smile looking down on me. I felt close to climax, and she could tell.

I guided her on top of me. She slid my member into her warm and damp insides. Theresa shuddered as it entered slowly. Then, with a dancer’s grace, she rocked and swayed her hips. I could hear the sounds of the wetness that united us. Her voice hummed and sighed. She moved more vigorously, grinding her cunt into my pelvis and causing my hard dick to touch everywhere in her.

Just as I was about to lose my load and to scream out her name, she leaned down and tightly embraced me. I could hear her heavy breath from her mouth and nose beating the surface of my ear. I cried out loudly as I exploded inside her. I shook my head violently, as I was conquered by Theresa’s force. Pleasurable spasms journeyed throughout my body, and she continued to rock and sway upon me.

Her chest was heaving, and she looked down on me and laughed, “Not a typical workday at the office, huh? Let’s get out of here and get a drink”.

Just then, we heard what must have been the distant sound of the postmaster’s door. Immediately, we grabbed our strewn clothes that traveled to our end destination, and we dressed quickly, hoping to avoid her presence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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