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Casanova Redux Ch. 12

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Desolation. Depression. Embarrassment. I could have come up with more words to explain how I felt but nothing else seemed to come close to the real feelings. He didn’t want me. He gave me his name, a gift that he hadn’t given very many people. But he had given it to me. But he didn’t want me. HE DIDN’T WANT ME. How could I ever live with that? How could I look Jacobi and Cook in the face again? For that matter, how could I ever face Peter again?

I made the decision to leave. I was old enough to be on my own and if I dressed like a man, I could keep others away from me and earn enough to keep myself alive. Maybe in time, I could contact my parents and let them know that I was okay but for now, I just wanted to slide off of the face of the earth. I could do it alone … right?

* * * * *

Cassia awoke in the soft grass, her eyelids heavy from crying all night. Dawn wasn’t far away and she knew that she had to get home before Cook found her missing. Besides, she also couldn’t just go home wearing the diaphanous lace gown, either, so she thought that it would be best to return to the site, get dressed and head Travesti back to the house. Then she would make her plans to leave. Maybe Jenny would come with her …

“Oy! What ‘ave we got ‘ere?”

The tip of a sword cut her off in mid-scream and she threw her arms over her exposed breasts, looking up into the leering faces of two roughly-dressed men. “Leave me alone!”

“‘Spose she was the git what left that man in that meadow yonder.” One man rasped, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “No need to worry yourself, missy. We won’t be leaving you alone.”

“Don’t touch me.” She hissed, smacking his hand away and screamed when the standing man grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.

“You’ll do whatever we want you to do, got it?”

“No!” The sound of ripping fabric filled the air threatened to drown out her scream of anguish. The Standing Man yanked her to the ground while the Kneeling Man shoved her legs open, his grubby hands pawing her thighs.

“Hold still. This’ll only take a minute.” Kneeling Man cackled, pressing his dirty finger into her dry slit. Cassia shouted, desperately Antalya Travesti trying to close her legs against the invader and failing. His finger slid into her cunt and met an obstruction, something that made Kneeling Man stop. “She’s a virgin.”

“Damn!” Standing Man cursed, releasing her hair and watching as she fell to the ground. “Better take her to Shakey.”

Cassia screamed and begged but no amount of pleading would get them to release her. She was bound, gagged and tossed into the back of a cart, shouting against her bonds as she saw that Withers was also in the cart, a huge, bloody knot on his temple. She sagged against the dirty boards, tears flowing freely as she realized that her only hope of rescue was lying next to her. God, please help me!

* * * * *

Their encampment was only a few miles from her home, tucked into a hollow that was serviced by a stream that none of the men used for cleaning purposes. Two were playing cards, another was taking a nap and a fourth was poking the fire, raising sparks in an attempt to get the flames to catch onto new wood he was feeding Bursa Travesti it. No one seemed to be excited when they rolled into camp but they all perked up when Cassia was hauled out, along with the still-unconscious Withers.

Standing and Kneeling Man carried their treasure into Shakey’s tent, waiting for their leader to pull himself from his bunk, scratch a few hidden parts and grab a half-full bottle of cheap whiskey. “We brought ya some gifts.” Kneeling Man grinned.

Shakey finished the liquor and struggled to his feet, grinning at Cassia’s huddled form. “This one looks pretty.”

“She’s a virgin, too.”

“Really?” Shakey knelt at her side and Cassia fought the urge to gage when she smelled the rotting teeth on his breath. “A ripe plum.”

“She’ll fetch some good money, eh?” Standing Man asked, drooling at the thought of the money they’d be receiving.

“Yeah. Very good money.”

“Does that mean that we can’t fuck ‘er?”

Shakey glared at the Kneeling Man. “What do you think?”

“But that’s not fair, Shakey! We’ve all been waitin’ weeks for a good fuck!”


The leader of the men strode over to them, making them cower under the force of his gaze. “I said we can’t fuck her, but there’s other things we can do.” The two men nodded at each other. “Now, send someone to get the Prince and let’s have some fun!”

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