10 Ağustos 2022

Broken Date

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Edited by slutkimmi


“What!” Ann snapped in surprise. “Work late again?”

“Yeah baby, I’m sorry. I know we had the night planned. I just can’t help it!” Terry said knowing full well he just hadn’t stood up to his hyperactive boss.

“But Terry! This is the third time this month you’ve called to break our date!” she said in disappointment.

Pressing the End button on her cell phone, she plopped herself down on her bed and tossed the phone aside. In frustration, she muttered words and phrases that she knew fit Terry’s boss to a tee.

“Boy, if I could get my hands around that boss’ neck, I’d show him a thing or two.” Ann snapped.

But then she wondered exactly what she would do if given the opportunity. It wasn’t that he was particularly a slave driver but more that he made decisions at the last minute. Hence, Terry having to stay late on nights he’d planned to be with Ann. To her, it almost seemed like Terry’s boss knew about their plans and did everything he could to spoil any and all of them.

She was already dressed for their evening out at a famous Italian restaurant in the downtown area. The Lasagna there was definitely to die for, not to mention the garlic breadsticks and the fine wines. She and Terry would surely dance to the romantic music, stare into each other’s eyes, and eventually take a drive to center city where the nightscape would surely lead the two lovers to intimacy.

As Ann lie upon her king size bed, she pondered the times she and her man had made love long before they’d had sex. He could truly win her charms by his words, by his stares, and by his adoration for her. His dark brown hair often brought delights other as she slid her fingers through it while they kissed. His broad chest made her feel secure, especially as his arms wrapped lovingly around her. In them, she enjoyed the feel of pressing against him and he did as well. He truly was a sensitive man, a tender lover, but passionate to the core.

“Damn that boss!” she said in disgust.

Since Ann would again spend an evening by herself, she decided to not waist the time in feeling sorry for herself. She arose from the bed, removed her sexy, black dress, the one she’d purchased with the slit up the left side, and hung it back in the closet. Now standing wearing only her lacey black bra and panties that affectionately hugged her tight, round bottom, she walked over to the full length mirror to admire her beautiful form. Ann turned to the right and then the left as she smiled and pondered what Terry would say if he could watch her dressed as she was.

“His dick would be throbbing now!” she said as she turned to admire her hot, round butt.

Then she completed the turn so she faced away from the mirror. Spreading her legs apart, she bent over and stared at her backside through her parted legs. The panties slid neatly into her crack just covering her sex. She did, however, notice that several of her bright red pubic hairs had escaped their lair. Those alone could bring her man to lustful insanity, especially if he could behold them against the kurtköy escort background of black.

“Ah! I love being a redhead!” Ann said giggling. “My milky white skin, my firry pussy hair, my brown eyes, and the temptingly dark crack of my butt! Oh my, Terry, you just don’t’ know what you’re missing!”

Ann straightened and walked over to her nightstand. She opened the lower drawer and rifled through various sex toys till she found two vibrating dildos. One was a dark green color, ribbed, and about six inches in length. The other was a five inch, thinner probe she often saved for occasions like a broken date. Its smooth shaft worked well in the most intimate of holes. Then she lie back positioning her body so that in the middle of the bed, she could easily spread her legs to maximum parting.

Before she did, however, she said, “If I could get my hands on that stupid boss! Why I’d handcuff him to the bedposts, leave his clothes on, and make him watch as I do myself good!”

Giggling, she relaxed as she pictured his pitiful body writhing in a build up of frustration as he stared lustfully at her parting legs. Then slowly, the redhead reached between her luscious 38Cs to unclasp the lacey black bra that housed her milky melons. As it fell away, she pulled it from underneath her back, lifted it, and told the boss to get ready for the gagging of his life.

When he could no moor speak his thwarted lust, she laughed heartily. Slowly, she touched her breasts paying particular attention to her pink,, rosebud nipples. The sensations left her shivering in a wave of hot lust.

Fondling them sensuously, Ann asked, “Like them?” but the gagged and bound boss could only moan in muffled tones. “Bet you’d like to touch them, squeeze them, suck them, wouldn’t you?”

His eyes filled with longing while his body jerked at the binds that held him. She knew her beautiful body would indeed drive him crazy; after all, it had done so for her man, Terry, many times before. Ann continued to touch the soft skin beneath her finger tips as they strolled down her chest to her flat belly. From time to time, she let out a whimper or a moan of delight, knowing full well than her imaginary voyeur was being driven to the breaking point. Before she reached orgasmic heaven, she would indeed drive him there over and over. After all, it is exactly what he deserved for making Terry work late and ruining their date.

Slowly, the pretty redhead allowed her mouth to open to whimper in pleasurable song. Her fingers walked around her button, occasionally one slipped in to prod her there like it was a precursor to her pussy. One way or the other, it always sent a wave of warm, tingling stimulation.

Suddenly, a muffled growl bellowed from the boss at the end of the bed. Ann opened her eyes in response to see one lust filled man, ready to take her, ready to devour her, and ready to fuck her senselessly. But he would not, could not, and she knew it. He would just have to accept his roll as the watcher, the wanter, and the unfulfilled.

