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Ben and Sheila

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Ben is a lawyer at a medium size local firm. He was in his late twenty’s but spent several years in London doing a Masters in International Law. He came back to the US and hooked on to his firm and led the international section. To be honest he started the international section. The firm was made up of friends from UT Law that decided that big law was not for them. It was a boutique practice but got refusals from some of the larger firms. He also free-lanced as a bartender and that it where he met Sheila.

Sheila was also in her late twenty’s and worked her way through college cooking in restaurants. She started as a line cook and worked her way up the ranks until she got a job as a food and beverage manager at a hotel group. Sheila tried to higher Ben, but was amazed that he said that he did the bartending on the weekends. She was further amazed that her hotel group had Ben’s firm on retainer.

Ben planned to surprise Sheila with a weekend get-away. He wanted it to be just the two of them, Sheila was hoping for some of their friends to join them also. They dated for about six months and always had great sex. He was looking forward to being alone with here for more than a night.

Day one.

Ben pulled up in his convertible English sports car with right hand drive; he beeped the horn twice and a woman waved from the window. Soon she emerged wearing a long white dress; but Ben noticed that Sheila didn’t have a bra on and he was sure that she didn’t have panties on either. She was carrying a small suitcase as they were going to be gone for two nights.

Ben hadn’t told Sheila where they were going or if any of their friends were coming. Ben popped the lid of the boot in the rear of the car and assisted Sheila in placing the case in the boot.

“You asked me to bring a light jacket are we going somewhere cool? Who is coming along?” asked Sheila.

“Yes it will be cool, and we are flying solo,” said Ben.

“No Marty and Beth, No George and Nancy, just us what are we going to do for two days?” asked Sheila.

“We will think of something,” responded Ben.

Ben pulled out of her parking lot and pointed the car toward the freeway. He exited the interstate and started driving up a hilly secondary road. Sheila was always asking him why he owned a car that had the steering wheel on the wrong side. He explained that he did graduate studies in the UK and bought the car there. He rounded another corner opening up new vistas. The views of the sunset were fabulous. He turned off the road onto a gravel path that wound around until a large house came into view.

“This place is so big we could have brought others darling?” said Sheila.

“But I wanted it to be just us,” responded Ben.

Ben parked the car under the carport and they pulled their luggage out of the boot. The air was cool almost cold as they pulled their bags out of the boot. On the porch were several coolers and a large box. Ben keyed in a code in a keypad and the front door unlocked. They got their luggage in and staged it in the living room and Ben started moving the coolers and the box inside.

“What’s all that?” asked Sheila.

“The box is linens, towels sheets and Robes. The coolers contain our meals for the evening. They will deliver another box tomorrow. All we have to do is put it in the oven and we eat. There is a wine cellar we have access to as well as a fully stocked bar.”

“So I have to cook? Darling I cooked for a living and that is the last thing I want to do.” said Sheila.

“Reheat at most. Come on help me load the freezer and the refrigerator.”

“I am halfway ready to tell you to take me back,” said Sheila

“Look I wanted to get away from town and this outfit rents houses like this and for a little extra will build prefab meals. I just want to be alone with you. Tomorrow morning the views will be spectacular,” said Ben with a pleading tone in his voice.

Sheila relented and helped move the coolers into the kitchen and started to put the packages either in the freezer or fridge. “You know for a little more money I bet we could get a chef to cook for us,” said Sheila.

“I could but then we wouldn’t be alone,” responded Ben.

Ben went over to the fireplace and found the remote and lit the fire. The gas logs soon glowed and threw off enough heat to warm the first floor of the house. He opened the box and found several sets of dishes wrapped in cling wrap and moved those to the kitchen. He then found the sheets and he grabbed Sheila and they moved up to the bedroom loft that overlooked the great room. “Help me make the bed, please,” asked Ben.

Grudgingly Sheila helped spread the sheets and blanket on the bed. When they finished Ben kissed Sheila. They moved down to the great room and Ben got behind the bar. “Gin or Vodka, darling,” asked Ben.

“If you are making martinis, darling I will take gin and easy on the vermouth,” responded Shelia.

Ben came around to where Sheila was sitting and handed her a large cocktail with two olives. He sat opposite of her and sipped his drink. He looked at his lover as she sipped her drink.

“That is the one sisli esc thing you’ve done right today,” said Sheila.

“Oh come on this place is great, we will have a great time together,” said Ben.