When her fingers slid underneath her panties, aydıntepe escort her butt writhed and wiggled against the mattress, a move that always drove her man to beg for a repeat. Thoughts of former love making flooded her mind. Then she began to dig her heels into the bed while slowly pulling her panties down to reveal her red hot entrance. At that, even she could not hold in her own thrill of anticipation so she let out a groan of lustful proportions.

As the black material moved to reveal her firey furnace, the cool air from the ceiling fan caressed her pubic region. A large patch but neatly trimmed now awaited the boss for his cock’s approval. His already stiffened rod throbbed beneath his pants meaning he definitely desired her pussy mound. When she slipped the panties completely off, however, his eyes just about bugged out of his head.

Growls and groans issued from his bra gagged mouth only to leave Ann saying, “Oh good! You obviously approve of my pussy!”

Then spreading her firm, white thighs far apart, she said, “Here! Take a better look at my flower!”

Flailing arms yanked at the cuffs. Even the hips of the boss started gyrating in wanton movements that made the lovely babe wiggle her ass in desire. She continued to encourage the boss to take her any way he wanted. He could jump other the way she was and ram his cock deep inside her deliciously wet mound or he could turn her over for some darker pleasures.

“Whatever you want boss, come and get it now!” she pleaded and begged.

But his face only darkened in the color of angry red as he stared lustfully into the hot, cuntal triangle of his employee’s girl. Then to make matters worse for him, she lifted the long, thin, smooth vibe and prodded her nipple buds. Immediately at the sensation, she let out cries of pleasure that rang joyously throughout the bedroom. She begged her man Terry to do her till he’d had as much as he wanted.

Plunge this in my pussy!” she pleaded as she lifted it off her breast and posed it directly at her flower’s opening.

“IEEEEEAH!” she squealed as the thin rod penetrated her sopping, wet tunnel.

She flipped the toggle switch on and soon felt the waves of stimulation overwhelm her body. Pulling it free to taste her juices, she cried in delight at the sweet nectar on her tongue. Then she pumped it in again to coat it thoroughly. In and out it pistoned her cunt till she eventually pulled it out to put it where it belonged. While one lust crazed boss stared helplessly, she turned over onto her hands and knees. Then in what appeared like a fluidly single movement, Ann dipped the smooth buzzing probe to rest it at the entrance to her anal flower.

Growling muffled moans blasted throughout the room while the helpless boss watched her push the anal probe four inches into her gyrating butt. From there, she rested on her hands and knees again till she was used to the feeling. When ready, she lie back on her bed to spread her legs once again. Vibrations spread inside her anal cavern making her pussy spasm in anticipation of its personal toy. Even tuzla içmeler escort her clit tingled with desire for it knew well what was to come.

“Mmmmmm, like that?” she said to the boss. “Wait till you see my dark green cock fill my red haired mound!”

Ann let her butt move from side to side. It’s whiteness against the dark green spread tantalized her, the colors of red, white, green, and black thrilled her to an inner wetness unparalleled in all of her sexual days. Her hands caressed freely over her belly and breasts till they rested on her face. There, she inhaled her womanly scent and tasted again, her juicy flow. Then Ann tweaked her nipples till she could hold on no longer. With her left-hand, she took the green, ribbed dildo and pushed it deep inside her cuntal flower.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she moaned deeply as it disappeared in her canal.

Ann started the buzzing action, dug in her heels, and braced herself to pump her pussy for the boss. His body jerked in crazed response while he watched the dark, green rod fill her hungry flower. When it had almost disappeared inside, Ann pulled it out to the edge then pushed it deep inside again. In and out and in and out she pumped the vibe till her pussy exploded in orgasmic shutters.

The redhead writhed and convulsed in the most intense orgasms she’d ever experienced. Two holes were pleasured as stiff cocks raged inside. The result was one hot scream of pleasure. One well pleased redhead bucked on the bed till she fell into spent relief. Her chest heaved in panting breaths, her sweaty body thrilled at the release, and her double penetration left her mouth agape till she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the cuffed boss grunted as cum shot from his captured dick to end up in dark stains in his pants. His own breathing left him sucking for air since her black bra was just about chewed up by his hungry mouth.

Fifteen minutes later, Ann awoke with a start. The cell phone played its pre recorded clip of Beethoven’s 5th symphony while she laid on her bed. Ann fumbled around to locate the phone but when she found it, she waited till she could flip the switches to shut off the dildos.

“Hello!” she said in an exhale of breath. “Hello, who is it?”

“Hi Annie! Its Terry, I’m getting out of the car in front of your place!”

“Oh, uh! I was asleep and you woke me up.” She said in shocked reply.

“Sorry to wake you! Its just that the boss let me go home a little earlier than he originally planned. Still want to go out for Lasagna?” he asked stupidly hoping that she was still dressed for their earlier date.

“Hmmm, come on in, and wait in the living room. Give me a few minutes and I’ll get ready!” his sexy redhead said.

Terry walked up the meandering walkway, found the hidden key, unlocked the door, and stepped inside to wait. By that time, Ann had pulled the buzzing rods from her well pleased tunnels. She laid them aside and put her panties back on and the strewn but wishing it had truly been chewed bra around her back to once again wrap around her soft, melon breasts. The whole affair made her giggle and smile. When she finished dressing and touching up her hair and makeup, she went down the hall to meet her anxiously waiting man.

Smelling like she just had sex, Ann smiled and said, “Boy, am I hungry for Lasagna!”

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