Sheila drained the martini and indicated that she would like another. Ben got up and fixed her another drink. She took the glass and sipped the drink. “Why don’t you figure out what we are having for dinner? I will walk around and explore this house. Ben got up and went to the kitchen. He found the package marked Friday Dinner and pulled it out and pulled the cardboard top off of the aluminum pan. He read the directions that were printed on the top and set the oven temp and placed the package in the oven. He found the green beans and dumped them in a bowl and placed them in the microwave. He picked up a set of dishes and set the table.

“Ben I have to say that that it smells good what are we having?” asked Sheila from somewhere in the house.

“Chicken Parm and green beans. See if the wine cellar has some Pinot Gri?” asked Ben.

Sheila came up the stairs and handed him a bottle of white wine. “Looks good,” said Ben.

“Do you have any of the Martini left?” asked Sheila.

Ben walked over to the bar and soon came back with another martini and handed it to her. She walked next to Ben and gently brushed his crotch with her hands. And took his hands and placed them on her breasts. “This is what you want isn’t it?” said Sheila.

Ben kissed her and then opened the oven and looked at the chicken. The sauce was bubbling and smell was fantastic. He heard a pop and saw that Sheila had opened the wine. She found the wine glasses and poured two glasses of the white wine. Ben pulled the pan with the chicken out of the oven and placed it on the table. The Green beans came next and they both sat down. Ben used two spoons to lift the chicken out of the pan and put it on Sheila’s plate. She served herself the beans. Ben Took his chicken and Sheila spooned some beans on his plate.

“There is a big screen and some movies down stairs so I guess we can entertain ourselves this evening,” said Sheila.

“I didn’t come here to watch movies,” said Ben.

“Well what are we going to do?”

Ben stuck his tongue out at Sheila, and she got the picture. “Ok I understand,” she said.

Sheila grabbed Ben’s foot and slipped his shoe off and placed his foot between her legs. She moved one of her feet up and found his crotch. “I Guess we can play footsies until we can get to the main event,” said Sheila.

Ben paused to catch his breath, “That was my idea.”

Ben felt the pressure in his pants as his cock gained an erection. He calmly poured more wine for both of them. Sheila had made the first move it was now his turn. “Dear why don’t you have a seat in front of the fire? Take the wine with you,” said Ben.

Sheila got up and grabbed both glasses and went over to the couch. Ben moved the dishes to the kitchen sink and noticed that Sheila had removed her dress. She had spread an afghan on the couch and gotten under it. Ben walked over and kicked the remaining shoe off and pulled his pants down, revealing that he was not wearing underwear and climbed in with Sheila. She undid the button on his shirt and pulled it over his head. Ben kissed her. It felt so good to be next to her. Her skin was soft and smooth. He loved her breasts, and the feeling they give him when they embraced naked.

“The fire was a great idea darling. I am beginning to think that this weekend was a good idea,” said Sheila.

Ben scooted down and found her bare pussy. When his tongue hit her vulva she jumped a little bit. “Fingers or tongue inside, you have me all riled up, I need some relieve.”

Ben complied and inserted his tongue in her pussy. “Move up and hit my clit let me get off,” cried Sheila.

Ben withdrew his tongue and moved to insert his cock. Sheila cooed and began to hump his cock. “Do I have to do all the work!” cried Sheila.

Ben began to move in and out of her pussy meeting her strokes with his. He embraced her and kissed her and held her as she climaxed. He started his motions again and soon her breathing started getting rapid. He loved the way she climaxed; his cock felt the female cum on his shaft. Suddenly he felt that his defenses were breaking down and he inundated her with what felt like quarts of cum. They held on to each other until Ben fell out of Sheila’s warm pussy.

“Have I ruined you for the rest of the night?” asked Shelia.

“It will take some time but I will be right as rain,” he replied.

“You know I really like the way you fuck me darling. Oh I said a bad word,” she said laughing.

Ben tossed the blanket to the floor, and picked up Sheila. He walked to the head of the stairs but realized that he was too drunk to make it up with her.

“Go up and freshen up and I will join you in a minute,” said Ben.

He watched as her butt climbed the stairs. The motion of her posterior was enough to spur his development. He finished the wine and tossed hers in the sink and then sprinted upstairs. There was a switch near the besiktas escort entrance to the loft that killed all of the lights leaving the fire going. Through the large windows above and to the side of the fireplace he could see the night sky and the millions of stars. He dialed the fire back leaving just a warm glow. Sheila was already in bed and he slipped next to her. He kissed her, and they embraced.

“If your not too tired I would love another session like the last one,” whispered Sheila.

“I think that can be arranged,” said Ben.

She slipped her arm around his neck and pulled him to her. She kissed him and shot her tongue into his mouth. “I guess I am forgiven?” said Ben.

“Let’s not go that far,” said Sheila with a laugh.

Ben moved over her and slipped his prick in her pussy. He felt good being inside of her. He rotated them to bring her on top. “This is were a woman needs to be on top. You feel great, Ben,” said Sheila.

Ben began to pinch her nipples, which caused them to stiffen. He loved the feeling of her lying on top of him. His arms found her tight flanks and his fingers began to massage her cheeks. “Do it harder I love the feeling of your fingers on my butt.” Ben moved his fingers farther and touched her bunghole. Sheila shuttered when he brushed her anus. His thumbs massaged her pussy causing her to climax. Sheila wrestled his arms to his side and began to take control of the lovemaking. “Be still,” she commanded.

Sheila rose up and began to move her pussy up and down his rod. “Don’t move Ben.” Ben stayed still until he could not stand the feelings any further and he began to fuck his partner and suddenly he felt a hand squeezing his cock hard. “I told you to be still,” said Sheila. Ben quieted down and felt his cock going back in Sheila’s pussy. They lay still. “Where did you pick up that technique?” ask Ben.

“There was a guy in college that if I looked at him her would go off. It was comical. Cute guy, but he was a mess in bed. Every time he would start to cum I would put the clamp on him and we could get through the night with out him spraying,” said Sheila.

“Must have gone though a lot of condoms,” said Ben.

“Like I said he was a cute guy, but we grew apart after awhile,” said Sheila.

“Why are we talking about your former lovers?” asked Ben.

“Does everything have to be about you, Darling? You’ve never told me about your conquests, Ben?”

Ben started to fuck his lover and this time she did not mind it. She felt great having his cock in her pussy. Suddenly he stopped and he felt warm cum. He kissed Sheila and then relaxed.

“I was in love with a woman, who would not tell me her full name, but she loved to fuck and I was young so I fucked her. She got tired of me, and she blew me off one night and walked out and I never saw her again,” said Ben.

“How many before me?” asked Sheila.

“Just one night stands, nothing as serious as I am with you,” replied Ben.

Ben rolled over and got on top of Sheila and slid down and began to suck her pussy.

“I like the way you think. I love having your tongue in my twat; but you still haven’t told me about your lovers,” said Sheila.

Ben crawled up and kissed Sheila, “The year before I met you I was in a serious relationship with a woman. I was as serious with her as I am with you, but she left went back east to graduate school. Heard she got married we lost touch,” said Ben.

He looked up and saw that Sheila was sleeping. Ben rolled over and felt asleep.

Day 2

Ben rolled over and felt around but Sheila was not in bed. He got up and found a towel to wrap around his privates. The clock on the wall said 8:00. He got up and looked around the second floor for Sheila but she was not in the house. On the side away from the fireplace there was a door that led out to a deck. The sun was flooding the deck and he saw that Sheila was occupying a lounge. She was radiant the sun highlighted her nudity. He walked outside and she reached up and pulled the towel off, exposing his cock and balls

“We don’t have any neighbors near by do we?” Sheila asked.

“I was told that the nearest neighbor was two miles over there,” said Ben pointing north. He sat on the lounge next to Sheila.

“Sorry I conked last night but I enjoyed the lovemaking, I assume that more lovemaking is on the schedule today,”

“That’s what I have on my mind,” said Ben.

Sheila slapped him in the privates and laughed. “Is that all you have on your mind.”

“Yes as a matter of fact I do, as long as I am next to a woman as beautiful as you,” said Ben.

Sheila leaned over and kissed him. “When is breakfast and I want it out here,” said Sheila.

Ben got up and pulled the towel and tried to cover his crotch, but Sheila held on keeping him from using the towel. “You don’t need that,” said Sheila.

Ben walked back into the loft and found another towel and went down stairs. He went down to the lower level for the first time and found the wine cellar. There was a wine fridge and he pulled a bottle of brut rose´ and took it up şişli escort to the kitchen. From the cooler he pulled a box Croissants and some Microwavable bacon. In ten minutes he had a tray breakfast and two champagne flutes. He carried the bottle in the other hand. Ben carefully negotiated the stairs and walked out on the deck. He placed the tray on the table and he leaned over and kissed his lover. He then opened the wine and poured two glasses.

Sheila got up and pulled the second towel off of him and took one of the glasses and downed the wine in two swallows. “I hope you have a second bottle because I plan on drinking a lot of this,” said Sheila.

They sat at the table and began to consume the pastries and the bacon. Sheila held her glass indicating that it needed to be refilled. “I’ll put the case on ice,” said Ben.

Sheila moved to the lounge and indicated that Ben needed to join her. The pair intertwined like serpents. Ben was able to bring is cock to the entrance of her pussy and he slipped in with no resistance. Sheila paused and took a swallow of the wine. “I love you inside of me, and really like this,” said Sheila pointing at the glass.

Ben picked up his pace ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. “Dear would you let me suck you?” said Sheila.

Ben slipped out of her pussy and presented his cock to Sheila who sat on the side of the lounge and wrapped her arms around his legs and took his entire length in her mouth. The feeling of her tongue on his cock was heavenly. Ben leaned over picked up the bottle and refilled both of their glasses. She took his cock out of her mouth and took a sip of the wine, and then took it back in. “What does champagne and cum taste like?” asked Ben.

“Like champagne and cum, silly,” she replied

Ben felt his pleasure center going off and suddenly he filled her mouth with his cum. She released his cock and washed his spend down with the wine. “I am going back to bed and if you are smart you will find another bottle of this and follow me,” said Sheila.

Ben again was watching his lover’s beautiful butt move away. He grabbed the tray and walked down to the kitchen and left the tray and moved to the cellar and found another bottle of the brut rose´ He climbed the stairs and found Sheila lying in bed with her legs apart. “I sucked you I figure that you would suck me.” He paused to open the new bottle of the sparkling wine and poured a glass for Sheila. Ben got between her legs and started to kiss her knees and moved toward her pussy. She jumped, as he got closer to her pussy. His tongue brushed her vulva and then he stiffened his oral organ and inserted it in her twat. Ben’s arms encircled Sheila bringing her pussy closer to his mouth. He was enveloped by Sheila’s scent and it drove him wild.

Sheila responded to his actions and he had a hard time maintaining contact. Ben moved further up toward Sheila’s mouth and his cock found her pussy. He slowly slipped into her cunt and his mouth found her breasts.

“If you don’t watch out I will go crazy lover,” Sheila sighed.

Ben kissed her and whispered, “I thought that was goal. You are so beautiful and I love the way you climax.”

Ben held on as Sheila went stiff and then convulsed in her ecstasy. Ben kissed his lover and then shot a load of cum in her cunt. They both relaxed and began to laugh. She got up and poured more champagne and sat in a chair observing her lover. Ben came back to consciousness. He sat up in bed and looked at his lover.

“So is sex all we are going to do this weekend?” asked Sheila.

“It might be, but that is up to you. Do you know how beautiful you are?”

“Don’t change the subject, and yes I know that you think I am beautiful,” said Sheila.

Sheila got up and refilled her glass and then filled Ben’s glass and handed it to him. “I’m going back outside and if you want to follow me you will bring another bottle because I really like this wine,” said Sheila as she presented her backside to Ben. “Oh and you should be naked,” she said.

Ben got up and again went down to the wine cellar and got another bottle of the Brute Rose´. He quickly climbed up to the deck and found his lover lying on the lounge. Ben brought another lounge and placed it beside Sheila. He opened the wine and refilled Sheila’s glass.

“Story time Darling,” said Sheila.

“What do you mean,” responded Ben.

“I will tell you about my first time if you will tell me about your first time. You go first,” said Sheila.

Ben knew that he was backed into a corner and had no option but to give his story. He stood up and refilled their glasses. “You’re stalling, are you embarrassed?” said Sheila.

“I’m just trying to get the story straight,” said Ben as he sipped the wine. “My folks were attorneys in the small town where I grew up. While we were not extremely wealthy; the family was a big fish in a small pond. I had the reputation that I could get any girl that I wanted just by snapping my fingers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Girls avoided me thinking that sex was all I had on my mind. I was in English class and I sat next to Briana Foster. She was a beautiful girl, and we became friends. So we started going steady. We ate lunch, walked home from school together and endured teasing from friends. Everyone thought that we were having sex. Even my folks brought it up during dinner one evening. We were not sexually active.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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